How to make a cost saving on your Microsoft licensing - in 50 tweets
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How to make a cost saving on your Microsoft licensing - in 50 tweets






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How to make a cost saving on your Microsoft licensing - in 50 tweets How to make a cost saving on your Microsoft licensing - in 50 tweets Presentation Transcript

  • lib·er·ate ˈlibəˌrāt/ verb: liberate; 3rd person present: liberates; past tense: liberated; past participle: liberated; gerund or present participle: liberating Set (someone) free from a situation, esp. imprisonment or slavery, in which their liberty is severely restricted. "the serfs had been liberated“ synonyms: set free, free, release, let out, let go, set/let loose, save, rescue; ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • “I see Microsoft as a licensing company 1st, and 2nd as a technology company...they're driven by consumed by licensing” #ProjectLiberate 1 - Daryl Ullman, co-founder and managing director of the Emerset Consulting Group ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • “Clients prepared for Microsoft licensing negotiations make more informed decisions + spend less than those that do not” #ProjectLiberate 2 ©2011 IBM Corporation - Gartner: Issues to consider when deciding whether to renew a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement G00211544
  • Are you buying licenses the right way? Do you challenge your IT strategists? Get a mandate for a more efficient decision #ProjectLiberate 3 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Customers can save 30-60% over 5 years by leveraging deep insight into Microsoft licensing. #ProjectLiberate 4 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • CIO: ”If we are to save money in this scale, we need to do things very differently.” CEO: ”So?” #ProjectLiberate 5 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Switching on-premises licenses to #Office365 = Giving up substantial negotiation leverage. Make sure you're compensated #ProjectLiberate 6 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Paying SA on Windows almost never pays off. Understand why and save on your next Microsoft licensing agreement. #ProjectLiberate 7 © 2011 IBM Corporation 8
  • You can downgrade and re-image your Windows desktops without paying SA. #ProjectLiberate 8 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • If you upgrade Windows desktops or deploy new PC's using re-imaging, you will not need to pay SA on Windows desktops. #ProjectLiberate 9 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • If you owned a Windows PC with SA when Windows 8 was released, you can upgrade it irrespective of whether SA has lapsed. #ProjectLiberate 10 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • If you have Windows OEM and have SA at the time, you can upgrade to Windows Enterprise even when SA has lapsed. #ProjectLiberate 11 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Office 365 looking like a bargain? You are probably paying too much on your Microsoft EA. Look at total Microsoft cost #ProjectLiberate 12 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • "Microsoft will make concessions within an EA when you apply every leverage point available" Gartner Learn yours from #ProjectLiberate 13 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Know your perpetual license entitlements and when to walk away from Microsoft SA. #ProjectLiberate 14 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Put 'need to have' over 'like to have' and right size your Microsoft license acquisition. #licensing #EnterpriseAgreement #ProjectLiberate 15 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • BYOD holds many promises incl a great opportunity to reduce your Microsoft licensing spend. BYOA even more so. #ProjectLiberate 16 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Introducing #BYOD is a great way to increase your negotiation leverage, unless you only focus on client virtualization #ProjectLiberate 17 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Global organization? Exploit that you can create Volume Agreement enrollments in different countries saving on licenses #ProjectLiberate 18
  • European company but have an office in the US? Buy your Microsoft software in the US and save even at list prices. #sam #ProjectLiberate 19
  • You can have a master agreement in your home country and create enrollments globally. Your LAR contact remains the same #ProjectLiberate 20
  • Need all the features in Office Professional or could you suffice with Office Standard? Get to know your options using #ProjectLiberate 21
  • Find something you need in Office 2013 warranting the change? Could you suffice with your current entitlement? #office #ProjectLiberate 22 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Even if you see Microsoft Office as an absolute requirement, you can use Google, OO or IBM Docs to get a better deal #ProjectLiberate 23 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft refreshes Office every 3y. Enterprises every 5-7y. SA on Office is rarely a good deal. #licensing #sam #ProjectLiberate 24 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Entitled to Office 2013 since October 2012? Likely to deploy anything never anytime soon? In the next 3-5y? Need SA? #ProjectLiberate 25 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • "Prepare multiple options to reduce your overall spend and have an exit strategy if you don't get outcome" - Gartner #ProjectLiberate 26 © 2011 IBM Corporation 27
  • Microsoft will go to great lengths to keep you as an EA customer. Exploit it but keep focus on your actual requirements #ProjectLiberate 27 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Align your Microsoft #VolumeAgreement with Microsoft fiscal year to attain an optimal negotiation position. #sam #ProjectLiberate 28 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Existing EA about to expire? Know that you can always ask for an extension of up to 90 days. Only ask if you benefit! #ProjectLiberate 29 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Ask for custom profiles in your next Microsoft volume agreement and righsize your licensing spend. #sam #concessions #ProjectLiberate 30 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft offers 3y agreements/renewals. Your investment is bound to extend longer. Ask for multi-period TCO assurance #ProjectLiberate 31 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft no longer allow 1y extensions on an EA, only 3y. Reintroduce yourself to the Select alternative. #licensing #ProjectLiberate 32 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • "The first bid from Microsoft is just that" -Gartner. Make sure you explore all options that will lead to a better deal. #ProjectLiberate 33 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • If your LAR want's to sit on your side of the table, make sure they earn the right. #sam #ProjectLiberate 34 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Expose your Microsoft LAR for (global) competition and receive considerable concessions. #licensing #sam #ProjectLiberate 35 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Persistence wins the day in Microsoft #licensing well as elsewhere. Know your potential #ProjectLiberate 36 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • An Enterprise Agreement offers enterprise editions to everyone. But do all your users need enterprise editions? #ProjectLiberate 37 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Have an #EA that just expired? Realize you now have all you need and stop buying more. #cashposition #licensing #sam #ProjectLiberate 38 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Windows Ent., Office Pro, SharePoint Ent. Premium offerings offered at a premium price. Do you need it - for everyone? #ProjectLiberate 39 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • A SA benefit is only a benefit if you take advantage of it, and for a sufficient number of users. Worth the cost? #sam #ProjectLiberate 40 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • The Enterprise CAL step-up is an all or nothing option. A very expensive call. Overkill for most. #licensing #sam #ProjectLiberate 41 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • #SQLServer can be licensed on CPU Core's or as a server lic with user CAL's. CAL's are rarely the cheapest option. Avoid #ProjectLiberate 42 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • You cannot choose how you license #SQLServer freely. It depends on the version. Avoid versions req CAL #licensing #sam #ProjectLiberate 43 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Ever found a reason to implement #Microsoft #SQLServer 2012? Anything you need in known R2 plans? Why pay SA? #licensing #ProjectLiberate 44 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Most #Microsoft solutions requiring #SQLServer will suffice to run on top of SQL Server 2008 R2. Why pay SA? #sam #ProjectLiberate 45 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Did you know that you can buy pre-owned #Microsoft #licenses at a substantial discount? #ProjectLiberate 46 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Do not accept a requirement to enter in a Microsoft EA as a way to resolve a compliance issue. #licensing #sam #ProjectLiberate 47 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • An #EA with MS is NOT a means to avoid an audit or to secure compliance. Use strong #sam practise to avoid risk and cost #ProjectLiberate 48
  • Applying #SAM to make sure you are compliant? Make sure you are equally vigilant on your Microsoft licensing cost #ProjectLiberate 49 ©2011 IBM Corporation
  • Do not automatically assume that #license auditor claims are correct. Seek second opinion and ask for proof in writing. #ProjectLiberate 50 ©2011 IBM Corporation