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Email Optimization for Digital Marketing Managers
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Email Optimization for Digital Marketing Managers






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    Email Optimization for Digital Marketing Managers Email Optimization for Digital Marketing Managers Presentation Transcript

    • Optimizing email campaignsBy Nidhish Alexhttp://www.semchennai.comThe Expert Marketing Consultants
    • Agenda• Email growth statistics• Elements of email marketing strategy– How to grow email lists?– How integrate email marketing into existing channels?– How to Improve the deliverability?– How to get into the good books of users?
    • EMAIL GROWTH STATISTICSSEMC Email marketing team visit:www.semchennai.com
    • Future of emails• In recent DMA study– 75.8% marketers sense more email usagecompared to three years ago.• Forrester research group forecast– Increase in investment from $1.3 bln in 2010 to $2bln in 2014.
    • GROWING EMAIL LISTSHow to grow email lists?SEMC Email marketing team visit:www.semchennai.com
    • How to grow email lists?• Grow emails the bad way– Buy the list from a vendor or a third party and end up• Being marked spam & getting black listed.• Annoying users with irrelevant mails.• Disconnecting with Non opt-in users who do not know aboutyou.– Keeping the expired email accounts• Email lists expire at ~25% every year
    • How to grow email lists?• Grow emails the good way– Get opt in users• Add a subscribe box• Partner through events/webinars & get users opt intothe list.• Optimize the unsubscription process.
    • Why users unsubscribe?• Too many emails– Conduct a study to know the safe mailingfrequency• Irrelevant content– Target users with proper content, moresegmented lists.
    • EMAIL INTEGRATIONHow to integrate emails with the existing channels?SEMC Email marketing team visit:www.semchennai.com
    • How to integrate email marketing?• Social media integration– 65% of the top 20% of B2B marketers in social media lead generationintegrate email with social media, compared to the industry average of51%.• Add social sharing buttons in email templates• Engage with social influencers who have mentioned the brand• Add call to action buttons for users to subscribe in the mailing lists.• Search integration• Ensure that email landing pages are proper SEO web versions.• Use keywords, optimized alt tags & images.• Make your landing pages crawlable.
    • How to integrate email marketing?• Mobile integration– 16% of emails get opened in mobiles.• Check mobile compatibility of email templates• Ensure that CTA buttons are clickable using touch screendevices• Offer both text & HTML versions• Analytics integration– 37% of B2B marketers say lack of user data is the major obstacleto effective segment targeting• Add tracking & monitoring to emails• Try to get every metrics for detailed analysis
    • EMAIL DELIVERABILITYHow to Improve the deliverability?SEMC Email marketing team visit:www.semchennai.com
    • How to Improve the deliverability?• Clean email lists• Sender score of the mailing domain• Warmed up IP addresses• Best practices
    • • Keeping email lists clean– Does users in the mailing list have a prior relationship with thebrand?– Can the users have an option to unsubscribe?– Is the email list an un-purchased opt in list?– Are the emails targeted & segmented for relevant audience?– What is the last time the users receive a mail from the brand?How to Improve the deliverability?
    • How to Improve the deliverability?• Sender score of the mailing domain• A free service of Return Path, the Sender Score algorithmrates the reputation of every outgoing mail server IP addresson a scale from 0-100.• Sender Score will continue to change depending on youremail sending habits and the responses of your recipients.• Scores are calculated on a rolling, 30-day average andrepresent the rank of an IP address against other IPaddresses
    • How to Improve the deliverability?• Sender IP address– Each time an email is send, it’s associated with an IPaddress.– The domain reputation that is built, through emailcampaigns is also associated with that IP address.– To get a better delivery rate, the IP has to be warmed. i.e.gain reputation by sending lesser emails before doing bulkcampaigns.– The sender IP address can be either• Dedicated -expensive• Shared
    • LIST SEGMENTATIONHow to target the most relevant set of users?SEMC Email marketing team visit:www.semchennai.com
    • List segmentation• The tailored campaigns for the most targetedbase get better response rate• 4 out of 10 subscribers mark spam if the content is irrelevant– Types of segmentations• Geographic segmentation• Industry/role segmentation• Interest based• Behavior based• Segmentation by brand advocates/influencers
    • THANK YOUSEMC Email Marketing TeamSEMC Email marketing team visit: www.semchennai.com