Business quiz: Nidhi - 22
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Business quiz: Nidhi - 22



quiz on general business related topics and people

quiz on general business related topics and people



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    Business quiz: Nidhi - 22 Business quiz: Nidhi - 22 Presentation Transcript

    • Q. Name the founder(s) of Whatsapp Inc. John Romero & Tom Hall Adrian Carmack Jan Koum & Brian Acton Dirk Noppe None of the above Jan Koum(CEO) & Brian Acton
    • Q. The penalty faced by Google in India? USD 4.8 billion USD 4.9 billion USD 5 billion USD 5.1 billion None of the above $ 5 billion
    • Q. Identify this personality. Philip Kotler
    • Q. Which of the following firms have not been acquired by Facebook? Parse Instagram Spool Little Eye Labs None of the above None of the above
    • Q. What is the full form of FIAT? Fabrica Italia Automobil Talitha Fabbrica Italiano Automobilo Talitha Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino Fabrino Italia Automibili Torino None of the above Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
    • Q. Identify this device and its significance. T Mobile G1 First android phone
    • Q. Lady Gaga is the endorser as well as creative director of which brand? Gabbana Polaroid Gucci Material Girl None of the above Polaroid
    • Q. Who is the new brand ambassador of Micromax? Brad Pitt Hugh Jackman Tom Cruise Leonardo Di Caprio None of the above Hugh Jackman
    • Q. What is the tagline of this firm? Har ghar kuch kehta hai
    • Q. The US coffee chain giant Starbucks in collaboration with Tata Global Beverages(TGBL) opened India’s first Starbucks coffee outlet in? New Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai Bangalore None of the above Mumbai
    • Q. The media giant Disney acquired a US based film production company – Lucasfilm for nearly USD 4.05 billion. Which movie series is associated with this? Batman Toy Story Star Wars Shreak None of the above Star Wars
    • Q. Identify this personality. Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook COO
    • Q. This British origin tea manufacturer Tetley is now the wholly owned subsidiary of which Indian company? Piramal Group Reliance Industries Tata Group Dhunseri Tea None of the above Tata Group - Tata Global Beverages
    • Q. When and where was the RBI established? March 17, 1935; Mumbai April 8, 1935; Mumbai April 1, 1935; Calcutta March 31, 1935; Calcutta None of the above April 1, 1935; Calcutta
    • Q. Identify this chocolate brand. Toblerone
    • Q. Which city has beaten Tokyo to become the most expensive city in the world? Singapore New York Beijing London None of the above Singapore
    • Q. What was the tagline of Kingfisher Airlines? The joy of flying Simplify Emotionally yours Fly the good times None of the above Fly the good times
    • Q. Which highly successful version of Windows will not be supported by Microsoft after 8th April 2014? Windows XP
    • Q. Which Korean company created Line, a messaging app, in one & half months? Apple Inc. Naver Bharti Softbank Google None of the above Naver
    • Q. Which retail chain conducted a contest on twitter with the hashtag #with50rupeesicanbuy that became a forum for voicing India’s problems? Easyday Reliance Fresh Big Bazaar Spencer’s None of the above Big Bazaar
    • Q. Identify this Germany based stationery manufacturing firm. Staedtler
    • Q. Which is the Tata Group’s oldest surviving brand? Tata Tetley TCS Tata Motors Taj Palace & Tower None of the above Tata Palace & Tower - 1903
    • Q. In which country the newly imposed tax is known as “Google Tax”? Italy France Japan China None of the above France
    • Q. Identify this media baron & his publication. Vivek Goenka, Indian Express (Mumbai)
    • Q. Name the new charman of ONGC. Arup Roy Chaudhary K. M. Abraham D. K. Saraff Arindam Ghosh None of the above D. K. Saraff
    • Q. Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered? Nimbooz Mountain Dew 7 Up Diet Coke None of the above 7 Up
    • Q. How do we better know UBISLATE 7 plus from Datawind? AAKASH Tablet
    • Q. Apart from water, what is the most widely consumed drink in the world? Coffee Tea Milk Coke None of the above Tea
    • Q. Which famous retail company will be demerging the fashion business? Spencer’s Pantaloon Reliance Globus None of the above Pantaloon
    • Q. NASDAQ is the acronym for? National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
    • Q. South Africa is the world’s largest producer of 3 metals, namely Platinum, Gold and ______? Bauxite Chromite Iron Coal None of the above Chromite
    • Q. Who is the brand ambassador of Border Security Force? Mahendar Singh Dhoni Virender Sehwag Yuvraj Singh Virat Kohli None of the above Virat Kohli
    • Q. Identify the logo. Shell
    • Q. Who’s the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella Shriram Mishra Abhay Bhaskar Karl Slym None of the above Satya Nadella
    • Q. What is the name of the first celebrity to cross 50 million followers on twitter? Angelina Jolie Katy Perry Cameron Diaz Jessica Alba None of the above Katy Perry
    • Q. Identify the logo. American Tourister
    • Q. A book titled “Management by Idiots” is written by the CMD of which PSU? ONGC NTPC SAIL Indian Oil Corporation None of the above NTPC
    • Q. Which Indian company was/ is the first to get listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange? Bharti Enterprises Infosys TCS Meghamani Organics Ltd. None of the above Meghamani Organics Ltd.
    • Q. Identify the logo. Bank of America
    • Q. What is the name of the brand becomes the 1st to reach 2 billion $ in retail sales in India? Amul McDonalds KFC Safal None of the above Amul
    • Q. Which Indian businessman’s IT account was hacked by a Hyderabad based CA student and has been caught? Gautam Adani Anil Ambani Asim Premji Mukesh Ambani None of the above Anil Ambani
    • Q. This selfie by the Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres is the most retweeted photo ever. It was not a spontaneous picture but a part of the product placement strategy of which brand? Samsung Galaxy Note3
    • Q. Which company has acquired the Transmission & Distribution business of Hyderabad based Vijai Electricals? Toshiba LG Philips Sony None of the above Toshiba
    • Q. In October 2013, which of the following countries has decided to scrap its two currency system? Mongolia Sweden Jamaica Cuba None of the above Cuba
    • Q. Which is the TV channel that has tied up with Pepsi to launch a youth TV channel in India? MTV
    • Q. Who has been appointed as the chair person of SBI? Kavita Krishnamurthy Usha Chandrashekar Arundhati Bhattacharya Sonakshi Vishal None of the above Arundhati Bhattacharya
    • Q. Which social networking site made its debut in the NYSE stock exchange on 7th November 2013? Facebook You Tube Twitter Google Plus None of the above Twitter
    • Q. The brand SPORTSFIT is associated with which Indian cricketer? M S Dhoni
    • Q. What was the original name of Nike? Black Stallion Sports Blue Ribbon Sports Jet Sports Black Power None of the above Blue Ribbon Sports
    • Q. Calvin Klein is the wholly owned subsidiary of which group? Louis Phillipe Raymond Van Hueson Reid & Taylor None of the above Van Hueson
    • Q. Which company owns ‘Hotmail’, the internet based e-mail system? Microsoft
    • Q. Aegis is the BPO firm of which business group? Cognizant TCS Essar Group Infosys None of the above Essar Group
    • Q. In 1865, which company was set up by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin & Eduard Polon as a wood pulp mill company? Lewis & Co. Van Heuson Toshiba Nokia None of the above? Nokia
    • Q. The ‘C’ in the Iphone 5c stands for? Color
    • Q. In 1995, the founder of a group upset over poor quality products ordered burning of over 150,000 of his own products is now a global leader in many electronic categories. Name the company? Philips Mitsubishi Sony Samsung None of the above Samsung
    • Q. Who is the author of the book “How not to make money”? Shashi Tharoor V. V. Giri Durjoy Datta Indradeep Sinha None of the above None of the above
    • Q. Identify the brothers & the firm they own. Sudhir & Samir Mehta Torrent Group
    • Q. Identify the logo of this firm. Das Auto