Riskpro executive summary


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Riskpro executive summary

  1. 1. Executive Summary Background : Riskpro India Ventures Private Limited ("Riskpro India") is a premier Risk Management solutions and risk consulting company launched in 2009. It is managed by experienced professionals with indepth global experience spanning across various industries. We are one of the fastest growing risk consulting firms in India and we serve number of global clients including Middle East / UAE. Service lines: We offer wide spectrum of risk management services which includes - Risk advisory, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance, Risk Training/certifications , Human Capital Management Services. Operations: We operate with key offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore while overall service delivery managed across 11 + cities through our associate member firms and franchisee network. Target Audience : Our target market is primarily medium & large corporates, who are looking for risk management solutions at competitive costs and strategic value proposition in loss mitigation. We cater to multi disciplinary sectors like BFSI, Telecom, Automotive, Cement, IT services & PSU’s. Company Values : Our core strength lies in our network reach combined with long term relationship with clients which is supported by our seasoned delivery teams with rich experience where we can leverage their SME skills across domains /industry and cater to clients at a low cost, high quality value proposition with a flexible service delivery methodology as per suitability/ customization requirements of current and prospective clients. Corporate Vision :  Continual increasing presence in Indian risk management consulting market space  Realistic plans to grow across 200+ locations  Competing with Big-4’s with our versatile, unmatched service for high performance e business results  Continued focus on maintaining long term relationships  Cohesive team approach in serving client’s needs  Competitive costing structure as per client’s budgets vs. market benchmarking  Diversified service lines and capabilities as per market trends and global needs Riskpro India info@riskpro.in www.riskpro.in F 186, Sarita Vihar New Delhi 110076
  2. 2. Key Contacts Corporate Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Riskpro India Ventures (P) Limited info@riskpro.in www.riskpro.in C 561, Defence colony New Delhi 110024 Manoj Jain Director M- 98337 67114 manoj.jain@riskpro.in Sivaramakrishnan President – Banking & FS M- 98690 19311 smaran.iyer@riskpro.in Rahul Bhan Director M- 99680 05042 rahul.bhan@riskpro.in Hemant Seigell SVP – Risk Management M- 99536 97905 hemant.seigell@riskpro.in Casper Abraham Director M- 98450 61870 casper.abraham@riskpro.in Vijayan Govindarajan EVP – Risk Management M- 99166 63652 vijayan.govindarajan@riskpro.in Ahmedabad Pune Kolkata Gurgaon Maulik Manakiwala Associate Firm M – 98256 40046 Gourav Ladha Sap Risk Advisory M- 97129 52955 M.L. Jain Principal – Strategy Risk M- 98220 11987 mljain@riskpro.in Kashi Banerjee EVP – Risk Management M- 98304 75375 kashi.banerjee@riskpro.in Nilesh Bhatia Head – Human Capital Mgt. M- 98182 93434 nilesh.bhatia@riskpro.in Salem Ghaziabad Agra Hyderabad Chandrasekeran Recruitment franchisee M – 94435 99132 R Gupta Head – Insurance Risk M- 98101 07387 Alok Kumar Agarwal Associate Firm M- 99971 65253 Phanindra Prakash Member Firm M- 95500 61616 Copyright- © 2012 Riskpro ,India .All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Key Contacts (Continued) Corporate Bangalore Gurgaon Noida Riskpro India Ventures (P) Limited info@riskpro.in www.riskpro.in C 561, Defence colony New Delhi 110024 Ravikiran Bhandari VP – IT Risk Advisory M- 99001 69562 ravikiran.bhandari@riskpro.in Asok Sit EVP, Head – Telecom Risk Advisory M- 98105 03463 asok.sit@riskpro.in Siddhartha Ghosh EVP M- 9810058072 Siddhartha.Ghosh@riskpro.in Copyright- © 2012 Riskpro ,India .All rights reserved.