General Application Motor & Solutions (GAMS) Business Unit


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This page shows an overview of the product lineup and major applications of the products of General Application & Motor Solutions (GAMS) Business Unit of Nidec, the world’s comprehensive motor manufacturer.
Nidec’s motors are all high-performance and high-efficiency products. We, excelling at satisfying specific needs of customers of all over the world, handle all orders very quickly, however large quantity they may be. Please feel free to contact us.

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General Application Motor & Solutions (GAMS) Business Unit

  1. 1. NIDEC CORPORATION Nidec corporation General Application Motor & Solutions Business Unit
  2. 2. NIDEC CORPORATION 1.Company overview
  3. 3. 2/19 • Company: NIDEC CORPORATION • Founder: Shigenobu Nagamori (Chairman of the Board, President & CEO) • Established: July 23,1973 • Paid-in capital: JPY87.8 billion • Stock listings: First section, the Tokyo Stock Exchange First section, the Osaka Securities Exchange • Consolidated revenue: JPY1.18 trillion (as of March 31, 2016) • Nidec Group companies: Over 230 worldwide • Nidec Group employees: Over 105,000 worldwide • Main products: - Small precision motors - General motors and machinery - Electronic and optical components, etc. • Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan Company profile
  4. 4. 3/19 Nidec’s global presence Over 230 companies in more than 30 countries
  5. 5. 4/19 We offer motors of all kinds: from micro to super-large ones.  Miniature vibration motor  Pump motor Power output ranges from the 0.2W - 45MW (45,000,000W)! Product Range
  6. 6. NIDEC CORPORATION 2.About General Application Motor & Solutions Business Group
  7. 7. 6/19 Nidec Corporation AMEC Business Unit SPMS Business Unit SPM Business Group ACIM Business Unit *General Application Motor & Solutions Nidec Business Unit Structure GMS * Business Group
  8. 8. 7/19 We produce “energy saving, long life, low noise” brush-less DC motors for every possible field and use. General Application Motor & Solutions Business group(GMS) produces FAN motors and various brush-less DC motors for audio visual, IT , office automation, telecommunication, home appliance, environmental, and industry devices. We have a variety of line-ups whose characteristics are energy saving, long life, and low noise. Based on customers’ demand, we’ll promptly proceed to customize. We establish new use of motors and develop new products in order to fill the customers’ demand. General Application Motor & Solutions Business Group
  9. 9. 8/19 Custom From Standard to Custom products for all kinds of applications Quietness and High Performance Earn Reliability DC Fans & Blowers
  10. 10. 9/19  Shaft conclusion structure  New stator core for low cogging  The magnetic attracting structure with a chip magnet  Vaporization-resistance oil is used to reduce oil loss(by20%)  The size of sleeve bearing has enlarged, accommodating more oil Present type New type Low vibration & noise High reliability New technology enhanced the fan’s performance in the newly developed product. UltraFlo DC Fans & Blowers
  11. 11. 10/19 10mm 15mm 25mm 28mm 32mm 40mm 60mm 80mm 92mm 120mm 38mm 70mm 56mm ConsumerElectronicsServersTelecom 2UServers4U-6UServers172mm 51mm NEW SIZE 36mm 76mm 140mm DICR Down- Sizing Down-Sizing Down- Sizing DICR DICRDICR AVEquipment 1U DC Fan Motor Line-up
  12. 12. 11/19  Longer Life time  Run at high speed  Low vibration & low noise  Variety of Control/Signal Options CMC motor has 4 series,13H/22H/24H/27H Built-in Drive Circuit CMC motors are used in many applications because of their many advantages. Advantages CMC Compact Motor Concept The models have been developed as the general-purpose lines of small brushless DC motors with built-in drive circuits. Nidec brushless motors are poised to explore into various high-end market that normally set high quality criteria for durability, credibility and performance levels. Series Size (mm) Power (W) 13H φ24.2 x 19.1 ~3W 22H φ35.6 x 40.0 ~8W 27H φ49.0 x 31.5 ~12W 24H φ42.0 x 34.0 ~10W Inner Rotor Type Brushless DC Motor
  13. 13. 12/19  Miniaturization by a thin flat motor  Low noise and high efficiency  High power by the outer rotor  Highly accurate rotational speed control Advantages 10W~50W output Automotive Household appliance Office Equipment Outer Rotor Type Brushless DC Motor
  14. 14. 13/19 Fan Optical disk drive motor Example of Utilization
  15. 15. 14/19 Fan Fan Drum motor Paper feed motor Fuser roller drive motor Drum motor Paper feed motor Fuser roller drive motor Example of Utilization
  16. 16. 15/19 Disk-loading motor Fan Optical disk drive motor Example of Utilization
  17. 17. 16/19 Fan Optical disk drive motor Example of Utilization
  18. 18. 17/19 Optical disk drive motor Fan Example of Utilization
  19. 19. 18/19Cooling fan Pump motorHeat circulation motor Exhaust fan Example of Utilization
  20. 20. 19/19 Our Mission We have advantages of various line-ups and business results in audio visual, IT, office automation, telecommunication, home appliance, environment, industry business field. Our mission is to propose and satisfy diverse customers’ demand and request. We have established substantial development structure, so our staff in overseas communicate customers directly in order to produce a complete product. R&D center in Japan continuously works on development of new technology and new product to add advanced solution to customers.