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Nidec Europe B.V. is Nidec’s sales office in Europe, handling fan motors and brushless motors.
This slide shows an overview of Nidec and its product lineup.
We have any and all motors you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us.

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Nidec Europe B.V.

  1. 1. Nidec Corporation 2/17 is the World’s No.1 manufacturer of small precision motors. And with aiming to be the World’s No.1 Comprehensive Motor manufacturer, is creating the next generation of driving technology to meet the needs of society, for “Everything that spins and moves” Nidec Spirits: Challenging with “Passion, Enthusiasm and Tenacity” “Intelligent Hard Working” “Do it now, Do it without fail, Do it until completed”
  2. 2. Sales by Product Category (FY2012) Vibrations Motor Electric Power Steering Motors for DVD and Blue-ray Electronic & Optical Components 9.7% Others 1.2% Camera Shutters Machinery 9.0% World Wide Share 80% World Wide Share 70% 702.3B YEN Motors 80.1% Small Precision Motor 45.1% General Motors 35.0% Motors for HDD 3/17
  3. 3. Consolidated Net Sales (Fiscal Year) (Yen in Billions) M&A Copal and Copal Electronics (Japan) M&A Sankyo (Japan) M&A Motor&Actuators(France), Brilliant(Singapore), Servo (Japan) M&A Emerson Electric (Motor & Controls)(US) M&A Ansaldo Sistemi Industrial (Italy) Avtron Industrial Automation(US), Kinetek Group(US), Jiangsu Kaiyu Auto Appliance(China) M&A Nidec Seimitsu (Japan) J. Yen 800 B (Forecast) 4/17
  4. 4. 2004年11月1日 2005年3月期 中間決算説明会 232 companies in 32 countries Nidec Group Companies Asia: China: 54 Japan: 26 Hong Kong: 13 Vietnam: 11 Thailand: 10 Singapore: 8 The Philippines: 6 Indonesia: 6 South Korea: 5 Taiwan: 5 Malaysia: 3 India: 2 Cambodia: 1 UAE: 1 Turkey: 1 Europe: Italy: 8 Germany: 8 UK: 3 France: 3 Luxemburg: 3 The Netherlands: 1 Spain: 1 Hungary: 1 Poland: 1 Russia: 1 Rumania: 1 Americas: USA: 35 Mexico: 10 Canada: 1 Brazil: 1 Colombia: 1 Venezuela: 1 On the Date of April, 2013 5/17
  5. 5. GAMS Sales, Development, and Production Map 24 Sales Office. 4 Productions. 4 R&D Centers, ■ A Worldwide Production, Sales, and Marketing Network. Headquarters Sales Office Production Site R&D Center On the Date of April, 2013 Shiga Technical Center GAMS Sales (Kyoto) & HQ GAMS Sales (Tokyo) 6/17
  6. 6. Nidec Europe B.V (Almere, the Netherlands) Nidec Europe B.V. (the Netherlands) 7/17 Sales Office in Europe Contact: Address: P.J. Oudweg 4, 1314CH Almere, the Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)36 548 1100 Fax: +31 (0)36 548 1105 E-mail: Activity: Sale of Motors, Fans and Blowers of Nidec Corporation and Nidec Servo Corporation
  7. 7. General Application Motor & Solutions Business Unit We produce “energy saving, long life, low noise” brush-less DC motors for every possible field and use. General Application Motor & Solutions Business Unit (GAMS) produces FAN motors and various brush-less DC motors for audio visual, IT, office automation, telecommunication, home appliance, environmental, and industry devices. We have variety of line-ups whose characteristics are energy saving, long life, and low noise. Based on customers’ demand, we’ll promptly proceed to customize. We establish new use of motors and develop new products in order to fill the customers’ demand. 8/17
  8. 8. Our Applications IT Telecom Audio Visual Home Appliance Industry Office Automation Environ- Ment, Medical 9/17
  9. 9. The hard disk drive motor, which is the heart of HDDs used for personal computers, servers, and many other information technology devices, is a high-tech product whose production facilities must be on par with those for semiconductors. As the world’s top HDD motor manufacturer, we are constantly advancing technological innovation based on our strength in fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) technology, through which we have been able to win the confidence of the market by satisfying its requirements for rotation accuracy, noise level, shock resistance, etc., needed for high- capacity HDDs. Nidec Major Products (1/7) 10/17
  10. 10. Many of Nidec Corporation’s precision motors are used in PC peripherals for optical disk drives (e.g. CD, DVD and BD) and AV equipment such as BD players and recorders. Now, these small brushless DC motors must be made thinner, lighter, fast- rotating, and less power-consuming by technological innovation, while we actively take environmental actions such as making these products halogen-free. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we are accelerating our speed of technological innovation and becoming further capable of developing our products fast. Nidec Major Products (2/7) 11/17
  11. 11. The models have been developed as the general-purpose lines of small brushless DC motors with built-in driving circuits. Today’ s most familiar industry standard, commonly known as the brush motor, is currently faced with technological limitations in meeting growing calls for enhanced noiselessness and longer operation life. The brushless DC motor is an innovative solution to these new challenges. Price differences-the largest obstacle to the popularization of brushless DC motors despite their superb technological advantages-has been dramatically reduced over the years as the price for attached electric circuits steadily goes down. Nidec brushless motors are poised to explore into various high-end markets that normally set high quality criteria for durability, credibility and performance levels. Nidec Major Products (3/7) 12/17
  12. 12. Fan motors work to quickly disperse heat and cool the insides of electronic equipment, and improve its performance. Today, this electronic equipment includes not only personal computers and office equipment, but also the increasingly functional and heat-generating home appliances as well as mobile communication base stations, more and more of which are being built. This market trend triggered us to develop and steadily enhance our standard fans in the Nidec Ultra Flo series, which, in addition to excellent airflow and static pressure control capabilities and efficiency, possess low-noise, low-vibration and eco-friendly quality. Nidec Major Products (4/7) 13/17
  13. 13. Amid the worldwide tightening of environmental regulations,conventional vehicles are being rapidly replaced by hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), which use eco- friendly power sources that generate less CO2 than the conventional engine. Based on this trend, Nidec provides a large volume of energy- efficient, durable, high-power, highly responsive, and quiet motors for various automotive equipment, steadily increasing its market shares. Regarding the automotive motor business as an important area of growth, we will seek inter-group synergy and aim to further enhance our R&D and supply capabilities. Automobiles Nidec Major Products (5/7) 14/17
  14. 14. Many motors of various kinds are used in air conditioners, washing machines, dish washers, and other home appliances, as well as in under-floor heating systems, water heaters, and other housing equipment. Increasingly more home appliance and housing products are required to be energy-efficient. Reflecting this trend, the demand for the Nidec Group’s highly efficient, quiet, and durable motors is rapidly increasing in Europe, the United States, emerging countries, and other places in the world. Home Appliances, HVAC and Home Equipment Nidec Major Products (6/7) 15/17
  15. 15. Motors are used in various driving components of industrial equipment such as pumps, automatic doors, and cranes. The Nidec Group has a lineup of products for a wide range of electric power, from 50W– 3,730kW. Following the United States, many countries and regions, including EU, China and Japan, are expected to adopt the strictest energy efficiency regulations for industrial motors around 2015. Riding on this regulatory trend, we will continue to provide the world with highly energy-efficient motors that satisfy the user’s needs. Industrial Equipment Nidec Major Products (7/7) 16/17
  16. 16. Our Mission We have advantages of various line-ups and business results in audio visual, IT, office automation, telecommunication, home appliance, environment, industry business field. Our mission is to propose and satisfy diverse customers’ demand and request. We have established substantial development structure, so our staff in overseas communicate customers directly in order to produce a complete product. R&D center in Japan continuously works on development of new technology and new product to add advanced solution to customers. 17/17