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SMP Project Presentation
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SMP Project Presentation


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MPS Project Improvement

MPS Project Improvement

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  • 1. Radio Navigation System Software Project Management presented by Nicula Maria
  • 2. Radio Navigation System Description The SW project that is implemented on the hardware system is going to provide a smart, customer friendly and high quality Radio Navigation system. The SW project is very complex and it requires a large amount of resources. In this presentation, the human resources are assigned for a smaller version of the project.
  • 3. Project Objectives The main objective was to develop a Software Management Plan for the RNS project The Software Management Plan was elaborated using Open Proj. The Software Management Plan contains all the important phases of a Software Project.
  • 4. Project Awareness Ways of avoiding workload: – good task assignment – workload computation before allocating human resources – using optimization model in human resource management Human Resources Analytics: – Manage labor hours and productivity and understand staffing trends. – Identify areas of risk with what-if planning. – Audit Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) issues such as gender and race.
  • 5. SW Project Phases
  • 6. SW Project Phases – Planning
  • 7. SW Project Phases – detailes tasks
  • 8. OpenProj Benefits• OpenProj is a free, open source project management solution. solution• OpenProj is OS independent because it runs on Java platform so can run in different operating systems.• Open Proj supports different views, each based on a specified attribute.• The tool has four simple reports: project details, resource information, task information, and who does what.
  • 9. Open Proj - Gantt view It is a bar chart which is used for project scheduling. It breaks down the task into several subtasks and shows their relations, start and end dates.
  • 10. OpenProj - Network view It shows the “before” “after” and “intermediate” tasks in graphical manner. Its also called PERT chart.
  • 11. OpenProj - Resources view Resources Chart: Details of available recourses are listed here. Once listed, the resources can be assigned in Gantt chart.
  • 12. OpenProj - Histogram•Open Proj offers various advantages provided by different optionsselectable by user. One of the is the histogram, where you can trackdown your resources availability on a specific period.
  • 13. Project extension for SPM Detailed Maintenance Process
  • 14. Maintenance Phase - Fundamentals• Nature of Maintenance• Need for Maintenance• Responsibility for Performing Software Maintenance• Majority of Maintenance Costs• Key Issues in Software Maintenance• Maintenance Process• Maintenance Phase Length Management• Maintenance Phase Conclusion
  • 15. SW Project Phases - Maintenance
  • 16. Conclusions In order to deliver a successful SW Project is necessary to know and keep track of the tasks that need to be performed. With OpenProj, a project manager establishes the list of project tasks. Each can be assigned to resources and given an estimate of the completion effort. Tasks can be indented to be sub-tasks of a parent. OpenProj allows dynamic adjustment of tasks. By changing a duration, the effect on the whole project schedule can be viewed at a glance. Sub-project durations are accumulated into their parents. It is a simple matter to either add a new project task at any level or to change a task into a sub-task. The project resources can be maintained in a list showing the resource name and availability. Additional resource details can be entered such as name, email address, hourly cost, overtime or cost per use.