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Over 50% of the US population has a Facebook account, but are they all posting pictures of their cats? Or can Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) actually make money selling software on Facebook?
We’ll be looking at real ways to build your Facebook fanbase on a shoestring budget, seeing what posts generate traffic and de-bunking a few Facebook myths.
(LOLcats not required).

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  • Bear in mind that Facebook is not the same as your website – the communication is a lot more informal GrumpyCat has over a million Likes on Facebook
  • Facebook has had some bad press over the years, but the vast majority of users on it don’t care. People who are not on Facebook most usually DO care about these issues. Security/Paranoia People love to complain Perceived loss of control
  • A real email we got Non-savvy internet users are insane about Facebook
  • Ok I chose the date range so that Facebook was on top – but it’s normally in the top five. We can track our facebook traffic directly through to real sales.
  • It’s Free Gives you Visibility and a Promotional Opportunity on Facebook Choose your name, category and URL wisely – it’s hard to change once it’s set up
  • Your Page Name should be your Product Name Adobe does have a Page just for “Adobe” but it has 3% of the Likes that Adobe Photoshop has
  • The user icons for the top 20 pages on Facebook Most icons are either a recognizable person or a strong brand - as Facebook communication is direct
  • Clear Brand with Call to Action About Section with Link – Cover Photo – Profile Image – App Thumbnails Good overview here:
  • The most overlooked Facebook FanPage Feature – “Invite Email Contacts” The email invite has a maximum of 5,000 contacts, it’s free and you can use your existing customer list. They also have MailChimp, Constant Contact etc integration. You can also invite all your Facebook friends. Likes are aspirational fans – not shoppers
  • Use the Like button to get people to Like your Facebook page – Not your website URL Do not buy Likes! Most fans never go back to a page after they’ve initially liked it. You need a certain “critical mass” of Likes in order to be able to effectively use Facebook in the ways we’re going to talk about.
  • Meta tags detailed here: Flush Facebook’s cache with
  • Offline campaigns usually do not translate to online Likes [f] icons in print material are pointless – I’ve seen them on backs of buses You should be putting links in your email and your website, and you can hook in your customer service. If users are not enticed to click Like they will not do it
  • Create a free piece of software that you can use for Promotions. Make an existing free product for sale, and then run giveaway promotions. Or take a full price product and make a free version out of it with less features.
  • A key step in setting up a page The point is to get Likes FanGate Pages don’t work on mobile! Link to your FanGate page from your website and in emails
  • Vary your posts – your Page Insights will give you information on how each post and type of post are performing. Most of your posts are about community building. Links and Offers are where you can directly monetize your posts. There are a few other types of posts – Events, Milestones…
  • Learn the strategies from the popular pages A 2% Engagement is seen as good
  • This photo speaks to an underlying truth that our audience will resonate with People can easily express an opinion about it
  • Post about your subject matter Wordsearch Maker:
  • Posts and traffic are extremely transient and will only last for a couple of hours
  • Post 2-3 times a day Be Yourself Vary Your Posts Reply and be Visible Don’t Overpost
  • Get Satisfaction has a Facebook app that you can add to your page. If you’re getting a lot of negative comments and complaints on your page, direct customer service requests into another tab.
  • Facebook isn’t a store like Amazon, and never will be. So you have to get creative! It’s good for new and existing customer engagement, and as an advertising platform. You can bring people to your website.
  • You can pay as posts will not reach all your fans. On average only 17% Of your fans will see a post! You can Boost a post to get more reach.
  • You can now post an offer directly on your Timeline. When people claim the offer they get an email with the offer code and link in it
  • Offers work on Mobile and on Web too
  • Facebook Ads make <$1 per Like viable – numbers vary Two broad categories: Get More Page Likes, which builds your audience – and send them to a FanGate page! Promote Page Post, which extends the reach of your posts – use for already well performing posts!
  • You can narrow your audience for the ad to precisely match the demographic that you want Facebook allows more precise targeting than any other ad platform out there! Create Phases of Ads – create 6, drop the 2 worst, then repeat, then start again with new ads in the first phase as ads progress.
  • For extending your audience target Friends of people who already like your page. You can now use a “custom audience” by importing your CRM data onto FB and asking Facebook to find similar people based on them. Through Power Editor. Import your customers and allow matching based on email addresses. Look-a-like model.
  • FBX is an API and only available through approved partners – but you can use ad agencies to power your ads. 89% higher revenue per user if the user came to the site FROM Facebook and then remarketed to that user on Facebook again – than just users who came to the site fresh. – based on 1.2 mill$ revenue study by Nanigans Remarket to users that have been to your site and have not purchased – send them a Facebook ad and bring them back to your website!
  • Create Facebook links that incentivize sharing – Viral Hooks Noah Kagan on YouTube Viral Loop - book
  • Use an online service such as ShortStack to design your FanGate and Contest pages. Prices at the low end are $20-$30 per month If you want to you can build these from scratch – see for the APIs Be warned – it can be overwhelming and Facebook has totally changed it’s APIs several times in the past.
  • Use your product lifecycle. As your software cycle of build and release continues your marketing efforts should reflect this.
  • We had 100s comments and emails about a Facebook promotion that “forced” non-Facebook users to get a promotion through Facebook.
  • You don’t sell “on” Facebook directly. But… you can use Facebook to build a community of fans, reach new customers and remarket to existing customers. Use Facebook for what it’s good at, but don’t use it as a marketplace, because it’s not.
  • Business cards out of the hat
  • Selling Software on Facebook

    1. 1. Click LIKE if you want to Sell Software on Facebook!
    2. 2. Nico Westerdale Myself, Roger & More run BitsDuJour Daily Deals Site for Software 1000s of Software Promotions 6+ Years Tens of thousands of “Likes” for ISVs
    3. 3. 1. Why Bother with Facebook?
    4. 4. It’s Easy It’s Fun Cats
    5. 5. every time i open mu facebook account its your website and everything with it which opens first.i insist you do sth about removing it and never again to highjack my facebook profile page.this is an official request to remove from highjacking my facebook profile webpage. either you do it yourselves or show me how to remove it. i am extremely angry this has happened.if i have agreed to anything its because i never knew it or by agreeing to your newsletter or sth u have secretly included this disgusting highjack.
    6. 6. Referring Websites by Domain for
    7. 7. 2. Facebook Pages
    8. 8. Meta Tags og:image og:title og:url
    9. 9. 3. What to Post
    10. 10. Ask Your Fans to: Comment Share Like 34% Engagement
    11. 11. People will naturally share posts if they’re funny or opinionated 106% Engagement
    12. 12. Ten days of traffic
    13. 13. 4. Selling on Facebook
    14. 14. People do not use Facebook to Buy Stuff But…
    15. 15. Facebook Exchange (FBX)
    16. 16. Use a service ShortStack PageModo TabSite
    17. 17. Release New Version (Advertise) Promote New Release (Discount) Build Community (Likes) Develop New Version (Marketing) Promote Old Version (Giveaway)
    18. 18. So… How do you Sell Software on Facebook?
    19. 19. Win a $50 Facebook Ads Gift Card