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High Tech at Home 6-19-13
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High Tech at Home 6-19-13


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Presentation made by Bob Krollman on the 19th of June, 2013; discussion moderated by Dr. E Ayn Welleford.

Presentation made by Bob Krollman on the 19th of June, 2013; discussion moderated by Dr. E Ayn Welleford.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • Good afternoon. I am Bob Krollman and this afternoon I hope to be able to convey to you the excitement I feel about the life changing, life enhancing qualities that Assistive Technology can offer.I work for the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services within the Federal Tech Act Program, the Virginia Assistive Technology System. There are programs like VATS in each State and Territory in the United States.The mission of the Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) is to ensure that Virginians of all ages and abilities can acquire the appropriate, affordable assistive and information technologies and services they need to participate in society as active citizens.
  • By the end of today, I hope that you will have become familiar with the definitions of Assistive Technology Devices and ServicesHave seen examples of an array of Assistive Technologies that can support safely Aging in PlaceYou will consider how existing, new or emerging assistive technologies can enhance outcomes for the elder and the caregiverAnd we will review a numbers of resources that can be useful with identification, selection, acquisition and support of assistive technologies used to support elders and caregivers.In other words, the task before us is how to use Assistive Technology devices and services to integrate disconnected point solutions in the areas of health, safety, environment, activity, socialization and funding to offer improved outcomes for the aging population.Let’s get started on the task.
  • ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVICES are defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system that may be used by a person with a disability to perform specific tasks, improve functional capabilities, and become more independent. It can help redefine what is possible for people with a wide range of cognitive, physical, or sensory disabilities.
  • Assistive Technology Services include Evaluation services (an assessment or evaluation of what AT may be appropriate), The selection of the appropriate equipmentAn exploration of funding options(how to pay for it). The coordination with service providers (therapists, engineers, personal assistants) and Training / Technical assistance for the person and supporting individuals (ordering equipments, setting it up, showing how to use it, how to fix it when it doesn’t work as envisioned)
  • Assistive Technology usually falls with one of three categories. The categories are Low or No Tech Devices which are usually Inexpensive, easily made, easy to learn, readily available, easy to replace/maintainMid Tech devices which may cost more, require some training, have a special design, often needs some time of power source and High Tech devices have Higher cost, require specific training to learn and are often customized.An example would be for someone doing a presentation using a pointing device: a laser pointer would be considered high tech, a wooden pointer or collapsible pointer as a mid tech device and your finger as a low tech or no tech solution.
  • AT Devices can be customized by a number of people including Assistive Technology Practitioners, Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Rehabilitation engineers, fabricators, Speech language pathologists, caregivers and the AT end user.
  • Safety concerns are always part of the conversation about self care and independence. Assistive technologies can go a long way to reducing risks for the care recipient and the care giver.Two areas of the home where AT can make them less dangerous are the kitchen and the bathroom areas.
  • Scalds account for 20% of all burns. Scalding usually occurs in the bathroom or kitchen.Scalding and other types of burns require costly and expensive hospital stays, often involving skin grafts and plastic surgery.Scalding may lead to additional injuries, such as falls and heart attacks, especially among the elderly. Water that is 160º F can cause scalding in 0.5 secondsThese are examples of anti-scalding fixtures
  • To reduce the danger of flooding because faucets are left on and unattended, timed faucets and motion detection activated faucetsare readily available
  • There are numerous water overflow and temperature monitors to reduce the chances of flooding and burns in sinks, bath tubs and laundry tubs.
  • The kitchen is another place in the home where several AT devices can reduce risks to the care recipient and the care giver.Examples include:
  • A device that help extinguish small stovetop fires
  • The Stove Stopper promotes kitchen safety by using a motion sensor to monitor the kitchen and make sure that someone is attending the stove.When no one is nearby for 1 minute, the Stove Stopper shuts off and then beeps to let you know. The time setting can be customized.A timer mode is great for the oven, shutting the stove off after a preset time regardless of motion.If someone is only using the oven, the Stove Stopper can be temporally disabled.The Stove Stopper is capable of being locked down by a password. This is great for making sure the settings aren't accidentally changed.
  • Safety burners can be installed in place of the exposed electric elements. They have a much lower use temperature and there is a reduced change that an object like a towel or piece of paper that comes into contact with the burner when it is on.
  • Microwave safety should considermake sure that the elder can use the microwave safely-non metal dishes, microwave safe cups and bowls will reduce the chance of fires or burns. Not using an above the stove microwave avoids reaching over the stove, balance, more strength is required to bring it down to the counter and there is the potential for the hot contents to spill on the person.A microwave placed on the counter can eliminate many of the safety concerns.
  • These types of appliances can make water and tea, can be set to turn on and off automatically and are fairly neat. There is no danger of having a coffee pot cook off all the liquid and become a fire source.
  • This device automatically stirs certain foods during their stove top preparation. It eliminates standing for extended periods of time at a cooktop attending to the food cooking in the pot or pan.
  • This allows for one handed preparation of salad, greatly reducing the possibilities of cuts
  • There are a number of utensils that allow for greater independence in eating
  • Another example-high color contract, sections and ‘lipped’ plates allow for self-feeding
  • C. Everett Koop, MD, said, “Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them.” There is a lot of evidence that patients are not taking their medications as prescribed. Lack of medication adherence contributes to poor patient outcomes and billions of health care dollars spent unnecessarily.Following are a couple of examples of devices that can support med compliance. There are many more …
  • Locked Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser. No Monthly Fees. Never forget to take medications again! Avoid Medication Errors. Right meds every time. If meds are not taken, this e-pill system will call a designated person after sounding the alarm for 60 minutes.For care giver and care recepient
  • 4 Alarm Vibrating POCKET Pill Box only $39.95 FREE Shippinge-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating POCKET Pill Box. Vibrating Alarm or Beep Alarm or Both. 4 Doses per Day Pill Organizer. Back light easy to read display. Snooze. Complete with all batteries included and installed, ready to go. Instruction manual in large print. FREE Shipping (US Customers Only. You must select STANDARD SHIPPING at check-out to take advantage of this limited time free shipping offer. Non-US customers pay $15 for shipping)Retail price: $49.95Sale price: $39.95
  • LightingStairsUnder cabinetNight lightsContrast for transitionsNatural LightingTimers Motion sensors
  • Your MinderItem #:  GCT73202Price: $39.95Qty:  Item Options:Price with your options:      The voice of a loved one is soothing and reassuring.
  • One hundred decibels is an Extra Loud alarm. That's loud enough to penetrate high noise areas clearly, indoors or out. Loud enough also to get the attention of someone with moderate hearing loss. The alarm may be silenced manually, or it will quit sounding after one minute.
  • One hundred decibels is an Extra Loud alarm. That's loud enough to penetrate high noise areas clearly, indoors or out. Loud enough also to get the attention of someone with moderate hearing loss. The alarm may be silenced manually, or it will quit sounding after one minute.
  • It is the most efficient portable heating system in the world. Children, pets and adults of all ages enjoy EdenPURE’s comfortable warmth and quiet operation. The EdenPURE combines a unique, patented, solid copper heat exchanger with a quartz infrared heating source. Instead of the heat rising instantly to the ceiling like other heaters that use burning heat, the heat from the EdenPURE copper heating chambers rides the humidity in the room, resulting in moist, soft heat – ceiling to floor and wall to wall – a welcome blanket of warmth. Benefits of the NEW 2013 EdenPURE Heaters – Reliable, customized comfort!Save money! - Heating unused rooms can add hundreds to your heating bill. Target heat up to 750 square feet with EdenPURE for maximum savings.Stay toasty warm in any season – EdenPURE lets you delay turning on the furnace and still be warm on chilly fall evenings. Dial down the furnace temp during frigid winter months and enjoy soothing, even warmth that doesn’t dry out the air. Perfect for families with differing needs – One member may think the house is too hot...while others feel cold and uncomfortable. EdenPURE puts you in control of setting the right temperature for your personal needs. Safe to run unattended – Because EdenPURE doesn’t get hot or have exposed elements, it won’t start a fire.
  • Keruve gives your family member with Alzheimer’s the ability to continue going for walks as usual without having to worry about them getting lost. With the press of a button you can quickly know where they are at any given moment. Specifically designed for people in the first stages of Alzheimer’s, Keruve is a state of the art locating device that consists of a GPS wristwatch with safety lock, worn by the person with Alzheimer´s, and a portable receiver for the carer. Alzheimer's Association Comfort Zone Check-In™, powered by Omnilink, offers caregivers and family members the opportunity to track dedicated tracking devices and Sprint cell phones using a single account. Using this feature, you can track the Sprint phone that a person with Alzheimer's already owns, or provide a dedicated device to an individual that doesn't have a cell phone or uses a phone from a different carrier. The Aetrex GPS Shoes feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the base of the right heel, providing real-time tracking. At frequent and specific time intervals, the GPS tracking device sends a signal to the central monitoring station determining the wearer’s exact location and relays that information to a tracking website for you to view (contingent upon enrollment in a separate monthly tracking plan).Comfort Zone® and Comfort Zone Check-In® allows families to monitor a person with dementia's whereabouts remotely using Web-based location services. Read more:
  • Wireless Door Monitor
  • All-In-One unit and you get the MyGait Elite Computer. With it's sleek design, 20" high definition monitor and built-in extras, this unit takes yGait to the next level. Offering an integrated web camera for video chats and a DVD/CD player it is the next generation of design for MyGait and for you
  • At CES, Independa introduced cloud-based elderly health monitoring and social engagement services on LG TVs and a new medical reminder system over telephone lines.Independa, a provider of remote monitoring technology for the elderly, and LG's Zenith division announced at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that they're bringing senior health monitoring to commercial televisions. LG's ProCentric displays will run Independa's cloud-based Angela social engagement platform and medical reminders. Angela is a social-engagement platform that allows residents in their homes or in assisted living facilities to access multimedia content and participate in video chats with family or physicians through single-click access.
  • Weave is a beautiful, easy-to-use and free app that helps you feel organized and in control of your life! Keep track of what's going on with your business, your hobbies and everything in between - all focused on the projects that are important to you
  • My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Medical, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place
  • Medicine Cabinet is a friendly and intuitive app that allows you to easily keep a list of medication being taken by you, your family and loved ones, or even your pets.It’s great for tracking the last time a medication was taken and the next time a medication is due. You can also keep notes about the medication and notes for each person taking a particular medication, such as the prescription number; pharmacy and doctor information; or any other information you want to keep track of.
  • Transcript

    • 2. LEARNINGOBJECTIVESBecome familiar withthe definitions ofAssistive TechnologyDevices and ServicesSee examples of anarray of AssistiveTechnologies that cansupport safely Aging inPlaceConsider how existing, newor emerging assistivetechnologies can enhanceoutcomes for the elder andthe caregiverReview a number of resourcesthat can be useful withidentification, selection,acquisition and support ofassistive technologies used tosupport elders and caregivers.
    • 3. 3ASSISTIVETECHNOLOGYDEVICES• Any item, piece of equipment, or productsystem that may be used by a person with adisability to perform specific tasks, improvefunctional capabilities, and become moreindependent. It can help redefine what ispossible for people with a wide range ofcognitive, physical, or sensory disabilities.ASSISTIVETECHNOLOGYSERVICES• Any service that directly assists anindividual with a disability in the selection,acquisition, or use of assistive technologydevices that result in greaterindependence, safety of comfort of anindividual.
    • 4. 4AssistiveTechnologyServicesEvaluationSelection of theappropriateequipmentExploring fundingoptionsCoordinate withservice providers(therapists,engineers,personalassistants)Training /Technicalassistance forthe person andsupportingindividuals
    • 5. 5Low-Tech, Mid-Tech and High TechDevicesHigh: Higher cost, needspecific training to learn,often customizedMid: May costmore, requiresome training,have specialdesign, oftenneed powersourceLow: Inexpensive,easily made, easyto learn, readilyavailable, easy toreplace/maintain
    • 6. AT Devices Can beCustomized by:6Assistive TechnologyPractitionersOccupational therapistsPhysical therapistsRehabilitation engineersSpeech languagePathologistsCaregiversAT Users
    • 7. SAFETYSafety concerns are always part of the conversationabout self care and independence. Assistivetechnologies can go a long way to reducing risks forthe care recipient and the care giver.Two areas of the home where AT can make themless dangerous are the kitchen and the bathroomareas.7
    • 8. H20 SafetyAnti-Scald Valves19 June 2013 8
    • 9. H20 Safety9
    • 10. Overflow and Temperature Monitors10H20 Safety
    • 11. KITCHEN11
    • 12. Stove Safety12
    • 13. Stove Safety13Automatic Stove Shutoff
    • 14. Stove Safety14Safety Burners
    • 15. Kitchen Safety15Microwave Ovens
    • 16. Kitchen Safety16Coffee Maker
    • 17. Meal PreparationStirring food on the stovetop17
    • 18. Meal PreparationSalad Preparation18
    • 19. Meal PreparationEating Utensils19
    • 20. Meal PreparationPlate/dishes20
    • 21. Medication Compliance21
    • 22. Medication22.MedSmart PLUS Monitored Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser
    • 23. Medication23
    • 24. Lighting24
    • 25. Tactile Markers25
    • 26. Example of Alarm Clock withup to 6 recorded messagealarms26
    • 27. Example of Extra Big andLoudTimer & Alarm27
    • 28. Example of Extra LoudAlarm28
    • 29. Examples of LargeDay/Date/Time Clocks29
    • 30. Programmable RemoteThermostats-WiFi30
    • 31. Thermostats31
    • 32. Portable Heaters32
    • 33. Telephones33
    • 34. Wandering34
    • 35. Notification System35
    • 36. Notification System36
    • 37. Angela SocialEngagement PlatformAngela is a social-engagement Cloud based platform that allows residents intheir homes or in assisted living facilities to access multimedia content andparticipate in video chats with family or physicians through single-click access. June 2013 38
    • 38. APP-WEAVE39
    • 39. APP- My Medical40
    • 40. APP-Medicine Cabinet19 June 2013 41
    • 41. Bob KrollmanAssistive Technology Specialist/Aging CoordinatorVirginia Assistive Technology SystemRobert.krollman@dars.virginia.gov703-400-103151