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European Monuments
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European Monuments


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TIC work by Nico

TIC work by Nico

Published in: Travel, Spiritual

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  • 1. Important monuments of Europe
  • 2. INDEX INDEX-La Alhambra-La Sagrada Familia-Palace of Versailles-Tour Eiffel-The Big Ben-Edinburgh Castle-Brandenburg Gate-The Colusseum-The Basilica of St. Peter-St. Basils Cathedral
  • 3. La AlhambraThe Alhambra is a kind of city-palace in Granada, Spainwhere the Muslim monarch lived in the season of the Muslimdomain in Spain. It was a type of palace-fortress where theywere also mosques or schools for all the population.Its appeal is characterized by its interior decorations, colorfulgardens and its location, on top of a mountain.
  • 4. La Sagrada FamiliaIt is a temple located in Barcelona, Spain, designed byGaudi in 1882, and still being built. Its going to have 18towers, and now the work continues with the donations ofthe population. The builders think that the temple will befinished by 2030
  • 5. Palace of VersaillesIt is a palace in the town of Versailles, France, completedin 1643 which was a royal residence. It has 3 hugespalaces, 800 hectares and 55 little lakes. Currently 3million people per year visit the palaces, and 7 million,the gardens.
  • 6. Tour EiffelThe Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 andits located in Paris, France. It has a height of 330 meters andits made of iron. It was the tallest tower of the world until1930. Its construction lasted only 2 years and 2 months. Oversix million people visit the monument each year.
  • 7. The Big BenThe great bell of Westminster, better known as Big Ben, isone of the towers that form the Palace of Westminster, wasbuilt in the nineteenth century and its located in London,England. The tower has a clock known for its reliability and isabout 97 meters tall. It is the highest one of the palace.
  • 8. Edinburgh CastleThe Edinburgh Castle is an ancient fortress that was builton a rock, in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. People thinkthat it was built in the ninth century. It was used formilitary uses. It is the most important monument of thecountry.
  • 9. Brandenburg GateThe Brandenburg Gate is an ancient gateway to Berlin,and a very known symbol of the city and the country. Itwas completed in 1791, after 3 years, and it has a heightof 26 meters high. Its currently the center stage of thecelebrations in Germany.
  • 10. The ColosseumThe Colosseum is an amphitheater of the Roman Empireperiod, built in the first century in the center of Rome,Italy. It was named one of New Seven Wonders of theWorld in 2007. The gladiator fights were celebrated thereand many other public events like executions or dramas.
  • 11. The Basilica of St. PeterThe Basilica of Saint Peter, is a Catholic church located inVatican City. The basilica has the largest interior space of aChristian church in the world, is 193 m longand 44.5 m high. Itwas finished on 1626. It is considered one of the mostimportant sites of Catholicism. Its where the election of Popetakes place.
  • 12. St. Basils CathedralSt. Basils Cathedral is an orthodox templelocated on Red Square in Moscow, Russia. It isknown for its domes and strange colors. Theconstruction of the cathedral was ordered by TsarIvan the Terrible between 1555 and 1561.
  • 13. Visitors to European Monuments