Entrepreneurial thinking


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Entrepreneurial thinking

  1. 1. EntrepreneurialThinkingNicos Paschali@nicospaschali
  2. 2. Nicos Paschali Mind Alchemist & Presenter Experience 30+ Years of Training, Coaching and Mentoring Over 65 Different Seminar Titles 13000 Training Hours Education Technology Accelerated Learning and Teaching Suggestopedia Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Preconscious Processing Learning and Teaching 4MAT Learning Model
  3. 3. Entrepreneur! an individual who organizes andoperates a business..taking on financial risk in doing so! Irish-French economist Richard Cantillon
  4. 4. My Definition!An entrepreneur is an inventor...createsbusiness opportunities for managers to run...The passion comes from basking other peoplegladly experiencing her or his invention...the business is measured by fast growth... EVERYONE POSSESSES THE ABILITY TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR
  5. 5. and the 4 dimensions are...Dreamer...What....vision...the passion
  6. 6. and the 4 dimensions are...Thinker...How.....formulation...the intellect
  7. 7. and the 4 dimensions are...Storyteller...Test with people...the joy
  8. 8. and the 4 dimensions are...Leader...Moves the dream forward,...skills of concentration, discrimination,organisation, innovation andcommunication
  9. 9. Zambia-Italian tomatoes!Listen, Listen, Listen
  10. 10. New IndustriesBecause of Internet and NewMedia technologiesGas...New plants...
  11. 11. New Business OpportunitiesProfitable Niche for NewBusiness?
  12. 12. Becoming an Entrepreneur...1. Mindset = Mind-Body-Spirit
  13. 13. 2. TIME...to train yourself to use yourtalents and experience to seeopportunities
  14. 14. Start with the WHY!A way of thinking, feeling, acting andcommunicating...inspire others to help you advance your ideasand your vision!!!become a servant of passion to people whowant to grow...to transform their passion into aliving
  15. 15. Generating significant value for yourcustomer...A Brand Promise...creatingan experience for yourcustomer
  16. 16. Starting a Business...... is not something that happensovernight...and is not a sure thing,However, it is probably not as difficultas you might imagine.
  17. 17. Entrepreneurial thinking...is a skill relatively easy tolearn
  18. 18. The difference?Samuel Langley and his team-resources andattention....Wilbur and Orville brothers-passion inspiredenthusiasm and commitment...no fundingBeatles story...Apple starts with the WHY! Jobs wanted to dosomething significant in the world
  19. 19. We are making assumptions...sometimes incomplete, orfalse informationOur behaviour is affected byour assumptions or ourperceived truths...
  20. 20. Decisions on what we think we know
  21. 21. Readiness to succeed as a startup?by undertaking five basic steps:1. Clarify your reasons and your goals.Why are you doing this? What do you hope to achieve?2. Understand your entrepreneurial personality. Who are you? What makes you tick?3. Map your skills and experience. What can you do? What do you know?4. Leverage your relationships and resources.Who can help you? What assets are available for your use?5. Position yourself for high performance. Are you optimally positioned to bring your “A” game—your best effort, energy, and performance?
  22. 22. 2 ways to influence humanbehaviour● Manipulate● Inspire
  23. 23. Manipulationsdrop the pricerun a promotionpeer pressurefear
  24. 24. When individuals or companies do nothave a clear sense of why theircustomers are their customers, theytend to rely on a disproportionatenumber of manipulations to get whatthey want
  25. 25. Manipulation Vs LeadershipLeadership rally people not for a singleevent, but for yearsManipulation is for a single purchasedecisionSingle transaction or loyal customer?
  26. 26. Short term decisionsare killing us all!ulcersdepressionhigh blood pressureanxietycancer
  27. 27. The Golden CircleStarts with the WHY!What do you do?How do you do what you do?Why do you do what you do?
  28. 28. Why I train and I coach people?Because I get a kick...my heart pulseincreases when I see people smilingand be able to do things they thought itwas impossible to do before...creatingnew experience for people Breaking the Impossibility!
  29. 29. AppleWHYEverything we do we challenge the status quo!We believe in thinking differently.HOWThe way we do it.... is by making our productsbeautifully designed, simple to use and userfriendlyWHATWe make great computers and telephones andiPads etc.
  30. 30. Leads to● Clarity of Why● Discipline of How● Consistency of What
  31. 31. SOOOOOOOO?The Why is the BeliefThe How is the ActionsThe What is the Result orOutcome of those actions
  32. 32. Entrepreneur wants...● Confidentiality● Dedication● Truth
  33. 33. Success of the entrepreneur?● Creating products● Marketing● Financial management!
  34. 34. NOBODY...Can do all these ALONE!Companies are not createdby one person.
  35. 35. Branson biography..no Isonly wes
  36. 36. Go Out.....
  37. 37. Create a community to capture...● Passion● Energy● ImaginationActivate communities to findresources!!!
  38. 38. A Big Thank YOU!!!Nicos Paschalinicospas@gmail.com@nicospaschaliTo receive your copy go here and enter youremail pleasehttp://imathisi-optin.blogspot.com/