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From Research To Edit: new ways of collaboration within documentary production
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From Research To Edit: new ways of collaboration within documentary production


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See our talk here: …

See our talk here:
In a partnership of producers of factual content at VRT, public broadcaster, and Limecraft, the company behind the online production platform Flow we re-imagined the documentary workflow in order to enable collaboration. Simultaneously we tackled issues endemic to documentary, factual and news production: facilitating, timing, transcribing and annotating interviews, collecting, reviewing and structuring research from a variety of sources and building a narrative without using a standard formatted script.

We developed a researcher application with following integrated tools: a docu board, a transcription tool and a storybuilding tool. The docuboard allows for mind mapping website content, audiovisual material and text. The transcription tool partly automates transcription using speaker’s recognition and keyword spotting. The storybuilding tool offers the user blocks to build a narrative from content collected in the docuboard and the transcription tool.

As the researcher application is integrated with Flow, all data are semantically discerned and universally represented in its underlying data model. As such data can be rendered in any required production document and turned into metadata. Stored in one single online repository, worldwide collaboration between different production members becomes possible.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. From research to edit New ways of collaboration within documentary production Nico Oorts | Sven Rousseaux
  • 2. 001. | Limecraft Limecraft creates cutting edge production applications and workflow solutions for creative video professionals. Limecraft was incorporated in 2010, boosting 40 years of research and development
  • 3. 002. | VRT Research & Innovation VRT Research & Innovation researches the creation, management, distribution and consumption of media content. VRT Research & Innovation is a department of the public broadcasting network of the Flemish Community.
  • 4. 003. | Our Partnership Joint research effort on next generation production platforms
  • 5. 004. | Researcher Project: Objective Design an online production platform for factual formats
  • 6. Researcher Project
  • 7. Researcher Project
  • 8. 005. | Researcher Project: Use Case PANORAMA Current affairs program Team of 6 investigative journalists 13 productions per year 52’ per episode 20 - 30 hours raw material per production
  • 9. 006. | Researcher Project: Current Toolkit §  Word & Excel for writing & planning §  Devonthink & Evernote for research §  Standard mediaplayers for screening §  Dropbox & WeTransfer for file sharing
  • 10. 007. | Researcher Project: Issues §  Tools are not TV-production specific §  Tools are not integrated §  Collaboration is hard
  • 11. 008. | Researcher Project: Fundamentals back to the art of storytelling
  • 12. 008. | Researcher Project: Fundamentals Help the user in the iterative process of storytelling Manage  documentary  research   Seamless  switching  between  research,  storytelling  &  shaping   Enable  transcribing  content  and  selec:ng  quotes  &  fragments    
  • 13. 009. | Researcher Project: Workflow Docuboard Story Editor Shaping
  • 14. 010. | Researcher Project: Docuboard Docuboard Story Editor Shaping
  • 15. docuboardget a grip on your research
  • 16. 010. | Researcher Project: Docuboard Ideas, concepts, online resources & documents collected on one BOARD Add clips and quotes later
  • 17. 010. | Researcher Project: Docuboard Features §  Tags & tag groups §  Docuclipper (browser based extension) §  Support for notes, documents, web resources, audio & video files §  Searchable
  • 18. 011. | Researcher Project: Story Editor Docuboard Story Editor Shaping
  • 19. story editorback to the art of storytelling
  • 20. 011. | Researcher Project: Story Editor Create your story outline and refine story parts continuously Support your story by adding docuboard snippets, clips and quotes
  • 21. 011. | Researcher Project: Story Editor Features §  Outline your story §  Specify directions for image and sound §  Connect your storylines with your research §  Search within your docuboard for snippets, clips & quotes
  • 22. 012. | Researcher Project: Shaping Docuboard Story Editor Shaping
  • 23. shapingget your story together
  • 24. 012. | Researcher Project: Shaping Prepare for the edit by bringing the story and material together Export all your clips, quotes and docuboard snippets to your edit suite
  • 25. 012. | Researcher Project: Shaping Features §  Assemble sequences per story part §  Select bucket items for export §  Export to Final Cut, Avid or Adobe Premiere
  • 26. 013. | Researcher Project: Workflow Docuboard Story Editor Shaping
  • 27. 004. | Researcher Project: fundamentals metadatabrighten your production
  • 28. 014. | Researcher Project: Fundamentals Capture a production metadata stream Make the tagging of documents & web items possible Analyse video material Analyse audio material Enable the building of narrative structures
  • 29. transcriberfrom interview to quote
  • 30. 015. | Researcher Project: Transcriber Transcribe your interview and select quotes Get assisted by automatic speaker recognition
  • 31. 015. | Researcher Project: Transcriber Features §  Use automatic speaker recognition §  Transcribe speech fragments §  Select quotes §  Add question/answer structure
  • 32. 016. | Researcher Project: Technical Solution FLOW Juice set of media workflow components  
  • 33. 017 | Researcher Project: Testing
  • 34. 018. | Researcher Project: Q&A Visit Limecraft at: 9.B02