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  • 1. p.1MOST CONTAGIOUS 2010
  • 2. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / intro / p.02 MOST CONTAGIOUS / 2010 / SUBSCRIPTION OFFER / 20% DISCOUNT VALID UNTIL 14TH JANUARY 2011 NORMALLY £985 GBP, NOW JUST £790 GBPCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Hello and welcome to Most Contagious 2010. This is our01 / free, shareable review of the trends and technologies thatPROJECTS have provided the loudest bleeps on our radar this year, and02 / comes supported by those nice people at Yahoo!. Send it on.MOVEMENTS In 2010, the smartest brands realised that the model is not 360,03 / it’s 365. This means thinking editorially, reacting in real time andFACEBOOK engaging in reciprocal conversations to distribute content that04 / feels generous, useful and personalised. As we’ve always said,REAL-TIME the best brands are those that see themselves as networks which05 / connect like-minded people around shared interests and causes.STORIES Some of the best initiatives of the year fell into the category of06 / on-going projects, rather than hermetically sealed ad campaigns.VIRAL Think Levi’s’ involvement with the recession-bitten town of07 / Braddock or Kraft’s ‘Real Women of Philadelphia’ community.EXPERIENCE This shows a shift away from the traditional reach and frequency08 / model to one of sustained engagement.GAMING 2010 was also a banner year for infectious online video, with09 / two unexpected players (Old Spice and Tipp-Ex) grabbing theDEVICES viral limelight. It was also a boom time for the much-debated10 / gamification trend and for the connected promise of internet TVTV to finally take root, whilst burgeoning tech trend the Web of Intent11 / fills us with hope for a less chaotic 2011.TECHNOLOGY It’s been quite a year for Contagious, too. Our micro offices in12 /DATA New York and Sydney are up and running and the Contagious Insider consultancy has been working overtime. In December the13 / London team moved into a new HQ in Farringdon, to accommodate Contagious / Now / Next / Why /MONEY all the shiny, new and brilliant people we’ve had to hire. Magazine / DVD / Online / FEED / Special Reports / Consultancy / Events /14 /DESIGN Wishing you a happy and healthy 2011 Special Offer to readers of the Most Contagious 2009 report – Subscribe to Contagious Magazine/Online before 14 January 2011 and save15 / The Contagious Team 20% / Normally £985 now just £790.DEMOS P.S. Please share the joy and forward Most Contagious to your Visit to subscribe now /16 / friends and colleagues. / E: /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 3. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / projects / p.03 01 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / PROJECTS NOT CAMPAIGNS /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / While the phrase ‘always in beta’ can be euphemistic for ‘not01 / quite finished’, some of 2010’s most striking brand initiativesPROJECTS were ongoing projects as opposed to one-off campaigns.02 / They share a commitment to tinkering in real time, long-termMOVEMENTS engagement, interactivity and total openness to where a project might go… As the examples below show, shifting from the03 /FACEBOOK traditional reach and frequency model to one of sustained engagement can generate phenomenal results.04 /REAL-TIME Levi’s / Go Forth05 / In 2010 Levi’s returned to its roots as ‘the performanceSTORIES sportswear of the 1870s’. Its showpiece campaign, Ready to06 / Work, via Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, was based around theVIRAL small American borough of Braddock, Pennsylvania, celebrating07 / progress and hope, while being brutally honest about the issuesEXPERIENCE contemporary America faces. The brand supported young mayor08 / John Fetterman in his mission to repopulate and redevelop theGAMING town, encouraging artists, craftsmen and business owners to09 / move there.DEVICES Levi’s partnered with Braddock in a two-year financial and legal10 / agreement to fund the completion of a community centre and urbanTV farm, documenting the process in films and still images featuring11 / Braddock’s inhabitants which then became a campaign for theTECHNOLOGY brand’s new line. [See Contagious 24 for a Levi’s Case Study.]12 / Reinforcing its commitment to creativity characterisedDATA subsequent 2010 work. With help from Sub Rosa, New York,13 / Levi’s opened workshops in San Francisco and New York helpingMONEY visitors to learn print work and photography. And to celebrate its new Curve ID range for women in which jeans are measured LEVI’S / GO FORTH /14 /DESIGN on shape, rather than size, the denim brand launched its most15 / sustained online effort to date: the Shape What’s To ComeDEMOS community, targeting young women with a focus on mentorship16 / and the creative arts.COMPANIES Supported by
  • 4. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / projects / p.04 Levi’s has been prolific rather than precious about Pepsi / Refresh & PepsiCo 10 developing its work, aligning the brand with post- While Pepsi’s ongoing Refresh work was impressive, economic crisis trends: the importance of local, the when the brand pulled its Super Bowl budget to invest value of hard work and creativity, and the demand for $20m in a massive CSR initiative, our jaws dropped.CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / brands to use marketing budgets to make tangible The inbuilt viral mechanism, whereby people amass01 / differences. votes for their suggestions across categories such asPROJECTS Philadelphia / Real Women of Philadelphia health, education and the planet saw the campaign gather rapid momentum, with more votes cast in the02 / Philadelphia positioned its cheese as a key ingredientMOVEMENTS first nine months than in the US presidential elections. for home cooking thanks to an online cooking contest. Pepsi rapidly responded to crises as they arose –03 / Women were challenged to submit recipes based onFACEBOOK including announcing an extra $1.3m of funding in July a theme such as side dishes or appetisers, with the to sponsor ideas that would specifically have a positive04 / chance for the most successful to be included in a DULUX /REAL-TIME impact in the Gulf of Mexico, in the wake of this year’s cookbook and win $500. Over 5,000 cookery videos massive oil spill. For more see Contagious 22.05 / were uploaded by the 220,000-strong communitySTORIES in 16 weeks, uncovering new brand ambassadors Pepsi also launched the PepsiCo10, an innovation06 / from the group of enthusiastic cooks. The brand incubator unit, with Mashable and Highland CapitalVIRAL teamed up with all-American chef Paula Deen, who Partners. The unit matched 10 entrepreneurs with07 / delivered weekly video tips and led the community; venture capitalists and industry mentors, developing ideasEXPERIENCE her introduction has been viewed over 10 million and technology that PepsiCo brands can use. Smart. times and, thanks to Real Women, Philadelphia sales08 / www.refresheverything.comGAMING are up 8%. Developed by Digitas, New York, with production by EQAL, LA. Featured in Contagious 24.09 / Volvo / Emissions EqualityDEVICES Volvo in the UK has been working with cleangreencars.10 / Dulux / Let’s Colour Project to create an international ‘kite mark’ for cars based PEPSI /TV A worldwide project from Dulux and Euro RSCG on air pollutants. The standard would ultimately improve11 /TECHNOLOGY combined CSR and social media with the truth that the air quality in cities, where road transport accounts life is better when it’s more colourful. A team of for 70% of air pollution. Volvo is recruiting for a petition12 / via social networks, putting pressure on the automotive brand representatives – including bloggers, DuluxDATA senior management and agency staff - visited cities industry and the government to implement the rating,13 / brightening up tatty squares and streets with a lick and has also developed an iPhone app to help usersMONEY of paint. The resulting time lapse commercial was discover information about toxic emissions based on a14 / an ideal product demonstration, while subsequent car’s make and model. Rumour has it that Volvo has newDESIGN executions played with the notion of colour in different technology up its sleeve that will place it at the top of15 / markets, including a graffiti project in the Parisian the ratings should the standard be adopted, renderingDEMOS suburbs. Featured in Contagious 23. this a canny long-term marketing strategy. Featured in16 / Contagious 23. VOLVO /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 5. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / projects / p.05 Kulula / The ‘You Know What’ Trip-planning site and airline Kulula played on FIFA’s inability to take a joke to propel its World Cup campaign, offering reasonably priced localCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / flights in South Africa. King James, Cape Town,01 / oversaw print ads announcing the airline as ‘thePROJECTS unofficial carrier of the ‘you know what’’, which02 / subsequently spilled into radio and banner ads.MOVEMENTS When FIFA demanded the ads’ withdrawal - citing03 / trademark violations - they took the cease andFACEBOOK desist order to Twitter and Facebook, and the public and press rallied behind the brand. A further04 /REAL-TIME ad promising free flights to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, or anyone sharing his name, was given an05 /STORIES unexpected twist by the arrival on Facebook of a photogenic Boston terrier (pictured on our front06 / cover) claiming that his name was, indeed, SeppVIRAL Blatter. Kulula ran a final ad announcing that ‘Sepp07 / Blatter flies with us’ and flew the dog all aroundEXPERIENCE the country. Earned media coverage added up to08 / over R3m (£270,000) of free publicity and a 33%GAMING increase in ticket sales. See Contagious 24.09 / www.kulula.comDEVICES10 /TV KULULA /11 /TECHNOLOGY12 /DATA13 /MONEY14 /DESIGN15 /DEMOS16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 6. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / movements / p.06 02 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / MOVEMENTSCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Newsjacking /01 / In October this year, American comedians Jon Stewart, presenterPROJECTS of ‘The Daily Show’, and poliyical satirist Stephen Colbert held a02 / Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington DC – a directMOVEMENTS response to right wing pundit Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honour’03 / rally earlier that year. Much was made of the humorous signageFACEBOOK brought to the event, yet one placard in particular summed up the04 / mood. ‘I go to Fox and CNN for entertainment,’ it proclaimed, ‘andREAL-TIME The Daily Show for news’. / As lines between news, entertainment and corporate lobbyingSTORIES become increasingly blurred and investigative journalism gives06 / way to the incessant documentation of celebrity culture in orderVIRAL to attract eyeballs and advertising revenue, popular confidence in07 / traditional news outlets to report what’s actually happening (ratherEXPERIENCE than what the government would like us to think is happening) is08 / understandably low. Such a calcified system requires aggressiveGAMING tactics to overcome – the sort of ‘newsjacking’ tactics demonstrated09 / by WikiLeaks, a consortium of anonymous journalists headed byDEVICES Australian Julian Assange. In July, WikiLeaks seeded a series10 / of files called ‘The Afghanistan War Logs’, 90,000 documentsTV detailing operations by American and other Allied Forces in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2009. In November, WikiLeaks11 /TECHNOLOGY began the staggered release of a series of US State department diplomatic cables in conjunction with prominent media outlets12 /DATA worldwide including El Pais, The Guardian, and The New York Times. ‘Cablegate’ included a series of embarrassing revelations13 /MONEY about American foreign policy (including the news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had apparently ordered the gathering of14 / intelligence on foreign delegations to the UN Security Council inDESIGN contravention of UN directives). Despite the redaction of various BPGLOBALPR /15 / extremely sensitive parts of the document – Assange is keen toDEMOS point out that during WikiLeaks, four years of operation ‘there16 / has been no credible allegation, even by organisations like theCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 7. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / movements / p.07 Pentagon that even a single person has come to to pass comment on current affairs. The most in the knowledge that all text will be stored for harm as a result of our activities’ – the diplomatic high profile of these was @bpglobalpr, from later consumption. Another app, Memonic, grabs community was thrown into crisis. which account a bedroom activist satirised the any kind of content and posts it to a personalised oil company’s appalling mishandling of the crisis digital archive. Web video streaming hardwareCONTAGIOUS Variously described as an anarchist with aCHAPTERS / in the Gulf of Mexico. ‘Black sand beaches are Boxee enables you to timeshift video in the same god complex or an unparalleled hero in the fight very trendy in some places,’ tweeted the fake way, clicking the browser button so all YouTube01 / for political accountability, Assange’s archivedPROJECTS PR to around 180,000 followers. ‘Mexico, we clips etc can be viewed from the comfort of your blog entries from a time pre-WikiLeaks reveal upgraded you. #bpcares’. Elsewhere, 18th century sofa, later. And Rao’s own service, Trailmeme,02 / a precise and philosophical nature committedMOVEMENTS lexicographer Dr. Samuel Johnson offers his allows for the creation of maps of content – like to the destruction of the culture of spin that acerbic take on the events of the day, including a web browsing journey trackers – to enable users03 / dominates politics and has castrated the media. description of France as ‘a barbarous HEXAGON’. to map the connections between items.FACEBOOK Reports suggest that he may not be long for this04 / world, as the calls for his assassination at even the highest levels of politics would attest (funny And finally – Twitter ‘activism’ claimed a minor how ‘incitement to murder’ becomes political05 / scalp in the form of the new Gap logo. AnnouncedSTORIES commentary depending on who’s saying it). in October to general derision, the new logo was Assange has already been the target of a rape06 / not only redacted, but gave rise to a site, http://VIRAL charge brought by the Swedish authorities,, in which visitors can create their own which he has dismissed as a smear campaign.07 / hamfisted design identities. WikiLeaks this ain’t.EXPERIENCE At time of press, he was under arrest by the British authorities. As a result, he is attempting to The Web of Intent /08 / guarantee his security with the distribution of an Following a decade dominated by the massiveGAMING encrypted document containing the confidential generation and influx of information into our lives,09 / information that was redacted from the original the Web of Intent looks set to offer some respite.DEVICES leak, as well as other extremely sensitive missives. Based on the notion, not that the quantity of10 / Over 100,000 people have access to the file, and content needs reducing, but that we just needTV the details for decryption will be made available more trusted filters to manage it, a series of11 / should anything untoward happen to Assange or applications and services are helping to reshapeTECHNOLOGY the WikiLeaks team. At this fascinating juncture, the web to the whim of individuals.12 / one can only imagine what smoking guns mightDATA be contained therein. As publishing magnate Described by Venkatesh Rao, entrepreneur- Lord Northcliffe once remarked, ‘News is what in-residence at the Xerox Innovation Group, as13 /MONEY somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the ‘a gritty, greasy, roll-up, fix-it-sleeves vision’, the rest is advertising.’ current Web of Intent comprises platforms like14 /DESIGN Instapaper, an app and browser button. When If it’s still there: one clicks on the browser button, all text from15 / that page is scraped and saved to the InstapaperDEMOS A less sinister form of newsjacking is happening over on Twitter, as members of the Twitter app for reading offline, enabling the user to skip16 / community take on assumed identities in order around the web, following links and clicking, safeCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 8. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / movements / p.08 Perhaps the most remarkable of these services is ‘curated web experience’ Qwiki. Users search for any of around 300,000 terms, and data is pulled from Wikipedia and thousands of other media sources to create an ‘information experience’ in the formCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / of an amalgamation of images, video and audible narration. The01 / Contagious Team looked for Charlie Brown, negative capability,PROJECTS Ecuador – and instantly received a two-minute interactive informa- tion package on each. The overall effect is like watching a news02 /MOVEMENTS report, combining visual data with a voiceover that delivers the key facts. A wormhole of learning that scooped the top prize at the03 /FACEBOOK TechCrunch Disrupt awards in September.04 / www.instapaper.comREAL-TIME www.boxee.tv05 / http://trailmeme.comSTORIES www.qwiki.com06 /VIRAL It Gets Better /07 / This year’s most heartfelt instance of web activism comes inEXPERIENCE the form of sex columnist Dan Savage’s campaign to reach out08 / to the young LGBT population. Following a spate of suicidesGAMING due to bullying, Savage took to the web to point out that even09 / though the situation might look bleak now, it does in fact getDEVICES better. Since the launch of the campaign, everyone from Barack10 / Obama to comedienne Sarah Silverman and the staff of PixarTV have submitted their own videos to confirm the sentiment. Simple, smart, and hopefully, successful. www.itgetsbetter.org11 /TECHNOLOGY Soft Paternalism /12 / This year’s most buzz-worthy political ideology came in the formDATA of references to the book Nudge, written by Richard M. Thaler13 / and Cass Sunstein. As adorable as a little ‘nudge’ might sound,MONEY the principles of the book make reference to a philosophy14 / of soft paternalism – the notion of replacing the stick with theDESIGN carrot in order to skew the decisions of the populace towards a PIXAR/15 / favourable outcome. According to The Economist, proponentsDEMOS of soft paternalism see it as a means of ‘helping you to make16 / the choices you would make for yourself – if only you had theCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 9. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / movements / p.09 strength of will and the sharpness of mind.’ Barack Obama’s politics owe much to the theory, and in 2010 David Cameron established The Behavioural Insights Unit, dedicated to the development ofCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / practical applications of this theory to British life. BBC01 / documentarian Adam Curtis’ blog on the subject isPROJECTS recommended reading.02 / Perhaps unsurprisingly, the tenets of soft paternalism03 / are beginning to make themselves felt in marketing.FACEBOOK GE’s Healthymagination unit in conjunction with Big04 / Spaceship, New York has developed an applicationREAL-TIME called Morsel, which sets small achievable daily05 / targets in order to encourage users towards a moreSTORIES wholesome lifestyle. Sample tip: ‘Buy groceries from06 / around the edges of the store’ is intended to steerVIRAL shoppers towards more fresh produce (although the07 / theory collapses somewhat when the alcohol aislesEXPERIENCE are on the edge. Whisky and asparagus, anyone?).08 / Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder launched a USGAMING campaign for actual carrots by repositioning them as09 / a snack food to appeal to our tiny brains, completeDEVICES with loud packaging and accompanying mobile games, thus achieving double digit sales growth for10 /TV the humble vegetable. And finally, VW’s Fun Theory, BABY CARROTS / in which the automotive manufacturer attempted to11 /TECHNOLOGY prove that the quickest way to get people to change their behaviour was to make things fun, was pure soft12 / paternalism. This year the campaign crossed fromDATA theory into practice when the winning entry to the13 / Fun Theory contest, the ‘Speed Camera Lottery’,MONEY was implemented in a region of Sweden. The prize14 / takes the fines paid by motorists caught speeding andDESIGN transforms them into a lottery fund for those driving / sensibly, and saw an average reduction in speed of www.babycarrots.comDEMOS 22% throughout the course of the campaign. www.thefuntheory.com16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 10. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / facebook / p.10 03 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / FACEBOOKCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / It’s safe to call 2010 ‘The Year Your Parents Joined Facebook’.01 / The social network has reached the size where peer comparison isPROJECTS fruitless; more useful quantification comes in terms of the population02 / size of nations. It’d be the fourth largest in the world, with over 500MOVEMENTS million active users and a whole host of new challenges.03 /FACEBOOK Facebook also got the old media treatment in the form of director David Fincher’s The Social Network, a film based on founder04 /REAL-TIME Mark Zuckerberg’s conception of the company. By November, Facebook employee stock, traded on secondary markets in a05 / share auction, led TechCrunch to interpret a $50bn valuation onSTORIES the company, which reported a positive cash flow for the first time06 / in late 2009.VIRAL The company began to dominate search titan Google in simple07 /EXPERIENCE metrics like page views. For a week in November, Hitwise estimated that Facebook had 25% of all US internet traffic,08 /GAMING five times as much as Google. While clicks alone won’t unseat Google’s ecosystem, Facebook is aiming to consolidate areas09 / like gaming, e-commerce, location, mail and collective knowledge.DEVICES Several product launches point to that theme; Messages10 /TV unites Facebook messages, chats and texts in one inbox; it’ll also include a place where users can have their own Facebook email11 /TECHNOLOGY address. Facebook is also emphasising how its social functions will differentiate it from other email services, chiefly Gmail.12 /DATA Facebook also launched a beta of its Questions product,13 / intended to compete with services like Quora, Hunch, Google’sMONEY Aardvark and most successfully Reddit. These services seek to THE SOCIAL NETWORK / refine mainstream products like Yahoo! Answers through the14 /DESIGN aggregated wisdom of the crowd, who vote answers up and down in order to create insightful, informative conversations. Whether15 /DEMOS Facebook will be able to cull the best aspects of these other sites and convince users to participate remains to be seen. As the16 / feature entered beta, we put forth the question ‘What DostoevskyCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 11. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / facebook / p.11 novel should I read first?’ and have received 36 were gone received a 40% discount. The company answers to date, none of them entirely definitive yet all should be able to scale Deals to retailers large and well informed and thoughtful. (Though the simple ‘You small relatively easily, a move that took rival service have to start with Crime and Punishment’ received Foursquare months. So soon, it seems, even localCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / 21 upvotes.) businesses will be able to use Deals for promotions.01 / The most intriguing Facebook pushes of 2010 The next logical step in this process is to integratePROJECTS were Deals and Places, which threaten entrenched Facebook Credits into Places and Deals. From there02 / businesses in their respective spaces by leveraging the real fun starts. Credits are already being sold inMOVEMENTS Facebook’s massive user base. Places, a location- Target and Tesco stores the same way gift cards are03 / based check-in service with the same fundamentals as sold, and more retailers are slated to stock them. AboutFACEBOOK Foursquare, launched in August, and was cemented 200 applications on Facebook accept the currency. at the company’s mobile event in November, when04 / Once Deals and Places are integrated considerREAL-TIME Facebook also unrolled the Single Sign-On and these scenarios: The first 500 people to check in to Deals features.05 / Gap get a $50 gift certificate for Facebook CreditsSTORIES Single Sign-On is meant to simplify the process by (they’re worth about a dime apiece at this point). This06 / which you can use your Facebook account with other is the sort of frantic deal-making that Groupon offersVIRAL services, creating a contiguous landmass of contacts (see money section), with the extra push of Facebook’s07 / that share your various app choices. Sites lose large network effect; I see you’ve bought a Deal, and thereEXPERIENCE groups of potential customers in the registration are only 459 left. Better act fast. process; being able to log-in with your Facebook08 / Direct commerce has also boomed on Facebook,GAMING account facilitates a transaction or interaction with FACEBOOK CREDITS / as brands give customers the ability to buy products others in your network.09 / direct from the source. Procter & Gamble’s PampersDEVICES brand was one of the first to harness this energy,10 / working with Ohio’s Resource Interactive’s Off TheTV Wall product to sell diapers directly from the Facebook Wall in a limited test in February. The initiative makes11 / sense. Market research firm Morpace found 37% of / US. Facebook users became ‘fans’ of a brand on theDATA Deals / site to receive coupons and discounts, which P&G has long used to sway consumers to its products.13 / Through Facebook Deals, marketers can encourageMONEY This initiative has since expanded to a permanent check-ins to Places by offering free or reduced e-commerce store in partnership with Amazon.14 / price goods. For example, in the inaugural push,DESIGN retailer Gap gave away 10,000 pairs of jeans, free, Several other brands have brought commerce to15 / to any customers who checked in to the store using their Facebook pages in one form or another. Levi’sDEMOS Facebook Places, up to a $59.50 value, first come developed its social shopping platform, Friends Store,16 / first served. Customers who arrived after the jeans using the Open Social Graph (see Issue 23), putting aCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 12. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / facebook / p.12 Like button on its products. Delta gave users the yellow balloons. It also featured a McCafe drink ability to purchase flights directly from its profile. to power-up virtual farmers so they could move Walmart is joining the fray too, offering discounts faster. Branded items aren’t integral to Zynga’s to fans via Facebook through its CrowdSaver revenue stream, though, so it is in a position toCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / app. The first week’s deal saw more than 5,000 charge fairly high amounts for placement; in April,01 / people liking a 42” plasma television at $398 – a personal care brand was quoted $600,000PROJECTS securing them an 18% discount on the in-store per week for FarmVille entry. Brand partnerships price. have also extended to currency, with American02 /MOVEMENTS Express allowing its Member Rewards points to be exchanged for virtual goods.03 /FACEBOOK This year’s most high profile in-farm initiative ZYNGA / FARMVILLE / Pampers / saw users able to purchase white corn -04 /REAL-TIME Casual Gaming Domination / special sweet potato seeds to benefit victims05 / of Haiti’s earthquake to benefit the World Food Gareth Davis, platform manager for games atSTORIES Programme (whilst benefiting players by thriving Facebook, told November’s Social Gaming Summit unattended). The seeds raised $1.5m in five days.06 / in London that 200 million Facebook users monthlyVIRAL are active in social games on the site. The vast07 / majority of these are playing games like FarmVille. www.farmville.comEXPERIENCE The New Yorker / FarmVille has paved the way for FrontierVille,08 / FishVille and now CityVille, and investors are It’s a Web 2.0 Suicide /GAMING seeing massive potential for profit. Zynga was ZYNGA / MAFIA WARS /09 / As Facebook continues to grow, so too does its estimated to be worth $5bn in April on anDEVICES army of detractors. With the launch of Places, estimated $500m in 2010 revenue, but much concerns over privacy became an increasingly10 / of that depends on Facebook’s continuedTV vocal protest against the dominance of benevolence. In May, after reports Zynga was Facebook, and the data exchange necessary11 / chafing under Facebook’s proposal that allTECHNOLOGY in order to keep the service free. The Web 2.0 applications use Facebook Credits, which Suicide Machine is an app created to ‘delete all12 / bring Facebook a 30% mark-up for their your energy sucking social-networking profiles,DATA currency, the two companies announced a five kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do13 / year partnership. Presumably Zynga received away with your Web 2.0 alter ego’.MONEY preferential rates, and as a result continues to14 / exist on the platform. For now. Unfortunately, the right to decide is no longer WEB 2.0 SUICIDE /DESIGN yours. Facebook has blocked the Suicide Machine. Brands that have placed sponsored items15 / in FarmVille include Farmers Insurance andDEMOS McDonald’s, which offered farmers special crops16 / that bloomed into golden arches and red andCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 13. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / facebook / p.13 Skittles / Liking Likes The introduction and subsequent explosion of the Like as a metric was fueled by many brands and activities on Facebook last year. The Mars candy brand Skittles has used the universal prevalenceCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / of Like and the Open Social Graph to its advantage, racking up01 / nearly 14 million with a series of unique promotions.PROJECTS Mob the Rainbow used real-time techniques to spread goodwill02 / and spontaneity, such as sending a Valentine to a traffic warden.MOVEMENTS Poll the Rainbow asked the group of fans to choose a wacky03 / scenario; they elected a tree that gave away Skittles. ScholarshipFACEBOOK the Rainbow turned 100,000 likes into a $10,000 scholarship for04 / one winner.REAL-TIME In the UK, Man vs Skittles took stuntman David Phoenix and05 / pitted him against Skittles’ 13 million Facebook fans, locking himSTORIES in a glass box and inviting the community to submerge him in06 / Skittles. Fans could add a specified number of Skittles and theVIRAL more fans watching, the quicker the box filled up. TBWALondon07 / staged the stunt which was broadcast as a live Facebook stream,EXPERIENCE while Academy Content produced. With the addition of almost08 / 1 million likes in the UK from Man vs. Skittles, the same groupGAMING unleashed the Mega Super Updater the following month, turning09 / status updates into movies in an Old Spice-esque promotion.DEVICES /TV11 /TECHNOLOGY12 /DATA13 /MONEY14 /DESIGN15 / SKITTLES /DEMOS16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 14. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / real-time / p.14 04 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / SOCIAL / REAL-TIME / ACTIVISM 365 NOT 360CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS /01 / In 2010, the smartest brands grasped the nettle starred in a marathon succession of rapid-fire videoPROJECTS and committed to communicating with their responses to admirers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter02 / customers on at least a daily basis. Less 360, more and Reddit. Offering advice, suggestions, supportMOVEMENTS 365, a powerful combination of micro-interactions, and even a marriage proposal, Mustafa and the W+K personalised responses and ‘planned spontaneity’ team dispatched 117 videos in the first 12 hours03 /FACEBOOK saw some unlikely brands creating the kind of pop alone. Old Spice became YouTube’s most-viewed culture groundswell that traditional marketers can sponsored channel of all time, the YouTube responses04 /REAL-TIME only dream of. As the chaps at P&G would say, generated 40million views and 120,000 people now both surprising AND delightful. follow the brand on Twitter.05 /STORIES Old Spice / Questions Whether it sold any more Old Spice or not is where it all gets a little bit hazy: P&G claimed that Old Spice06 / In a spectacular, Travolta-like renaissance, 2010 was OLD SPICE /VIRAL body wash sales increased over a month by 107% while the year in which P&G-owned Old Spice used real- Symphony IRI data indicated that Old Spice’s market07 / time, spontaneous marketing to transform a brandEXPERIENCE share remained flat. But on the upside, who didn’t feel more associated with unwanted Christmas gifts into better disposed towards Old Spice for entertaining us08 / a beloved icon of the web generation.GAMING so brilliantly? Contagious 24. It all kicked off in February with the now infamous The09 / Gatorade / Mission Control Man Your Man Could Smell Like Super Bowl spotDEVICES promoting Old Spice body wash, which subsequently PepsiCo-owned sports drink Gatorade netted a few10 / netted the 2010 Cannes Lions Grand Prix for film. Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival this year forTV Initially launched on YouTube just before Super Bowl its Gatorade Replay series via TBWAChiatDay, LA11 / Sunday, it generated 30,000 views. But in a textbook (featured in Most Contagious 2009), whilst also offeringTECHNOLOGY display of viral spread following its TV debut, the view a behind-the-scenes glimpse at ‘Mission Control’, its12 / count rose by over 800% in just four days. The film ‘social media command centre’. The company usesDATA then started to draw viewers in their millions and its Mission Control to track media performance, create GATORADE / star, former National Football League (NFL) player an ongoing dialogue with consumers, and collect13 /MONEY Isaiah Mustafa, stopped counting. insights that will influence new product development as well as marketing strategy. We expect to see a lot14 / P&G and Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, then set to more brands using social media not only to monitorDESIGN work on a sequel. At the end of June, the ‘Questions’ conversations with consumers in 2011, but also to15 / spot reintroduced Mustafa; in July, the campaign react to what they’re saying. A Gatorade case studyDEMOS stepped up a gear when people were invited to ran in Contagious 24. www.gatorade.com16 / interact with him via Twitter. Consequently, MustafaCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 15. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / real-time / p.15 Hippo /@HelloMeHippo Burger King / Whopperface Twitter as a retail and distribution tool? We were ‘Have it your way’ is Burger King’s long-held mantra, seriously impressed to learn of Hippo, a newly- showing off that all BK sandwiches are made to launched snack food in India, which turned to social order. So Ogilvy Brazil came up with the idea ofCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / media when it learnt that consumers couldn’t get personalised packaging for its customers. One São01 / hold of Hippo Baked Munchies. Distributed to over Paulo outlet was fitted with a hidden camera whichPROJECTS 400,000 stores across India, stocks kept running photographed each customer who made a personal02 / low – or running out altogether – because the snack request for their food (extra bacon, hold the mayoMOVEMENTS proved so popular. Hippo worked with Mumbai-based etc). The digital image of their face was then printed03 / Creativeland Asia to use Twitter to speak directly to directly onto a conventional grease-proof sheet usedFACEBOOK consumers, asking them to tweet @HelloMeHippo to wrap their burger – lined up perfectly so that their whenever they couldn’t find the snacks in stores. The ‘Whopper Face’ was beaming up at them from their04 /REAL-TIME brand promised to re-stock any empty store within tray. Both speedy and personalised – ‘have it your hours. With tweets coming in from 45 cities around way’ made real.05 /STORIES India, Hippo established a central Twitter monitoring operation which passed stock details directly onto06 /VIRAL the sales and distribution arm of the business. Again using Twitter, Hippo then notified its followers once07 /EXPERIENCE stock had been replenished. By matching supply with demand, Hippo boosted sales by 76%. And, as an08 / extra incentive to tweet, Hippo delivered personalisedGAMING ‘anti-hunger’ hampers to those customers who09 / tweeted them the most. Rumbling bellies have neverDEVICES been so well rewarded. See Contagious 24.10 /TV http://hippofighthunger.com11 /TECHNOLOGY12 /DATA13 /MONEY14 /DESIGN15 /DEMOS16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 16. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / stories / p.16 05 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / STORIESCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Some of the most successful brands are01 / those simply those that tell the best stories.PROJECTS And 2010 showed that those narratives can02 / survive and flourish in all sorts of obscureMOVEMENTS and unexpected places.03 / Jay-Z / Decoded / Random HouseFACEBOOK Rap legend Jay-Z’s talent for self-expression04 /REAL-TIME has helped him build a worldwide musical empire, but when it came to launching an05 /STORIES eagerly-anticipated autobiography, there’s no place like home.06 /VIRAL To promote the release of Decoded, publishers Random House worked with New York’s Droga07 /EXPERIENCE 5 agency to replicate the book’s status as a kind of holy grail to fans; the key to the secrets08 /GAMING behind the lyrics from the star’s 11 albums. The result was an interactive game on a grand scale.09 / JAY-Z /DEVICES The Jiggaman’s followers were challenged to find individual pages from the book which had Ardent fans could not only read the book, bit by HP / My Computer10 / been incorporated into unexpected real world bit, weeks before it was due to hit the shelves, but Where Jay-Z’s approach was masterfully top-TV locations – from cheeseburger wrappers to anyone who unlocked a page at Bing Maps – or down, preaching to the converted, IT giant HP11 / billboards to plates in a restaurant. out in the field by texting a unique code included took a different tack, initiating the mother of allTECHNOLOGY on each page – stood to win that page signed crowdsourcing projects in a bid to win the hearts Over the course of a month, fans could log12 / by Jay-Z himself, or concert tickets. One canny and minds of China’s youth market.DATA on to a microsite developed with the help individual who managed to solve all 200 clues search experts at Microsoft’s, and The sprawling My Computer, My Stage13 / netted a Lifetime Pass, offering admission for two solve clues to reveal the location of each of campaign inspired and encouraged teens andMONEY to any Jay-Z gig anywhere in the world, for life. the book’s pages. For the true obsessive, that college students to conceive and submit the14 / meant up to three trips to Bing Maps per day As a reinvention of book as an experience, it’s key components for a feature-length movie. WithDESIGN to work through all the challenges – and a lot of an impressive and compelling demonstration of the brand taking a back seat, participants could15 / flitting around NYC - with the help of Bing Maps the power of digital. But more on that later… propose and vote on plot themes and then submitDEMOS - to digest Jay’s finely-wrought memoirs in situ. scripts, film their own scenes and audition for16 / acting roles.COMPANIES Supported by
  • 17. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / stories / p.17 Previous iterations of the campaign, which IKEA / Easy to Assemble Macmillan / It’s a Book / Lane Smith began in 2008, had used design and music In January, we reported that the second season Finally, while we’re on the subject of storytelling, themes to encourage users to set up profiles of IKEA’s Easy to Assemble web series had it’s worth acknowledging that over in the Devices at HP’s utility-driven microsite, leading to the attracted a phenomenal 6.1 million views, usurping section of this year’s Most Contagious reportCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / collation of a book of creative inspiration. Next, Unilever and Sprint’s In The Motherhood for the the impact and success of eReaders, tablets and01 / participants were challenged to produce hip hop title of most-watched sponsored web show. smartphones is heartily and justly applauded.PROJECTS tracks and music videos – music which has since been incorporated into the movie soundtrack. Over the course of this year, the view count for Sometimes, however, you just cannot beat an02 / Easy to Assemble has leapt up to over 20 million, actual, physical, tangible BOOK. Children’sMOVEMENTS According to ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi with a third season currently in production. The author Lane Smith makes this point brilliantly in03 / Beijing, a jaw-dropping 195,000,000 people series was created by and stars actress Illeana It’s a Book, her playful manifesto on behalf ofFACEBOOK took part in the campaign, with 220,000 directly Douglas as an actress-turned-IKEA-employee print in the digital age. It may be a simple kids04 / contributing to the film – a road movie that at the furniture chain’s Burbank branch. As the book, but Adam Gopnick, reviewing it for TheREAL-TIME combined the intense friendships of Stand By transition from overt marketing messages to New York Times Book Review hits the nail on05 / Me with the three-strand storyline used in Pulp engagement strategy continues apace, many are the head: ‘The moral of Smith’s book is the rightSTORIES Fiction. The average dwell time on the site was following the progress of this series with keen one: not that screens are bad and books are 2.3 minutes, but many of the millions who took interest. good, but that what books do depends on the06 /VIRAL part will have spent hours deeply engaged. totality of what they are — their turning pages, For one thing, thanks to a pact with the Screen The lesson for brands? Your audience is at least their sturdy self-sufficiency, above all the way07 / Actors Guild, cast and crew are being paidEXPERIENCE as interesting as you are… See Contagious they invite a child to withdraw from this world near-TV rates for their work on the show. That’s Issue 24. into a world alongside ours in an activity at once08 / a real departure from the low-budget rep ofGAMING mentally strenuous and physically still.’ online production, and potentially a benchmark,09 / too. What’s more, the second series was shot in hi-def: another important step away from the10 / shonky production values that often define web-TV based entertainment. One IKEA exec even went11 / so far as to describe it as ‘an incubator for theTECHNOLOGY future model of its $300 global media budget’.12 / CJP Digital Media promoted the show andDATA helped to make it popular via word of mouth on well-13 / targeted sites. Once IKEA fans started watchingMONEY it, they also helped to spread the word…See14 / Contagious Issue 22.DESIGN www.easytoassemble.tv15 /DEMOS16 / HP / MACMILLAN /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 18. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / viral / p.18 06 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / VIRAL /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Much as we wish there was a less dated way of describing01 / compelling content that you love, tweet and forward toPROJECTS friends, ‘viral’ it is. This year was something of a banner year02 / for contagious online video, not just by brands which rarelyMOVEMENTS disappoint (Nike, DC Shoes) but also by unexpected players, like Tipp-Ex. Music videos, too, were some of the most03 /FACEBOOK passed-around films, with bands such as OK Go cementing their reputation as visual artists first, musicians second.04 /REAL-TIME Nike / Write the Future, Tiger Woods, Rise05 / Nike more than upheld its reputation for strong viral films inSTORIES 2010. First up in May, came Write the Future, a blistering three06 / minutes of the on-pitch exploits of Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro,VIRAL England’s Wayne Rooney, Franck Ribery of France, twinkle-toed07 / Brazilian Ronaldinho and Portuguese pin-up Cristiano Ronaldo.EXPERIENCE Their play was interspersed with footage of the three players’08 / imagined destinies: Rooney sees endless babies named Wayne,GAMING while Ronaldo wins that unbeatable badge of fame: a cameo in09 / The Simpsons, all on the understanding that a single momentDEVICES of triumph or failure can lead to immortality or ruin. Unveiled10 / on Facebook to underpin Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ World CupTV 2010 strategy, the ad clocked up 6.3 million views in just six days, smashing Nike’s previous records. Shame the players11 /TECHNOLOGY failed to do the same…. Creative came from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and blockbuster direction from Alejandro G. Inarritu12 /DATA via Independent Films in London and Mokkumercials in Amsterdam. Contagious 2313 /MONEY Next, Nike enlisted Tiger Woods’ deceased father to deliver a14 / pseudo-spanking just in time for golf’s Masters tournament andDESIGN Woods’ return to the golf course. Earl Woods, who died in 2006, narrates the spot, asking probing questions such as: ‘I want15 /DEMOS to find out what your thinking was, I want to find out what your feelings are, and did you learn anything?’ The camera slowly pulls NIKE /16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 19. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / viral / p.19 in to Woods, as he stares straight ahead with the look of a chided teenager. Through Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the oddly creepy 30-second ad attracted its fair share of criticism, although that did nothing to hamper its viral appeal: just a day after it made itsCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / debut, there were over 2.2 million views and 40 remixes of the01 / clip, according to video tracking service Visible Measures.PROJECTS Finally, when NBA player LeBron James defected from the02 / Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat under an enormous ESPN-MOVEMENTS shaped cloud, Nike chose to address the controversy surrounding03 / his move with a viral film. Rise showed James asking ‘what shouldFACEBOOK I do?’ and exploring his options. Defensively, he insists ‘I am not04 / a role model’ and asks ‘Should I be who you want me to be?’REAL-TIME The original film attracted 4 million YouTube views and a host05 / of response videos, mainly from bitter Cleveland residents. OurSTORIES favourite was a superbly edited mash-up from film student Tom Hinueber which includes words of wisdom from a previous Nike DC SHOES /06 /VIRAL ad featuring Michael Jordan, demonstrating the brand’s deft capture of athletic sentiment over the years.07 /EXPERIENCE /GAMING / / Ken Block, DC Shoes / Gymkhana 3DEVICES Ken Block’s first two epically-successful automotive virals, which10 / were also sponsored by DC Shoes, were joined by a third thisTV year. Watched by 18.5 million petrolheads on YouTube, the11 / seven-minutes of hair-raising hell-raising showed Block flinging aTECHNOLOGY pimped up Ford Fiesta around a French racing track. The school12 / run it ain’t.DATA / / Tipp-Ex / TippExperienceDESIGN A clever idea from agency Buzzman in Paris for Tipp-Ex correcting15 / fluid resurrected Burger King’s 2004 subservient chicken ideaDEMOS and attracted a phenomenal 13 million views on YouTube. Here’s TIPP-EX /16 / the story: you’re shown a film where a hunter is about to shoot aCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 20. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / viral / p.20 bear, but before he does, he reaches outside of the There were a few NSFW promos in 2010 worth frame, grabs the Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse and whites noting: an explicit video for Klaxons’ track Twin out ‘shoots’, enabling visitors to insert their own verb Flames directed by Saam Farahmand through which the congenial bear then executes. What did you Partizan, London, and inspired by Brian Yuzna’sCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / write? Yep, us too. Contagious 25 1989 flick Society, showed writhing bodies joined01 / together by sex, limbs, torsos and fluids. As onePROJECTS YouTube commenter drily noted, ‘The video is ultra T-Mobile / Welcome Home amazing so you won’t notice just how shit the song02 /MOVEMENTS 27 October 2010 was just another day at London’s is’. And MIA’s Born Free showed a dystopian world Heathrow Airport…. until a seemingly impromptu where red-heads were under siege. Being withdrawn03 /FACEBOOK welcoming committee burst into song and dance to from YouTube only enhanced its viral appeal. greet returning travellers. Yes, following the success For her promo for Don’t Fucking Tell Me What04 /REAL-TIME of 2009’s flashmob Dance at Liverpool Street station To Do, Swedish pop star Robyn used a production and the mass karaoke in Trafalgar Square, those process which eschewed cameras for code, revealing05 /STORIES talented people at T-Mobile and Saatchi & Saatchi the song’s lyrics as well as a stream of user-generated London took to that most emotional of places – the images from fans’ Twitter comments. Fans could join06 / airport arrivals hall - to cheer up po-faced Londoners. in Robyn’s whinge-fest by tweeting about ‘what’sVIRAL As well as tears and laughter, the film of their antics killing you’ via or using the07 / also provoked a grand total of 4.7 million views hashtag #killingme. The brainchild of Mary Fagot,EXPERIENCE on YouTube alone. Considering that its Life’s For creative director for Blip Boutique and Stopp Web in08 / Sharing proposition helped it acquire 143,000 new Stockholm, expect to see a few ad-based copycats ofGAMING UK customers and boost sales by 52% in 2009, this technique in 2011…09 / mass-scale singing and dancing are clearly workingDEVICES wonders for T-Mobile. This latest iteration saw a10 / 12% rise in sales in the week after airing. Featured inTV Contagious 25.11 / The Rebirth of the Music Promo12 /DATA In 2010, OK Go’s output was prolific, kicking off with13 / This Too Shall Pass in March (think of a much moreMONEY colourful lo-fi Honda Cog) which racked up nearly 20m YouTube views. Other highlights included the dog-14 /DESIGN infested White Knuckles and brand collaborations with Samsung and Land Rover as they sought to15 / piggy-back the band’s viral magic. T-MOBILE /DEMOS OK GO /16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 21. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / experience / p.21 07 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / MOST CONTAGIOUS / EXPERIENCECONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / The more demands digital culture places Arcade Fire / Google / The Wilderness To run the video, users are advised to on our attention, the greater the emotional Downtown shut down everything on their computer ex-01 / cept the Chrome web browser. Then, at potential of real life events and experiences The collaboration between anthemic multi-PROJECTS that reconnect us to the tangible world. Brands instrumentalists Arcade Fire and Google on, viewers02 / have noticed this too… Heineken’s ‘Auditorium’ their single ‘We Used to Wait’ has pushed both are asked to key in the address or postcode ofMOVEMENTS viral, a mass-pranking of Italian football fans, music video and product demo into new territory the home where they grew up. This cues a multi-03 / showed just how poignantly we feel each by combining sound, memory and the emotionally window journey through various satellite views ofFACEBOOK other’s pleasures and pains. Finding ways to unpromising contribution of a web browser to their old neighbourhood, following a hooded figure04 / tap into this sense of collective experience is mesmerising effect. running home as Google Maps and Street ViewREAL-TIME becoming a winning strategy for advertisers. images create a montage of eerily familiar images.05 / As the song builds to a crescendo, viewersSTORIES are asked to write or draw a message to their06 / younger self. Their keystrokes and cursor linesVIRAL grow plant-like branches and tendrils, presaging07 / the final stage of the video which sees treesEXPERIENCE bursting forth across the streets and gardens of08 / the viewer’s childhood home.GAMING Director Chris Milk and Google Creative Labs09 / artist Aaron Koblin led the project, collaboratingDEVICES with a large team from B-Reel, Google and10 / friends to create, yes, an experience, but one thatTV felt like it was just for you. And what did you do11 / when it was over? Pause. Breathe. And then tellTECHNOLOGY everyone. See Contagious Issue 25.12 / www.thewildernessdowntown.comDATA13 / Coca-Cola Israel / Real Life ‘Like’MONEY Picking up on teenage enthusiasm for heavily14 / subsidised thrills, sunshine, friendship and sweetDESIGN fizzy drinks, Coca-Cola Israel hosted a series of15 / three day festivals called Coca-Cola Village.DEMOS These events, essentially brand-sponsored16 / GOOGLE / holiday parks, are popular, oversubscribed, andCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 22. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / experience / p.22 available to just 650 teens at a time. With fox-like Nike / Write the Future cunning, digital marketing experts Publicis E-dologic Nike’s Write The Future activity round the 2010 in Tel-Aviv combined Facebook and RFID technology World Cup was more than just that epic ad (see to bring the Facebook ‘Like’ to life. ‘Viral’ section). Aiming to connect fans to players,CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Write The Future, via Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam,01 / encouraged users to posting footage of their footballPROJECTS skills on Facebook to compete for a place at a Nike02 / Football Academy.MOVEMENTS The focus then switched to Jo’Burg, where the03 / brand wrapped landmark skyscraper The Life CentreFACEBOOK in 90 metre-tall digital LED screens. Using social04 / networks Facebook, Twitter, MXit and QQ fans allREAL-TIME over the world could pick a Nike-sponsored star for05 / the LEDs to display and send a short message ofSTORIES encouragement to be broadcast across the South06 / African capital’s skyline. A hundred messages wereVIRAL displayed every evening throughout the tournament,07 / COCA-COLA / with each contributor receiving a photograph of theirEXPERIENCE words lighting up the night sky. RFID, that little chip that lurks in travel cards and08 / other dull-but-handy places, was embedded in plastic Nike’s deft post-digital touch also travelled to JapanGAMING where the brand asked fans to tweet messages of wristbands and handed out to the teenage Coke-fiends.09 / Then, specially-rigged RFID readers were placed at support to the national team. The best messages wereDEVICES strategic locations around the Village. Each time a visitor selected to carve into a statue of Japan and Nagoya10 / touched their wristband to these RFID ‘Like Machines’, Grampus star Marcus Tulio Tanaka. The life-sizedTV a cheery update was posted to their Facebook profile. piece was constructed by a Kawasaki Robotics-built11 / Positive buzz ensued among each visitor’s circle of sculpting arm and housed at Nike’s Harajuku storeTECHNOLOGY Facebook friends, telling everyone what a great time in Tokyo where cameras provided a Ustream feed they were having at the Coca-Cola Village. sending live transmissions of the robotic inscription12 /DATA process. A microsite hosted the full message archive Some 35,000 real-life ‘Likes’ were registered by and also featured a ‘Twitter face-off’ between Tulio and13 / each group of 650 visitors over their three day stays, stars such as England’s Wayne Rooney and Korea’sMONEY generating 105 million views and responses on Ji Sung Park: players’ online images were revealed in14 / the events Facebook page. Talk about a happiness greater detail with every tweet featuring their name.DESIGN factory. See Contagious Issue 24. See Contagious Issue 24.15 /DEMOS NIKE /16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 23. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / experience / p.23 Intel / The Creators Project / Vice Intel joined forces with Vice to appeal to bright young creative things. The Creators Project straddles online and offline worlds in a bid to support new creative talent across music, film and art,CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / creating a virtual mecca for influential tech-inspired artists and01 / cool-hunting consumers. Documentaries of over 100 CreatorsPROJECTS have been broadcast online, and a series of interactive events has02 / toured from New York to London, São Paulo, Seoul and Beijing.MOVEMENTS The website drew over five million five-minute visits in two months,03 / and over 15 million Creators videos have been viewed to date.FACEBOOK See Contagious 24. www.thecreatorsproject.com04 /REAL-TIME05 /STORIES06 /VIRAL07 /EXPERIENCE08 /GAMING INTEL /09 /DEVICES MINI / Getaway10 /TV To drive (sorry) word-of-mouth around the MINI Countryman launch in Sweden, Jung von Matt set out to engage consumers11 /TECHNOLOGY in a game that took place on smartphones and Stockholm’s streets. An iPhone app challenged players to find a virtual MINI12 / in Stockholm via GPS/Google Maps; GPS pinpointed both theDATA player’s location and that of the virtual MINI. Once they had made13 / their way to within 50 meters of it, the app invited them to ‘TAKEMONEY THE MINI NOW’. The next challenge was to avoid other players14 / aiming to snatch the car… The player with the virtual MINI at theDESIGN end of the week-long game won a real one . Some 11,413 people15 / downloaded the app and took part. See Contagious 25.DEMOS MINI / http://minigetawaystockholm.com16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 24. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / gaming / p.24 08 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / GAMING /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Before we dive into a year of Facebook- Check-in Culture / based farms, swine-bombing birds or record- Due to the personalisation and portability of01 / breaking war sims, let’s consider how the the mobile phone, one of the most successfulPROJECTS mechanics and points systems from these platforms for points-scoring initiatives in 201002 / games are influencing other industries and has been the location-based mobile game.MOVEMENTS everyday life. Foursquare – in which users ‘check in’ to03 / locations and earn badges and points – hasFACEBOOK Gamification / proved most popular with brands. Pepsi, Jimmy04 / Gamification, the process where real-world Choo and Courvoisier have all rewarded usersREAL-TIME activities become imbued with the points for their location-based loyalty. Facebook, with05 / systems and playfulness of a game, has become its new ‘Places’ functionality is now also inSTORIES a serious trend in 2010. In one of 2010’s must- on the act – capitalising on users’ typically see key-notes at the D.I.C.E. summit, former compulsive sharing habits. Foursquare rival06 /VIRAL Disney Imagineer and casual game studio Gowalla has also proved popular, although it head Jesse Schell introduced the proposition is Booyah’s MyTown which has hosted some07 /EXPERIENCE of a ‘gamepocalypse’ – a hypothetical world of the most impressive marketing campaigns. where we get points for brushing our teeth in08 / the morning, or for watching TV ads. Schell’s The H&M MyTown campaign enabled usersGAMING ultimate point was that these rewards would help who checked into US stores not only to earn09 / refine our behaviour and make us better people. game points, but also receive digital discounts.DEVICES During the campaign, 10.6 million brand ILLUSTRATION / WWW.LEEHASLER.COM / Whilst it’s true that points systems have been impressions were delivered to MyTown users,10 /TV used to motivate us for years in the form of airmiles resulting in 700,000 check-ins, and H&M being and loyalty systems, the advertising industry the most searched for retail brand on the app.11 /TECHNOLOGY is now abuzz with the notion that consumers can be rewarded for participating in marketing The retailer has recently launched a new12 / campaigns, or helping with market research (see feature on MyTown which lets users earn pointsDATA NBC’s Fan It for an example). Whilst the notion by checking in to a specific H&M product, either13 / of a media landscape dominated by continual by scanning its barcode or taking a picture ofMONEY exhortations to score points and head to the next it. During the first week of the feature’s launch,14 / level rightly sounds exhausting, there’s no doubt users notched up 350,000 products check-DESIGN that genuine playfulness can be immensely ins and were entered into a sweepstake for a15 / appealing. Read on... $500 H&M gift card.DEMOS www.foursquare.com16 / www.booyah.comCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 25. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / gaming / p.25 Rovio / Angry Birds Without doubt the gaming success story of 2010 is Swedish developer Rovio’s mobile title, Angry Birds, a deceptivelyCONTAGIOUS addictive finger twiddler that involves catapulting the eponymousCHAPTERS / winged avengers at the pigs who stole their eggs. (And yes, we are01 / aware of how stupid the concept looks written down). LaunchedPROJECTS for iPhone in December 2009, this unassuming puzzler has since02 / become the no. 1 downloaded iPhone app in 70 different countriesMOVEMENTS worldwide, with 12m sold to date and over 30m free game03 / downloads. When it launched for Android in October, serversFACEBOOK crashed within one hour – a feat repeated when introduced on04 / the Palm platform. 2011 will see Angry Birds released not only forREAL-TIME PC, MAC and Facebook, but also on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and05 / Wii. Not wanting to risk being usurped, EA bought Angry BirdsSTORIES publisher, Chillingo, that same month for $20 million. However, Rovio quickly tweeted: ‘We did not sell to EA, Chillingo did. We06 /VIRAL own Angry Birds and all the rights.’07 / The game was even parodied in a skit on Israeli comedy showEXPERIENCE Eretz Nehederet. In a mock UN peace negotiation, talks between08 / the birds and pigs rapidly disintegrate into a violent free-for-allGAMING despite the attempts of the hapless moderator. The video has09 / attracted over 2m views.DEVICES Farmville-parent company Zynga, has also grabbed the10 / headlines in 2010 – not least for refusing exclusivity of its titlesTV to Facebook and amassing more players of its farming game,11 / Farmville, than there are registered Twitter users. The most recentTECHNOLOGY press surrounding Zynga, however, has not been too positive. In12 / October, the developer was hit with a class action lawsuit claimingDATA it had breached privacy agreements by selling the personal data13 / of millions of users to advertisers. This would not only put it inMONEY violation of US Federal law, but also its contract with Facebook. Attempts have since been made (unsuccessfully) by the developer14 /DESIGN to dismiss the lawsuit, but at present, the case continues… ANGRY BIRDS /15 / www.rovio.comDEMOS www.zynga.com16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 26. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / gaming / p.26 Landmark Launches / Studio Treyarch, part of Activision, broke all previous records when Call of Duty: Black OpsCONTAGIOUS achieved first five day sales of more than $650CHAPTERS / million; seven million copies were sold in the UK01 / and US within 24 hours of launch.PROJECTS The other most anticipated launch of 2010 is02 /MOVEMENTS the long-anticipated Sony PlayStation 3 title, Gran Turismo 5, the Chinese Democracy of03 / the gaming world. A fiendishly in-depth racingFACEBOOK simulator, Polyphony Digital’s GT5 was five04 / years in development and represents a newREAL-TIME level in video game depth and accuracy. The05 / game features over 1,000 genuine modelsSTORIES from real manufacturers. From exhaust notes to06 / suspension stiffness, the in-game physics forVIRAL every car has been based on data drawn from the same real-world cars analysed in different XBOX KINECT /07 /EXPERIENCE states of tune. Mind-blowing.08 / www.callofduty.comGAMING www.gran-turismo.com09 /DEVICES10 / Microsoft / Xbox Kinect and Entertainment at Microsoft describes asTV Xbox Kinect, Microsoft’s gaming golden child ‘a broader entertainment experience through11 / of 2010 with a new controller-free system with movies, Sky, and Twitter, but [also]TECHNOLOGY RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array games [with] appeal to a broader, more female microphone, promises a brave new world of demographic.’12 /DATA video game experiences. The hardware launched Microsoft has promised more advanced Kinect13 / in November and 2.5 million units were sold by titles for 2011, yet developers and hackersMONEY the end of that month alone – suggesting the across the world have already taken things into tech is living up to its reputation. their own hands by modding the hardware itself.14 /DESIGN The key to Kinect’s success, however, is in a Check out the ‘Demos’ section of this report for15 / balance across the entire Xbox range, as it aims a full low-down on the most weird and wonderfulDEMOS to offer what Stephen McGill, director of Xbox hacks to date. GRAN TURISMO /16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 27. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / devices / p.27 09 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / DEVICES /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / So, the apps boom continues apace and the01 / mobile web is finally approaching passablePROJECTS levels of usability. After bloody YEARS of02 / prediction, it looks like 2010 was finally theMOVEMENTS year of mobile. I know, we can’t believe it either.03 /FACEBOOK The massive proliferation of networks is04 / accelerating, with closed operating systemsREAL-TIME replacing the connected ecosystem of hypertext05 / first envisioned by the creators of the web. WiredSTORIES magazine provoked a Twitterstorm when they06 / declared in the September issue that ‘The WebVIRAL Is Dead’.07 / Think of it this way – how many times did youEXPERIENCE hear friends or colleagues declare allegiance08 / to specific devices, with their own proprietaryGAMING formats, this year? ‘I’m an Android gal’, or ‘Nope,09 / the Kindle’s for me’ are acknowledgements ofDEVICES affinity to platforms that will likely not play well10 / with the rest of the web, over a longer term. They STARBUCKS /TV go beyond identifying one as a user of a specific software and extend the obligation to a unique August, with iPhone users, then Android, then Starbucks is one marketer to be lauded for its11 /TECHNOLOGY operating system, online shop, delivery method, BlackBerry finishing first, second and third in steps taken in the right direction. As it opened up and (oh yeah) physical object. the number of apps installed. But adoption and stores’ WiFi this year, Starbucks developed the12 / usage statistics for apps show that most are Starbucks Digital Network in partnership withDATA It’s tempting to consider the apps boom that downloaded and rarely used after a few weeks. Yahoo! which offers bespoke content for customers13 / coincided with the introduction of the iPhone as A study of free applications found only 5% of logging on with their latte. The network, whichMONEY a gold rush, but the data shows the opposite. users returned to the app after three weeks. As links to users of the myStarbucks smartphone The App Store has now served over 300,00014 / developers ad advertisers weigh up the pros and app to alert them of its content, has been built inDESIGN apps a total of seven billion times, and people cons of a permanently installed app over a robust HTML5 and is set up for touchscreen interfaces are generally installing more of them. Nielsen15 / mobile browsing experience, expect 2011 to be and is optimised for iOS, Android and BlackBerryDEMOS data found in December 2009 the average dominated by the conflict between ‘Team Apps’ devices ahead of laptop browsers. smartphone had 22 apps, increasing to 27 by16 / and ‘Team Internet’.COMPANIES Supported by
  • 28. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / devices / p.28 Android / The Daily, a subscription-only newspaper priced at The Android mobile OS, built on open source $.99 a week described as ‘the New York Post goes principles of constant refinement, accessibility and to College’, the latter, Project, a $2.99-per-issue sharing, has been the fastest growing operating monthly digi-glossy mag.CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / system in the U.S. throughout 2010, with 300,000 New publications aren’t the only ones getting onto01 / daily activiations. Android also boasts the largest the iPad. Conde Nast titles including Vanity Fair,PROJECTS share of the U.S. smart phone market, with 44% of the GQ, Vogue and Wired have all made notable gains02 / Q3 smart phone purchases, or 9.1 million handsets. in reputation with their iPad versions, developedMOVEMENTS Bloomberg analysts expect sales of handsets along with Adobe for the device’s debut. Meanwhile,03 / carrying Android up 78% this year. publisher Bonnier worked with London design studioFACEBOOK Android now forms a fundamental part of any BERG on Mag+, a conceptual framework and R&D04 / smart mobile marketer’s arsenal. Elements like effort that resulted in Popular Science+.REAL-TIME Chrome2Phone, a Google Chrome extension that The roll-your-own option has also been made available05 / pushes a link from the browser to Android device, via Flipboard, an iPad-friendly social magazine. TheSTORIES have begun to shift the apps status quo; while free app aggregates social networks to produce a06 / previously many hot new apps and games were constantly updated, bespoke magazine for ownersVIRAL available only in Apple’s App Store, more and more of Apple’s tablet. Boasting a deluxe, stylised RSS are coming through on Android. As technical literacy reader of sorts, the free app connects to the user’s07 / GQ /EXPERIENCE on the software continues to rise, the opportunities social networks to lay out the content. Photo uploads, for manipulation of this open source platform are status updates, shortened URLs and retweeted links08 /GAMING enormous. come to life on the iPad screen in gesture-controlled magazine format.09 / iPad / Publishers’ Salvation?DEVICES By far the sexiest device to make its debut in 2010, the Apple / iAd10 / iPad has forced reconsiderations of gaming, publishing In July, months after the iPad launch, Steve JobsTV and retail, but is also shaping up as a strong medium unveiled iAd, an Apple-led in-app advertising scheme11 / for advertisers. According to mobile ad exchange for its tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. As weTECHNOLOGY network operator Mobclix, iPad apps are five times mentioned above, ad interactions have been shown to12 / more effective than iPhone apps, while a textPlus be higher on the iPad, but advertisers haven’t flockedDATA report found that ad interactions on iPads are about to the iAd platform like Apple hoped. The high minimum13 / six times longer than comparable desktop interactions. buy-in, at $1m, combined with the increased difficultyMONEY iPad users should be a lucrative demographic for in having Apple approve creative were cited as reason14 / publishers, as well – the BBC found 25% of Kindle why it wasn’t working out for agencies and mediaDESIGN and iPad owners earned more than $100,000 yearly. buyers. The company hopes to engage with a relatively15 / By now, moguls Rupert Murdoch and Richard young and diverse demographic using iAd’s ability toDEMOS Branson have both launched iPad-specific publi- target people through geolocation data and iTunes16 / cations, the former assembling an all-star team for preferences. (See Contagious Issue 23 for more.) NISSAN /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 29. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / devices / p.29 While eMarketer predicts mobile ad spend in the reader compared with 63% available for Apple iBooks. US to pass the $1bn mark in 2011 – a rise of 79% – The best-selling ebooks are available for 10% less on and reach over $2.5bn by 2014, a survey by Strata the Kindle as opposed to the iBook platform. revealed 97% of agencies weren’t hearing shouts forCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / the platform from their clients. Early adopters, though, Devices / Replacing Each Other included Unilever, for Dove, and insurer State Farm. Like a snake eating its own tail, our device cycle01 /PROJECTS continues to cannibalise itself. Take a look at the mobile It will be interesting to watch iAd roll out in countries GPS business in the last few years, where satellite02 / with different media markets. The platform launches inMOVEMENTS navigation companies like TomTom and Garmin were the UK and Europe in late 2010 and early 2011; iAd immediately impacted by GPS-enabled smart phones03 / begins in Japan, through communications dominator replacing their products and subsequently struggledFACEBOOK Dentsu, in 2011. The device will also be available to bring their own applications to bear inside the App from telecoms provider SoftBank, Apple’s exclusive04 / Store. But this is proliferating beyond basic featuresREAL-TIME carrier, as a subsidised offer for subscribers. like GPS. Mixr is an app currently under development05 / Ebooks / New Bestsellers designed to bring a DJ experience to an iPad, which,STORIES if you think about it, is very well suited to the sort The Kindle, the Nook, the Kobo eReader, Sony’s06 / of tactile interfaces required for mixing sounds.VIRAL Reader, Apple’s iBooks – all are vying for bookworms’ Multiple apps have moved to health functions, like the time, attention and book budget. According to KINDLE /07 / HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker. Forrester Research, $966m in ebooks will be soldEXPERIENCE in 2010, but by 2015 that’ll have tripled to $3bn. Muji turned the paradox of obsolescence to its08 / Meanwhile, the 7% of adult book-readers who buy advantage, unveiling a range of free and paid iPad appsGAMING ebooks are the ones who read the most and buy the that essentially did the same thing its paper organizing09 / most books; the average ereader owner reads 66% of products could do; in fact, the only paid one is MujiDEVICES their books digitally. Notebook, which is a sketching and note-taking app.10 / The company’s calendar skinning app and Muji To Go The rapid growth of ebooks is just another example of travel organizer are free, along with its catalogue app. Riepl’s Law, from German newspaperman Wolfgang11 / Riepl. Riepl suggested back in 1913 that new media would never replace old media, just join and mutate www.projectmag.com12 / existing formats for the modern audience. He was www.condenastdigital.comDATA only wrong about the carrier pigeon. / In the US., as of August, digital books already accounted for 6% of sales, and the Kindle store arrived14 / in the UK. with 400,000 titles. The Kindle – released in a new, smaller graphite-colored version – remains / the device to have for the most serious readers – http://ipadmixr.comDEMOS AllThingsD found 88% of The New York Times fiction / and non-fiction best-sellers are available on Amazon’s MUJI / Supported by
  • 30. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / tv / p.30 10 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / TV /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / When the CEO of Best Buy, Brian Dunn, says 2011 is ‘the year01 / of internet TV’, it’s time to pay attention. That’s just what hePROJECTS predicted ahead of this year’s Black Friday sales in America,02 / not long after he welcomed the retailer’s collaboration withMOVEMENTS Google TV by calling the web connected sets and set-top- boxes (STB) ‘not just a new aisle, but a new category’.03 /FACEBOOK With big players such as the BBC, Apple, Samsung and Yahoo!04 / joining the search giant in releasing connected TV products full ofREAL-TIME browsing, streaming and app possibilities, and users already ac-05 / customed to interactive content through second and third-screenSTORIES activities, television is no longer a passive medium. Already by the06 / start of 2010 59% of Americans were surfing the net while watch-VIRAL ing the TV, according to Nielsen, suggesting the box in the corner is increasingly becoming a social hub for online communities.07 /EXPERIENCE Connected TV /08 /GAMING Imagine this – you’re on the couch at midnight catching up with True Blood through an HBO app, simultaneously checking baseball09 / scores through an onscreen MLB widget. You dive into two-screenDEVICES mode to tweet a comment on the show’s cliffhanger ending, then10 / download the series for a friend via Amazon. You turn the TV off ILLUSTRATION / WWW.STEVE-WILCOX.CO.UK /TV with your smartphone and go to bed. Pretty smart, right?11 /TECHNOLOGY Connected TV, whether accessed through Apple TV’s STB, Sam- sung ‘s Yahoo!-enabled internet TVs or one of the myriad rivals, will12 /DATA let viewers catch up with and interact with the content they want, when and where they want it, with advertisers capturing deep be-13 / havioural data in the process. The trend for this kind of on-demandMONEY online video is already well into its adolescence, with NBC/Disney/14 / NewsCorp’s streaming network Hulu more than doubling US reve-DESIGN nue to $240m in 2010, and 330m Chinese people watching online15 / TV. UK-based Generator Research has predicted a 400% increaseDEMOS in global internet TV viewers, to 298m by 2014 – with annual ad16 / revenues up 2500% to $6bn in the same period. Contagious 25.COMPANIES Supported by
  • 31. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / tv / p.31 Google TV / Yet a combination of the company’s trademark X Factor without checking the Twittersphere’s The daddy of the search dollar has ruffled a few usability with an STB connecting to iPhones, reaction to Gaga’s guest appearance. On a network feathers since its October launch, with iPads and Apple desktops and laptops through more cerebral note, UK voters will remember big players such as CBS and Hulu blocking an AirPlay feature is an appealing prospect, how social commentary surrounding the firstCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / particularly for Apple evangelists. General Election debates informed opinion polls. content, wary of Google’s dominance in online advertising. However, the potential is clear for For more see the feature in Contagious 24.01 / a product which combines a Chrome browser- Most successfully this year, London-based02 / powered web experience with search and sites Boxee / production company Monterosa’s WorldMOVEMENTS optimised for viewing from the couch, plus the And finally! Those looking for an alternative to the Cup 2010 pilot of the ITV Live online app03 / world’s most popular online video site, YouTube, glitchy hegemony of Apple TV for all their web reached a million users in the first week of theFACEBOOK and fastest growing app marketplace, Android. streaming needs could purchase rival service tournament. More recently an interactive site, Google TV product lead Rishi Chandra has Boxee’s hardware in November this year. The also by Monterosa, let viewers play along online04 /REAL-TIME been on a charm offensive, promising ‘we’re sleek little box syncs content from computers with Channel 4 gameshow The Million Pound not trying to replace cable’ and promoting a to your TV screen whilst pulling in movies, TV Drop, real-time data from viewers incorporated05 /STORIES future of apps such as a karaoke experience (a shows and additional content via a series of into the show and 4.5% of viewers taking up the sure fire way to win over the Contagious team). apps. Perhaps the most enjoyable feature of the opportunity.06 / Indexing content has long been Google’s forte, Boxee box dovetails with the ‘web of intent’ trendVIRAL yet it remains to be seen whether this fiercely outlined in the ‘Movements’ section of this year’s07 / competitive environment can be reshaped in its Most Contagious. A button installed on yourEXPERIENCE own image. web browser enables you to mark any video link08 / for later viewing, and the Boxee box yanks theGAMING content for you to stream through your TV at your09 / Apple TV / leisure. Magic.DEVICES Steve Jobs used to refer to Apple TV as a mere www.boxee.com10 / hobby – but now it’s clear the team behindTV mobile and music game changers iPhone and Interactive TV /11 / iPod and iTunes Store means business. The new If connected TV is content you want, when youTECHNOLOGY Apple TV fits in the palm of the hand and comes want it, interactive TV describes the ways in12 / with an equally manageable $99 price tag. which broadcasters, software developers andDATA From there, users can rent shows and series via content providers are seeking to retain viewers13 / iTunes, streaming them directly to the TV. Flickr beyond the half-hour broadcast slot, sharingMONEY provides a photo element, iTunes again taking content and buzz with peers through apps and14 / care of music. Early reviews have criticised check-ins to shows. The proliferation of smaller,DESIGN the insistence on streaming rental-only films additional screens – netbooks, smartphones,15 / and shows. What’s more, like Google, Apple tablets – means there’s plenty of opportunityDEMOS will have to work hard on its acquisitions and for couch potatoes lacking the attention span payments to ensure content creators play ball. to stick through a 12-minute segment of Idol or16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 32. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / technology / p.32 11 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / TECHNOLOGY /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Console hacking. Connected TVs. Wired buildings…. 2010’s01 / Most Contagious is liberally peppered with digital complexity.PROJECTS As a result, our technology section has been reserved only for02 / the most WTF of advances.MOVEMENTS iPad / Dentsu & BERG03 /FACEBOOK Design consultancy BERG, London reinvented light painting for the iPad generation in response to a brief from Dentsu in London,04 /REAL-TIME to ‘make future magic’ (a brief we’d all like to have a crack at). Using a clever bespoke app for the iPad and a camera set up05 / for long exposures, BERG could capture letters emerging fromSTORIES the screen as they slowly dragged it across the frame, leaving06 / ghostly 3D words hanging in the air. Like the best magic, it’sVIRAL hard to imagine, but thankfully the agency has since launched the07 / app on iTunes. It’s called Penki, Japanese for paint. Featured inEXPERIENCE Contagious 25. /GAMING Bloom Box / Like a real life version of mid 90’s thriller Chain Reaction, minus09 /DEVICES Morgan Freeman and Keanu Reeves, Bloom Box is a mystical energy-creating device shrouded in suspicion and Hollywood10 /TV hype (helped by the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger turning up at its unveiling). The commercial version of the black11 / box is the size of a parking space, and contains stacks of ceramicTECHNOLOGY plates made of sand and coated in special inks. It uses a clean12 / electrochemical process rather than combustion to convert fuelDATA into electricity, and is reportedly twice as efficient as traditional13 / power sources with 60% fewer emissions. NASA has been usingMONEY similar technology for years in various vehicles, but the Bloom14 / Box has successfully scaled it down, putting it within reach ofDESIGN corporations and hopefully, one day, individuals. eBay already has15 / a small football field’s worth of Bloom Boxes running, so buyersDEMOS can feel even smugger after bidding on that Cliff Richard CD… PENKI /16 / www.bloomenergy.comCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 33. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / technology / p.33 Robots / Plunging headfirst into uncanny valley, Japan-based AIST’s HRP- 4C Humanoid robots display freakishly realistic facial expressions, movements and general human mimicry. The robots are capableCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / of serving us beer, ice cream and replacing our favourite pop01 / stars through some extraordinarily powerful and accurate singing.PROJECTS Depending on your level of cynicism, this could mean one, or all,02 / of the following. a) A leap forward in the integration of robots intoMOVEMENTS the service industry b) a blow for the Labradoodle as the current03 / pet du jour or c) a whopping great cash cow for the sex industry.FACEBOOK Featured in Contagious 2504 / www.aist.go.jpREAL-TIME /STORIES06 /VIRAL07 /EXPERIENCE08 /GAMING09 /DEVICES10 /TV11 /TECHNOLOGY12 /DATA HUMANOID ROBOTS /13 /MONEY Stickybits /14 / Stickybits is a clever little app that allows people to attachDESIGN content – such as a photo, comment or video - to any standard barcode, say, on a can of Coke, just by scanning it with an iPhone STICKYBITS /15 /DEMOS or Android device. And it doesn’t end there. Online, a barcode generator allows you to make and print out your own unique16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 34. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / technology / p.34 codes, so a colleague or even a cat can all carry Eric Dishman, director of Health Innovation pricing, appliance energy usage and a web-like information and media via the Stickybit. The and Policy at Intel’s Digital Health Group, network of friends and filtered status updates. service recently launched an extension to the turned up at TED to explain how Intel is using It’s been an interesting year for AR, with early service entitled Officialbits, which focuses on the regular functionality of the phone to find early bird Layar receiving $14 million of investmentCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / rewarding people with points and offers as they warning signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Intel from Intel, and Microsoft’s Blaise Aguera y01 / scan products. Ben & Jerry’s was one of the first also unveiled its SENS prototype, which uses Arcas taking it to another level at TED whenPROJECTS brands to jump on board, offering a free T-shirt to an avatar to display what the phone’s owner is he showed off the company’s latest experiment the first 500 people to scan two pints of its Fair currently doing, attaining this information through with the technology. The architect of Bing Maps02 /MOVEMENTS Trade ice cream. Featured in and on the cover of features like calendars, sensors, location and and his team projected augmented real-time Contagious 23. accelerometers, and sharing even more details video onto static ‘street view’ style maps in Bing,03 /FACEBOOK about what our friends are up to in real time. proving to naysayers that AR can move beyond Intel’s vision for the future sees fewer people being ‘just a fad’. Featured in Contagious 22.04 / Mobile Health Care / dependent on hospital-based medicine, instead www.keiichimatsuda.comREAL-TIME caring for themselves via remote consultation / and mobile monitoring.STORIES Nokia x Burton / Push Snowboarding / PUSH is a Nokia project designed to connectVIRAL Augmented (Hyper)reality / the potential of its devices with the playful hack07 / community. One of the cooler ideas came fromEXPERIENCE a collaboration with the crew Solderin’ Skaters,08 / who mixed sensors and skateboards to createGAMING a setup which records the tricks of the user by09 / capturing movements and speeds through variousDEVICES accelerometers. The crew then realised that what10 / works for one type of board sport will surely workTV for another, and teamed up with snowboarding11 / INTEL SENS / giants Burton to adapt the skateboard conceptTECHNOLOGY for its snowy equivalent. It uses a similar set-12 / 2010 has been a banner year for innovative up, but with the addition of ‘smart’ clothing withDATA mobile use, particularly in developing markets. integrated sensors to communicate even more Handsets are now being used as crop irrigation real-time data back to the phone’s handset.13 / KEIICHI MATSUDA /MONEY monitors and ATMs in Africa, and even for Featured in Contagious 25. medical purposes, performing eye tests, and as Student Keiichi Matsuda created a look ahead /DESIGN microscopes that can detect malaria. McKinsey at how the world might look if augmented reality reckons the global market for mobile health, or (AR) became the go-to medium for information15 /DEMOS mHealth, is worth $50 billion, while an mHealth and advertising. The short film depicts a first summit in November predicted that 500 million person view of an overwhelming mass of visual16 / people will be using mobile health apps by 2015. noise cluttered with overlays about productCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 35. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / data / p.35 12 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / DATA /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Over the last two years, the manhandling of data has01 / fallen into one of two categories: grubby microanalysis, orPROJECTS attractive visualisation. The chasm between the two camps02 / was such that 2010 saw a mild backlash against the glut ofMOVEMENTS pretty yet vapid infographics sprouting up across the web. Computational artisan Mario Klingemann who brought this03 /FACEBOOK trend to its logical conclusion: data visualisations of classic art. (See Contagious 24.)04 /REAL-TIME So, data visualisation is now being forced to sing for its supper,05 / matching aesthetic appeal with a potential for genuine practicalSTORIES application. For example, Doug McCune’s 3D visualisations06 / showed the possibilities for mapping crime, which could then beVIRAL linked to GPS-enabled police patrol cars to ensure city blocks07 / were appropriately policed.EXPERIENCE www.quasimondo.com08 /GAMING Data Benevolence /09 / As the ability to capture, interpret and act on data becomesDEVICES more widespread, so does the potential to use it to improve the10 / world around us – but only if people are prepared to share, a newTV phenomenon known as ‘data benevolence’.11 / The UK’s Royal Mail real-time GPS parcel tracker, for instance,TECHNOLOGY lets customers track the exact location of the vehicle carrying their12 / items - as well as the speed at which it’s travelling, should youDATA wish to know - updated every 60 seconds. Result? An end to13 / waiting in all day to sign for a package.MONEY MARIO KLINGEMANN / And Google’s Smart Rescheduler is the perfect way to save14 / even more time. The calendar feature which launched in 2010DESIGN automatically accesses other people’s data to find a time when15 / all parties are free, so no more back and forth emails trying toDEMOS arrange a suitable date.16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 36. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / data / p.36 Meanwhile, Citibank has teamed up with Microsoft adidas / Match Tracker to use its vast banks of customer spending data to To demonstrate its commitment to innovation in sport, power a site called Bundle, which allows visitors to adidas created Match Tracker – an online tool allowing track the average spending of people like them, in football fans to view statistical data from 2010 UEFACONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / their area, on everything from rent to groceries. Data Champions League matches. Match Tracker captured01 / such as this is usually private, but by removing the data of every pass, shot, formation and goal duringPROJECTS human element of each individual digit, the combined Europe’s biggest football tournament. The day after effect is more utilitarian than totalitarian. the game, the site created interactive visualisations of02 /MOVEMENTS each match which could be replayed in real-time or03 / up to 100x real-time speeds. In addition to a heat-FACEBOOK NY Jets / Meadowlands map view showing areas of on-pitch activities, users American Football team the New York Jets’ $1.6bn could apply seven other filters to see patterns of04 /REAL-TIME new stadium – Meadowlands Arena – justified its play, formations, strengths and weaknesses by player hefty price tag with a host of high-tech implants, position or even team. Integration with social media05 /STORIES including a system for the Jets to monitor off-the- allowed users to share specific match moments either field activity with as much intricacy as they follow the as links or infographics generated on the fly. See06 / athletes on the gridiron. Developed by designers at Contagious Issue 23. Roundarch, Chicago, the system tracks data from all07 / areas of the stadium, including parking, concessionsEXPERIENCE sales, merchandise flow, attendance and more, by08 / category and timeline. Concessions management,GAMING for example, can direct extra kegs of beer to thirsty09 / sections, or send additional staff members to parts ofDEVICES the stadium that are selling more hot dogs than usual. DOUG MCCUNE /10 / We challenge you to deliver a wiener more efficiently.TV See Contagious Issue 25. http://roundarch.com11 / ADIDAS /TECHNOLOGY McLaren /12 /DATA With a brief to bring Formula 1 fans closer to the action, Work Club and Pirata, London, partnered with13 /MONEY McLaren to broadcast information from racing drivers, their pit team and even their cars. During the Bahrain14 / Grand Prix, the Race 1.0B site pulled in live stats fromDESIGN Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button’s cars, including15 / speed, gear, throttle, revs, and G-force data, as well asDEMOS featuring a GPS-enabled circuit map and comments16 / NY JETS / from the driver and McLaren pit team. The informationCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 37. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / data / p.37 was designed to augment the live experience with real-time stats, and over 100,000 unique visitors visited Race 1.0B during the race – 15,000 of them from mobile devices – with an impressiveCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / average dwell time of over 30 minutes per user.01 / Totally unique to McLaren, the data gave fans anPROJECTS insight into exactly what happens in the heads of the drivers and the team behind them, before,02 /MOVEMENTS during and after the Grand Prix. See Contagious Issue 23.03 /FACEBOOK / Fedex / Changing WorldREAL-TIME When Fedex wanted to drive awareness and05 /STORIES increase time spent with the brand, BBDO Guerrero, Philippines and BBDO NY came06 / up with a website which provided beautifullyVIRAL realised data in the form of a morphing world07 / map. The dynamic map was fed with globalEXPERIENCE business trends and insights from the Economist08 / Intelligence Unit, allowing users to view theGAMING world by distribution of overseas workers, FEDEX/09 / business environment ranking, employment rates,DEVICES and even cases of insomnia. An AR component in press allowed people to engage with the site Speaking in response to a UK government10 /TV in a more hands-on manner. Fedex’s visualisation recent release of public data, Berners-Lee of a (literally) changing world resulted in a 59% commented that ‘Journalists need to be data-11 /TECHNOLOGY increase in traffic with an average dwell time of savvy. It used to be that you would get stories around 15 minutes. See Contagious Issue 25. by chatting to people in bars... But now it’s12 / also going to be about poring over data andDATA equipping yourself with the tools to analyse it13 / and picking out what’s interesting. And keepingMONEY Tim Berners-Lee / Journalism it in perspective, helping people out by really14 / You’d expect the man credited with inventing the seeing where it all fits together, and what’s goingDESIGN World Wide Web to have an interest in data, but on in the country.’15 / in November this year Tim Berners-Lee said thatDEMOS he believed the future of journalism also lay in Time to brush up on those Excel skills… analysing data. /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 38. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / money / p.38 13 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / MONEY /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Whether you’re looking to make it or spend it, 2010 has been01 / a tumultuous year for all things financial. This is the year inPROJECTS money, Contagious-style.02 / Social Shopping /MOVEMENTS Described by Forbes as ‘the fastest growing website in history’,03 /FACEBOOK three year-old social shopping site Groupon is at the forefront of a new system of supply and demand. Businesses of any size can04 / offer a heavily discounted product or experience on the premiseREAL-TIME that the deal will happen only when enough people commit to05 / make it worth the vendor’s while, hence the term ‘social shopping’. ILLUSTRATION / MARC ASPINALL@THE TREE HOUSE PRESS / WWW.TTHP.ORG /STORIES Groupon’s locally targeted offers come at the rate of two per06 /VIRAL email, two emails per day, and credit card details are retained, ensuring a path to purchase that’s so smooth as to be positively07 /EXPERIENCE frictionless. Groupon takes a cut, customers receive a variety of reduced goods and services and businesses from local beauty08 / salons to enormous multinationals gain access to a database ofGAMING 35 million users under trusted, opt-in circumstances. Everyone’s09 / a winner, right?DEVICES In August, Groupon partnered with apparel retailer Gap to10 /TV offer its first ever nationwide deal – a coupon for $50 worth of Gap merchandise, for just $25. 400,000 Groupons later,11 /TECHNOLOGY the site claimed its biggest ever day of business, with $11m in transactions. If, as some reports suggest, Groupon typically takes12 / a 50% of the value of the coupon, the champagne corks mustDATA have been popping at HQ.13 /MONEY As is customary for a business demonstrating such frantic growth, Groupon is not without its critics. For instance, when14 /DESIGN the hefty management fee is incorporated into the Gap deal, the 50% discount on the coupon creeps towards 75%, prompting15 /DEMOS analysts to query the rationale behind such skinny profit margins. At the other end of the operation, the web is littered with rumours16 / that ill-thought-out offers are leading to the demise of smallerCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 39. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / money / p.39 businesses unable to support the demand that This is presumably on the understanding that the Results on the Times initiative have either been a Groupon can create. The site’s audience, too, company will eventually be worth a lot more. Yet triumphant or disastrous, depending on which is subject to scrutiny. Are the serial deal-sluts Sucharita Mulpuru, an e-commerce analyst at analyst, or which of Murdoch’s gleeful competitors, attracted to Groupon’s constant drip-feed of Forrester Research, commented in an open letter you choose to believe. Statistics revealed inCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / enticing markdowns the sort of clients that might to investors that ‘a multibillion dollar valuation for December indicate that 105,000 people have01 / become regular customers? Or will they always a company that is in a business with virtually no paid, 30,000 of those through tablet devices. LessPROJECTS drop their knickers for the next big discount that barriers to entry and is younger than my toddler is than a month later, Experian Hitwise claimed a comes along? absurd.’ Still, in an age in which trillion dollar bank readership of just 54,000 (although the research02 /MOVEMENTS bailouts have decimated the average Joe’s ability was commissioned by Times competitor The This negative publicity has not stopped the to keep these kinds of figures in perspective, one Guardian). However, reports from inside Times03 / clamoring mass of willing participants, with can’t help thinking that Google would still have publisher News International suggest that althoughFACEBOOK several competitors such as Amazon-funded filed the acquisition under ‘bargain’.04 / Living Social and hipster iteration KeynoirREAL-TIME springing up to take advantage of demand. To Our take? Groupon is a Darwinian system. It05 / process the bottleneck of clients and maximise works well to plug slow times in the life cycle ofSTORIES revenue without spamming the userbase, in a business, to rid a company of excess inventory October Groupon announced the addition of or to recruit consumer information for CRM06 /VIRAL a platform called ‘Stores’. By creating a digital purposes. However, like all the most efficient storefront, any business can create an offer at systems, it penalises weakness. If you can’t07 /EXPERIENCE any time without having to wait their turn. Another do the maths, then best give it a steer. www. feature, ‘The Deal Feed’, personalises offers groupon.com08 / based on user preferences and behaviouralGAMING Publishing Models / data. Suddenly, the idea of paying full price for09 / anything ever again seems laughable. Publishing’s own lizard king Rupert MurdochDEVICES has finally put his money where his mouth is, Groupon’s seemingly watertight business model declaring war on free content. In July, The Times10 /TV and projected revenues of $500m for 2010 have paper in the UK introduced a forbidding paywall not gone unnoticed, and the lions of Silicon Valley over homepage. Subscribers11 /TECHNOLOGY are circling. In December, Google offered $5.3bn pay £1 for the first 30 days, then £2 a week, for the company. Recent forays by Google into with the iPad edition thrown in for free. Further12 / the social space have proven uninspired, and confronting the technological demons thatDATA the acquisition of a service that includes social plague him, Murdoch has also announced the13 / elements from a purely transactional perspective launch of an iPad-only publication, called ‘TheMONEY is one way to take on Facebook, who are Daily’, expected to cost 99 cents per week for14 / currently doing it much, much better (and have seven days of publication. An initial investmentDESIGN launched their own ‘Deals’ service to compete). of $30m plus talent from the New York Post and15 / However, the offer was rejected by Groupon’s MTV has been guaranteed for the project, whichDEMOS founders, led by the Valley’s newest recruit to the should hit tablets sometime in the new year.16 / balls-of-steel club, 30-year-old Andrew Mason. GROUPON /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 40. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / money / p.40 yes, advertising revenue has been decimated and yes, reader numbers are down, the amount of money they’re making from that small proportion of paying customers is more than enough to offset the balance.CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / At present, Murdoch strikes a lonely figure out on that limb, his01 / competitors hopefully predicting catastrophe as he attempts toPROJECTS reshape the new world in his own hard-nosed image (God only02 / knows what he makes of WikiLeaks). However, the only genuineMOVEMENTS metric of Murdoch’s success will be indicated not in the size of the03 / Times readership, but in the length of time he can hang on beforeFACEBOOK everyone comes to join him. In November, News International04 / sister publication The News of the World also disappearedREAL-TIME behind the paywall, which could be interpreted in one of two ways.05 / First, events at the Times have cemented Murdoch’s opinion thatSTORIES locking down online news is both lucrative and sustainable - thus making him an unlovable but undisputable hero for publishers06 /VIRAL everywhere. Or second, that the man will die before admitting he made a mistake. This is as close to a nailbiter as the publishing07 /EXPERIENCE industry gets. NET-A-PORTER /08 / C-Commerce /GAMING The norms of fashion merchandising and marketing have long09 / been dictated by the luxury end of the industry; brands with aDEVICES whole lot of image to protect and a subsequent fear of the10 / interactive. However, after this long flirtation, fashion has finallyTV fallen in love with digital media, with the charge not led by the11 / experts (Vogue et. al) nor by the icons (step aside, Gucci), butTECHNOLOGY by a group of pioneering fashion e-commerce sites. ASOS (As12 / Seen On Screen), Net-A-Porter and The Outnet are creatingDATA social and engaging experiences that keep consumers returning13 / for more, tempting journalists over to the coal-face of e-commerceMONEY to write sparkling, informative copy to help sell products. This is a new fusion of content plus commerce, or c-commerce. Fashion14 /DESIGN editorial and e-commerce have always been separate entities, but doesn’t it make sense to get fashion advice AND wardrobe15 /DEMOS staples, from one trusted source? While many industry insiders were waiting for the editors to make the first move in the form of16 / ASOS / interactive styling and ‘click-to-buys’, the transition has occurredCOMPANIES Supported by
  • 41. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / money / p.41 the other way round, suggesting that it’s easier to iButterfly / transform an e-commerce platform into a trusted This mobile app developed by Dentsu in Tokyo authority than it is to involve a fashion magazine in the and soon to be rolled out to other markets was grubby world of online shopping. conceived as a means of delivering discount couponsCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / In September, Net-A-Porter announced that Jeremy to consumers in an intriguing way. When the app is01 / Langmead, formerly editor of Esquire, will head up activated, the phone’s viewfinder ‘sees’ augmentedPROJECTS its 2011 site for men, Mr Porter. Meanwhile, Melissa reality, location-based butterflies that can be snapped02 / Dick, formerly digital editorial director of, and caught in order to access a money-off deal orMOVEMENTS is now head of editorial at ASOS, which produces a offer. Each butterfly is added to your digital collection03 / highly acclaimed customer magazine in-house. The book, and the little critters can even be shared,FACEBOOK latest ABC figure (January - June 2010) indicated a flapping from handset to handset on command. circulation of 449,943, and according to statistics Whilst the technology on display here is nothing IBUTTERFLY /04 /REAL-TIME from the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA), short of staggering, the real achievement lies in the regular readers of the magazine spend 69% more transformation of marketing’s most boring interaction,05 /STORIES than non-readers. The blows just keep on coming for the humble coupon, into sheer, playful joy. traditional publishing…06 /VIRAL UNIQLO / Lucky Switch07 / Another miraculous bit of technology came in the formEXPERIENCE of this reinvention of the banner ad, again from Dentsu.08 / A bookmark installed on web browsers and a widgetGAMING added to blogs allowed for the transformation of all09 / images on a website into either lucky tickets in which theDEVICES participant won a tote bag, or banner ads for UNIQLO.10 / We don’t know how it works, but we do know that theTV promotion generated 2.8m clicks on the ads in one11 / month and sales uplifts of 120% instore and 150%TECHNOLOGY online. The technology was pointedly demonstrated12 / using competitor Gap’s website. Subversive.DATA13 /MONEY14 /DESIGN15 /DEMOS UNIQLO /16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 42. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / design / p.42 14 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / MOST CONTAGIOUS / DESIGNCONTAGIOUS With budgets hacked away post-recession,CHAPTERS / there has been a discernible shift towards a01 / ‘make, do and mend’ culture in design which,PROJECTS despite being a positive step towards a more02 / sustainable future, can often result in lessMOVEMENTS exciting aesthetics. Spectacular designs that03 / have blown us away embrace a more sustain-FACEBOOK able future without compromising on image,04 / for instance Yves Behar’s Clever Little Bag forREAL-TIME Puma (see below).05 / Marina Bay Sands / SingaporeSTORIES The ‘staggering architectural feat of the year’06 /VIRAL award goes to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands development. At 10-million-square feet, comprising07 / MARINA BAY SANDS / three towers and 56 storeys, the venture marksEXPERIENCE another notch in the belt for the rapidly growing Back in 2005, the Singaporean Government old technology of bound pages can be ripe08 / Singaporean economy. dropped its 45-year ban on casinos in an effort to for reinvention. Literary wunderkind JonathanGAMING pinch gamblers from the nearby (and oft corrupt) Safran Foer has experimented with the form, The most impressive part of the design is the09 / Macau. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated using a unique die cutting technique to createDEVICES Sands SkyPark, the cherry on the top of the three at the time that the move would help double what he called ‘the perfect intersection of the10 / towers, consisting of 1.2 hectares and home to tourism revenue by 2015 and shed what he visual arts and literature’.TV over 650 types of plants. Guests can admire the called an ‘unexciting’ image. The Singapore The book is made up of excerpts taken from11 / city view from the observation deck or cool off in Tourism Board claimed that the aim is to boostTECHNOLOGY Bruno Schulz’s The Street of Crocodiles with the outdoor pool at the dizzying height of 200m. revenue from S$12.8bn (£6.2bn) in 2009 to whole words and phrases cut out of the pages to12 / S$30bn (£14.7bn) by 2015. Architect Moshe Safdie designed the create an entirely new meaning. After being shotDATA development, and Las Vegas Sands Corp down by every printer the studio approached,13 / developed it, taking full advantage of the mass finally, Die Keure, Belgium agreed to make theMONEY Tree of Codes / Jonathan Safran Foer book using a different die-cut pattern on every exodus of workers from Dubai. This enabled14 / them to complete the project in record time; a It may well be the year that the e-reader came page. The project took over a year to create,DESIGN of age, but you can’t argue with the sensory mere four and a half years! Here’s hoping that the and was designed by Sara de Bondt studio,15 / well documented rumours of appalling treatment experience of an actual book, from the delicious published by visual editions and features coverDEMOS don’t travel with the workforce… velvetiness of the paper to the faint cracking artwork by gray318.16 / of the spine. However, even the centuries- Supported by
  • 43. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / design / p.43 3D EXPRESS / China Modernist Cuisine / May’s Beijing International High-Tech Expo Nathan Myhrvold, ex-CTO of Microsoft and keen saw the unveiling of an extraordinary solution chef spent ‘millions’ on this project to experiment to the traffic clogging China’s roads – buses with, produce and document the entire spectrumCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / that straddle the roads themselves. A dual level of contemporary cooking techniques. Modernist01 / design by Huashi Future Parking Equipment, Cuisine is a six-volume, 2,400 page, 48-pound,PROJECTS Shenzen, allows passengers to board a 4.5 metre $625 love song to the culinary art, created by a02 / high upper deck, while cars travel underneath team of cooks, writers, editors, photographersMOVEMENTS in the gap between 6m-wide legs. Travelling and designers over a three year period in03 / on roadside tracks at up to 60km/h powered what Business Week described as ‘the mostFACEBOOK by electricity and solar energy, each 28 million sophisticated kitchen on the planet’. Less a coffee PUMA / Yuan (£2.69m) bus can carry 1,200 passengers table book and more an actual coffee table, this04 /REAL-TIME at a time, saving carbon emissions. Beijing is one of the rare instances in which we find authorities, desperate to improve the air quality ourselves in thrall to the pet project of a rich man05 /STORIES choked by the city’s four million cars, will pilot the with a lot of time on his hands. Go forth and drool. scheme in 2011. Featured in Contagious 24.06 /VIRAL Puma / Clever Little Bag07 / Puma is scrapping shoe boxes and fromEXPERIENCE November the brand started to roll out its clever08 / little bag, a new packaging and distributionGAMING system that the brand claims will save more than09 / 60% of paper and water used by the companyDEVICES annually.10 / A box-and-bag hybrid designed by Yves BeharTV utilises a cardboard insert to retain a rigid11 / structure where needed, meaning it works onTECHNOLOGY shelves. The bag uses 65% less cardboard than12 / a standard shoebox, uses no laminated paintsDATA or tissue paper, is physically smaller and lighter13 / AND replaces plastic bags at the checkout,MONEY saving almost 275 tons of plastic.14 / The move marks a wider shift towards brandsDESIGN (including Volvo and Patagonia) moving beyond15 / eco-claims to wider sustainability initiatives withDEMOS improved transparency.16 / MODERNIST CUSINE /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 44. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / demos / p.44 15 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / DEMOS / Just tell us what to do /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / OK, it’s overquoted, but Confucius’ proverb more simple, or rather, intuitive. Furthermore, the to get between two points on a Google Map,01 / still rings true. ‘Tell me and I’ll forget,’ he said, average consumer is now so connected across performing a Twitter search for the fastest ballPROJECTS ‘show me and I may remember; involve me multiple converging platforms that the potential they could think of, and translating a phrase from and I’ll understand.’ Considering how this for not just demonstrating but involving through one language to another using Google Translate.02 /MOVEMENTS sentiment could begin to affect modern digital channels, is massive. At the end of the game, a speedometer ranked marketers in Contagious 16, Bob Greenberg, how quickly they completed the course, with03 / chairman, CEO, and global chief creative Google / Chrome FastBall a prompt to share results through Facebook,FACEBOOK officer of R/GA, cited the elegant simplicity In July, Google launched the interactive, YouTube- Twitter or Google Buzz. Who said internet04 / based Chrome FastBall game via BBH NewREAL-TIME of the iPhone’s launch campaign, claiming browsers were low-interest? that ‘the product demonstration is back and it York. Subtitled A Race Across The Internet, this To date, the Chrome FastBall YouTube channel05 / needs to be a part of the aptitude and agenda returned to the Heath Robinson-esque machinesSTORIES has received over 500,000 unique views and, in of any great marketer or agency’. which featured in the preceding TV ads and just two years, Chrome is now the world’s third06 / dared the user to ‘Solve our internet challengesVIRAL Two years on, Greenberg’s comments seem most popular internet browser. See Contagious as fast as you can to get the ball across the finish prophetic. 2010 has been the year of the new 24. / line’. The aim, of course, was to prove you were and improved product demo. Despite the factEXPERIENCE quicker than the Chrome browser... Kinect (Microsoft) / Hacking that new technologies are becoming increasingly08 / complex in their capabilities, they are also (like Once the first video started and the clock Feel free to check out the Gaming section of thisGAMING the original iPhone) becoming paradoxically was ticking, the player faced five speed-related report for the full skinny on the most significant09 / challenges, such as choosing the fastest way hardware launch in the games market sinceDEVICES Nintendo’s Wii. Clearly the arrival of the Xbox10 / Kinect has massive implications for makerTV Microsoft’s share of the social/casual gaming11 / market. However, what’s fascinating is what canTECHNOLOGY be done with Kinect when it is taken apart…12 / Since the November launch of the controller-DATA free gaming system, YouTube has been flooded13 / with videos (there are close to 5,000 results forMONEY ‘Kinect hack’) showing everything from the useful14 / to the downright loony. What unites every singleDESIGN one is a sense of excitement at being given15 / free reign to hack, piece together and play withDEMOS advanced technologies previously reserved for an elite, affluent group.16 /COMPANIES GOOGLE CHROME / Supported by
  • 45. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / demos / p.45 The first iterations of these ‘hacks’ online the same for Apple’s OSX operating system. Mitsubishi / Online Test Drive initially ruffled Microsoft‘s feathers. However, The result is a 3D drawing programme in which Test driving a car online? Now there’s a having witnessed the sheer breadth of creativity Kinect maps one hand as it creates lines/shapes, challenge… and innovation evident in Kinect hack culture, and the other as it rotates the view. This allowsCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Microsoft has since changed tack. Shannon the user to create fully-navigable 3D renderings To promote the new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Loftis, studio manager at Microsoft Game in real-time. 180/Los Angeles and production company,01 / Studios even reported that she was ‘excited to B-Reel New York developed a world-first inPROJECTS Japanese developer Takayuki Fukatsu is a US campaign which allowed internet users see people so inspired’.02 / keeping the exact science of his own Kinect to take a real-world version of the sports utilityMOVEMENTS Without doubt, our favourite Kinect hack is that hack close to his chest; however, what we do vehicle for a spin, through their browser.03 / from UCLA researcher Oliver Kreylos named know is that Open Frameworks was used toFACEBOOK ‘2 Kinects 1 Box’, which alludes to another create a real-time filter which can render static04 / extremely viral video. Taking separate 3D video images onto a moving form. The result? Walk inREAL-TIME streams from two calibrated Kinect cameras, front of the Kinect sensor and it will camouflage05 / Kreylos was able to combine both into a single 3D your body into the room’s background - just likeSTORIES reconstruction. The objects rendered on screen iconic alien movie baddie, Predator. Now, ‘get to precisely match their real-life counterparts, the chopper’...06 /VIRAL enabling an exact augmented reality environment Lastly, we recommend that you check out to be constructed.07 / the work of developer Yankeyan, who amongEXPERIENCE Our second top hack is from developer Hector various other feats, has already created a hack08 / Martin, who first won a competition run by IT which enables a wooden broomstick to beGAMING hardware manufacturer Adafruit Industries, rendered on-screen as a glowing lightsabre, and09 / which offered a $3000 prize to the first person developed a motion-based controller system forDEVICES capable of creating an open-source driver for a Nintendo NES console. His most impressive MITSUBISHI / Kinect. Having developed just such a thing achievement, however, utilises OpenKinect10 /TV (compatible with Linux), Martin set about doing PC drivers and complex speech synthesis/ Working with 180 and robotics engineer Dr. recognition software. The smart system enables James Brighton, Mitsubishi pioneered a remote11 /TECHNOLOGY the user to hold foreign objects in front of the control system that utilises multiple cameras, in- Kinect camera and state their name. When the car servos and advanced GPS mapping. This12 / same object is produced for a second time, it then enabled prospective buyers to take theDATA will recognise each one and speak its name Outlander Sport for a drive on a closed course,13 / accordingly. See Contagious 25 but from the comfort of their homes. ParticipantsMONEY had to be US residents aged 18 or over, and14 / could sign up from 15 October; over 5,000DESIGN individual test drives then took place during 1-1015 / November. See Contagious 25.DEMOS www.outlandersport.com16 / TAKAYUKI FAKATSU /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 46. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / companies / p.46 16 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / COMPANIES /CONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / Moshi Monsters / London01 / Moshi Monsters, a brightly coloured online mash-up of socialPROJECTS networking, gaming and virtual pets targeting seven to 12-year-02 / olds, launched in 2008 but really hit paydirt this year. Players payMOVEMENTS a monthly membership fee to adopt and customise one of six cute03 / Moshis, monitoring their critter’s activity on a Facebook style wallFACEBOOK and befriending others to pad out their buddy list (a free version is04 / also available). Completing educational games allows players toREAL-TIME accumulate Roxs, a virtual currency that can be spent on pixelated goodies throughout Monstro City.05 /STORIES However, the fun continues offline as well. By making the shift06 / from virtual to physical, Moshi Monsters are standing out in aVIRAL sector previously dominated by the likes of Club Penguin and07 / Neopets. The company hosted its first real world event, the 15EXPERIENCE Million Monster Party, in London earlier this year, while printable08 / trading cards enable kids to continue the fun in the classroom,GAMING playground or park.09 / Smart move. In March 2009, 1.5 million Moshi Monsters hadDEVICES been adopted; that figure has now leapt to over 30 million to date10 / (7 million monthly unique visitors), with a bright outlook for theTV year ahead. CEO Michael Acton Smith recently projected that11 / the retail value of all Moshi Monsters-related merchandise soldTECHNOLOGY in 2011 will come to around $100 million. Seems a lot less like12 / child’s play now, doesn’t it?DATA - FOUNDED / 200813 / - EMPLOYEES / 40MONEY - FUNDING / $10M TO DATE MOSHI MONSTERS /14 / www.moshimonsters.comDESIGN15 /DEMOS16 /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 47. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / companies / p.47 Assured Labor / Boston Exploiting a handy combination of existing, When we covered Waze last year the app had Two thirds of internet users in emerging markets affordable, off-the-shelf technology and timely been downloaded 200,000 times in Israel. Since don’t have a PC at home. Consequently, although backing from telecoms experts Qualcomm has then, the number of users has grown to over 2.2 job hunters can upload a CV online, there is propelled Zeebo from pipe dream to product million users worldwide, garnering adoration fromCONTAGIOUSCHAPTERS / launch in just 18 months. Its versatile system the tech blogs. The company has just announced often a long time lag in responding to interview01 / requests or applying for specific jobs. offers games for download and basic web a further $25m in funding.PROJECTS connectivity, all purchased with a virtual currency, Addressing this fundamental problem is - FOUNDED 2008 Z-Credits.02 / Assured Labor. Essentially a recruitment - EMPLOYEES 40MOVEMENTS The console has sold ‘tens of thousands’ of agency, the company uses a complex algorithm - FUNDING $37M TO DATE03 / to match CVs on its database with job vacancies units since hitting the market in late 2009, and www.waze.comFACEBOOK in emerging markets, and then connects is cheerfully anticipating ‘unlimited’ potential04 / candidates with potential employers via SMS. for growth. Game developers from ElectronicREAL-TIME Arts to Fishlabs are already working on the So far over Assured Labor has signed up platform, while the compact, simple, mobile-05 / 20,000 active candidates in Nicaragua and based technology means the system could easilySTORIES hundreds of employers are already on board be incorporated into other products, such as06 / in Mexico; plans to launch the service in South televisions.VIRAL America and Asia are also underway. Meanwhile,07 / mobile penetration continues to grow three or - FOUNDED - 2007EXPERIENCE - FUNDING $8M four times faster than net penetration, increasing08 / the potential for Assured Labor to plug a lucrative www.zeeboinc.comGAMING gap in the market.09 / Waze / Tel Aviv - FOUNDED SEPTEMBER 2009DEVICES Waze is a dynamic navigation app which - EMPLOYEES 1410 / automatically updates the driving community as - FUNDING $1M TO DATETV users drive, detecting traffic levels and difficulties that arise in real time. Users can report and share11 /TECHNOLOGY information on accidents, speed cameras or road Zeebo / San Diego12 / works, alerting unsuspecting motorists that thereDATA Marrying the nimble, accessible, connected may be trouble ahead. technology behind mobile phones with the mania13 / for social gaming currently sweeping the internet, As a completely open-source platform, theMONEY development of Waze is dependent on the users, three-year-old Zeebo is bringing online gaming,14 / networking and learning to TV screens in living who update street names and correct errorsDESIGN rooms across the developing world through its to grow the amount and accuracy of the data15 / low cost games console. organically, as the community itself expands.DEMOS16 / WAZE /COMPANIES Supported by
  • 48. CONTAGIOUS most contagious / subscription offer / p.48 / CONTAGIOUS / SUBSCRIPTION OFFER / 20% DISCOUNT FULL OF TOMORROW VALID UNTIL 14TH JANUARY 2011CONTAGIOUS Contagious explores the shifting relationship between brands and01 / consumers, to predict the impact of new technologies and to makePROJECTS sense of the fragmenting media landscape.02 /MOVEMENTS Contagious exists to simplify and to advise. It is the global marketing industry’s early warning system; an intelligence resource for those03 /FACEBOOK attempting to stay ahead of all this change.04 / Contagious is a quarterly intelligence briefing in magazine, DVD andREAL-TIME online format, identifying the ideas, trends and innovations behind05 / theworld’s most revolutionary marketing strategies. Subscribers haveSTORIES access to a unique online intelligence resource dating back to 2004,06 / full of trend briefings, creative campaigns and best practice caseVIRAL studies in contagious branding.07 / All readers of the Most Contagious 2010 report will be able toEXPERIENCE subscribe to this phenomenal resource at a 20% discounted rate.08 /GAMING Normally 985 GBP. NOW only 790 GBP, for a limited period.09 / Offer ends 14th January 2011DEVICES click here to subscribe now:10 /TV /TECHNOLOGY12 /DATA13 /MONEY14 / Published by Contagious Communications Ltd /DESIGN Dunstan House / 14a St Cross Street / London EC1N 8XA /15 / /DEMOS E: /16 /COMPANIES Supported by