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Tracking between the pageviews with Google Analytics - ClickZ Live NYC 2014

Tracking between the pageviews with Google Analytics - ClickZ Live NYC 2014






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    Tracking between the pageviews with Google Analytics - ClickZ Live NYC 2014 Tracking between the pageviews with Google Analytics - ClickZ Live NYC 2014 Presentation Transcript

    • Tracking Between the Pageviews
    • Title and Content Layout with List • Add your first bullet point here • Add your second bullet point here • Add your third bullet point here I am Nico Analytics Associate Google Developer Expert Google Analytics @nicomiceli
    • I work at SEER Interactive @SEERInteractive @nicomiceli
    • Who are you? @nicomiceli
    • The Next 25 Minutes The Change The Solution The Examples @nicomiceli
    • The Web Used to be Easy @nicomiceli
    • Easy Sites • How do we use analtyics The First Website @nicomiceli
    • Easy Sites • How do we use analtyics Tracking was easy @nicomiceli
    • The Current Web @nicomiceli And Cooler! Is Better
    • HTML5 & CSS3 @nicomiceli
    • Videos! @nicomiceli
    • More Information is Needed @nicomiceli
    • But there is a catch @nicomiceli
    • Tracking is harder With pretty sites and great UI comes (occasional) tracking complexity @nicomiceli
    • What is working? @nicomiceli
    • nnii.co/QAAkdl @nicomiceli
    • Myth 1: We read what we’ve clicked on 55% of visitors spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. @nicomiceli
    • Myths • Myth 2: The more we share the more we read People that take the time to read don't share it. @nicomiceli
    • We are missing something! @nicomiceli
    • The James Bond of metrics @nicomiceli
    • Event Tracking @nicomiceli
    • It’s clean, elegant, easy to use @nicomiceli© EON productions
    • It can handle anything @nicomiceli© EON productions
    • Most importantly This can really teach you engagement @nicomiceli Event Handlers: nnii.co/1pEMq11
    • Event tracking anatomy ga('send', 'event', // type of tracking 'category', 'action', 'label', //optional value value); //optional number Universal Analytics Event tracking @nicomiceli nnii.co/1htPDxT
    • Examples! • You don’t need to write these down. @nicomiceli
    • A Normal Link <a href= “http://www.seerinteractive.com”> seer</a> @nicomiceli
    • Links <a href=“http://www.seerinterac tive.com” onclick= “ga('send', 'event', ‘outbound-link', ‘click', ‘seer', 1);”> seer</a> @nicomiceli
    • Sites through my eyes Note: None of the following sites have any association with SEER Interactive. They were picked as examples only. @nicomiceli
    • Your Average eComm site • Ecomm Buying something from a store image @nicomiceli
    • @nicomiceli
    • @nicomiceli Are people looking at the pics?
    • @nicomiceli Is the video getting played?
    • @nicomiceli Are people seeing your warrantees?
    • Your Average Publishing Site • Publishing Magazine image @nicomiceli
    • Links & Social @nicomiceli
    • Links & Social @nicomiceli What links get clicked on the most?
    • Comments Are people commenting?
    • @nicomiceli
    • Scroll Tracking @nicomiceli How far are they scrolling?
    • @nicomiceli nnii.co/1dLPIxB
    • Justin’s Example Advanced Content Tracking with Universal Analytics nnii.co/1kl4kCx @nicomiceli
    • • Lead gen Sales meeting image Your Average Lead Gen Site @nicomiceli
    • @nicomiceli
    • @nicomiceliHow are they watching the video?
    • @nicomiceli Is the right tab being displayed first?
    • Are people getting to your reviews?
    • Forms! @nicomicelinnii.co/QABuW1
    • The Output JS Fiddle: nnii.co/1jYROg5 @nicomiceli
    • This is the meat of your site! @nicomiceli
    • These are the most important parts of your site. You should know how people are navigating it. @nicomiceli
    • Recap More and more information is consumed without page views. @nicomiceli
    • Recap One metric just wont cut it anymore. @nicomiceliWhat did they do during that pageview?
    • Go explore your site Find the new things that matter
    • Thank You! Google.com/+NicoMiceli @nicomiceli Check us out: SEERInteractive.com nicom@SEERInteractive.com Links & Dev Resources after the presentation here! Thank You! @nicomiceli