Sustain Independent Filmmaking: Production


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In September 2010, I taught a short course on 'Sustaining Independent Filmmaking through the Internet' at Tampere University of Applied Science.

This is lecture 3: Production.

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  • Internet allows you to connect to people. Huge Tolkien fan base who would provide Crew and Actors but also Equipment for The Hunt for Gollum. This way, there is no need for Money anymore.
  • Through Openness, people get together, Share ideas and solve problems - and this on a Global Level. Advantage: Wisdom of the Crowd, rather than the lone super-brain. E.g: YouTube, Wikipedia, Linux, Second Life but also The Hunt for Gollum.
  • Another example for collaborative filmmaking.
  • Communities that support collaborative filmmaking.

  • Internet also speeds up the process of getting film to audience. Greenwald used this to stay on top of events in Afghanistan. He published short interviews immediately. Only later, he edited them together to the typical feature length film.
  • Tools for Distribution, Marketing and Production of films.
  • Story is extended online.

  • Audiences make decisions in story-telling process. They interact with the story. Here: They can click on the map to decide what part of the story (which town, which date, which person?) they are interested in.

  • Very sophisticated example:
  • A game can be a stand-alone storytelling device or as addition to a film.
    Dafur is Dying: Game to understand the Genocide in Dafur.
  • Make films in a virtual environment (Second Life, YouTube,, webcams, betting sites, Pirate Bay, etc.?)
  • Use multiple media synchronously to tell a story.
  • Summary: It depends on your goals how you can use the Internet. But there are options to help with most of your problems.

  • Sustain Independent Filmmaking: Production

    1. 1. Using the World Wide Web to Sustain Independent Filmmaking - Production -
    2. 2. The Hunt for Gollum Premiere on 8 May 2009 £3,000 budget (Cast & Crew volunteered) 6.8 million views on YouTube & Dailymotion 11,500 comments on YouTube & Dailymotion Offline Premiere at London Comic Con Screenings in Brazil, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Canada
    3. 3. Wikinomics Openness Peering Sharing Acting Globally Ideagoras, Prosumers, New Alexandrians
    4. 4. Star Wars: Uncut
    5. 5. Communities
    6. 6. One Day on Earth vs. Life in a Day
    7. 7. Rethink Afghanistan
    8. 8. Tools
    9. 9. Story Telling Cross-Platform
    10. 10. Story Telling Cross-Platform
    11. 11. Story Telling Cross-Platform
    12. 12. Story Telling Cross-Platform
    13. 13. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity
    14. 14. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity
    15. 15. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity
    16. 16. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity
    17. 17. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity Docu-Games
    18. 18. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity Docu-Games Machinima
    19. 19. Story Telling Cross-Platform Interactivity Docu-Games Machinima Multi-Platform
    20. 20. Further Readings Jon Reiss (2010). Think Outside the Box Office (invaluable; for US market) Scott Kirsner (2009). Fans, Friends and Followers (lots of good examples) Dave Evans (2008). Social Media Marketing. An Hour a Day (Ted Hopeʼs Blog) (DIYDays, New Breed, etc.)