Finding open images

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A short presentation on how to find, license and download open images …

A short presentation on how to find, license and download open images

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  • 1. Finding and saving open images Using Compfight/ Flickr Nicole Southgate Image by qthomasbower
  • 2. CompfightCompfight, according to their website, is notaffiliated to Flickr. Instead, they use Flickr’s APIto find the images
  • 3. Type in your search term - I chose the lovely Table Mountain - and hit Enter The next page has this on it.Click on Creative Commons
  • 4. Choose a picture. Once you click on the image, it will redirect you to Flickr. Screenshot of the information block on the right of the Flickr page Name of the authorThe most importantpart of this page is theLicense part. If you see“All RightsReserved”, skip it andlook for anotherpicture. If you’relucky, an e-mail to theauthor will result inyou being able to useit. Tags: these are the keywords you type in when searching for a particular topic Creative Commons Licenses
  • 5. LicensingClick on “Some Rights Reserved”A license page will come up, explaining the terms ofthis license CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0
  • 6. How to save an image from FlickrYou might laugh at the simplicity of this slide, but manypeople don’t know how to do this.1. Click on the image2. Right-click and click on your required size3. You will be redirected to a new page where you will haveto (again) click on the image size you want+4. Save it to your hard-drive
  • 7. Don’t forget to…… follow the rules as stipulated by the license… attach the license to the image… attribute the author Image by: jamalaly (Flickr)
  • 8. I hope you found this slideshow informative. Do you have any suggestions? Tweet me @nicansou