How Long Do External Hard Drives Last For


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Seagate STAX500102 - Seagate external portable drives are compact and perfect for file storage and transfers on-the-go. Instantly add up to 1.5TB (depending on model) more storage space to your computer and take large files with you when you travel.

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How Long Do External Hard Drives Last For

  1. 1. So you think you want an external hard drive? Want to be able to backup your documents and picturesquickly and easily?. Well creating a backup using one of these devices is super simple and so much fasterthan any other backup system thats ever been created. I know a lot of people use various types of backupdevices but a portable drive is by far the fastest and largest backup medium you can get for the money. Youwill definitely want to back up all of your iTunes music files, pictures, family movies, bookmarks, outlookcontacts; I mean you can most definitely create a backup of almost anything youve got on your computer.Because an external hard drive is easily unplugged from your computer you are able to take it with youanywhere. I always advise clients, home computer users and especially business owners to create a backupon a portable detachable drive. Then take the backup device to a secure location for safekeeping. I mean lotsof people use the drives to create backups but then leave them sitting right next to the computer they backedup! What if you had a flood or a fire? Both your computer and the drive itself would be destroyed. Youshould really consider storing it offsite at a friends house, in a fireproof and waterproof safe, or even arented locker. Most people dont realize how important the information on their backup is until its too late.Dont let that happen to you.The large data storage volume on the market today is available with external hard drives. Whats more, isthat the devices are rarely discarded for hardware failure. In fact, they are quite reliable over long stretchesof time before needing a replacement. At some point, youll want to replace them because you dont want torisk losing your data. Most of the time people are buying a new drive long because technology has improvedand theres now one thats faster and has a larger capacity. These things are so reliable and so inexpensive itjust makes sense to use them. You wont find any other type of backup to be easier, faster or at a better price.Use some sort of PC backup software to create the most comprehensive protection of your computer. Mostwindows-based computers come with free backup software built in from the XP operating system forward atleast. Look this is free and it will be adequate for most people. Then set reminders for yourself to performthe backup. And afterward dont forget to store your external hard drive in a safe, secure location.If you have multiple computers, just use a separate device for each one of the computers or create separatebackup files for each system on one device. Truly, the devices are so inexpensive nowadays, I have a couplefor my different computers. To make life easier, place labels on each one so which drive belongs to whichcomputer. Thats how I do it anyway, so that I know which one is a backup of which computer. Does thatmake sense?Go with an external hard drive and you wont be disappointed. One of my favorites is the Toshiba Portable640gb model. However, some folks may need more storage, and in that case one of the most high ratedexternal hard drives is the Western Digital 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop device. Keep in mind the smaller portableexternal hard drives only require a USB connection where the larger desktop models need a USB and an ACpower adapter which comes with the device.
  2. 2. After working as an IT consultant to small businesses and individuals, I have decided to publish advice thatwill boil down some practical and easy ways to protect your valuable information. Most people just dontknow how easy it is to protect themselves from losing their data. So, Ive published information to help themunderstand how to use an external drives to make life easier. No other device gives you so much bang forthe buck!!Before you purchase an external hard drive [], be sure to read about some ofthe bestelling models on the market [] today.Article Source: STAX500102 at a Low Price