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Evaluation Media

  1. 1. Evaluation of“pulse”<br />By Nicole Emanuel<br />
  2. 2. The way it uses conventions of real media products<br />Barcode<br /><ul><li> Enables it to be sold. Like real life magazines.</li></ul>Real-life Magazine<br />My Product<br />Strapline<br /><ul><li>“Adding A Bit Of Funk To Your Life” Like real magazines you can associate that strapline with that particular magazine.</li></ul>Uses a masthead<br /><ul><li>Positioned at the top with capital letters – big and bold – similar to real life magazines – so we instantly know the magazine. </li></ul>Use of Typography<br /><ul><li>Sans-serif – typical of magazines for middle class teens.
  3. 3. Blocks and Capital Letters – often found in magazine cover lines and headings. </li></ul>Banner<br />“The UK’s Funky House Festival”<br /><ul><li>Centre – grabs readers attention in real magazines. </li></ul>Uses a main centre image<br /><ul><li> Real life magazines often have a centre image that is normally the main story.
  4. 4. My image is a low angle Shot medium shot. Magazines can use a variety of images from close up to long shots.
  5. 5. I challenged images by rotating the image and having a border of a circle rather than square.</li></ul>Uses Incentives<br />Music magazines such as Kerrang! Use incentives weekly to lure their reader.<br /><ul><li> I used “Win An IPod Touch” – which draws readers in.
  6. 6. I developed this incentive by placing it in the “sweet spot” so is a good way of luring readers in. </li></ul>The Gutter<br /><ul><li> A way of informing readers what else is to come in everyday magazines.</li></li></ul><li>Institutional Details<br /><ul><li> Magazine website – normally found on contents pages of magazines.</li></ul>Continuity In Design<br /><ul><li> Pink and yellow are still the main colours.
  7. 7. In magazines similar font and colours are used on the cover page and contents page.</li></ul>Sub Headings<br /><ul><li> Creates division in the different sections included in the magazine. This is used in real life magazines.
  8. 8. The three sections “Features, Funky house & Fun” are an example of alliteration. This challenges the convention.</li></ul>Images<br /><ul><li> More images are added to the contents page and are related to the stories included in the magazine. </li></ul>Shapes<br /><ul><li>Different shapes being layered challenges conventions of real life magazines.
  9. 9. The borders of images are wonky which also challenges conventions of real life magazines.</li></ul>Images Marked With Page Numbers are both used in my music magazine and an everyday magazines.<br /><ul><li>Page numbers are normal in all magazines as it instructs the readers to what page covers which story. </li></ul>Issue Date<br /><ul><li>Typical of magazines – makes reader aware of info about the timing of the magazine.</li></ul>Typeface<br />The same font is used for each subheading.<br />
  10. 10. Inset images<br /><ul><li>Typical of magazines – helps to divide the text and make it more aesthetically appealing. </li></ul>Byline<br /><ul><li>This is present in all journalist writings in magazines and newspapers and shows the public who wrote it. </li></ul>Use of Images<br /><ul><li>I have a main image , which is similar to some magazines (below) – it relates to the story beside it. </li></ul>Use of Quote<br /><ul><li> Typical of magazines – gives reader an insight into what is included on the text –quite direct and personal as its from the interviewee’s point of view. </li></ul>Page Numbers<br /><ul><li>Typical of all magazines – to enable direction. </li></ul>Artist details<br /><ul><li>Included in magazines to give more information about upcoming events involving the artist.</li></li></ul><li>The ways the product represents particular social groups<br />Colours<br /><ul><li> Yellow and pink are contrasting colours.
  11. 11. Pink – quite girly – feminine - suitable for the audience.
  12. 12. Yellow – bright & attractive . Energetic vibe , full of excitement -Like funky house music .
  13. 13. Typical of the “girly” social group who love pink.</li></ul>Price<br /><ul><li>Its quite cheap represents middle class teenagers who have money to dispose. </li></ul>Use of Typography<br /><ul><li>Sans-serif – could represent informal, fun & laid back type of people </li></ul>Incentives<br />“Win An IPod Touch” could represent the generation of people who want to keep up with the latest technology and possibly be materialistic. <br />Banner<br /><ul><li>Suitable for the teenage social group that is interested in attending festivals and concerts. </li></li></ul><li>Images<br /><ul><li>The images are of young people, so it represents the youth social group. Also the people are of black ethnicity which could represent the black youth.</li></ul>The image of a female could represent the girly social group who like to have role models. <br />Also, the image could represent a strong black lady who has or is in the process of fulfilling her ambition and becoming successful. <br />The images of the black youths present them in a positive light. The facial expressions seem quite positive and will be good representation to the race in the media. <br />Language used<br /><ul><li>“Clothing Range” This type of language could target those that are interested in fashion. </li></ul>Mode of address<br /><ul><li>Quite personal – pronouns “I” – represent the social group who are interested in celebrities personal lives. </li></li></ul><li>What kind of institution might distribute my media product and why<br /><ul><li>Bauer Media</li></ul>WHY?<br /><ul><li>Because Bauer is a multi-platform UK-based collected around two main divisions – Magazines and Radio –therefore “Pulse” would be included in their division.
  14. 14. Because in 1994, the company bought a small magazine called For Him Magazine and is now the core of the best-selling international multi-platform brand FHM. This suggest that a small magazine such as “Pulse” could imitate this and start as a small magazine and build up to be worldwide.
  15. 15. The Bauer Publishing Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 230 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. Therefore, “Pulse” could be advertised by the use of synergy in Bauer’s various products which would make it more known .
  16. 16. Bauer would allow retail stores such as WHSmith, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Local supermarket stores would distribute the magazine. </li></ul>WHY?<br />Because these stores are stores which the working class teenagers are most likely to visit .<br />
  17. 17. The audience of my magazine<br />Working class, female teenagers (14-18) of mixed or black ethnicity<br />Age is made known by the cover lines, mode of address and language. “The UK Funky House Festival” targets the working class who attend these festivals during their summer or winter breaks. <br />How do I know?.... How do I attract/address my audience?<br />Class is made known by the pricing.<br />“£1.99” is appropriate for working class.<br />Ethnicity is made known by the use of images (of black/mixed ethnicity) which address readers of that race.<br />Gender is made known by the use of colours (pink) which connotes femininity which draws in the female readers. <br />
  18. 18. The audience of my magazine<br />In order to receive feedback of my magazine “PULSE”, I had to send out questionnaires to a range of people.<br />Questionnaire Questions<br />Do you think the colours work well together?<br />Does it look like a music magazine cover?<br />What genre of music do you think the magazine represents?<br />What draws you in the most on the front cover?<br />What age range do you think the magazine is targeted at?<br />What do you like most about the product?<br />What do you like least?<br />What do you think could be improved or added?<br />50% of those asked thought that an editorial could be added to the contents page. <br />All of the people asked “what age range do you think the magazine is targeted at? Answered with teenagers. However, the age range varied from 13-20.<br />70% most liked the headphones in the background of the contents page and described it as being very appealing. <br />
  19. 19. What I have learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product<br /><ul><li>Apple Mac PC’s are harder for me to use Adobe Photoshop on as the symbols differ slightly from a windows PC.
  20. 20. Blogger. I have signed up to blogger and have learnt how to make drafts and posts and also insert images. I have learnt that it is a good way of recording stages of your work.
  21. 21. QuarkXPress is not suitable for me. I personally don’t find it user friendly and find it harder to use than Adobe Photoshop.
  22. 22. Printing A3. I found the A3 printer difficult to work with as it was confusing to adjust the size and shape of the magazine so that it printed out the correct size , so I could see what it would look like on paper.
  23. 23. Digital Camera. From using the camera and taking a variety of images I have learnt that different angles and lighting effects can differ the quality of the image.</li></li></ul><li>Looking back at the preliminary, in the progression I think I have learnt…<br /><ul><li>New skills on Photoshop
  24. 24. How to move and resize images
  25. 25. Rotate and transform text
  26. 26. How to position words and images to make it look more successful
  27. 27. How to insert images
  28. 28. How to manage time efficiently
  29. 29. That the type of shot can connate many things.</li></ul>Music Magazine<br />Preliminary Task<br /><ul><li>That it is useful and very beneficial to plan a good draft so you have a rough idea on what direction your going in.
  30. 30. To take a variety of images so you have many to choose from and figure out what works best.</li>