Ca1 internet infrustructure


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Ca1 internet infrustructure

  1. 1. Mobile      Meteor On the go- use it for facebook, twitter, whatsapp, internet and online banking app. Monthly bill: €30euro a month which includes 1GB of data. More than enough data available, I never go over my data usage Ability to turn data on and off. I turn it off when im around a Wifi zone to save my data usage.
  2. 2.      Eircom : Efibre broadband Free upgrade to this type when already an Eircom customer. Faster and quicker downloads. Router is black “flatscreen” style and neat. Mainly use home internet for research for college/daily information needed at that time eg motor tax online.
  3. 3.     Eircom is my main source of internet along with UPC. Before I got Eircom I got BT broadband. BT were a very bad provider: signal downfall, wasn’t connected to the internet properly even after people coming out trying to fix the signal. Other providers are SKY, imagine and upc
  4. 4. Fibre Optic Broadband
  5. 5.      Imagine: provides half price connection fee-this will attract students and people effected by the recession. There top offer of €19 a month provides a free phone line, 3cent calls and unlimited data usage. Contract is 12months. Imagine are a cheap and cheerful wireless network available through Uswitch. Speed: 10MB
  6. 6. Efibre broadband  Signal sent to modeum that Eircom provides.  phone line and broadband are all connected in one area through filters/splitters.  find where this service is available in you area:  Up to 24MB: faster speed than wireless  Phone and broadband paid as a package €30. 
  7. 7. €35 a month  No phone line needed No contract so can cancel at anytime  High speed broadband  
  8. 8.      €50 a month for 4months- sky broadband and talk Unlimited broadband Talk freetime Talk line rental included Free sky box and set up
  9. 9.  €19 a month  10MB unlimited usage  Wifi enable  Free phone line  3cent calls
  10. 10.  €44 a month- phone and fibre power   120MB Free off peak calls to local and national destinations
  11. 11.      Broadband is vital for PR companies. They are dependent on a good broadband server. When working in a PR company for my placement the provider they used was Eircom I used the internet for research on social media website aswel as google. It allowed me to accesss my emails which are essential in a working day in order to contact clients A good provider with fast and reliable broadband is important when choosing which company to use.
  12. 12. Minister Pat Rabbitte: National Broadband Strategy  Rabbitte says there is going to be a link between broadband and employment. People will save money on petrol by depending on broadband to work at home therefor saving money which is a key aspect due to the recession.  By 2015 high speed broadband will reach homes and firms across the country.  With the help of capital programmes 2000 installations will be put on public buildings.  multi-anticipated wireless spectrum will auction for the 4G, this will allow all areas to connect to broadband.  Ipads are now being introduced to schools and are now tuning into lessons using broadband.
  13. 13.       Roberto Viola, deputy director general at European Commission's DG says that the future of broadband is simple, broadband is going to be faster and provided at a lower cost to consumers. Wireless broadband represents the future. Mobile devices will become more important and people will be more dependent on it. Broadband is going to continue to grow reaching third world countries, eventually taking over the world. For example mobile banking is going to lead the banks out of business. People can now shop online so they don’t have to go to the supermarket.
  14. 14.   The number of large-screen wireless subscribers will triple during the next 4–5 years in India LTE will have a major role with the availability of 700MHz spectrum by 2015. It will be driven by 3G small-screen mobile broadband, which are expected to increase rapidly from 2014 to 2015 as smartphones become more affordable and data pricing issues are resolved.
  15. 15.     Mobile broadband is growing faster than any technology in human history averaging 30% per year. Five countries now have mobile broadband penetration in excess of 100 connections per capita (Singapore, Japan, Finland, Korea and Sweden). By the beginning of 2013, 32 economies had mobile-broadband subscriptions. To conclude, it is evident that broadband will take over a lot of jobs but will also create jobs as communications Minister Pat Rabbitte explains. Broadband is going increasingly popular and quick and easy to access and is vital for companies to deliver their daily work load.
  16. 16.     Silicone Republic (2012)An interview with Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte on Ireland’s broadband future [online] (Accessed: 28/10/13) The Parliament (2013) Future of broadband spectrum 'vitally important' to EU economy [Online] (Accessed: 28/10/13) Light reading (2010) WiMax, 3G to Dominate India's Broadband Future [online] (Accessed: 28/10/13) ITUBlog (2013) Africas future is clear: youth, technology and future [Online] (Accessed: 28/10/13)
  17. 17. Nicole Oppermann N00105006 DL242 Year 4