ASSURE Lesson Plan (Draft)


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ASSURE Lesson Plan (Draft)

  1. 1. Nicole Nadal ED 217-02 Spring 2012 “Cereal Nutrition” (ASSURE Lesson Plan) ASSURE Lesson Plan A - Analyze the learner. S - State objectives. S - Select media and materials. U - Utilize media and materials. R - Require learner participation. E - Evaluate and revise.ANALYZE LEARNERS General Characteristics The learners are 10th grade students between the ages of 15 and 16 years old. There is one student with a physical disability which requires her to be on a wheelchair, but her hands are capable to perform this lesson. The students have diverse cultural backgrounds – Chamoru, Filipino, Palauan, and Caucasian. Students come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, from average to middle class families. Usually, students are average to above average achievers. Class size is small with only 18 students, 10 boys and 8 girls. Learning Styles o Students are verbal and visual learners o Examples need to be provided Entry Competencies Students have had prior lessons on nutrition such as finding nutritional facts on labels and categorizing them. Students have a basic understanding of computer operations and with the use of their individual class Gmail account, havebeen taught to make spreadsheetsusing Google Docs as well as how to transform them into tables.
  2. 2. Nicole Nadal ED 217-02 Spring 2012 Learning Styles o Students are verbal and visual learners o Examples need to be providedSTATE OBJECTIVESStudents will Be responsible to bring in three different cereal boxes. Listen and engage in discussions regarding the teacher’s introduction for the lesson on nutrition Read nutrition labels for total fat, salt, and sugar content per serving of each label. Sort the information gathered and input data into a digital spreadsheet using Google Docs Spreadsheet,following the criteria set by the teacher Use Google Docs Spreadsheet to input the information into a chart format Be able to explain the chart by comparing each fat, salt, and sugar content Explain their findings and determine the healthier brand of cereal based on their dataSelect instructional methods, media, and materials Methods o Teacher will first start the lesson with a review of the previous nutrition lesson. o Teacher will then demonstrate how to identify the proper fat, sodium, and sugar content with a label sample on hand. o Students will work in pairs, having nine pairs altogether o Students will use MS Excel to create spreadsheet and chart representation of information gathered. Media o Gmail and Google Docs Materials o Information from previous lesson o Computer lab, reserved for the day o Projector acquired by teacher o Cereal labels (brought in or found online)UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS
  3. 3. Nicole Nadal ED 217-02 Spring 2012 Teacher will use personal laptop and projector to review previous nutrition lesson Teacher will check for cereal labels brought in, and will offer website for those who do not have labels. The teacher needs to be sure that all of the computers have Internet access and are working and available at the time she is going to need them. Google DocsSpreadsheet will be used to create spreadsheetand chart of gathered information Teacher will display pre-made spreadsheet and chart after students during the lesson via the projector.REQUIRE LEARNER PARTICIPATION Students will work with a classmate next to them Using the information from the cereal labels, students will share their data and create a comparison spreadsheetwith their partner, inputting both their data into one spreadsheet (similar to the teacher’s example). Once the spreadsheet is created, students will use that information and transform it into a chart. Each pair will create tables, utilizing different formats and being creative in terms of appearance and organization. Once completed, students will compile charts. Each pair will present their spreadsheet and chart to the class. The class will offer their feedback for each pair and then have a group discussion on what they have learned. Students will share their thoughts on utilizing spreadsheets and charts to record nutritional data as well as offer ideas on how to use them . For homework, students will write a reflection paper on what they have learned from reading and recording nutritional facts , how the method is useful for making healthy decisions, and how to utilize the spreadsheet and charting resource.EVALUATE AND REVISE Assessment of learners o Students will read and gather information from nutrition labels with 100% accuracy. o Students will create a table on Google Docs spreadsheet to show total fat, sodium, and sugar levels for three different cereals. o Using the information in the table, students will create a chart on Google Docs Spreadsheet . o Students will be able to present information and answer required questions.
  4. 4. Nicole Nadal ED 217-02 Spring 2012Evaluation of methods o Prior lesson on Google Docs Spreadsheet will be useful o Students will be more comfortable with operating Google Apps o Students worked well cooperatively and efficiently by assisting each other. o Examples and prompts proved helpfulEvaluation of media o Delays with technical problems in computers. o Students had ample access to computers and teacher-provided projector.