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Tweeting On Twitter
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Tweeting On Twitter


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Here is a presentation I did for the Closet Factory Franchisee Corporation about Tweeting on Twitter.

Here is a presentation I did for the Closet Factory Franchisee Corporation about Tweeting on Twitter.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Sign
  • Why is Twitter a great tool for Owners and Designers?
  • Twitter are the people you want to know while facebook are the people you already know!
  • And network with
  • ALL NETWORKING THESE DAYS TAKES PLACE LOCALLYYou are interacting with individuals and sharing stories you care about!Quick, short and to-the-point real-time information…Create a profile that shows others why you are an expert and they should care about what you are sayingThis slide show is designed to help you understand that Twitter is a great tool.. And on the local and personal level can be very valuable to have you:Network Engage Prospects (and follow)Find Relevant FollowersPosition Yourself As An Expert staying abreast of the latest trends in your fieldkeeping up-to-date on your interests and hobbies
  • People search for simialar twitter people… you can search for
  • se
  • and Discussions On Twitter
  • Trending topics in your area
  • After you set up your profile you want to search tweets that you care about
  • Iphone, android, tablet computer or ipad
  • Long term
  • Transcript

    • 1. Tweeting On Twitter
      Presented By: Nicole Tate
      Closet Factory Franchise Corp.
    • 2. Tweeting On Twitter
      Presented By:
      Nicole Tate
      National Social Media Manager
      Ext: 233
    • 3. What is Twitter?
    • 4. Twitter is…
      #1 Online Source for Real-Time Information
      #1 Micro Blogging Site
      #2 Social Network
    • 5. How isFacebook different from Twitter?
    • 6. Facebook has people you already know…
    • 7. Twitter has the people you WANT to know!
    • 8. Some Typical Pre-Tweeting Concerns…
      “Why should I be on Twitter?”
      “I don’t really understand how it works and why it matters.”
      “I already update Facebook, can’t people just look there?”
      “I don’t understand why I need followers or who to follow.”
      “I don’t understand how to get followers.”
      “How is this going to help my business and sales?”
    • 9. Twitter is a funandconvenientway to…
      Network Locally
      Share Your Knowledge
      Engage Prospects
      Find Relevant Followers
      Position Yourself as an Expert
      Stay abreast of the latest industry trends and news
      Keep up-to-date on your interests and hobbies
    • 10. Networking now takes place online!
      Set Up Twitter Profile
      Search Tweets
      Follow Tweeters
      Compose Message AKA “Tweet”
      iPhone & Android Apps
      Attend Tweet-Ups
      Create Lists
    • 11. The Anatomy Of A Twitter Profile
    • 12. How Do I get Followers?
      Tweet & Tweet Often
      Use Hashtags “#”
      Tip: Tweet or Re-Tweet Current Trending Topics
      Follow Similar Twitter People
      Ask Questions of other TweetPeeps
      Have a variety of Tweets
      Respond to tweets you like! Don’t Be shy!
    • 13. The “@” Sign - @closetfactory
      Used to “tag” a Twitter User
      A Twitter Name/Person
      Used in Advertising
      Used instead of saying example:
    • 14. Composing A Tweet
    • 15. What is a Re-Tweet or RT?
    • 16. Shortened URL’s
    • 17. The Anatomy Of A Tweet
    • 18. What the heck are HASHTAGS?
    • 19. #Hashtags Are Searchable Keywords
    • 20. #Hashtags Are Trending Topics
    • 21. Who are you searching for locally to follow?
      Local Tweeters
      Local Businesses
      Local Competitors
      Prospects who are moving or remodeling
      Current Events
      Topics that Interest You!
    • 22. Twitter Search
    • 23. Advanced Twitter Search…
    • 24. Twitter Search Sites – Twellowhood
    • 25. Twitter Search Sites - Nearby Tweets
    • 26. Twitter Search Sites –
    • 27. Twitter Search Sites - TwitterHolic
    • 28. Mobile Device Apps
    • 29. Best Twitter Directory – WeFollow
    • 30. Sharing Content - TwitPic
    • 31. Attend A TweetUp
    • 32. Sharing Content – Twitter Buttons
    • 33. Best Twitter Tool – TweetDeck
    • 34. Sign Up and Get Started!
      Local Businesses
      Run Local Searches for Keywords
    • 35. Think of Twitter as…
    • 36. A Powerful Career Tool!
    • 37. ALong-Term Career Tool!
    • 38. An Online Portfolio!
    • 39. Twitter Questions?