Twestival for Edgeware


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My presentation for Edgeware about Brisbane Twestival and BTUB. September 2009.

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Twestival for Edgeware

  1. 1. Nicole Jensenevent manager, social media geek
  2. 2. What’s up? Social media general description Twitter  Jargon  The Brisbane scene  Twestival  Twitter tips facebook  Presenting yourself online LinkedIn  Your resume online Additional social media  User-generated content Tips/Resources
  3. 3. The Buzz Word: Social Media Internet-based “many to many” communication. More involvement than traditional media. More conversation, less broadcasting. Highly accessible & immediate. Scalable publishing techniques. Transforming people from content consumers into content producers.
  4. 4. Twitter Microblogging! It’s awesome. Status updates. Short bursts of info. “What are you doing?” expandable Most popular social media for small business.  Customer service or market research,  Community or event management,  Public or private,  Corporate or personal,
  5. 5. Twitter Make friends  Record your toaster Find a job or business usage partner  Record business Volunteer projects activities (bakery example) Up-to-date information  Report traffic incidents Discuss interests - #eventprofs  Report wasp nests Competitions, score  Events free stuff  News Help finishing a presentation minutes before you go live
  6. 6. Twitter Jargon Tweet: an update of 140 characters Tweep: a Twitter user DM: private message between users Reply: public reply to a user’s tweet RT: retweet; copied, referenced tweet @: used to signal a user  E.g. @e_d_g_e_w_a_r_e  E.g. @nicolejensen
  7. 7. Brisbane Twitter User Brigade @BTUB ( BTUB) A social group for people in Brisbane who use Twitter. “Connecting the tweeps in BNE.” Following: 992 Followers: 1048 Updates: 225 Since: Feb 2008.
  8. 8. What We Tweet About Upcoming BTUB events. Announce event hashtags/codewords (#teaTUB, #BTUB). Promote other local events that may be of interest to the Brisbane community. Relevant news or points of interest. Live event tweets.
  9. 9. How We Measure Success Number of followers & Facebook group members. Engagement (hashtags, retweets). Event successes – attendance, follow up comments, photos. Local external interest from businesses, other organisations.
  10. 10. Brisbane Twestival Part of international Twitter-oriented charity events. 332 Twestivals have been run since Feb, all by 100% volunteers. Brisbane has run twice and raised over $9800 in total. @bnetwestival / #bnetwestival
  11. 11. Brisbane Twestival Local
  12. 12. Brisbane Twestival Local 11th Sept, 2009 at Joshua Levi Galleries Raised funds for Inspire Foundation (@inspire_aus). Sponsored by Mxit, Fresh Marketing &
  13. 13. Brisbane Twestival Local Bands, art auction, burlesque, cupcakes, badge machine, food, drinks, live graffiti, comedy. Organised through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, telephone, meetings in person.
  14. 14. How Twitter Was Used Announcements Recruit volunteers, sponsors, entertainment Special discounts on ticketing Share related links Share media interest Market research FAQ’s
  15. 15. A 3 Party App: rd  To gauge members’ opinions.  Very quick & easily shared.  Tip? Don’t give an option of “no opinion.”
  16. 16. Tips for Twitter Starters Have the future in mind when thinking of your username. Avoid changing it. Fill out the profile. With a [real] picture and URL. Don’t follow too more than 50 people to start. You may look like a spammer otherwise. Know when to publicly/privately reply to someone. Follow local people. Follow interesting people. You can be picky. More tips at: (my website)
  17. 17. facebook Can be used for professional use, but in the right way; transparently. Learn how to use privacy settings. Use factors for their intended use. E.g. Events for events, Profile for person, Page for organisation, etc. Get your own URL. Have a respectable picture. Pointless apps are the devil.
  18. 18. Your professional profile on the web. Controlled viewing – privacy ensured. Makes great search results for your name. Recommendations work like written references. Groups allow for knowledge share. Still relatively unused in Australia – you’ll appear to be ahead of the pack. is a more creative option.
  19. 19. More Social Media Content Photography Vlogs  YouTube, Qik, or Vimeo User-Generated Content  Polls  Videos  Flickr group  Forums  Blogs Social Bookmarking Instant Messaging
  20. 20. 5 Things I’ve Learnt Difficult to maintain many hubs – Twitter, facebook, www, Flickr, Google Calendar… Don’t overload. Blogs mundane to maintain; vlogs also. Need consistency in details. Located through retweets, web search, Twitter search & Facebook. Twitter hashtags now created by tweeps for individual events (or anything else!). Social media use has grown very quickly this year.
  21. 21. Final Tips Stay personal. It’s  social media.  Strive for  consistency.  Don’t update all with  the same message simultaneously.  Be careful. Keep profiles updated.