Thriller poster conventions

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  • 1. Thriller Poster Conventions
  • 2. Colour • Thriller film posters typically use the colours: black, grey, red, white, blue, yellow and orange.
  • 3. Picture • The poster usually includes the main character, sometimes two that are the main focus on the poster and take up most of the space. • Sometimes there is a few more pictures that give away the setting, more characters and possibly a scene from the film. • Thriller posters sometimes has the use of a glowing light. • There is always some signifiers in the poster to tell the audience what genre the film is and what may happen during the film
  • 4. Font/text • The fonts used are typically clear and easy to read. The title is usually in capitals letters and is bold to attract the audiences attention. • Sometimes the font can be scratchy and rough looking to give a feel of the film and relate to the genre. • The title is normally in white, red or yellow/orange.
  • 5. Lighting • The lighting is typically low key lighting to create that mysterious and tense atmosphere. • The lighting makes the characters seem mysterious and sometimes creates shadows which hides the identity and makes the audience want to find out who it is.
  • 6. Director, producer and actors • The director and producer of the film is normally shown, especially if they are well known as some people follow directors/producers. The main character(s) are normally shown as well as this may attract people to see the film if they are well known. • The actors names are normally seen at the top or bottom of posters.
  • 7. Taglines and reviews • Thriller posters have a tagline and at least one review on them. • Reviews help sell the film and if well known companies are recommending it then the target audience will want to see it as well. • The tagline gives a clue to what the film is about but normally has a mysterious feel to it to make the audience want to see the film.
  • 8. Date • The date is put on posters so the audience know when the film is coming out. Sometimes the posters will have ‘coming soon’, the exact date or month.