Sheshunoff Branding


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Rebranding of the Sheshunoff and Pratt Brands

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Sheshunoff Branding

  1. 1. Sheshunoff Brand Transformation: Recommendations
  2. 2. Goals and Objectives • Present a cohesive and unique brand identity to the marketplace. • Determine and reinforce brand values to customers and employees. • Increase incremental revenue through increased brand recall and trust.
  3. 3. Research Performed • In-depth interviews and survey of key internal stakeholders • Market/Environment scan • Competitor scan • State of the Industry survey (250 respondents)
  4. 4. Sheshunoff Background Sheshunoff Information Services has been serving the information needs of financial institution professionals for more than 30 years. Sheshunoff leads the market for its step-by-step, practical guidance for regulatory compliance and financial institution operations and management. Sheshunoff publishes books, newsletters, training courses, web libraries, and work solutions by the country's leading financial institution experts. The Sheshunoff product line covers leading titles on financial topics, from regulatory compliance to information security. Sheshunoff continues to give financial professionals practical tools — sample policies and procedures, risk assessment checklists, internal controls worksheets, and sample strategic plans — that can be easily adapted to any institution's needs.
  5. 5. Mission and Vision • Mission: Sheshunoff improves the financial services professional’s efficiency, compliance, and service through quality and timely information and analysis. • Vision: Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of industry tools and solutions for the financial services professional.
  6. 6. The Product Line • Manuals, Books, Newsletters, Audio Conferences and Web- Access products for Financial Services Professionals, including: – Timely analysis – Expert Authors – Credible Sources – Practical Guidance
  7. 7. What distinguishes us from competitors? • From Associations: “Customers look to us for implementation of changes. They need the how-to piece.” This practical guidance need from the customer does not appear to be fulfilled through the association competition. • From News Publications: They provide the analysis, not the how-to. • From Wolters Kluwer/Thomson: Our exclusive industry- focus, personalized solutions-based approach. • From Webinar Providers: Internal expertise and content
  8. 8. Brand Personality & Essence • Personalized • Trusted • Practical (Driven by How-to) • Accurate • Timely • Cost-Effective • Expertise (as a Credibility dimension) • Established
  9. 9. Dimensions of Credibility • Dimensions include expertise, reliability and goodwill. • To a lesser extent, dynamism and likeability. • Includes Trustworthiness • Expertise is the leading persuading factor in source credibility (affecting up to 10% of attitude and behavior change from consumers) • Attitude change most affected by combination of qualitative evidence and source credibility • Cold statistics do not come alive; narrative accounts create vivid recall and are more accessible How do we prove it? Fully-sourced customer testimonials (specifically, bank name and title)
  10. 10. What is a Brand Positioning Statement? Also referred to as a brand strategy, positioning strategy, or brand positioning statement, a positioning statement is a succinct description of the core target audience to whom a brand is directed, and a compelling picture of how the marketer wants them to view the brand. A well-constructed positioning statement is an invaluable means of bringing focus and clarity to the development of a marketing strategy and tactics. How? Because every decision that is made regarding the brand is judged by how well it supports the positioning statement---from the brand name, the product itself, and packaging, to advertising, promotions, etc.   There are four elements or components of a positioning statement: • Target Audience • Frame of Reference • Benefit/Point of Difference • Reason to Believe
  11. 11. Brand Positioning Statement For financial services professionals, Sheshunoff is the information services provider and publisher that delivers personalized service and practical, how-to guidance on the legal and compliance questions of the financial services industry because only Sheshunoff is the single source for the most timely, accurate and credible advice and analysis available.
  12. 12. Tagline Timely Guidance. Practical Advice. Trust the Experts at Sheshunoff. • Combines competitive advantage, key value proposition for product and key industry value.
  13. 13. Logo Update • Updated Typesetting reflecting a more modern, up-to-date company. Treatment of the S with a page turning suggests something important being revealed, also reflective of the publishing aspect of the business. • Blue darkened to a more traditional, professional blue, and a grey-brown incorporated a secondary color to bring a contemporary, helpful feel.
  14. 14. Other Brands • Options for eLearning, alternative lines of business • Update to A.S. Pratt
  15. 15. Website (Homepage sample)
  16. 16. Direct Mail Sample …to find the Sheshunoff solution for your compliance needs. Add Testimonial to cover of DM
  17. 17. Product Collateral Sample
  18. 18. Product Sample Printed on-demand—easy to change cover art.
  19. 19. Next Steps… • Complete Pratt rebranding to reinforce the differences between each brand. • Develop timeline to revise all customer touch-points to reflect the new brand. • Develop training materials for staff to understand the brand, then become true brand ambassadors.