Re-reading the British Memorial: A Community Documentation Project, Gareth Beale, Nicole Beale #caasoton #rti #archcrg

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Presentation given at the CAA2012, University of Southampton. Presented by Gareth Beale and Nicole Beale. Part of a broader project, more info here: …

Presentation given at the CAA2012, University of Southampton. Presented by Gareth Beale and Nicole Beale. Part of a broader project, more info here:

The session that this paper was presented in ran on 27th March 2012.
The session name: Rec1: Advances in computational photography techniques for conservation, research, analysis and public access.

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  • The church as an archive, the church as the embodiment of community history
  • Changing building use i.e. no longer churches, changing communities i.e. isolated churches no longer focus for disparate communities


  • 1. Re-readingthe BritishMemorialA community documentation project. Gareth Beale: Nicole Beale:
  • 2. The ProjectChurches chapels and otherreligious buildings representa unique cultural, historicaland documentary resourceValuable objects arefrequently placed at riskChurches sit at the heart ofcommunities both literallyand metaphorically
  • 3. The ProjectTo enable community groupsto record, collect, anddisseminate churchmemorial data.To investigate requirementsfor all stakeholders (publicand the sector alike).To develop a clear andsimple methodology to thisend.
  • 4. Region OneLow population densityHigh risk levels due tocoastal locationDiverse architecture and monumentsHigh levels of international interest in the region
  • 5. A Resource at Risk Increased weathering risk Changing building use Changing communities Inconsistent documentation Access to documentation limited© (from top) Nigel Mykura, Alistair Coleman & Keith Walsh
  • 6. OpportunitiesCommunity interestNew technologyGlobal interestThe Web
  • 7. How it worksCommunity ledBased on assistanceDiverse technical response
  • 8. So Far…Three Churches have been visited and sample RTIs made.Additional community groups have been approached, andcontacts are being developed.Consultations have begun to identify appropriate skills andtechnologies.Churches Conservation Trust has been approached forinvolvement.Society of Church Archaeology Journal article due out later thisSpring.
  • 9. The FutureMore churches!More groups; a wider variety of groups (YAC; Local collegephotography students; Guides/Scouts).Expanding to incorporate otherneeds (e.g. Survey of St.Winifred’s graveyard)Develop online disseminationstrategy.Conversations with ADS.Handbooks for use.
  • 10. With Thanks to: The Branscombe Project