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  • Nikky B2 Anguilla

    1. 1. Anguilla Nicole Murray
    2. 2. Scrub island Anguilla is a set of small islands in the Caribbean. It’s islands are between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and is east of Puerto Rico. It was colonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650 and in 1980 it won over it’s freedom after several attempts and became a separate British dependency. Scrub island is an uninhabited island that is about three square miles. On the leeward side is a breath taking white sand beach which usually has calm waters. It is the only one in Anguilla that faces completely away from the prevailing winds and sees. The interior has rolling low hills that are soft and green like the ones in Scotland. The only inhabitants are wild goats. location
    3. 3. Mimi bay Mimi bay is a common hidden spot in Anguilla. It can be found at the end of a long dirt road. It is often called the romantic beach, due to its amount of privacy. It located on the southeastern shore, between Seafeathers Bay and Sile Bay, facing the open Atlantic Ocean, which causes it to have high waves and currents. The beach is about 1/3 of a mile long and has a rocky western shoreline Most of Anguilla’s land is low lying islands and coral and limestone. The western coast of Scrub island has low rolling hills. The coast line of the islands can either be rocky or smooth. region
    4. 4. Sandy island place Anguilla is bare and flat and is fringed by white sand beaches. It is 16 miles long and a maximum of 3.5 miles wide; its long thin shape gave the island its name. Anguille, which is French for eel.The territory includes several small uninhabited offshore islands, the largest of which are Dog, Scrub, and Sombrero islands and Prickly Pear Cays
    5. 5. Sandy ground interaction People depend on the ocean for their transportation.. They often have to worry about hurricanes, due to where they are located on the map.
    6. 6. Salt pond movement The majority of the population of Anguilla is of African descent. The official language is English, and the main religious denominations are Anglican and Methodist. The island has experienced steady population growth, and Anguillans live relatively long lives
    7. 7. Little Harbour Little Harbour is on the south coast of Anguilla, facing St. Martin, between Blowing Point and Corito Bay Anguillan culture is a mix of African and British traditions. To preserve and promote the island’s heritage, the Anguilla National Trust was created in 1993. The organization oversees the island’s museum as well as its national parks. Numerous festivals are held on the island, many of which commemorate historical events. Summer Festival is the island’s largest celebration and is highlighted by competitions, parades, and dances. Boating is Anguilla’s national sport, and cricket is also popular culture
    8. 8. Meads Bay history The earliest inhabitants of Anguilla were Amerindian tribes from South America, commonly referred to as Arawaks, who traveled to the island on rafts and dugout canoes, settling in fishing, hunting and farming groups. The Amerindian name for the island was "Malliouhana". The earliest Amerindian’s found on Anguilla have been dated to around 1300 BC, and remains of settlements dating from 600 AD have been uncovered. Religious artefacts and remnants of ceremonies found at locations such as Big Springs and Fountain Cavern suggest that the pre-European inhabitants were extremely religious in nature. The Arawaks are said to have been later displaced by fiercer Carib tribes, but this version of events is disputed by some.
    9. 9. Crocus Bay population 14,108
    10. 10. $108.9 million
    11. 11. pcgdp $8,800 $8,800
    12. 12. 3.54 deaths /1,000 live births infant mortality rate
    13. 13. life expectancy 81 years
    14. 14. fertility rate 1.75 children born
    15. 15. manufacturing boat building and offshore financial services
    16. 16. agriculture small quantities of tobacco vegetables cattle raising
    17. 17. television broadcasts one
    18. 18. birth rate 13.11 births
    19. 19. death rate 4.39 deaths
    20. 20. internet users 3,000
    21. 21. current account balance -$42.87 million
    22. 22. biboliography
    23. 23. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)