Friend Request: DENIED. Earn it.


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Earned media not social media: 10 tips for FMCGs

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  • I just want to preface this presentation. At J&J, we deliberately talk about EARNED media and not SOCIAL media. I’ve never dated a BRAND, nor gone to dinner with one. But, I have fallen in and out of love with many brands. Probably, more brands than men, which is not saying much for my love life.But, like men, love is EARNED over time and not asked for instantly. Truly successful earned media strategies take time. And like LOVE, scary as hell for companies like Johnson & Johnson.
  • Last week, when an email with this subject line popped up in my inbox from AdNews, I started laughing so hysterically, my pod mates thought Outlook had finally caused a nervous breakdown.“Corporate Australia Runs Scared of Social Media”Of course, they do! Seriously? If you had to deal with SMO, you would, too.What’s SMO, you ask? Is anyone in the room from Nestle? Telstra? Optus? You’re definitely familiar with SMO.
  • This is SMO = social media outbreak.J&J tests on animals. J&J is filled with harsh chemicals that harm your Baby. J&J basically sucks!!!!SMO is short for what I call social media outbreak.
  • Which leads me to the first tip…NEVER, EVER CENSOR.I’m sure everyone in the room watched in horror at Nestle’s handling of Greenpeace attacks in the social media space a few weeks ago. If Greenpeace had protested at Nestle HQ, they might have called the police and asked the protesters to be removed for trespassing, but they wouldn’t have assassinated them. That would have been a PR nightmare.Funny, how social media brings out the best and worst in people. Not everyone rallies behind Greenpeace. If they did, we’d all walk to work and light our homes with candles.However, everyone gets behind censorship. Afterall, governments and dictatorships who censored fell. Just ask the leaders of the former Soviet Union. When someone at J&J suggests we censor comments in social media, I just say, governments fell because of censorship. Let’s not go there.Instead, let’s decide how best to respond because deleting comments is not an option.And Facebook now reaches 8M Australians, so opting out of marketing on the largest publisher in the world is no longer an option.
  • 2. BE READY FOR SMO – SOCIAL MEDIA OUTBREAKOK. I’d like to say we had SMO plan in place from the start for every scenario and every brand, but with digital it’s never like that.It’s messy. And time-consuming and usually the first time a brand has ever done this before.When I was writing this presentation, this Tom Peters daily quote popped up on my Blackberry:“Preparation is essential – but even more essential is the willingness to let go of a plan in a flash and head off in a revised direction.” That’s a great philosophy to apply to our SMO plans and digital in general.I always remind our marketers how bad TVCs were in the 1950s. With digital, it’s the same. The first time you do anything, you generally suck.So what I try to encourage J&J’s marketers to do is simply TRY IT. When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.(Sorry, I’m American. I’m full of bad mottos and cliches.)The most important thing for J&J and social media, is to do it responsibly.Telstra has a 3R policy for social media: Respect, responsibility and representation. I like that.They even have a course for its employees. We have SMO plans, which include Facebook moderation guidelines and alpha influencer training for publishers.
  • So now you know why social media is like the dentist, for companies like J&J. Social media means well, we know we should do it, but it causes us great anguish, especially with our legal and regulatory departments.Boy was I naïve when I took the role at J&J. People warned me that they had one of the most challenging social media policies in the world. My response: How hard could it be? I’ve been in this digital game since 1996. I figured if I can convince the managing editor of TIME Magazine to publish full articles online before the magazine was on newsstand in the 90s, surely I could convince J&J to set up a Facebook page post-moderated, right?You wanna know what scared me the most, even more than our regulatory team when I took the role at J&J?
  • Tampons. We sell tampons. How on earth was I going to develop a social media strategy for tampons and maxi pads?! OMG!!!Which leads me to the next two tips…
  • 3. Every brand has a right to be there. Just be smart about where, when and how. And, know that it is up to the consumer whether they want to engage with you and up to your your digital agency to develop creative and strategies that get a consumer’s attention.A brilliant billboard does the job when a consumer is whizzing past at 100km/hr.I never ever thought Stayfree would be my 3rd brand to create a page on Facebook. Never say never.Not only did Stayfree have a significant Facebook presence in its Q1 campaign, it had two Facebook firsts;It was the first Australian brand to launch the Facebook homepage sampling unit. Only W25-39 would have seen it. Sorry fellas.A technique we use with a lot of our brands to get into newsfeeds is sponsoring the Living Social “Pick 5” quiz. Stayfree has had the most successful response rate to date with 25,000 completions over 6 weeks. That’s more than 3M impacts in the newsfeed for 10K.This is why every brand has a right to be there…According to the BBC, 80% of people believe access to the Internet is a fundamental right.And Chris Anderson, editor of Wired and the person responsible for coining the phrase “The Long Tail,” just published a book titled “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” Those below 30 would rather see ads than pay for information.If that’s the case, as long as Facebook is free, brands will be there. Does anyone besides me think it is absurd that brands interrupt my favorite TV programs every 8 minutes, but on Facebook, my favorite brands I befriend send me 30% off vouchers?
  • 5. PRIORITISE AND DEFINE THE ROLE OF EACH SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL. For OLS, we are using Facebook as a BROADCAST channel.And MySpace as a content and engagement channel.All of our communications are tagged with and become a Facebook fan.I think this is an Australian media first to have all our comms tagged with both MySpace and Facebook.Neutrogena will also be the first Australian J&J brand to have its own Twitter presence.Keep in mind that the more social media channels you add, the more resource it will take to monitor SMO. So be sure to have resources in place to handle it. The worst thing a brand can do is launch into social media and then not monitor it. SMO reaches epic proportions when a consumer is ignored. So far, we haven’t had the right program or enough budget to set up a YouTube channel for a J&J brand. Something for the back half of 2010 or 2011. I’d rather get Facebook right before I add a YouTube channel.A lot of marketers want to be everywhere, nowhere or think if they do Facebook than they don’t need to do MySpace.It really depends on your demographic and where they are. W 18-24 over-index in MySpace Music – the No. 1 music channel in Australia. That’s why we’re leveraging both for OLS.
  • 6. Use a combination of paid, earned and owned media.Mental note for marketers: earned media is not FREE. The Dove “viral” video cost $100K to produce.
  • 7. Harness alpha influencers on 3rd party sites, blogs and forums.Every J&J campaign for every brand except OTC, has an alpha influencer program.This is reflected on the digital media plan as the first phase.So you see, even publishers like Beauty Heaven fall into the category of EARNED MEDIA sites, since part of the site’s key functionality is consumer-generated content in the form of reviews.
  • 8. Practice on Facebook.I’m a huge believer that you learn by doing.That’s why when I wanted to put J&J’s toe in the social media waters and test post-moderation, which was strictly forbidden unless you had written permission from the company’s country president, I chose Johnson’s Adult.Johnson’s Adult’s Facebook strategy was not about engagement or even earned media. It was about 2 things…Media companies would not accept my display advertising without a click-thru destination even though click-thru was irrevelant for the campaign. J Adult didn’t have a brand site so we created a basic Facebook page.There couldn’t be a better low profile brand to test post-moderation in Facebook than J Adult.Even if we were assaulted by thousands of negative comments, Johnson’s Adult would never be a large scale PR nightmare that would cause sales to tank. Afterall, I didn’t expect more than 1000 people to even reach the J Adult page. Quite low risk.I also needed to break in my marketing department heads, legal and reg.So I got presidential approval to post-moderate and for a week, no SMO.
  • 9. Measure what matters. Friends don’t.About 50% of the people who visit our Johnson’s Baby Facebook page fan it. Lots of consumers just watch.So don’t measure your Facebook or MySpace success on how many fans your brand gets. Measure it through brand health and awareness surveys – we are running two studies in 2010 to see what the correlation of level of engagement to intent to purchase and intent to recommend for W 18-24 and pregnant women/mums.Measure it through cost efficiencies. The j Baby Facebook page has seen millionsof views in the newsfeed for a very low investment making it our most cost effective and highest reaching media channel.We have the same 5 KPIs for every digital campaign at J&J. And all my president cares about is whether I’m helping J&J to save money or sell more stuff. I am definitely helping them to save money. I also have data that suggests I am helping them to sell more stuff.
  • 10. Sometimes, it’s about a presence, not participation.J Baby launched a YouTube channel in the U.S. last year and made it all about participation. The channel relied on content to be uploaded by mums and not much content was added.Now, 12 months on, the focus is very much on providing mums on YouTube with “expert” content and information on popular topics like “how to I get my baby to sleep.”While the channel only has 700,000 views to date, it’s a start. The Jbaby YouTube strategy keeps evolving.And expert content on YouTube ranks high.JBaby Pacific probably won’t have a YouTube presence until 2011 if at all. We want to get Facebook right first.
  • Never, ever censor.Be ready for SMO – social media outbreak.Every brand has a right to be there.Develop a parallel brand with social currency.Prioritise and define the role of each social media channel.Use a combination of paid, earned and owned media.Harness alpha influencers on 3rd party sites, blogs and forums.Practice on Facebook.Measure what matters.Don’t ask too much of the consumer.
  • Friend Request: DENIED. Earn it.

    1. 1. Friend request: DENIED. Earn it.Earned media not social media: 10 tips for FMCGs, like Johnson & JohnsonBy Nicole Still, Digital Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson Pacific (contract)8 April 2010<br />
    2. 2. “Corporate Australia Runs Scared of Social Media”<br />
    3. 3. J&J tests on animals like me. Tweet. <br />SMO = SOCIAL MEDIA OUTBREAK<br />
    4. 4. Tip 1 – do not censor<br />1. NEVER, EVER CENSOR. <br />
    6. 6. For companies like J&J, social media is like the dentist...<br />
    7. 7. Tampons. We sell tampons. OMG!!!!!<br />
    8. 8. 3. EVERY BRAND HAS A RIGHT TO BE THERE. <br />
    10. 10. Neutrogena’s new parallel brand is OLS – One Less Stress<br />
    11. 11. Facebook = Broadcast<br />MySpace = Content/Engagement<br />5. PRIORITISE AND DEFINE THE ROLE OF EACH SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL. <br />
    14. 14. 8. PRACTICE ON FACEBOOK<br />
    15. 15. 6. Friends don’t matter. So stop using this metric to measure success.<br />Talk about how and why to measure Facebook with J Baby<br />9. MEASURE WHAT MATTERS. FRIENDS DON’T.<br />
    17. 17. Top 10 tips for earned media <br />Never, ever censor.<br />Be ready for SMO – social media outbreak.<br />Every brand has a right to be there.<br />Develop a parallel brand with social currency.<br />Prioritise and define the role of each social media channel.<br />Use a combination of paid, earned and owned media.<br />Harness alpha influencers on 3rd party sites, blogs and forums.<br />Practice on Facebook.<br />Measure what matters.<br />Sometimes, it’s about a presence, not participation.<br />
    18. 18. Contact <br />Nicole StillDigital StrategistDrink Digital Pty 401 812 624Skype: nicole.still<br />Drink<br />