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IBM MobileFirst and developerworks
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IBM MobileFirst and developerworks


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Introduction to Mobile Strategy, IBM mobile portfolio and Mobile best practices from developerWorks

Introduction to Mobile Strategy, IBM mobile portfolio and Mobile best practices from developerWorks

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. © 2012 IBM CorporationA Strategic Guide to Enterprise MobilityDirk NicolDirector – Mobile Developer ProgramsIBM
  • 2. © 2012 IBM Corporation2Agenda Elements of a Mobile Strategy Mobile opportunities and challenges Mobile transformation and examples IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio Moving forward
  • 3. © 2012 IBM Corporation3Introducing the Mobile Enterprise The next era of computing Builds on previous era’s Fundamentally different Consumerization of IT BYOD Alters the relationship withyou customer
  • 4. © 2012 IBM Corporation4Defining Business ValueBusiness to Consumer• Improve customer satisfaction• Deeper customer engagement andloyalty• Drive increased sales throughPersonalized offers• Customer service• Competitive differentiator• Improve brand perception• Deeper insight into customer buyingbehavior for up sell and cross sell• Improve in store experience with mobileconcierge servicesBusiness to Enterprise• Increase worker productivity• Improved claims processing• Increase revenue through salesengagements• Extend existing applications to mobileworkers and customers• Increase employee responsiveness anddecision making speed• Resolve internal IT issues faster• Reduce personnel cost (utilizing personalowned instead of corporate issueddevices)
  • 5. © 2012 IBM Corporation5Mobile Challenges• Higher expectations of user experience and quality• Highly fragmented set of mobile devices andplatforms lacking portability• Testing and deployment becomes a major challenge• Mobile landscape evolves at a much faster pacerequiring more frequent updates• Mobile security and management• Threats, Data Loss Protection (DLP), Networks, MobileDevice Management (MDM) New engagement model
  • 6. © 2012 IBM Corporation6Mobile Transformation App revolution: Context, Intelligence,Engagement The mobile app enters into our daily livesto help at the moment of need Shift of power to the individual butopportunity for a deeper relationship Systems of Interactions SoCloDaMo, systems of engagementand systems of record Omni-channel and iterative Re-imagined business models
  • 7. © 2012 IBM Corporation7
  • 8. © 2012 IBM Corporation8―Show rooming‖
  • 9. © 2012 IBM Corporation9Embracing mobile to win
  • 10. © 2012 IBM Corporation10Customer would opt intothe programCustomer swipe card at acoffee shopVisa knows the customerhas a love for apparelIncremental sales lift of109% for the Gap / VisaprogramVisa knows there is a Gapstore within the mallwhere you purchased thecoffeeVisa will send you amessage to get 20-30%off a Gap purchaseVisa11fig2Reaching the right customer at the right time with the next best action
  • 11. © 2012 IBM Corporation11Vehicle HealthMonitorThe DigitalDiagnosisEngagement andLoyaltyTBC Company- Rainy day fund- Roadside assistance- Reward program- In store or on device timesaving an education- Sales associates gets frombehind the counter- Service explorer- Where are you in yourownership lifecycle
  • 12. © 2012 IBM Corporation12Using context to add valueGovernedPolicy Context: On site inside the ER, on thehospital network, authorized doctor on shift Function: All app features Data: Full data access and storage Security: Single-factor authentication Context: At coffee shop, on an unsecurednetwork, authorized doctor on call Function: Designated features only Data: Specific encrypted data Security: Two-factor authentication
  • 13. © 2012 IBM Corporation1311fig11Reducing steps in daily tasksTesco Home
  • 14. © 2012 IBM Corporation14Adding Social InsightWaze
  • 15. © 2012 IBM Corporation15Integrating into ones life style and a 360 degree experienceWithings
  • 16. © 2012 IBM Corporation16Simplifying daily processesFlywheel
  • 17. © 2012 IBM Corporation17Mobile Business Transformation Prioritize on value Understand the individuals journey Reduce task steps Predict the next best action Focus on Context Engagement Intelligence Foundation Organizational and processes Iterate Choose the right technology capabilities Results Deeper relationship with customers Improve business processes More productive employees New business models
  • 18. © 2012 IBM Corporation18Customer / User Journey Storyboard :: Meet Michael Gibbs18er Journey Mapourney maps visually illustrate a customers processes, needs, and perceptions over the course of their relationship with your company.ourney Maps are used to plan customer experience projects and to communicate the goals of these projects with the rest of yourrganization.A journey map effort gives you an understanding of the breadth of your customers’ interactions — from the perspective of the customer.
  • 19. © 2012 IBM Corporation19Organizing around a mobile strategy1. Define mobile team structure and leadership.2. Define value goals. What will drive value?3. Define value indicators and value measurements. What does the customerwant to accomplish?4. Choose an approach: Define functional patterns and capabilities.5. Assess gaps: Use a mobile technology framework to assess gaps.6. Define an overall roadmap and plans based on a mobile framework.7. Assess against measurements then adjust approach and improve functionalcapabilities.The right technology platform choice is critical
  • 20. © 2012 IBM Corporation20IBM MobileFirst A comprehensive product portfolio for delivering on a mobile strategy End to end capabilities and services that will allow you to differentiate Allows you to start where you are today, move quickly, learn from your customers andimprove
  • 21. © 2012 IBM Corporation21The IBM Mobile Enterprise Development LifecycleDesign & DevelopObtain InsightManageDeployInstrumentIntegrateTestScan & Certify
  • 22. © 2012 IBM Corporation22The IBM Mobile Enterprise Development LifecycleDesign & Develop(IBM Worklight)Obtain Insight(IBM Tealeaf)ManageIBM EndpointManagerDeploy(IBM Worklight)Instrument(IBM Tealeaf)Integrate(IBM Cast Iron)Test(IBM Worklight &Rational TestWorkbench)Scan & Certify(IBM Security AppScan)
  • 23. © 2012 IBM Corporation23What’s new in IBM Worklight 6.0 Embedded functional testing: Record test cases and play back on multiple devices Geo-location toolkit for managing and synchronizing mobile geo data Analyze app usage and responsiveness, with seamless upgrade to marketing insightdelivered through IBM Tealeaf customer experience analyticsIBM WorklightMobile application platform to speed development and ongoingmanagement of mobile apps Standards-based cross platformmobile app development Connect and synchronize withback-end systems Governance and security at theapplication, network and data layer
  • 24. © 2012 IBM Corporation24Application runtimeCross-platform services for the mobile channel (includingclient and server components). Client APIs available forboth pure native as well as hybrid developmentIBM Worklight: An OverviewStudioLeading tools for cross-platform hybriddevelopment thatmaximize code reuseand enable per-deviceoptimizationOperational consoleOperational managementfor deployments, versionenforcement, andinfrastructure access.Operational analyticsprovide real-time insightinto application usageApplication centerA cross-platformprivate mobileapplication storefocused on the needsof a developmentorganization or a team
  • 25. © 2012 IBM Corporation25Rich Page Editor (WYSIWYG UI Construction) Eclipse perspective forWorklight projects. Optimized layout forhybrid app development Rich page editor: drag-and-drop, palette ofcomponents, propertiesview, beautified outline,and raw editable sourcecode Changes to codeautomatically apparentin rich page editor, andvice-versa, for quickdevelopment
  • 26. © 2012 IBM Corporation26Improve quality & time-to-value with industry-firstintegrated functional testing for mobile apps Comprehensive, complete, resilientfunctional testing Android and iOS, Native and hybrid Record, edit, and run on mobile devices Same test runs across multiple devices Natural language scripts can be used bydevelopers and non-developers alike Streamlined, four-step process1. Record2. Author3. Playback4. ReportDeliver consistently highquality acrossyour mobile app portfolio
  • 27. © 2012 IBM Corporation27Transform business processes with geo-location toolkitAutomaticCheck-In............SMS, PushExample: Geo-enrichedhotel check-in experienceAt point A,initiateautomatedcheck-inA Challenges of geo-location Multiple geo modalities–Requires both GPS andWiFi sampling and interpolation Resource intensive –Continuous polling strainsnetwork and battery resources Enterprise integration – Meaningful actionrequires context from back-end systems New toolkit makes geo-location practical Efficiently collect geo-location data (both GPSand WiFi) Set policies for acquiring geo data and sendingit in batch Trigger business actions when user reaches apoint of interest, or enters/exits a region Server-side logic enables meaningful reaction toimportant geo events
  • 28. © 2012 IBM Corporation28Geo-location ScenariosRouting trucks arriving at warehouseLocation-aware security for hospital appUsernamePasswordSubmit✔?AutomaticCheck-In............……… …… ……Automated hotel check-inMore engaging mall experienceSMS, Push
  • 29. © 2012 IBM Corporation29Gain insight with industry-first mobile analytics Easily instrument mobile apps Analyze app usage and responsiveness– withupgrade to marketing insight Capture analytics that cross between the mobileapplication and the server Implementation on the Mobile Device Embeds IBM Tealeaf data collection library forefficient collection and streaming of relevantinformation Implementation on the Worklight Server Log exceptions, security issues, and generic logmessages. APIs to log activities and location information Easily upgrade to Tealeaf server for complete UXanalytics Data is stored in a new analytics repository BIRT based reports available for backwardcompatibilityAnalyticsRepo.WorklightServerServer DataClient LogsInteract withthe dataCollect, compress andstream importantinformationReplayHeat map
  • 30. © 2012 IBM Corporation30IBM WorklightForrester Consulting finds Five-Year Risk-Adjusted ROI of IBM Worklight to be 363%!Source: ―The Total Economic Impact Of IBM’s Worklight Platform‖, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM.Published April 2013.Study available soon at
  • 31. © 2012 IBM Corporation31IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud IntegrationSimple and flexible integration for all connectivity projects, allowing you torapidly integrate SaaS and back-end systems with mobile apps Simple and flexible, user-friendly,wizard-based, “configuration, notcoding” architecture Bidirectional connectivity andbusiness logic to increase dataquality and streamline businessprocesses Centralized monitoring for allintegration projectsSimple back end connectivity with WebSphere Cast Iron and IBM Worklight WebSphere Cast Iron Worklight adapter expedites mobile applications connectivitychallenges. Can be extended with native connectors and template integration processes (TIP’s) toconnect mobile apps to backend & cloud systems, reducing project costs up to 80%
  • 32. © 2012 IBM Corporation32IBM SecurityAppScanIBM Security AppScanIdentify vulnerabilities in web and mobile application source code Native Android and iOS applicationsupport Better vulnerability detection from: Risk assessment of over 40,000 APIs Full call and data flow analysis for Java,JavaScript, Object-C (Mac OS X) Provides identification of sensitive dataleak sources Helps reduce malware susceptibility ofmobile appsWhat’s new in IBM Security AppScan V8.7 Native support extended for iOS to accelerate enterprise usage Enhanced support for JavaScript analysis in hybrid mobile apps Out-of-the-box support for IBM Worklight built apps to incorporate context aware risk-based access
  • 33. © 2012 IBM Corporation33Application CenterThe Worklight Application Center enablescompanies to easily set up an enterprise appstore for their enterprise and developmentteams. The Application Center provides: Administrators with fine-grainedcontrol over the distribution of mobileapps across the enterprise, includingACL and LDAP support; Employees with a central location forthe latest apps needed by theirdepartment and optimized for theirdevice; Developers with an easy way todistribute mobile builds and elicitfeedback from development and testteam members.
  • 34. © 2012 IBM Corporation34IBM Endpoint ManagerSingle Console Management & Security of ALL Employee DevicesWhat’s new in IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices V2.2 Deployment, configuration, and management of 3rd party container technologies fromthe Endpoint Manager console Manage and secure assigned devices from anywhere with administration capabilities in aweb console Unified device management Integrated management of containerizationtechnologies App deployment and management Single-device views and near-real time dataintegrated with Service Desk & CMDB Self-service portal for locating, securing lostdevices Seamlessly move mobile apps fromdevelopment with Worklight to productiondeployment with IBM Endpoint Manager
  • 35. © 2012 IBM Corporation35IBM Tealeaf CX MobileVisibility into the customer mobile experience to improve conversionsand grow revenue Automatically detect customerstruggles, obstacles or issues Drill down into actual userbehavior, complete with gestures Translate customer feedback intoactionable improvements Correlate customer behavior withnetwork and application dataWhat’s new in IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile V8.7 Capture and high-fidelity replay of mobile gestures on iOS and Android-based devices Analyze mobile user behaviors and quantify business impact of user struggles Add-on Heatmap, Link Analytics, Form Analytics, and Attention Map analytics for mobile-web applications – automatically instrumented in IBM Worklight
  • 36. © 2012 IBM Corporation36developerWorksdeveloperWorks Mission: Enable our target audience to understand,adopt, and prefer the products andtechnologies advanced by IBM. Build preference for IBM products, helpskills building for future purchasesdeveloperWorks audience*Application development: 46%Systems analysis: 26%Software architecture: 22%Database administration: 22%Web development: 20%*Users may select multiple roles. Source 2011 IBM Tech TrendsReport
  • 37. © 2012 IBM Corporation373developerWorks: Building technical skills in an industry contextServing IT professionals across the board, from students to partners37Build skillsthrough theAcademicInitiativeBecome an IBMChampionand supportskillsGrow and honeskills indeveloperWorksunique visitorseach month4million+resources intechnical library40thousandaccount for33% of traffic7locallanguage sitesactive bloggers2,700+
  • 38. © 2012 IBM Corporation383IBM developerWorks wins awards 3 dozen awards—from the industryand from readers and users
  • 39. © 2012 IBM Corporation39New Technology PreviewsProject ICAPProject ETMobile Cloud ServicesOpen Cloud Architecture
  • 40. © 2012 IBM Corporation40Mobile Strategy Guide Chapter 1, Introducing the Mobile Enterprise. Chapter 2, Defining Business Value Chapter 3, Mobile Business Challenges Chapter 4, A Mobile Strategy Framework Chapter 5, Mobile Development Chapter 6, Mobile Security and Management Chapter 7, Mobile Business Transformation Chapter 8, Planning a Mobile Project Chapter 9, SoCloDaMo (Mobile + Cloud + Social + Big Data Chapter 10, International Considerations Chapter 11, Case Studies and Mobile Solutions Chapter 12, Moving Forward
  • 41. © 2012 IBM Corporation41http://dirknicol.com
  • 42. © 2012 IBM Corporation42© Copyright IBM Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. The information contained in these materials is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind,express or implied. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, these materials. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall havethe effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBMsoftware. References in these materials to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/or capabilitiesreferenced in these materials may change at any time at IBM’s sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment to future product or featureavailability in any way. IBM, the IBM logo, Rational, the Rational logo, Telelogic, the Telelogic logo, and other IBM products and services are trademarks of the International Business MachinesCorporation, in the United States, other countries or both. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.Learn more at:
  • 43. © 2012 IBM Corporation43Mobile cloud servicesReusable cloud services that can be shared across applications and channelsMyAppBoardingStore CardEventCouponJoin the mobile cloud services community!•Engage in dialog with product teams and receive updates on mobile cloudservices•Participate in early release programs!Mobile Cloud Services are high-value middleware capabilitiesdesigned to be consumed bymobile applications.For example, a Passes servicewould enable businesses to easilyengage with consumers by sendingthem loyalty coupons, tickets, etc.
  • 44. © 2012 IBM Corporation44Legal Disclaimer• © IBM Corporation 2013. All Rights Reserved.• The information contained in this publication is provided for informational purposes only. While efforts were made to verify the completeness and accuracy of the information containedin this publication, it is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, express or implied. In addition, this information is based on IBM’s current product plans and strategy, which aresubject to change by IBM without notice. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, this publication or any other materials. Nothingcontained in this publication is intended to, nor shall have the effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms andconditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBM software.• References in this presentation to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/orcapabilities referenced in this presentation may change at any time at IBM’s sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment tofuture product or feature availability in any way. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall have the effect of, stating or implying that any activities undertaken byyou will result in any specific sales, revenue growth or other results.• If the text contains performance statistics or references to benchmarks, insert the following language; otherwise delete:Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user willexperience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the users job stream, the I/O configuration, the storageconfiguration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.• If the text includes any customer examples, please confirm we have prior written approval from such customer and insert the following language; otherwise delete:All customer examples described are presented as illustrations of how those customers have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costsand performance characteristics may vary by customer.• Please review text for proper trademark attribution of IBM products. At first use, each product name must be the full name and include appropriate trademark symbols (e.g., IBMLotus® Sametime® Unyte™). Subsequent references can drop ―IBM‖ but should include the proper branding (e.g., Lotus Sametime Gateway, or WebSphere Application Server).Please refer to for guidance on which trademarks require the ® or ™ symbol. Do not use abbreviations for IBM product names in yourpresentation. 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  • 45. © 2012 IBM Corporation45Please NoteIBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal withoutnotice at IBM’s sole discretion.Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and itshould not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legalobligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may notbe incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features orfunctionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlledenvironment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending uponmany factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user’s job stream, theI/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can begiven that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.