In 2006, after having obtained his PhD in computer science, he decides to invest his competences in the
industry. ...
• In the area of Web Mining and knowledge extraction from non-structured information
sources, he has led the development a...
Research Assistant, University of Bologna Jul 2002 - Gen 2006
Research assistant in the 5th FWP European Research Project ...
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  1. 1. PROFILE In 2006, after having obtained his PhD in computer science, he decides to invest his competences in the industry. Herein, the application of academic method and of system thinking allows him to gradually assume roles of greater responsibility. In 2009, with the role of project leader in Di-Tech SpA, he leads the realization of the sell-in module of the ERP currently named MORE. In 2010, aiming at improving his customer orientation skills, he becomes consultant in the Engineering Group with responsibilities as IT Service Manager and Project Leader operating within an important e-Gov program for Italian local go- vernment Regione Emilia-Romagna. In 2012 he is identified as one of the Engineering Group’s high poten- tials and participates to the Master Engineering in Management, where he improves his knowledge in the fields of business administration and corporate governance. In 2013 he assumes the role of team leader in the R&D lab of Engineering Tributi (within the Engineering Group, it is the company providing solutions and services to support local governments in managing tributes lifecycle and the recovery of tax evasion). In 2014 he obtains the “Quality and Innovation Engineering” class at the department of Information Engi- neering and Computer Science of the University of Trento. In September 2015 he obtains a post-doc posi- tion for specializing in the areas of Smart Cities and Smart Communities, completing the experience on the field acquired with the Engineering Group; during the same period, he starts up his freelance activity in management and organizational consultancy. In April 2016 he obtains the position of mentor in the TIM #WCAP’s open innovation program. KEYWORDS: Innovation, customer orientation, method, positive thinking, leadership, pragmatism. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CIO, Tree srl Apr 2016 - today Tree is a company specialized in providing private and public organizations with strategic and organiza- tional consultancy on innovation, startups, and innovation ecosystems. Mentor TIM #WCAP, TIM Group Apr 2016 - today In the context of the TIM #WCAP program, which is part of the open innovation program of the TIM Group, he is mentor of the startups hosted in the accelerator located in Bologna, Italy. Organizational & Management Consultant, Freelance Dec 2015 - today Freelance delivering management and organizational consultancy services and professional training. Temporary Manager, undisclosed client Dec 2015 - Maj 2016 Project & procurement manager on an outsourcing contract for the realization of a software project. Professional trainer, ITT “G. Marconi”, Rovereto, Italy Mar 2016 - Apr 2016 Professional trainer on project management within the “Alta Formazione Professionale” education program in mechatronics. Engineering Group Jul 2010 - Sep 2015 The Engineering Group is the leading Italian company in providing system integration and consultancy services. Engineering has a consolidated presence on all vertical markets and operates through its 4 busi- ness units (Public Administration & Healthcare, Telco & Utilities, Industry & Services, Finance) supported by cross-business unit centers of competence and by the Research and Innovation Department. In 2014 the group reached 7400 employees and a consolidated revenue portfolio of about 853 M€, with an EBIT- DA equal to 109M€. R&D Team Leader, Engineering Tributi SpA Sep 2013 - Sep 2015 In the business unit’ R&D laboratory he leads the research activities in the functional area of welfare and social policies and in the area of knowledge extraction and integration from non-structured information sources such as, for instance, Web resources. • In the area of decision support systems for the governance of social policies, he has led the creation of a governance model through a design process based on stakeholder analysis and construction/validation of the value proposition. Nicola Mezzetti, Ph.D. Born on 06/10/1976 in Lugo (RA), Italy Address: via dei Mille 57 - 38122 Trento (TN) Italy Mobile: +39 391 427 26 26 E-mail: Web Page: I authorize the use of my personal data in accordance with Italian Privacy Protection Law (30/06/2003, n.196/03).
  2. 2. • In the area of Web Mining and knowledge extraction from non-structured information sources, he has led the development and validation of a novel approach, based on com- plex systems, for fiscal-relevant information discovery and extraction from Web resources. Team Leader and Solution Architect, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA Jul 2010 - Sep 2013 Employed in the context of a large scale IT service management project (maintenance and evolution of 45 e-Government application services and management of about 8000 deployment instances over the 357 local government organizations of Regione Emilia-Romagna). In charge of the gover- nance of the production unit’s ITSM processes and of leading software development projects. Under his lead, the following achievements have been obtained: • Realization of DossiER, a distributed architecture enabling the functionalities of unified and integrated search and of retrieval over all the informations produced and shared by local government organizations (; • Realization of an accessible Web portal integrating ITSM services needed for supporting the production unit’s activities (; • Realization of a business intelligence solution for monitoring the impact of the de- ployment of eGov applications, in terms of indicators such as the number and working state of application instances, employment, training; • Realization of an Android app, and of the associated back-end services, for providing citizens of Regione Emilia-Romagna with services for smart communities; • Realization of a software architecture for monitoring the execution of application-level defined Service Level Agreements. Di-Tech SpA Maj 2008 - Jul 2010 Di.Tech SpA, an unlisted company owned by Conad, is one of the main Italian companies in the area of information systems and management consulting for the distribution, manufacturers of consumer goods and logistics operators. The company's offer covers all the processes of the actors of the supply chain. In 2010 Di-Tech reached 120 employees and a consolidated revenue portfolio of about 15 M€. Team Leader and Software Architect As part of a R&D team that had the goal of producing a commercial ERP for large-scale distribution (now marketed under the name MORE) he is accountable for the realization of the functions related with the sell-in processes. He managed the following projects: • Realization of MORE’ sell-in functions module • Realization of MORE’ simplified logistics functions module, to meet the needs of small wharehouses and Cash & Carry stores • Realization of MORE’ functions module for enabling order intake to sales • Implementation of a service EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) utility service with data format syndication capabilities mEDRA srl Dec 2006 - May 2008 mEDRA is the European Agency for the DOI (Digital Object Identifiers) registration, owned by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the Interuniversity Consortium for Automatic Calculation of North-Eastern (CINECA). The company operates delivering added-value services built on the DOI infrastructure. Software Engineer/Team Leader Employed on a number of internal R&D projects. Achievements: • Realization of the Actionable ISBN registration agency infrastructure specifications inte- grating mEDRA, Italian Publishers Association, and Informazioni Editoriali business servi- ces • Realization of a workflow engine for supporting the mEDRA’s business processes • Realization of the mEDRA’s Accessible DOI Multiple Resolution services ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Lecturer, University of Trento Sep 2014 - today Contract professor of “Quality and Innovation Engineering”. Covered topics: Enterprise System Enginee- ring, human-centered design, requirements engineering, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Total Qua- lity Management (TQM), Six Sigma, ISO 9000 Standard Family, Fault Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), System Reliability, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Innovation Management. Post-doc Researcher, University of Trento Sep 2015 - Apr 2016 Post-Doc researcher on the topics of Smart Cities, Smart Communities, and Mobility-as-a-Service. Assistant Professor, University of Bologna Sep 2002 - Sep 2006 Assistant professor of computer networks. I authorize the use of my personal data in accordance with Italian Privacy Protection Law (30/06/2003, n.196/03).
  3. 3. Research Assistant, University of Bologna Jul 2002 - Gen 2006 Research assistant in the 5th FWP European Research Project TAPAS (Trusted and QoS-Aware Provision of Application Services, IST-2001-34069), researching in trust management in global computing environ- ments and in virtual enterprises. PUBLICATIONS ✓ Nicola Mezzetti, “Global computing: an analysis of trust and wireless communication”, Ph.D. Thesis, 2006 ✓ Nicola Mezzetti, Davide Sangiorgi, “Towards a Calculus For Wireless Systems”. Electronic Notes Theo- retical Computer Science 158, 2006 ✓ Nicola Mezzetti, “Design and evaluation of a trust-aware naming service”. Journal of Computer System Science & Engineering 20(6), 2005 ✓ Nicola Mezzetti, “A Socially Inspired Reputation Model”. Proceedings of European Public Key Infra- structure Workshop (EuroPKI), 2004 ✓ Nicola Mezzetti, “Enabling Trust-Awareness in Naming Services”. Proceedings of Trust and Privacy iN Digital Business (TrustBus), 2004 ✓ Nicola Mezzetti, “Towards a Model for Trust Relationships in Virtual Enterprises”. Proceedings of the 14th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA'03), 2003 EDUCATION Master Engineering in Management, Engineering Group mar 2012 - dec 2013 Topics: self development and self empowerment, public speaking, project management, economics, cor- porate governance, HR management, leadership and complexity, creativity in organizations. Scuola di Formazione Enrico della Valle, Engineering Group 2011 Topics: project management, ITIL v3 foundation, counseling techniques. Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Bologna mar 2003 - apr 2006 Thesis on trust management and communication in global computing environments. Final exam: passed Advanced School on Mobile Computing, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa sep 2003 Topics: Security for ubiquitous computing, Logical and phisical mobility, Models and calculi for mobility, Wireless systems, Software development for mobile environments, Ad-hoc wireless networking, Certified code for mobile computing. European Global Computing Summer School, University of Edinbourgh jul 2003 Topics: Secure global computing, Type systems for resource control, Agents Interaction and Mobility, Pro- cess mobility and types, UML for global computing. M. Sc. in Computer Science, University of Bologna oct 1995 - jun 2002 Thesis on Trust Management in Virtual Enterprises. Final mark: 110/110 cum laude ✓ Achievement: Awarded with the “Monica di Bella” prize for the best M.Sc. Thesis in computer sciente submitted in the academic year 2001/2002 INTERESSI As a synthesis of his professional and academic experience he maintains a strong interest in organization and management fields. For the same reason he also maintains strong interest in applied research and innovation management, both in private and in public-private settings. ✓ Achievement: Creator and program manager of the InnoTech event about innovation and techno- logy transfer together with the Young Enterpreneurs group of Unindustria Bologna (2012). Finally he has a strong interest in coaching and team building, which he grows by participating to volon- teering activities such as, for instance, career guidance workshops or events of social relevance (TEDx- Trento). ✓ Achievement: In the years 2014 and 2015 he organized and held three laboratories of career gui- dance: one of them in cooperation with the University of Trento and the others with the parishes’ associations of the Archdiocese of Trento. I authorize the use of my personal data in accordance with Italian Privacy Protection Law (30/06/2003, n.196/03).