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  • This presentation does go into a lot of detail on what Lawbore is and how it is beneficial to law students. I thought they could have used less slides by being more selective on the information they found in their research, but this is a good presentation and a lot of effort has gone into it.
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Lawbore - Improving your prospects

  1. 1. HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR PROSPECTS WITH …Nicola, Kiran, Sonia & Umar
  2. 2. Lawbore does exactly what it says on the tin…. It acts as a guide and may weadd, a good one for all City Law School students. In particular the ‘City’ hub provides ‘us’ the student with all means and manner of keeping up to date with City Law School news, and the goings on in the wonderful world that is the City Law Department…an important event can never be missed if oneuses Lawbore! we are spoon fed carefully handpicked links, and provided with a long list of databases (that surely must have cost Emily a arm and a leg)All this and everything else Lawbore has to offer CAN and WILL, if you let it vastly improve your prospects as a Law Student here at City and there after… [ps. Emily, we only added the critic because we had to! ;)]
  3. 3. TOPIC GUIDESThe Topic Guides provides the perfect starting point to get familiar with thetopics not only in your course Units…such a s those listed as ‘CORE’ but also awide variety of other areas of Law…bettering your understanding of parts ofLaw contained within your degree whilst feeding the curious minds of many aLaw student in providing a basis of knowledge in a variety of other expanses oflaw…
  4. 4. Broaden your intellectual There are a handful of other topic guide areas, yethorizons wish there improve your we and was an even more extensive andknowledge array ofwesubject unusual with Lawbore areas of which couldTopic guides… improve gain a quick concise and reliable grasp on usingYOUR prospects. Lawbore Topic Guides
  5. 5. TOPIC GUIDES….The section referred to as topic guides is extremely useful for all law students. This is because it’s -Informative -Easy to understand -Easy to access For first year law students is extremely handy as most students are getting to grips with understand law therefore this section acts as an aid to break down what happens in the lectures and tutorials as they can go quite fast! Also students can use this tool as a way of independent or extra learning. Topic guides has several links which include, core, electives, research and careers therefore students don’t have to go through masses of information to find what they are looking for Also there’s a section called ‘new this month’ which is another helpful feature.-Quick links to important things such as cases, reforms, research, acts, pupillages and many more!-These are important things, which ALL law students need to be involved in, and Lawbore allows you to do just that
  6. 6. IMPROVEMENT’S…One vital improvement to the Lawbore website could be the breaking down thetechnical language used enabling new law students to understand the corematerial.For example each section of the core material could have an explanationbesides its title entailing what it includes.This is evident as follows,
  7. 7. Constitutional- Constitutional law aims to explore how the law is distributedand how the government uses its power to enforce this law in society.Contract- Contract law aims to study the implications when two or more partiesengage in a legal binding contract.English Legal system – This aims to give the basic understanding to the lawsystem used in England but also in most commonwealth countries.Equity and Trust –Equity refers to removing the application of law from thecourts. Trust refers to when an individual has placed in another individualinvolving their personal affairs.EU- EU law aims to look at the legal system that is used in the EuropeanUnion’s member states.Land Property – Property law aims to look at the various forms of ownershipwithin varies types of property.Legal Method- This refers to the techniques that are primarily used in law andwhat to use when it’s appropriate.Tort- Tort primarily means when an individual is in breach of civil duty which isowed to someone else.
  9. 9. BLOGSLawbore provides A vast variety of blog links, it’s variety, like Dicey’s theoryregarding Parliamentary sovereign power; has a positive dimension as well asa negative dimension. Whilst there are some more prestigious Blogs such as‘Lawyer Watch’ there are others that are dare we say more ‘amateur’.However in a more broad spectrum the positive and negative elements standto be that although Blogs are a great way of keeping up to date with thecurrent going on within the Law world, and no doubt provide a fundamentalsource of critic and analysis; they should not however be the first point ofcall for legal research. Luckily Lawbore provides a far more extensive rangeof different means of research sources …
  10. 10. DATABASESLawbore also provides uswith otherwise largelyunobtainable access to awide array of online Lawdatabases, allowing us tosearch with ease forcases, journals and muchmore with ease, providingus with the means toprogress with our studiesand most certainly save usa lot of time!
  11. 11. OTHER JURISDICTIONSThis section provides …We only wishlinks to sites that can their was a sectionact as the basis of on Lawbore withresearch into information aboutjurisdictions all over possibly studyingthe world… abroad whilst enrolled atWith the help of City, withLawbore the world commentary ofreally can be your students who hadoyster done so.
  13. 13. EVENTS CALENDAR Networking, knowing the right people  =Improving your prospects in the Law World… Lawbore events calendar is always jam packed with Law related events such as the Law fair and interesting lectures usually on topics that are in hot debate, providing you with the opportunity to extend your Insight of Law beyond your lectures By informing students of the opportunities available, they are also building on the C.V’s for the future. And like much of Lawbore it’s quick and easy to use
  15. 15. The Learnmore aspect of the site provides some invaluableinformation regarding career, pro bono and work placementopportunities  guiding you closely in how to boost your CVthat will ultimately boost your chances of making it in the Lawworld.However we felt if any this was the section of the site whichthere is most potential for further improvements….
  16. 16. What the resource could improve on is to divide the website into 3 sections for yr 1/2/3.For yr1’s- volunteering, law fairs, internships, links to resources to help understand law betterFor yr2’s- involvement of mooting, advice on what electives to choose, applications forpupillages, LPCThis section could provide quick linksFor 1ys’s give full detail about what mooting is, the benefits of volunteering doing internshipsect.One section, which could be added, which is probably going to benefit yr2/3 more is ‘Whatroute to take after your LLB?’- Previous students journeys- Details about Bar vocational and LPC- Comments from current lawyers- Explain how law can open up many opportunities- Show a variety of people who have studied law and don’t work in the law area- Helps student to decide- Links to career advice- Further study e.g Master’s
  17. 17. Year 1 – Aim for 2:1/1st (First year grades is what employers look at if you are applyingfor an internships)Events – Go to law events at City and other Universities (For e.g. UCL, LSE, KCL and soon), simply go on to the relevant university website and look at their event section). TheInstitute of Advanced Legal Studies in Russel Sq. It also gives you an opportunity tonetwork as well .Go to insight days – For e.g. Jones Day Insight daysSummer Holidays – Use this time to increase your extra curricula activities. (For e.g. workfor charities) Do work experience.Year 2 – Aim for 2:1/1stAim to get an internship this year.Go abroad to another University – Why? Because with the world globalising employers arelooking for potential employees who have a global outlook.Summer holiday – Do something that really makes you stand out for example run amarathon.Year 3 – Aim for 2:1/1st – Graduation OR Masters – Why? Because and increasingamount of employers are no longer simply looking for a graduate with a broad range ofskills – They are looking for people who specialise.Training Contract (LPC – 2 years)
  18. 18. POSSIBLE ADDITIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS TO THE SITEAnother section, which could be added, is ablog or linked Twitter feed on the Lawsociety-What’s going on-The opportunities available-Keeping everyone informed