Anne Frank
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Anne Frank






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Anne Frank Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Who was‘Anne Frank’ ?
  • 2. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt inGermany on 12 June 1929. She was asecond daughter for her parents,Otto and Edith.
  • 3. Her sister, Margot, was three yearsolder than Anne. She often wished tobe beautiful like Margot. In 1933 thefamily moved to Amsterdam.
  • 4. On her 13th birthday Anne received adiary. It was her favourite present.She named it ‘Kitty’ and wrote in iteveryday.
  • 5. Around this time World War IIstarted. Anybody Jewish had to weara star sewn onto their clothes and goto a Jewish school. Anne hated this.
  • 6. Otto had been organising a hidingplace for his family. He took them toa secret place behind his office. Theywould be safe here.
  • 7. Inside the office a bookcase covered asecret door to the hiding place. Herethe Frank family could hide awaysafely without being seen.
  • 8. Anne took her diary with her andwrote in ‘Kitty’ everyday. She wroteabout her wishes for the future andhopes of the war ending soon.
  • 9. Eight people came to live inside thehiding place at the back of the office.Anne often wrote that she was tired ofso many people being around.
  • 10. Anne and Margot shared a bedroominside the hiding place. It was smalland Anne would look out of thewindow and see the stars.
  • 11. Some of Otto’s friends helped thefamily while they were hiding. Theybrought them food and news of thewar. They were very brave.
  • 12. Anne and her family hid away for 2years. In 1944 somebody told theGerman soldiers where the familywere hiding and they were found.
  • 13. Anne and her family were sent toconcentration camps in Germany. Itwas here that Anne died at the age ofonly 15 years old.
  • 14. Otto was the only member of theFrank family to survive. After thewar ended he was given Anne’s diaryand he had it made into a book.
  • 15. ‘The diary of Anne Frank’ has beenread by people all over the world. Sheis remembered for having greatcourage and never giving up hope.