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Critical thinking webquest for parents who wish to develop their knowledge of this area

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  • Critical thinking webquest

    1. 1. Critical Thinking Webquest
    2. 2. Introduction This webquest is designed to develop your knowledge of critical thinking and how it develops. During the quest you will • Explore the components of Critical Thinking and why they are important • Gain an understanding of Bloom's Taxonomy; the different thinking levels • Develop your own checklist of powerful questions to help move your child’s thinking to the next level. The quest will take around 1 hour to complete. To successfully complete this webquest you should complete the tasks outlined in the quest. But first a look at the aim of this quest.
    3. 3. Learning Outcomes Through this webquest you will: • examine the core components of critical thinking, including Bloom's taxonomy of thinking • Explore tools which can help support the development of critical thinking • Use your knowledge of critical thinking to develop a series of questions which can be used to help move thinking to the next level
    4. 4. Task 1: Defining Critical Thinking 1. How would you define “critical thinking"? Use especially the pages “What is critical thinking?” and “for parents” to help fill in the blanks in the following paragraph. “ Thinking critically means asking ............... , instead of accepting ‘at face value’ what you read or hear, critical thinkers look for ........ and for ......... before believing something to be true.”
    5. 5. Task 2: The 21st Century Thinker Reflects on learning Image adapted from Read this blog post which provides a good insight into the skills a 21st Century Thinker requires and the reasons they have become so important.
    6. 6. Task 3: The core components of critical thinking What are the core components of critical thinking? Familiarise yourself with each of the components included in the critical thinking circle. (Tip – click each element in turn to reveal further information about this aspect)
    7. 7. Task 3: Bloom’s Taxonomy “ Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. “ Henry Ford Benjamin Bloom developed a model (taxonomy) to classify the various levels of thinking complexity. Creating Evaluating Analysing Applying Use the following links to develop your knowledge of Bloom’s taxonomy: This video provides a general outline of all 6 levels Understanding Remembering This site provides an example of Bloom being applied
    8. 8. Task 4: Using Bloom’s taxonomy to help develop critical thinking The final task in this web quest is to develop a series of prompt questions you can use to help move your child’s thinking to the next “deeper” level. A template to help you record these is available here. The following links may provide further sources of help: Bloom Questions 14 brilliant blooms taxonomy posters for teachers 25 questions based around Bloom's taxonomy