Extend your business with an iPhone App


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Why your company should create an iPhone App to extend its own business.

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Extend your business with an iPhone App

  1. 1. WHY YOUR COMPANY should AN create iPhone App B Y N I C O L A G R E C O sabato 5 settembre 2009
  2. 2. Nicola Greco + = 45 million units iPhone iTouch +60.000 apps in the App Store sabato 5 settembre 2009
  3. 3. The iPhone/iTouch is a cool product The iPhone/iTouch is used by million of people The iPhone/iTouch is a new way to do business sabato 5 settembre 2009
  4. 4. If you want start a new business you can.. ..Invent a new game/app and sell it on internet.. if you have a cool idea sabato 5 settembre 2009
  5. 5. Nicola Greco Ok, that’s cool, i don’t have to start a new business, i’ve mine. Why should my company create a new iPhone application? sabato 5 settembre 2009
  6. 6. I’m a musicist I’ve a internet community I’ve a fashion brand We build cars I’m a model c I’m a game developer I’ve a megastore sabato 5 settembre 2009
  7. 7. If you’ve yours, you can.. ..Extend your business making an iPhone app making your product known by lot of people HOW? sabato 5 settembre 2009
  8. 8. Nicola Greco Inventing something that can be used by lot of people. And something they might like. sabato 5 settembre 2009
  9. 9. NOTE Applications are installed if they are cool Applications are bought if they are useful sabato 5 settembre 2009
  10. 10. Making something cool, new people will use my application. More people use it, more my application appear on the top apps. More my app is in the top list, more people will know what I do. And maybe making money selling the pro version sabato 5 settembre 2009
  11. 11. Nicola Greco Ok, but does it really improve my business? Let’s see who is already doing that. Of course, it does. I’m here to say how it does sabato 5 settembre 2009
  12. 12. Zippo lighter - Study Case Zippo company makes lighters Zippo wants to make his lighters known by everybody Zippo wants to sell new lighters Zippo is not a internet-gadget- hitech-geek-social stuff sabato 5 settembre 2009
  13. 13. Zippo lighter - Study Case Zippo invested on iPhone apps Zippo made a stupid cool app You can open your Zippo lighter and move to the left and to the right and see the flame moving sabato 5 settembre 2009
  14. 14. Zippo lighter - Study Case This app is released as free. Everyone can use this app. Everyone can play with. sabato 5 settembre 2009
  15. 15. Zippo lighter - Study Case Zippo app is shown in the Top free application. It means, people that want try new apps will install it Everyday new people see the Zippo lighters sabato 5 settembre 2009
  16. 16. Zippo lighter - Study Case Everyone can see the Zippo lighter cases and see it in action Zippo is a best-established lighters brand that everyone knows sabato 5 settembre 2009
  17. 17. Sometimes you’ve competitors FREE or NOT? It’s free It costs €2.39 Everyone read it Somebody read it sabato 5 settembre 2009
  18. 18. You’re a cool company, so you make cool things.. Not cool for you, but for everyone Does it remember the guy who gives What if it was like a game where you throwaway in the streets? can drag’n’drop clothes you like on a model sabato 5 settembre 2009
  19. 19. To extend your business, with an iPhone App, make something new and cool that everyone can use. The idea has to be simple and like a game Show how your product work Release it as free, or make lite version of the app sabato 5 settembre 2009
  20. 20. Thanks! Questions? Pay attention asking me questions, i’m still young. Thanks to Ignite Italia, to give space to youth. Special thanks to Melamorsicata.it for idea and suggestions. No, i’ve no iPhones, just an iTouch since 4 weeks Nicola Greco, http://nicolagreco.com notsecurity@gmail.com http://twitter.com/nicolagreco The guy. sabato 5 settembre 2009