Grandes Tendencias En La Publicidad

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Breves reflexiones sobre las grandes tendencias en la publicidad.

Breves reflexiones sobre las grandes tendencias en la publicidad.

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  • 1. MARKETING COMMUNICATION What is awaiting us?
  • 2. What about watching TV last week?
    • Almost 2/3 of our waking life consumers are engaged with media (Source: Carat)
    • That means 10 ½ hours per day:
      • 4 h 72’: TV
      • 2 h 54’: Radio
      • 45’ magazine
      • 25’ newspapers
      • Cyberspace
      • Video game
      • Etc.
  • 3. The Wall is falling down
    • The media wall that kept consumers and advertisers apart for the past decades is falling down…
    • “ We have to think of everything as a
    • collaborative medium. The customer will
    • also be the marketer ” (A.G Lafley, CEO P&G)
  • 4.
    • By 2010 we will be exposed to 3,000 ads a day…
    • Try to figure out which ones?
      • What about sticker on food? (CBS)
      • … or people’s anatomy (Dunkin’ Donuts)
      • … not to mention product and brand placement
  • 5.
    • 7 out of 10 people would like to throw away the ads…
    • What does consumers hate? Being interreputed…
    • Consumers will control what they see…
    • 1965: 3 main networks reached 95% of US consumers 10 times over…now less than 30%...
  • 6. Microsite, You Tube, Web…No more soap opera (P&G)
  • 7.
    • However …open and closed TV still account for 2/3 of total advs spending in the US (much more in Mexico…)
      • TV is set on for over 8 hours per day
      • Lots of people still watch the News and the Series
      • Special events draw a great attention: El Clásico is watched by over 30 MLN Mexicans, 90 MLN of US people watched the Super Bowl
  • 8.
    • More than 2/3 of average media plan is devoted to TV: it is what companies know best…
    • … however it will change pretty soon…
    • ENGAGEMENT (involvement) will be the
    • metric that matters to marketing
  • 9.
    • That means:
    • “ Offering the right product the right time
    • before the right prospect instead of trying to
    • break into people’s defense ” (Quoted: David Verklin, CEO Carat)
  • 10.
    • Just think:
      • How many radio stations?
      • What future of Magazines?
      • What about Newspapers?
      • What about the Web? Estimated from 8% to 15-20% of total marketing budgets in the US
      • We will still be addict to the TV, but what about the advs? Just think how many households have a DVD, at VOD, etc. What kind of shows are we going to watch, when and how? PP.
      • What about new media? Mobile phones, blogs, podcastings,...
  • 11.
    • Advs will go everywhere…marketers will try to place their brands wherever they can
      • Movies, tv and radio shows, video games, song lyrics, novel, theaters, etc….Let your imagination flow…
      • Some examples:
      • Will feedback be available in right time?
  • 12. How much does it cost? 4,420 $ National 30” Radio 70,162$ WSJ B&W Page 91,800$ NYC Billboard 76,000$ Vogue Printed Page 135,280 $ People Printed Page 38,250$ Univision (Hisp) Novela 350,000$ FOX American Idol 191,250$ CBS CSI 255,000 $ ABC TV- Desp housewives 212,500$ ABC TV- Lost