The use of FLOSS in Governments


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Governments across the world are implementing Free/Libre and Open Source Software. This presentation highlights some key factors to assist Governments to achieving their FLOSS objectives.

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The use of FLOSS in Governments

  1. Presentation by: N ico Elema GOVERNMENT OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE RESOURCE CENTRE – GOV-OSS-RC THE USE OF FLOSS IN GOVERNMENTS The use of FLOSS in Governments by Nico Elema islicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  3. Where did it all begin?
  4. GOV-OSS-RC Endorsements● University of the Western Cape (South Africa)● Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)● Open Source Software Institute (USA)● Government Open Source Conference GOSCON
  5. What do we do?Helping you accessinformation on howGovernments, from around theworld, are using Free/Libreand Open Source Software
  6. What do we do?Collect information on globallevel.TrainingResearch
  7. GOV-OSS-RC Research ENTERPRISE GIS Proprietary Solution: FLOSS Solution • MS SQL; Oracle; PostgreSQL • PostgreSQL (database) (database) • PostGIS (spatially enables PostgreSQL) • ArcGIS Server – Standard (SDE + • Mapserver (Internet map generator) Map serving on web) • MapWindow GIS/Quantum GIS (desktop • ArcEditor (1 license)(Edit maps on GIS analysis and capture) desktop) • ArcView ( 15 nonc licenses (3 per LA)) for Desktop analysis• 15 non-concurrent desktop users; • Unlimited desktop and browserunlimited browser viewers. users• 1 GIS user that can edit data. • GIS & Db License fees:• Min GIS License fees: US$0.00 (Excluding US$ 52 500.00(excluding servers)server and Database software)
  8. Syndication contributors* Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)and mailing lists* GOSCON (USA)* NRCFOSS - India* Open Source Industry Australia* – Open Source Observatory and Repository (Europe)* (SA)* OSSI News and Updates (USA)* Tectonic (SA)* (UK)
  9. Is it possible to report on Government FLOSS useper country?It is possible to report on focus areas and lessonslearnt
  10. Source:
  11. It is possible to report on focus areas and lessonslearnt
  12. Focus of governments and pressure groups Developing FLOSS policies Promote open standards Procurement – levelling the playing field
  13. FLOSS Policy
  14. Why do gov need FLOSS Policy?India 2010 (GoI):GoI aim to make Government services accessibleto the common man in his locality and ensureefficiency, transparency & reliability ofsuch services at affordable costs; in additionto this, GoI endeavours to provide services to allother stakeholders like public agencies andtheir employees and business communities.
  15. Example of a FLOSS PolicySouth Africa22 February 2007 the SA Cabinet approved the Policyon Free and Open Source Software use forSouth African Government 5 Key points and are as follows:
  16. South African Government Policy on Free and Open Source Software - 11) The South African Government willimplement FLOSS unless proprietary softwareis demonstrated to be significantly superior.Whenever the advantages of FLOSS and proprietarysoftware are comparable FLOSS will be implementedwhen choosing a software solution for a new project.Whenever FLOSS is not implemented, then reasonsmust be provided in order to justify theimplementation of proprietary software.
  17. South African Government Policy on Free and Open Source Software - 22) The South African Governmentwill migrate current proprietarysoftware to FLOSS whenevercomparable software exists.
  18. South African Government Policy on Free and Open Source Software - 33) All new software developed for orby the South African Governmentwill be based on open standards,adherent to FLOSS principles, andlicensed using a FLOSS licensewhere possible.
  19. South African Government Policy on Free and Open Source Software - 44) The South African Government willensure all Government content andcontent developed using Governmentresources is made Open Content, unlessanalysis on specific content shows thatproprietary licensing or confidentiality issubstantially beneficial.
  20. South African Government Policy on Free and Open Source Software - 55) The South African Governmentwill encourage the use of OpenContent and Open Standards withinSouth Africa.
  21. LESSON 1: Governments FLOSS policy need accountability Internal auditing mechanisms External pressure and communication groups
  22. Governments FLOSS policy need accountabilityInternal auditing mechanismsBrazil – Auditor General
  23. Governments FLOSS policy need accountabilityExternal pressure andcommunication groups
  24. Governments FLOSS policy need to be accountableExternal groupsCanada (Nov 2010)LAPELL - tender number 999103730 "MIGRATION OFWORKSTATIONS AND TECHNOLOGYINFRASTRUCTURE CSPQ OF MSG AND SERVICESQUÉBEC". APELL questioned the legality of the tenderawards as de facto market to multinational proprietarysoftware, without competition, without comparison withthe solutions in free software
  25. Open Standards
  26. Open Standards – News just in...“...political parties in the Portugueseparliament want to make the use of openstandards mandatory for publicadministrations.”Source:
  27. Promote Open StandardsInteroperability to enable the exchangeof data and harmonisation ofbusiness transactions acrossgovernment.Open Standards covers commonmethods, data formats, concepts,terms and document styles for thecommunication, storage, processing andpresentation of data.
  28. Open Standards There are various open standards integrating● Systems● Hardware● Protocols● File formats● Programming languages
  29. Procurement
  30. ProcurementWhy is procurement processesimportant?
  31. Companies want to do business with government and visa-versa CNLL** says that Frances public administrations spend an amountequal to one-tenth of the countrys GDP on public procurement. . Source:**National Council of Free Software (CNLL), a group representing French providers of free and open source software services
  32. Bee-keeper model
  33. Bee-keeperSource: James Dixon: Pentaho
  34. Source: James Dixon: Pentaho
  35. Source: James Dixon: Pentaho
  36. ProcurementFRANCE:Research by OpenForum Europe, at least 20 percentof all IT tenders are breaking the procurement rulesby requesting a single solution or technology.Source:
  37. Way forwardGovernments:Create FLOSS Policies making andmake provision for Open Standardsand fair Procurement.Possibly start with the educationsystems.Implement internal accountabilitystructures.
  38. Way forward I want YOU to... support pressure and communication groups; be vocal; ask questions … AND...
  39. Way forward I want YOU to... Support the GOV- OSS-RC at and at LinkedIn
  40. Contact information:Nico Elema: ( nicoelemaGOV-OSS-RC: