E-publishing: an innovation show and tell: Matt Marsh


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Presentation by Matt Marsh in the Inventing the Future session at Publish! A Day of Innovation on the Future of the Book, 2011 (Bristol)

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  • My name is Miss matter Garba,i saw your profile today on (slideshare.net) and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address (mattergarba56@yahoo.com) so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am. However i believe we can move on from here! I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.(Remeber the distance, colour or language does not matter but love matters alot in life miss matter. (mattergarba56@yahoo.com)
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E-publishing: an innovation show and tell: Matt Marsh

  1. E-publishingan innovation – show and tell
  2. “we want to do the i-pod of reading”Where do new reading opportunities lie?Who is the user and what do they need?What is the readers user experience?What customer facing proposition? When does reading comfort matter? When can digital play to its strengths? What technical specification is required? What kind of service component is required?
  3. find out what will drive adoptionRanges of Attitude Toward TechnologyTypes of Content Being ReadTypes of Reading BehaviourTypes of Reading Locations Age range Reading Impairments Type of Transportation “Tools” Types of Motivation for Reading Range of Home Set Up / Situation Ease of Access to Reading Material Range of Digital Reading Experience
  4. looking in interesting places Tim Crystal D&Y John Tom Lance Tony Cecillia Patrick Greig Ian Stephe Bill n TOTAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Bay Are a New York A do pt i on Dr i v e r Va ri a bl e Perishable and higher cost, i.e., novels Types of Content Being Read • • • • • • • • • • • 11 Perishable and lower cost, i.e., draft docs and magazines • • • • • • • 7 Long life, and higher cost, i.e., reference and text books • • • • • • • • • • • • • 13 Long life and lower cost, i.e., periodicals • • • • • • • • • • 10 For pleasure Motivation for Reading • • • • • • • • • • • • 12 To distract • • 2 Because it is required • • • • • 5 To Educate / Inform • • • • • • • 7 Ongoing /Almost continuous Types of Reading Behaviour • • • • • • • 7 Intermittent •Sel f • 2 Planned • kid • • • kid 4 Ad hoc • •Sel f • 3 Transportation locations, i.e like planes, Types of Reading Location s stations and trains, etc • • • • • • • • • 9 Personal and private locations i.e., like homes • • • • • • • • • • • • • 13 Public locations i.e., like airports, hospitals café’s, parks and libraries • • • • 4 Work spaces i.e., like offices and study areas • • • • • • • • 8 Advocate Ranges of Attitude Toward • • • • 4 Technolog y Pragmatists • • • • • 5 Resistant • • • • 4
  5. Business Innovation & Skillsthe provision of commercialisation services to emerging tech sector
  6. props, probes & stimulus
  7. findings
  8. Tim Darragh & Yvonne CrystalLife Sketch Life Sketch Life SketchMid forties. Two young children. Long term Mid to late thirties. Long term relationship No kids (yet). Ex pats Late 20’s. Single. Shared small apartmentrelationship. Large detached house in from Ireland. Apartment in a “happening” part of San Francisco, in a less desirable part of San Francisco.desirable San Francisco location. Financially and a “weekend” house in desirable, off-beat location 100 miles Less well off financially.comfortable. north of the city. Financially comfortable. Activity SketchActivity Sketch Activity Sketch Personal assistant / Child carer. PoliticallySenior technical writer at a software company. Executive of hearing diagnostic company (Darragh), and, sales active. Currently studying business studiesAspiring Novelist. Home maker. executive for furniture company (Yvonne). He also has a graphic (not an MBA type thing though). Extensive design business (run from home). Work hard, play hard lifestyle. public transport user. Cafe culture. BitReading Sketch counter culture.Has one novel on the go most of the time. Reading SketchMagazines, periodicals, and newspapers. Reads Diverse reading habits - comics, novels, music, documentation. Reading Sketchdaily with the kids. Not reading as much as he Most reading takes place at the weekend house. Like to read to An avid reader. Studying and revision. Lotsused to (no time). Lots of digital reading at each other. of reading in "capturedwork. minutes" (babysitting and travelling). Technology sketch Reading with kids.Technology sketch Laptop user and powerful desk top users. Not very techy or intoLots of downloading and on line purchases. gadgets, but are I-pod users and download music frequently. Technology sketchExtensive use of technology gadgets; I-pods, Plenty of on-line purchasing. Lap top and I-pod user. Fewer gadgets, butsmart phones, laptops, digital video, wireless downloads music and purchases on line.printer, HD TV in the home.
  9. John Tom LanceLife Sketch Life SketchLater forties. No children. Lived with partner Later thirties. Long term relationship. Small house in Life Sketchfor 5 years +. Large house in suburban San less desirable suburban part of San Francisco. Less Mid fifties. No kids. Lives with a long termFrancisco. comfortable financially. Considers himself to be a partner. Very desirable large house in upmarket "cheapskate", but spends money on books. Home San Francisco. Very comfortable financiallyActivity Sketch maker.Product manager at software company. Uses Activity Sketchpublic transport extensively. He uses the Activity Sketch Senior executive at a number of companies. Hispublic library as his min provider of books. Technology writer (and partner David works in emphasis is now on getting a good work life publishing). Uses public transport extensively. Has a balance. Commutes via train daily and uses thisReading Sketch hand mobility impairment/ disability. Spends lots of time to work – considers it part of his workingReads a newspaper daily and visits news Web time on planes for work. day. Socially and culturally active.sites daily. Reads a book a week (pretty muchall non-fiction). Reading Sketch Reading Sketch An avid reader. reading is how he spends his leisure Has a novel on the go most of the time. Reads aTechnology sketch time. Buys a book once a week. Both novels and lot for work – documents as well as literature.Knows computers and technology. Chooses technical books going at the same time. Subscribes to Likes magazines and periodicalsnot to own a mobile phone because he many newspapers and magazines. Reads a lot on-linedoesn’t feel that he needs it. Used to use and on-screen at work Technology sketchAmazon a lot, but not anymore. Little Uses internet extensively for everything.technology in the home. Few gadgets.   Technology sketch Downloads music, on-line games, etc. Buys from Amazon from work. No computer at home. I- Purchases through various sites on line pod used as home stereo. Chooses not to have a cell (Amazon, boutique store purchases, etc.). phone – doesn’t need it.
  10. Tony (& Kim) Cecilia Patrick GregLife Sketch Life SketchEarly forties. Long term partners. Life Sketch Life Sketch Mid forties. Lives alone. Single.Recently had first child. Compact Late twenties. Single. Lives lone in nice Later forties. Lived with partner for five Comfortable apartment in centralapartment in a desirable location in apartment in nice part of Manhattan. Long years +. No kids. Extensive apartment in Manhattan. Financially getting by.Manhattan. Financially getting by. distance relationship (he is in Amsterdam). desirable part of Manhattan. Financially Financially getting by. comfortable. Activity SketchActivity Sketch Actor. Reads extensively. TravelsHe is a successful photographer - she is Activity Sketch Activity Sketch long distance extensively (twice aa dance teacher (theory and practice). Legal Reference Librarian. Commutes on Director for a legal consultancy. Commutes year) for leisure. Uses publicCommute via train to work. Home subway. Visits parents house where she has by subway. Regularly runs full marathons. transport extensively. Highly social.makers. her personal library. Works long hours to Flying constantly to offices in the United save up vacation time. States. Reading SketchReading Sketch Has a novel or two on the go most ofBoth have a book on the go most of the Reading Sketch Reading Sketch the time. Reads newspapers,time. Read on the commute. Tend not to Reads lots of second hand books. Used to lots A passionate reader – about a book a week, journals and magazines daily. Readsread from screen very much. Read of on-screen reading and extensive use of plus others. Plus many newspapers, script and business documents ateveryday to their child. content management and search tools. periodicals and magazines. home. Researches before going on travel trips (atTechnology sketch least twice a year). Technology sketch Technology sketchOrder from Amazon. Computer savvy. Computer Savvy. Purchases and downloads Lap top owner. I-pod user. PDA user.Simple home desk top – no wireless. I- Technology sketch on line. Uses a laptop but not for work – Not many technology gadgets inpod users, but tend not to purchase Has home laptop. Standard mobile phone games only. Few technology gadgets in everyday life.  music on-line preferring to own the CD and no PDA. Digital camera, and I-pod, but everyday life.  and then rip it.   not many technology gadgets in everyday life.  
  11. Ian Stephen BillLife Sketch Life Sketch Life SketchEarly thirties. Single. Lives in shared Mid to late thirties. Lives alone. Single. Late 50’s to 60’s. Lives alone. Single.accommodation with two others. “Cool” split Modern and large apartment in highly Very large, upmarket apartment inlevel apartment in Brooklyn, NY. desirable part of Manhattan. Financially desirable part of Manhattan. comfortableActivity Sketch Activity SketchWorks for a publishing company in electronic Activity Sketch Freelance journalist, author andand audio books. Part time DJ. Also a writer, Senior executive at global media company. commentator. Also a business strategist.commentator, journalist in music industry. Part timer photographer. Very social. Travels Travels extensively. Highly politicallyEnglish graduate. Part of a reading and writing globally for business frequently. Commutes active.group. on sub way. Reading SketchReading Sketch Reading Sketch “On and off” novel reading. Lots of blogs,Novel on the go pretty much all the time. Reads An “off and on” novel reader. Extensive lots of e-mails. News on line. A lot ofextensively on laptop at home (but lap top reader of on-line, screen based information. research and draft printing and reading.doesn’t go out with him). News, information, Lots of laptop and PDA reading. Reads lots ofBlogs, etc. Reads magazines and books when business press and novels when he can. Technology sketchcommuting on the subway. Enjoys zines and Likes technology to be productivity andgraphic art. Technology sketch quality – two LCD screens. Not so techy Lots of the very latest devices and mobile (has two I-pods and hasn’t used them).Technology sketch services. Lots of on-line activity – both Resistant to get mobile phone. LovesVery technology competent – across a broad mobile and fixed.   books - but hates paper.  range of media and devices. Extensive use ofinternet for download and or purchasing.  
  12. reading reality
  13. digital opportunities
  14. when comfort mattersDemanding-ness of task(comprehension x Interpretation) -  Engagement Business Academic & -  Immersiveness Technical reading documentation educational -  Accuracy Novels - Pleasure Texts Periodicals Sunday Articles newspapers Daily newspapers Paragraphs Gossip magazines Reference News headlines One liners & summaries - web news & strap lines Web search Size of reading “chunk” Seconds 1-2 5 Two hours minutes minutes
  15. easy aggregation
  16. design translation
  17. winning propositionThe target user- Time poor and interrupted readers-  They find it hard to make time to do it and get it properly organised-  Find it hard to get “good” books and keep them close at hand at all times.-  They are probably reluctant buyers, independently minded and poorly informed.Key features- Improved access to personal “stockpile” of reading matter always at arms reach.-  Improved service – selection previewing, reviewing, aggregating and open source.- Undemanding interaction and appearance.The usage contexts-  Places where people are fitting their reading into and around their lives – commuting, waiting, downtime or breaks.- This includes, trains, station platforms, desks, armchairs, kitchens, beds.-  This means that the device needs to be highly portable and robust.
  18. design principles•  Unapologetic•  Undemanding•  Flexible•  Simple•  Robust
  19. end. Contact : Matt Marsh matt.marsh@firsthandexperience.net