KZero Universe Q2 2011


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Virtual worlds shown by launch date, average user age and registered account size

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KZero Universe Q2 2011

  1. 1. Virtual Worlds:Industry & User Data Universe Chart for Q1 2011
  2. 2. About KZeroConsulting, Analytics, Insight
  3. 3. KZero services Sectors: Virtual worlds, branded virtual goods, casual/social gaming, 3D gaming, augmented reality Start-ups / Pre-launch: Business planning, market sizing, financial modelling, strategic guidance, launch planning Operational companies: Marketing strategy, product development, user analysis, market entry planning, partnerships/busdev Brands: Media planning, campaign creation, virtual brand strategy, social media monetization strategies For VC’s/Investors: Deal-flow, investment analysis, market sizing
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. Media References
  6. 6. GrowthGrowth byAgeRegistered Account by Segment
  7. 7. Total registered accountsAge 2009 2010 2011Range Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q25 to 10 77m 114m 152m 179m 190m 211m 219m 235m 272m 320m10 to 15 246m 334m 367m 392m 413m 444m 468m 511m 561m 652m15 to 25 73m 99m 117m 193m 237m 273m 288m 299m 313m 385m25+ 18m 21m 23m 25m 27m 30m 34m 36m 39m 42mTotal 414m 568m 659m 789m 867m 958m 1,009m 1,081m 1,185m 1,399m
  8. 8. Total registered accounts1,400m1,300m1,200m1,100m1,000m 900m 800m 700m 600m 500m 400m Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11
  9. 9. Total registered accounts700m600m 5 to 10 10 to 15 15 to 25500m400m300m200m100m 0m Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11
  10. 10. Total registered accounts: Quarterly growth 250m 200m 150m 100m154m 214m 130m 91m 78m 91m 50m 104m 51m 72mQ2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 0m Q2 10 Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11
  11. 11. Q1 2011: total registered accounts 700m 525m 652m 350m 320m 385m 175m 5-10 10-15 0m 15-25 42m Age Group 25+
  12. 12. Total registered accounts1500m 5-10 10-15 15-25 25+1250m1000m750m500m250m 0m Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11 Age Group
  13. 13. Universe ChartAverage age and registered accounts
  14. 14. Launch or Open Beta Start Date 6m 7m Previous Quarter Closed Registered Accounts Current Total Registered Users
  15. 15. Age Jumpstart 6m Math Blaster FooPets 27m Second Life (36) 10m Utherverse (35) 8m 4.5m 2mVirtual Worlds 7.5m 25m 2011 9m BoomBangRegistered Accounts Planet T WebKinz Jr 3.8m Brainnook / ArboPals 8m Blue Mars 7m 22m urtleQ2 2011 3.5m Chapatiz Ag 2.5m 7m 1.5m orld e8 e3 1m y Twinity r Ba zie W Ag 0+ wn ni 2010 3.3m mu idon 1.8m Bunny To Wow 19m Hello Kitty Online / Le ds /Sh Live or open beta oki 5m rld Pals 4m Pixie Hollow Din 1.4m 3.1m Wo 17m d Sea lan 3m DizzyWood Liv Launched in 3m 3.5m 1.2m 3m an iny orld 15m 2.5m 2.5m 1m /M Monkey Quest / Rango / Little Space Heroes gi W s 2m die 3m 13m ud 18m WebKinz Woo 2009 b 2m 1m Eco 2m 16m 23m Buildabearville 2m 21m GalactoKidz / My Tiny Planets 15m 19m 6m Bin Weevils 1.2m 3m Beanie Babies/Pandanda iLand 18m Allstar Buddies / LPSO / FooteeNo data shown for worlds 3dChat 10m 17m 2m Handunder 1m registered accounts. 15m 1m Tinier Me / WebosaursIncludes estimates. GeoSim 2008 11m Action Jetz/RidemakerzCopyright KZero 2006-2011 5m Bear League/Innerstar Uni CyberTown 3m FunGoPlay / Horrible Histories 20m Panfu 15m World of Cars/Kung Fu Panda Omnidate Animal Jam/Petra’s Planet/ EkidnaWorld eRepublic 2.5m 2.1m 2007 2m 1m 1.5m Ekoloko Weopia 144m 170m Poptropica 105m 110m 83mSponsored by 20m 40m 76m 80m 3rd Planet 1.5m 1.8m 2m 2.5m Action Allstars Minimonos Age 25 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Age 10 Yoowalk Chimpoo 3m 4m 2m 1.5m Camp Pete/Garden Party 4m 3m Scenecaster 1m 4m 7m 12m Digital Dollhouse 4.5m 18m 3m 25m 27m 8m 34m 50m Moshi Monsters 5m 9m 45m 8m 10m 12m 50m 10m 2007 12m 12m Fusion Fall 30m 55m 5m 17m 19m 35m 19m 58m 8m 20m Free Realms Dofus 60m 10m 40m 20m 22m 63m 13.5m Fantage 45m 28m orts 30m e of Sp 30m Club P 65m Empir uperstars 35m 32m ony P 70m Neopets all S 40m 40m als Footb 45m 45m Vizwoz / Galaxseeds 47m 46m 1m 2008 2.8m 53m Harumika / IncrediLand 1m 63m 2m 19m 6m 3m 3m Gojiyo 48m 17m 70m Club Penguin 50m 2.3m 12m 4m 1.3m 5m 8m 2m Roblox IMVU 55m 7m 5m 13m 24m 11m 6m 7m CDE 3m 7m 8m 21m 1.2m Wilostar3D 15m 13m Quaver 4m 2009 3m Lego Universe e 9m 26m ooe Hi Holo! 12m 1.2m 11m 5m 14m 124m 6.3m Kid Command / SquishLand bC 6m 1m 16m 26m 3.7m Clu 10m 13m 16m Rinksters SmallWorlds 1.7m 20m 12m 4m Freaky Creatures / Hip Chicas 30m 1.6m 3.8m 135m 30m n 14m 6.5m 10m Minecraft RocketO 25m 13m 5m 10m 18m Mamba Nation 2m 148m 42m 6.8m 27m 32m Whyville 11m 3m 16m 2.5m 4.1m 6m 6.5m 19m 158m 2010 46m 12m Live 12m 30m 14m 7m Baobab wn Ministry of 2.7m Ag Rez 7m 15m 22m 0 Planet Howrse 168m 55m Maple / Socioto 17m 32m e2 Silly Games 17m e1 Ag 3m 8m 8m 17m GoSupermodel 3 Weblin 16m Story 3.2m 18m 36m 175m 69m 20m Camp Skookum Frenzoo Planet Cazmo 9m Wizard 101 Home 3.5m 36m 3.2m 5m 185m 85m 17m sMeet 20m 40m 40m Glitch New Boyz 9m Meez Gaia 2m 3.5m 5.5m 200m 2011 18m Star Fever Agency 94m 1m 44m Taatu 10m 8m Freggers / Roiworld 3.6m 6.6m 116m 20m WeeWorld 220m Outspark Cosmopax Stardoll Herotopia Girl Sense Transformers Habbo Age 15