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KZero Galaxy Q1 2012


Published on

The first edition of the KZero Galaxy chart. This chart presents total cumulative registered accounts for the MMORPG, FPS, MOBA, ART and other gaming related categories.

The first edition of the KZero Galaxy chart. This chart presents total cumulative registered accounts for the MMORPG, FPS, MOBA, ART and other gaming related categories.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. The RPG Galaxy Registered Account data for Q1 2012 MMORPG, FPS, MOBA, ARTS, Racing
  • 2. About KZeroConsulting, Analytics, Insight
  • 3. KZero services Sectors: Virtual worlds/MMOs, branded virtual goods, casual/social gaming, 3D gaming, augmented reality Start-ups / Pre-launch: Business planning, market sizing, financial modelling, strategic guidance, launch planning Operational companies: Marketing strategy, product development, user analysis, market entry planning, partnerships/busdev Brands: Media planning, campaign creation, virtual brand strategy, social media monetization strategies For VC’s/Investors: Deal-flow, investment analysis, market sizing
  • 4. KZero Clients
  • 5. Virtual Worlds / MMOs
  • 6. Media References
  • 7. RPG Galaxy ChartAverage age and registered accounts
  • 8. Key for Charts Launch or Open Beta Start Date 6m 7m Previous Quarter Registered Accounts Current Total Registered Users
  • 9. Key for Charts MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game FPS: First Person Shooter ARTS: Action Real Time Strategy MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena MOR: Multiplayer Online Racing
  • 10. Age 10m Star Wars: Clone War Adventures EverquestRPG Galaxy 2012 Microvolts 5m Transformers UniverseRegistered Accounts Maple Story 100m RunescapeQ1 2012 Ag 7 175m e1 e3 Ag Brawl Busters 5+ 2011 MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Crazyracing Kart Rider FPS: First Person Shooter 230m ARTS: Action Real Time Strategy 2010 20m World of Tanks MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Star Wars: The Old Republic 10m Trackmania 2 3m MOR: Multiplayer Online Racing Launched in 2009 Lord of the Rings Online 2mNo data shown for games under 1m accounts. 2.5mIncludes estimates. Updated quarterly. E&EO. Dungeo ns & DraCopyright KZero 2012 gons On 2008 line Rift 4m Age 30 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Age 20 22m RayCitySEA 1.5m Settlers Online UFO Online Tribal Wars 42m rs Trilogy 2008 Guild Wa 2m Arma 2: Free 10m tis City of Heroes 3m f Atlan 9m Drift City Dragons o Titans of the 15m Realm arcra ft 100m Guild Wars 2 d of W Worl QQ Speed 2009 90m ya s Super Monday Night Combat Shai ant Arm Runes of Magic f Vali ce o 10m Quake Live 14m Allian Blizzard DOTA 35m 100m Travian Bloodline Champions 12m 2010 Grepolis 1.5m DC Universe Online 8m Leag Eve Online 15m Heroes of Newerth ue o 40m Rise of the Immortals Ragnarok Online 11m Combat Arms f Lege Project nds Blackout Dofus 55m Firefall 2011 25m Ag 7 Forsaken World Cross Fire e2 e2 5m Wakfu Ag Tribes Ascend 2 Team Fortress 2 30m Age of Conan 2.5m 1.5m 8m 100m Battle Inc Warzone Dragon Nest Battlestar Galactica 2012 5m 2m 50m 7m 3.5m 3.5m Blacklight Retribution Blackshot Aion Planetside 2 APB: Reloaded Perfect World Smite Dota 2 Tera Age 25
  • 11. VW Universe ChartAverage age and registered accounts
  • 12. Age 5 Second Life (36) Jumpstart 31m Cackleberries 10m Math Blaster 2012 FooPetsKZero Universe Chart Utherverse (35) 10m 8m 13m HandiLand 30m KZero Universe Chart wnVirtual World / MMO 3m BoomBang Bunny To urtle 11m 2m 9m 28m Virtual World / MMO Ag 6m Planet T Camp Pete / EkolokuRegistered Accounts e8 e3 8.5m 27m 2.5m 10m Ag Registered Accounts 0+ Weblin Arbopals / MyTinyPlanetsQ1 2012 Twinity 8m 25m 2011 4.5m Ecobuddies 7.5m 3.8m 9m 1.5m Magic Town Action Jetz Q1 2012 7m 8m Live or open beta 22m 21m Webkinz Vie 2.5m 7m 1.2m Distroller Launched in 20m Tinkatolli 2010 Live or open beta 5m 19m 1.8m 6m Pixie Hollow 18m Gogoyu Launched in 17m 1m 5m 3m 1.4m 16m Little Space Heroes Next Island 4m BrainNook 15m Kid Command 2.5m 3.5m Time Tribe 13m 1m 15m 23m Panfu 2m 2009 22m 3dCha 3m Neopets No data shown for worlds 73m No data shown for worlds t 72m under 1m registered accounts. GeoSi 20m Geowhiz under 1m registered accounts. Includes estimates. m Kawi Park Includes estimates. 5m Copyright KZero 2006-2012 15m 65m oo Sand Dollar City Copyright KZero 2006-2012 58m Chimp 20m 21m Bearville 19m 2008 17m 2m Happy Studio eRepublic 3.5m 13m Toonix Cartoon Universe 3m 2.5m 11m 2.1m 5m Animal Jam Sponsored by 2m 1m Weopia Fight My Monster Sponsored by 110m 144m 170m 210m 225m Poptropica 3rd Planet 20m 40m 76m 80m 83m 105m Age 25 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Minimonos Age 10 2m 3m 6m 1m 4m 10m 13m Bin Weevils 7m 12m 18m 25m 27m 34m Dorothy of Oz Nanoland / Im 50m 60m 30m Kung Fu agine Town 70m Moshi Monsters 20m Panda 5m 40m 8m Cash Stash 45m 2008 Digita 35m Kid Com 10m Petra’s Planet 50m 30m l Dollh 45m mand / 14m Dofus 55m ouse 70m SquishL 16m 35m / Club and 18m Fantage 3m Pony 90m 45m 1m Pals / 100mKZero Universe Chart 2m 19m 12m 17m 5m 5m 8m Action Allsta rs 115m 130m 150m Skylanders KZero Universe ChartVirtual World / MMO 50m 2.3m 24m 7m 13m 12m 10m 12m 170m Club Penguin Virtual World / MMORegistered Accounts 60m 55m 3m 26m 8m 15m 1.2m 2009 21m 6m 1.2m 3m 15m 19m 17m 2m 5m 5m Animal Jam Registered AccountsQ1 2012 IMVU 95m 6m 4m 30m 12m 1m 16m 1.6m 124m 3.7m 22m 18m 10m Monkey Quest Q1 2012 s 32m 26m 1m star 13m 1.7m 8m 20m Free Realms 8m uper 20m 135m 4m Kaz 25m SmallWorlds 9m all S 36m 14m 2m 30m 5m op Footb 25m 11m 7m 6m ark 15m 27m Wizard 101 Hi Hola! 40m 2010 1.3m 16m 3m 27m 2.5m 42m 3.8m 6.5m Pirate 101 Live or open beta 44m 148m 10m 17m Live or open beta 4m 13m 2m 11m Ameba Pico Gojiyo 1m 17m 30m 2.7m 158m 46m 7m Launched in 55m Glitch / Bible Islands Launched in 32m 55m 14m 4.1m 6m 8m 12m 3m 13m Rinksters 60m 18m 6m 3m 168m Herotopia Star Guardians 16m 14m 20m 8m 69m 9m 18m 65m 175m 18m 5m FusionFall ts 36m 3.2m 7m 5m Why Spor 24m 2011 85m 15m Free Roblox ville 19m 5.5m f 40m 185m 28m ire o Weeworld 12m 3.3m Ourw AgNo data shown for worlds No data shown for worlds Realm 0 94m Emp 26m e2 Mamba Nation 9m e1under 1m registered accounts. 20m Minecraft under 1m registered accounts. orld Meez 22m 6.6m Ag 200m s 7m 3Includes estimates. 14m 45m 3.4m 116m Includes estimates. Yogurtistan 11m Planet CazmoCopyright KZero 2006-2012 sMeet 230m 25m 7m 22m Copyright KZero 2006-2012 47m 3.6m 150m 14m Woozworld Gaia 255m 10m Frenzoo 2012 8m Global Soccer 100m 4m 26m Fiesta 200m Howrse 265m GoSupermodel Transformers Universe Maplestory Habbo Stardoll Beloola Sponsored bySponsored by Cosmopax Age 15