Open Letter


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An open letter to the person who is full of potential, yet scared to take action that results in change

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Open Letter

  1. 1. An open letter to the person who is full of potential, yet scared to take action that results in change
  2. 2. Dear Potential Person of Great Influence…
  3. 3. I know that you were just about to commit to a brave and adventurous journey, but fear has crept in and now you’re concerned about what it’s going to cost you to make that journey.
  4. 4. I know you’re even concerned about making it through the journey in one piece, and are worried you might get lost on your way.
  5. 5. Well, please take a breath and allow yourself to relax.
  6. 6. You can easily go back to how things were and the original future you were aiming for.
  7. 7. All you have to do is just say the word, and the fear you are experiencing about the big and exciting future you were aiming for, will stop.
  8. 8. Having spent many hours thinking about you and listening to you talk about your goals, hopes and dreams, I am interested in your response to the following questions.
  9. 9. You might find some of them challenging, yet I ask them sincerely, because I think you might benefit from answering them.
  10. 10. After all, who else is prepared to ask you direct, poignant, and important diagnostic questions these days?
  11. 11. Can I ask, now that you’ve decided you don’t want to move forward toward your goals, hopes and dreams, are you any more certain about your future, or are you still left hoping it will turn out the way you want it to?
  12. 12. And now that you’ve slept on it, and you’ve had more time to think things through, are you truly happy with your pre- existing plan?
  13. 13. Have you reconciled the difference between your current life and the new adventure you were about to take?
  14. 14. Are you sure it makes logical sense for you to just do what you were already doing?
  15. 15. I did listen intently to you when you said that you’d been inspired, that you didn’t want to accept life just as it is, and that you wanted to make a difference, be a leader, and dreamed of helping people all over the world …
  16. 16. …when you said that, did you mean it? Was is true?
  17. 17. Do you recall that I warned you about the need for long term commitment, the need for persistence, hard work and being prepared to learn new skills …
  18. 18. …all the things that are required of you if you want to be become the person you need to be, and achieve greater results than you’re currently achieving?
  19. 19. Do you mind me asking if you’re comfortable using your past experiences to justify why you shouldn’t now follow your dreams to get a different outcome than you’re currently destined for?
  20. 20. Are you sure that when you’re old and someone asks you why you never gave it your best shot, that you’ll be able to proudly say that your early experiences meant that you couldn’t have created a different future?
  21. 21. I want you to be reassured that in all of this your choice is sacred, and it’s not for anyone to stand in the way of your decision to stay the same.
  22. 22. My only question to you would be, are you sure that your current plan is better or more secure than the adventure you were so looking forward to?
  23. 23. Because if the current plan is BETTER and it is more SECURE then I would ABSOLUTELY advise you to stay doing what you were doing and put the adventure and the dream out of your mind.
  24. 24. I do understand why you’re concerned. There is risk in growth, expansion and new experiences.
  25. 25. Any story worth telling has an unlikely hero in it who experienced the hazards of being great.
  26. 26. You see, the reason I understand this is that I’ve been there … and so have all the others who have chosen the ‘Life Adventure’.
  27. 27. In fact, because we’ve chosen the path of adventure, not only do we understand your current fear of starting, we have also experienced the fear of the actual journey and the real hazards.
  28. 28. Speaking to you from the other side of adventure, I can honestly report that things haven’t always gone according to plan and I’ve had to live with a new level of uncertainty that hasn’t always been comfortable.
  29. 29. I guess that when those of us on this side of adventure look back, we now remember that before we started our adventure, things often didn’t go according to plan anyway. We know that before we started, we were already uncertain of our future.
  30. 30. In fact, looking back, part of the reason we were compelled to start our adventure was because things didn’t always go to plan and we were uncertain and fearful.
  31. 31. We wanted to be in a better position to deal with things when they didn’t work out, we wanted to increase our certainty, and we wanted to conquer our fear.
  32. 32. But you’re not me, and I’m not you. And if you truly believe that your current plan is adequate to serve your needs, and fulfill your entire life, then I strongly suggest that you don’t change a thing.
  33. 33. If you’ve reconciled that you’re already living the dream, then why would you change?
  34. 34. Put these new aspirations out of your mind and stop dreaming about a different future because you’ve determined that the present you already have is definitely worth staying for.
  35. 35. You see, maybe your reason for staying the same is exactly the same reason I couldn’t stay the same?
  36. 36. Lastly, I understand you fear of failing, and the risk of losing what you’ve already got.
  37. 37. And I guess that if this is such a great approach to life then you could identify a list of people you really look up to and admire and who passionately adopt this approach?
  38. 38. Could these people be our role models, leaders and hero’s? Are they yours?
  39. 39. Yes, I guess it is possible that these sorts of people could be our inspiration and hope … yet I find the thought of that unacceptable.
  40. 40. I am living my dream and I will always do everything in my power, with every ounce of effort, energy, gusto, and determination to fight for that dream …
  41. 41. … because my personal dream is the opposite of not taking action because of fear.
  42. 42. It’s the opposite of ignoring the adventure. It’s the opposite of squandering possibility, and it’s the opposite of living a life of unrealized potential.
  43. 43. I’m here for a reason … and I chose to be here … I am here as a force for positive change to help people maximize their influence, but only if they want, and ask, for my help.
  44. 44. And so as I continue to go forward, living my dream and helping other on their adventure, I will leave you with a final thought.
  45. 45. If living your dream isn’t what you want, then you should not do it.