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Sundae Images - Cost effective imagery with strategic brand integrity.

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Why Sundae Brochure

  1. 1. Sundae
  2. 2. A thought.. Would you ever send out for ‘stock’ product copy or a ‘stock’ pack design or a ‘stock’ endline...?
  3. 3. Another thought.. In these economically challenging times, which sounds most shrewd; ... pay someone else to go to the shops for you, find a frock that will just about fit, get you to pay for it, you wear it once, and then find you have to pay again if you wanted to wear it next year? Or better to order something made to measure, that is delivered to you & yours forever...?
  4. 4. Food for thought ... Sundae is a photography consultancy, working with brands to develop and support strong brand identities. Founded by brand management experts with years of blue chip client & agency experience, Sundae understands both the operational and strategic demands of photography for brand communications, and how the two often clash. The philosophy and visual identity of your brand should define all your imagery, always. It should always be at your fingertips, and not cost an arm & a leg... Easier said than done?..
  5. 5. Business as usual… Company wide, people want ‘pictures’, all the time, a leaflet, a sales stand, a website, a promotion, annual report, internal comms… At best they all use the same tired image that they know is approved, even though it’s out of context & dated, (not to mention out of usage licence agreement) or at worst they go off and spend a fortune on completely average & inappropriate stock stocks. Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to have a bank of bespoke images, that were designed specifically to encapsulate your brand identity and tone of voice, available online and copyright bought out?
  6. 6. Imagery - challenges for brands • Consistency - all touchpoints • Integrity - with brand values • Recognition • Quality • Internal /external credibility • Cohesion with core offering and ATL activity • Operational demands • Cost • Control • Freshness/ regular updates • Relevance
  7. 7. Making imagery work for you No logos - but you can tell the brand a mile off …
  8. 8. Making imagery work for you
  9. 9. Making imagery work for you
  10. 10. Brand realities Tone of Voice • How a brand expresses itself, the manifestation of its core philosophy, its personality. The words and pictures it uses must have integrity with that personality. Perception is reality •Brands only truly exist in the minds of the consumer. •Brand communications and brand behaviours create a perception in the heart of your customer. Everything they see, everything you do, not just the TV stuff. 3 dimensional branding •To be convincing - you have to be convinced yourselves. •Internal branding is vital. Staff must believe the brand is as slick and as meaningful as your customers - or it will show…
  11. 11. Hierarchy? Every brand marketeer knows this inside out and back to front... words & pictures Brand communications Communications strategy Design elements guidelines Logo Behaviours Product Brand Brand values Brand Philosophy
  12. 12. Hierarchy? words & pictures We believe that it is more like this ... Communications From a brand management point of view, the final touches, the topping, the actual words and pictures strategy used to communicate with customers are maybe not so strictly governed, but make up the largest volume, most diverse and most frequent touch Design elements points. guidelines Brand If they are not balanced with the apex, the crux of communications the brand - the philosophy - the brand architecture Logo can topple. Often ‘guidelines’ stop at Design Elements guidelines, sometimes even with the Logo … Behaviours Product Brand Brand values Brand Philosophy
  13. 13. Good things about Sundae imagery • Bespoke & unique to you • Relevant to your business • Consistent and meaningful brand building - across everything you produce • Operational efficiency whilst maintaining brand affectivity • Reliable resource - there when/where you need it • Controllable - cross market / dept access • Peace of mind re copyright buyout • Cost - smart agency model; minimal overheads, in- house level costs for specialist resource.
  14. 14. Consolidate - get more out of your cash Cumulative cost of individual, uncoordinated activities Cost of bespoke, relevant & recognisable brand shoot 1 weeks shoot & production management Leaflet - 4 stock shots, one off use ! £800 Research & guidelines development Annual report & accounts - designer sourced imagery! ! ! £10000 Buyout in perpetuity of c.50 shots Website refresh - R.F. stock used ! £500 Delivered, scanned, styled & retouched, low and high res. Captioned and documented. DM campaign - agency specific shoot ! £7000 Brochure - graduate recruitment ! £5000 ! ONE OFF cost c.£3,000 3 product leaflets ! ! £3000 3rd party promotion ! ! £500 Exhibition stand - stock licensed 1yr ! £1500 Product launch comms! ! £10000 Internal magazine! ! £2000 Customer magazine ! ! £5000 Sales materials! ! ! £5000 Retail interiors! ! ! £10000 All costings are approximate and subject to brief scope ! ANNUAL cost c.£60,300
  15. 15. What will Sundae bring … •Specialist expertise, brand identity, photography and brand delivery in a unique and efficient unit. •Bespoke imagery creation to your existing or our developed style guidelines. Creating, refreshing, or evolving your brand image library. •Analysis and development of brand imagery style, content and properties •Creation and publication of imagery usage guidelines •Partnership & integration with existing comms agencies •Digital/online library solutions and hosting. •Retained partnership in general imagery consultation and brand guardianship.
  16. 16. Practicalities •Images can be provided on CD or direct to an online library hosted by you, or us. •We provide buyout agreements for all our bespoke brand imagery - one cost - usage for life. •All documentation and copyright agreements are provided •Model & location release permissions are documented. •Categorisation and key wording of library for maximum efficiency •High and low res files for ease of working. •Master files held in case of disaster!
  17. 17. Who are we? Our founders are commercial photographers and artists who have a background in Brand and or communications, including major brands such as bmi, Hilton, and Orange. This unique position gave rise to Sundae. A core group of Photographers work regularly for Sundae, under our creative and strategic direction. However we operate a smart virtual agency, and are always expanding our international network. This allows us to research and commission specific to brand needs and sector expertise.
  18. 18. Case study - Osh Kosh Brief •Rough & tumble; real kids in real mess, having fun wearing real, robust & cool clothes by Osh Kosh. Developed style definition •Grainy, earthy, rich saturated colours, low depth of field to throw the attention on to the clothes. Close in crop - a childs eye view.
  19. 19. Case study - Eurostar Needs - Brand • Consistency, with brand values and offering • Cohesion with ATL and current design style • Recognisable and ownable style within imagery created Needs - Operational • Flexible – for use in range of applications / layouts • Differentiated from ‘ Stock shot’ wallpaper • ‘Starter pack’ for an ongoing library of general destination images • Provide breath and depth to visual description of destinations Needs - Content • Graphic and design conscious but not gratuitous • Evocative elements of a place; Descriptive, not just illustrative. • Create desire, interest, a taster • A new angle / intrigue from ‘overshot’ destinations.
  20. 20. Case study - Eurostar Distilled brand elements • Dynamic • Speed • Accessible • Freedom • Adventure • Close / Near Style definitions • High contrast • Dynamic strong perspectives, indicative of speed/ movement • Dramatic wide angle • Graphic composition • High depth of field.
  21. 21. Case study - Wysing Arts Needs - Brand • Visual representation of the centres unique offering • Recognisable and ownable style to take through all new corporate comms Needs - Operational • Create a sense of ‘latent potential’ to encourage investment • Create a sense of the centres ambience & qualities Needs - Content • Activities, atmosphere, physical space, context, facilities, areas needing funding
  22. 22. Case study - Wysing Arts Distilled brand elements • Grass roots • Community • Hands on • Rural/ rustic • Space Style definitions • Hazy, sunny light • Yellow/ warm tonality • Soft • Graphic, close in (inviting) compositions
  23. 23. Case study - Guest Invest Needs - Brand • Design conscious • Reflective of the target market trends but with an individual edge Needs - Operational • Create atmosphere • Reflect finishes & quality Needs - Content • Specific and generic illustration of the offering
  24. 24. Case study - GuestInvest Distilled brand elements • Intimate • Exclusive • Stylish Style definitions • High key • Low depth of field • Abstract details • Cumulative / grid image use
  25. 25. Case study - Network Rail Needs - Brand • Credible, design led imagery - move away from poor operationally led comms of past • Specific styling - recognisable and consistent • Brand essence & assets - defined and aligned across activity/ depts Needs - Operational • Bank of fully owned imagery for general use - evolved from the RUS imagery • Flexible multi purpose imagery - b/w , col/ cropped
  26. 26. Case study - Network Rail Distilled brand elements • Movement • Light • Speed/ Dynamism Style definitions • High key • Acute perspectives • Strong graphic lines and blocks of colour • Extreme highlights
  27. 27. Case study - Cable & Wireless Needs - Brand • Total re-brand of international business • Stand out in sector • Warm, fresh, vibrant, uplifting, humorous Needs - Operational • Bold cut-outs for entire customer experience usage • Full bleed with iconic details on corners / edges to accommodate typography style
  28. 28. Case study - Cable & Wireless Brand elements • Fresh / vibrant • Green/ environmental • Communications/ infrastructure Style definitions • High key • High colour • Details / icons off centre
  29. 29. Case study - Ultissimo Needs - Brand • Authentic ‘Italianness’ • Selling a lifestyle , not just property Needs - Operational • Create pull & desire for the dream • Demonstrate the properties, the approach and finishes / quality that differentiates them Needs - Content • Italy, Umbria, the developments, and the individual properties, their feel and style in one branded coherent way.
  30. 30. Case study - Ultissimo Definition Authentically captured moments. Stylistic rules Close, textural. Strong, atmospheric light Strong use of identity colour palette Low depth of field Content Evocative - mood, sound, smells Traces of humanity - not literal Experiential - being there , not viewing from afar Authentic - not staged. Warm Italian sunshine
  31. 31. Case study - Livewire Needs - Brand • Selling a life of extreme style, not just the technology which facilitates • Stand out from visually unsophisticated competitors in the audio visual market Needs - Operational • Describe very high end, quality products as well as a bespoke service and attention to detail Needs – Content •Illustrate the products, but also the seamless, unobtrusive integration of them into a home.
  32. 32. Case study - Livewire Distilled brand elements •Sensory •Slick •Refined Style definitions •Close, textural, abstract. •Using the style and ergonomics of the products to create striking graphics that are not literal or obvious. •Subtle colour palette •Low depth of field (area of focus) • emphasising the subtlety and recessive nature of the installation •drawing attention to the concept of being ‘heard, but not seen’
  33. 33. Case study - Dine Asia Needs - Brand • Not just a meal. An experience. An event, an atmosphere. • Capture an essence of venue , but also the cultures it represents • Differentiated & impactful within the sector • Avoid clichés in imagery - smiling waiters etc Needs - Operational • Evocative, sensory. • Non literal & applicable across multi applications Needs – Content • Design, style & ‘flavour’ of the restaurant, food and the service.
  34. 34. Case study - Dine Asia Visual strategy - Inspiration • Heat • Dynamic, energetic • Richness • Spices • Jewels Stylistic rules Macro, very low area of focus Colour and light - creating ‘be-jewelled’ atmospheric abstract ambience Strong, rich, deep - ‘spice’ colours Blur & movement Very high highlights and very deep shadows Acute attention on small detail - placing you IN the scene Content Evocative - mood, sound, smells Details that build a sense of place - rather than literal documentation - that does not capture the imagination
  35. 35. Case study - Decadence Needs - Brand • Create a new and meaningful clubbing brand in a jaded market place. • Exercise global brand credibility • Create instant stand out & a stylistic hook to own ongoing, and grow Needs - Operational • Above the line launch campaign with impact • Continued consistent imagery across all applications Needs – Content • Conceptual illustration of ‘Decadence’ • A poster ‘people would buy to put on the wall’
  36. 36. Case study - Decadence Distilled brand elements • Indulgence • Excess • Revelry • Indulgence • Sensual • Narcissistic • Voyeuristic! • Forbidden Visual identity styling • Cacophony of texture and luxury /!pleasure! richness /intensity • Muted deep tones or black&white with spot / splash of intense colour. • Voyeuristic, edgy. • Strong , spacial, very graphic!composition! non obvious framing using bed / furniture / mirrors
  37. 37. That Sundae feeling Sundae is a brand image consultancy. Providing cost effective bespoke brand image libraries. We create imagery that strengthens your brand, and saves you time and money.
  38. 38. So, Call us, and let us strengthen your brand & save you some time, cash and aggravation at the same time. UK +44 (0)207 722 0712 SA +27 (0)79 913 5893 enquiries@sundaeimages.co.uk www.sundaeimages.co.uk Sundae Brand Imagery © Nicky Willcock 2004- 2009