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Nicky Jurd lifts the lid on the Social Media world and how we, as business people, can safely use this medium to develop cost effective and powerful marketing opportunities. …

Nicky Jurd lifts the lid on the Social Media world and how we, as business people, can safely use this medium to develop cost effective and powerful marketing opportunities.

Flickr photos were used under creative commons licencing by the following awesome users:


Published in Technology , Business
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  • - It’s ok to take photos of me and put on Facebook, especially if you’re putting them on the CBWC page - I encourage you to leave a comment there about the presentation, if you say something nice please take a $20 note off the back table as you leave - Hash tag for today’s event is #CBWC - If you want to talk about me on Twitter, today, or any other day, my username is NickyJurd - So if I see you playing with your phone, I won’t think you’re rude
  • Today we’re going to focus on what you can do to be popular on social media.Here’s what I’m going to be covering… and I really hate it when presenters read off slides, so you’ll have to read that all by yourself.I’ve got lots of practical examples and tips, and I hope you leave today with a refreshed look at social media, and perhaps an inspiration to develop a plan for your business.
  • You might remember Charlie Brown brought out a T-shirt like this many years ago - It reminds me of the social negativity (as ladies) we used to hear about networking - Which I still sometimes get from the boys in the office“You’re going to a NETWORKING lunch… “wink wink” - Social media websites have the same stigma – that there’s limited business to be done, and we’re just gossiping with our friends. - But… as we’ve discovered with networking, it’s very effective for our business - Social media websites just provide us new tools to reach people
  • - Big talk this week is the public unveiling of Google Plus, tipped to be the next BIG social media offeringQuestion: Hands up anyone who already has a Google Plus account? - As we saw on Facebook & Twitter, early adopters have the greatest capacity to cash in on ideas - Google Plus accounts are still on limited release, that is, they’re not taking applications from the general public - You must be invited by an existing account holder - I’m now the proud owner of a Google Plus account… and I’m giving away an invitation
  • - In 30 seconds, write a list of as many social media websites you know - The person with the longest list must be the social networking queen here todayOK 30 seconds is up. Who’s got 20?10? - So they’ll get my Google plus invite
  • - Big, but not conclusive overview of social media - There are a bit over 250 options on this screen - They all have a difference purpose- Some will suit businesses better than others - Don’t just look at the big sites for opportunity; smaller ones work well for some businesses
  • Interact with online networks ethically - Just like offline, your power on social media networks depends on the size of your network - The greater the number of followers, friends or likers you have, the more people you have to spread the word about your products and services - Don’t put people off by networking unethically3 things to consider when building your profile:Spamming is BADBuild genuine relationshipsHave fun
  • Spamming is BAD - Business spamming is prolific on Facebook at the moment, and I hope that after today you will all be non-spammers! - If you advertise your business on another business’ profile page this is considered very rude - In the dating world it’s akin to others thinking you are desperate - “They’re a bit too keen for business” - In the real world, it’s like hammering a corflute sign advertising your business on your competitors front lawn - It’s a big turn off for businesses who get spammed - It’s a big turn off for their likers, and they’re not likely to like you as a resultTime: 2 mins
  • Build Genuine Relationships - Be open, honest and real - Consider what others want from you and deliver - Listen to your followers and provide information & support when you can - Transparency is the new modern cool
  • Have FUN - Social media is a social place - People who use it call it social networking; only businesses call it social media - ‘Social’ media, loose lips, proud self promotion and lots of interaction. - Lots of different people converging on the one location - gossiping, boasting, complaining, sharing ideas, showing off - Businesses need to learn to be part of the landscapeThis means the following won’t score you likers: - Pomposity - Overt sophistication - Stuffiness - Formality - Learn to relax - Look for the funny and quirky things to talk about - Don’t take it too seriously - The most popular are always the funnestTime: 3 mins
  • Make an awesome profile page - Use similar branding across all social media platforms - Encourage users to interact with you from other online sources; website, blog, shopping cart - Add lots of photos2 profiles that I’m really impressed with:- Tourism Queensland - Shoes of PreyTime: 2 mins
  • Tourism Queensland - awesome consistent brandingFacebook profile - Almost 350,000 likers - That’s 350,000 who will see TQ’s messages whenever they post - Great figure, they’re obviously trying hard - Awesome viral campaigns: Best Job in the World & Miillion Dollar MemoTwitter - 15,000 followers, not pushing as hard, but still a good total - Good looking brandingYouTube - Equally Queenslandy - Encourages interactionTime: 5 mins
  • Shoes of PreyAny shoe lovers in the room? Apologies in advance for the dint in your wallet coming!Next CBWC function is at the Amateurs… do this might come in useful.Custom-made online shoe store based in Sydney. Log onto their website, design shoes, and 5 weeks later you have your very own custom made pair of fabulous (depending on your tastes) shoes!Very interactive: - Reply to every comment - Post regular helpful articles about travelling with shoes & shoe care- Lots of gorgeous photos; they allow their likers to also post photosThese help to build relationshipsTime: 3 mins
  • Some of you will already have a healthy relationship with your competitors, but others might not be sure of the value.In accommodation, if you’re full you can make friends by referring a competitor, who in turn will send you customers when they’re full.The Cairns coffee scene has benefitted enormously from a number of quality specialty coffee shops all being great friends, and challenging each other to make better coffee.There are lots of benefits on social media too.++ CHANGE SLIDE ++Time: 1 min
  • Reach Out to Your PeersGain valuable industry information - People talk about what’s going on in their industry - Industry gossip happens on social media, just like in the office - I didn’t know about Google+ until a competitor talked about it on their Twitter accountShare ideas and learn from others’ mistakes - When a mistake happens on Facebook it’s glaringly public, and really embarrassing - Think about how many times you’ve seen a celebrity mistake; like Lady Gaga falling over on stage or when all those Britney goes commando pics were in the news - Once you’re on social media you’re a celebrity, so you need to think about how to manage mistakes - Learning from other people is much easier than making mistakes of your own - Some of your best ideas will be inspired by others actionsDevelop tactics: Get insight into your industry’s use of social media - The best way to come up with your own social media strategy is to see what is working for othersIncrease credibility by having others talk about you - When I talk fondly of another website developer, that carries with it extra weight of credibility because they’re a competitor - Receiving referrals from peers is golden – others will notice - On Facebook people will ‘share’ an article or link - On Twitter it’s common for others to retweet great tips and adviceBoth share and retweet work much the same > if I retweet a message, it sends it to all my followers.Live RetweetThe terminology can be a little bit scary… but we’re going to do an exercise so you can get the hang of it.++ SLIDE CHANGE ++Time: 7 mins
  • Power of raving fans is immense. The average Facebook user has 130 people, and that’s a lot of people to receive a word of mouth message at once. The guy who got a tattoo of the apple logo is clearly a raving fan, or bloody crazy.People are no longer telling just their best friend, they’re telling *all* their friends… and their acquiaintances, and their business associates, and their old flames, and their frenemies. A social media “friend” is just someone you know.
  • Reward Your Raving FansPost great stuff - People listen when you regularly post excellent and unique material - For the last 6 years I’ve been receiving an email newsletter from Flying Solo and the content is always worth reading, so I leave it in my inbox until I have time to get to it. - Your fans will reward you with loyalty when you’re appealing to their needsBe regular - If your profiles are sitting stagnant, you’re going to need to get them a dose of Metamucil - Consistent posting is essential to maintaining strong relationships - Just like regular phone calls to your mum is going to keep her from getting grumpy at you - Your followers want to hear from youRun competitions - Social media competitions are really scary because you will receive responses *instantly* - Cold Rock Icecreamery in Earlville have a competition every night on Facebook at 7pm to guess the ice cream flavour and the mix-in. They upload a photo, and if you guess correctly you get an icecream voucher sent to your facebook inbox. Last night’s competition attracted 51 comments on the photo. The answer was honeycomb icecream and pascal swirl mix in. - The competitions don’t have to be grandiose, but they do have to be within facebook’s guidelines - Search for facebook promotions guidelines for detailsAsk for feedback - You will find customers are exceedingly happy to share their opinion with you publically - You might consider running a poll, or just asking a question - A scrapbooking company in Babinda is one of the biggest online scrapbooking companies in Australia. They use Facebook very effectively and often ask for feedback when they’re placing wholesale orders. They ask people what product lines they should stock, or which items people prefer in a company’s range. It helps them make better purchasing decisions because they’re stocking items their customers actually want to buy.Be exclusive - Running limited and exclusive specials and sales on social media is a great way to generate more loyalty, and also lots of sales. - Try using special promo codes, or lead users to secret pages on your website where they can make a purchase. - Last week I bought some products from Kiehl’s who offered free shipping on all purchases to their facebook fansExercise: When Gerlinda SpeaksGerlinda are you hiding in the room here somewhere? Could you stand up for me?Gerlinda is a personal stylist and image consultant. Her business is Mirror Image Consulting.If you know Gerlinda, can you please stand up?That’s the power of Gerlinda’s network. Now let’s see the extended power.Now could anyone who knows anyone standing up, please also stand up.Wow, Cairns is pretty well connected huh! Thanks everyone, you can sit down.Time: 7 minutes
  • - Honourable mention - Great for product promotionI want to show you a video that has received almost 34 million views on YouTube, there’s a chance you might have seen it before.It takes a product that in most people’s opinion isn’t that great – and this viral video has single-handedly rehabilitated its sales.I love it because the target market has been cleverly defined, and in true social media style it speaks directly to customers.If you like it, feel free to woot and cheer unashamedly!


  • 1. Like Me, Friend Me, Retweet Me!
    Be popular on social media.
  • 2. I Won’t Think You’re Rude…
  • 3. Be Popular!
    Interact with online networks ethically
    Set up an awesome business profile
    Reach out to others in your industry
    Reward your raving fans with frequent content
  • 4. Develop a realistic social media policy for your business.
  • 5. Google+
  • 6. Google+
    How many social media websites do you know?
    FREE Google+ invitation
  • 7. Lots of Networks!
  • 8. Spamming is BAD
    Build genuine relationships
    Have Fun
    Interact Ethically
  • 9. Spamming is BAD
  • 10. Build Genuine Relationships
  • 11. Have FUN
  • 12. Setup an Awesome Profile
    Use similar branding across all your social media platforms
    Encourage interaction through other online circles like your website
    Add lots of photos
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. Reach out to your peers
  • 16. Reach Out to Your Peers
    Gain industry information
    Share ideas
    Develop tactics
    Increase credibility
  • 17. Reward your raving fans
  • 18. Reward Your Raving Fans!
    Post great stuff
    Be regular
    Run competitions
    Ask for feedback
    Be exclusive
  • 19.
  • 20. Dance like the photo’s not tagged,love like you’ve never been unfriended,tweet like nobody’s following. @kevin
  • 21. Credits & Thanks!
    Flickr photos were used under creative commons licencing by the following awesome users: