Press Release‘Talk About Local’ Launches ‘Networking for Work’New Online Profile Training Tool To Help Unemployed Get Back...
Sourour Trevelyan, Project Co-ordinator at Birmingham Settlement, whose Aston job clubhave also participated in pilot Netw...
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Networking for Work - Press Release


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Networking for Work - Press Release

  1. 1. Press Release‘Talk About Local’ Launches ‘Networking for Work’New Online Profile Training Tool To Help Unemployed Get Back to WorkNational training experts Talk About Local are launching Networking for Work, a new UK projectproviding unemployed people of all ages with the skills to take control of their online profiles whilstpromoting themselves more effectively to potential employers through an online support network.Recently funded by major UK charity Nominet Trust, Networking for Work will provide users theskills to promote themselves to employers online in a memorable and engaging way and theopportunity to build a highly useful online support network using simple online tools e.g. Blog,Facebook page, LinkedIn/Twitter profile, etc.Whether newly or long term unemployed, or for those looking to move job or are about to be maderedundant, Networking for Work will not only provide the tools to help users improve their online‘employability’; it will also help people protect themselves from employers’ inappropriate Googlingand Facebooking for non-professional information.A set of flexible training materials, Networking for Work will be delivered via trainers to smallgroups in a classroom setting, one-on-one or self-guided on the internet when it officially launcheslater this year.Funded by major national charity Nominet Trust, resources are to be made freely available tosmall and medium sized companies and individuals from September 2012.In 2012 the internet is crucial to successful job hunting and candidates need to look good online -not just have a nicely polished CV. Recent research indicated that 77% of employers look forcandidates in search engines with 35% admitting they eliminated a candidate because ofwhat they found online. Only 33% of candidates actually bothered to search for information onthemselves, to see what their prospective employer might find out. (Execunet, The Guardian 12April 2011).During the next 12 months Talk About Local will deliver and refine Networking for Work trainingto unemployed people and trainers within organisations who work with them across the UK to builda new product that can be adopted by larger training providers.William Perrin, Director of Talk About Local said: “New digital tools and social networks thathave grown in popularity over recent years make it much easier for us to make those much-neededconnections and access opportunities but they also present a new set of issues for job hunters,which Networking for Work is looking to address. Through Networking for Work we want to give theunemployed the skills to take control of their online persona, so that they project a professionalprofile to prospective employers. In 2012 if an employer wants to know about you they google youor look for you on Facebook. If you don’t look good there you’ll never hear back”.Case StudiesCarolyn Powell, former Enterprise and Partnerships Co-ordinator at Midland Heart HousingAssociation - whose Burslem Job Club in Stoke on Trent has participated in the pilot phase ofNetworking for Work training - said: “The Networking for Work training added hugely to our jobclub. Its an area that many of the group members hadnt even thought about. Its almost as thoughthe online world is one place and they are in another one, and the two hadnt linked up. Whilst theymight use the internet for say, shopping or various different things, they hadnt really connected itwith seeking work or what it means to be seen online or even that you can be. So, its beenincredibly important and something of an eye-opener to many of them.”
  2. 2. Sourour Trevelyan, Project Co-ordinator at Birmingham Settlement, whose Aston job clubhave also participated in pilot Networking for Work training said: “Networking for Work has been amassive asset to our job club...It’s like going for an interview. Online you project yourself to adifferent public, to people that you don’t know. So it’s about putting all the best of yourself and yourskills and your experience and your life on social media without those things going against you.”Training resources are currently being created and are available as part of the ongoingdevelopment at Case studies will feature interviews with a rangeof unemployed people whove been through the training and the trainers within organisations whowork with them.Networking for Work materials are to be made available under a permissive creative commonslicence in order to maximise their reach. To find out more about Networking for Work, see someof the resources under development and read users experiences of them, view the project websiteat You can also follow @talkaboutjobs on twitter.If youd like to learn more, or enquire about participating in the training, contact the TalkAbout Local team by emailing or telephoning 0121 288 2910.-Ends-For more information please contact:Nicky Getgood, Communications Manager at Talk About LocalTel: 0121 288 2910 Email: nicky@talkaboutlocal.orgNotes to editorsTalk About Local has been helping people to find a powerful online voice since 2009, trainingpeople and giving them simple skills to use digital tools to create an online voice for themselvesand their communities for free. For more information, please visit: http://talkaboutlocal.orgA Creative Commons license is one of several copyright licenses that allow the distribution ofcopyrighted works. For more information, please visit: Heart is one of the top ten housing and care organisations based in the UK. For moreinformation, please visit: Settlement helps people lead happy fulfilling lives, offering offering independentguidance and support to those facing financial difficulty, isolation or social exclusion. For moreinformation, please visit: