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Practical Tips for Single-Sourcing to Mobile and EPUB

Practical Tips for Single-Sourcing to Mobile and EPUB



Delivering content to mobile devices and eReaders is a new challenge, but one that can be managed in a single-sourcing workflow that also includes online Help and manuals. In this presentation, I ...

Delivering content to mobile devices and eReaders is a new challenge, but one that can be managed in a single-sourcing workflow that also includes online Help and manuals. In this presentation, I discuss issues specific to mobile and EPUB outputs, best practices for how to adjust to them, and some testing tips.



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    Practical Tips for Single-Sourcing to Mobile and EPUB Practical Tips for Single-Sourcing to Mobile and EPUB Presentation Transcript

    • Nicky BleielLead Information DeveloperComponentOne Doc-To-HelpSTC Mid-Atlantic ConferenceMarch 8, 2013
    • Biography — Nicky Bleiel • 18+ years of experience as a technical communicator. • Vice President, STC • Written and designed documentation for software products in the documentation, media, industrial automation, simulation, and pharmaceutical industries. • Speaker at STC, WritersUA, tcworld, LavaCon, and CIDM on a variety of topics. • Technical Writing Instructor, Community College of Allegheny County • www.nickybleiel.com
    • We will discuss…Best practices for single-sourcing to Mobile Helpand EPUB.
    • From One to Many Browser-based Help Content Manual Mobile Help EPUB Etc …
    • Browser-based Help HTMLHelp (.chm) Mobile Help ManualsEPUB
    • Mobile Facts andFigures
    • Device Trends Growth rate of iOS and Android device adoption faster than any consumer technology in history Mobile Device Adoption Explodes Internationally
    • Top Mobile OSshttp://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_os-ww-monthly-201110-201209-bar
    • Top Mobile Browsershttp://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_browser-ww-monthly-201110-201209-bar
    • Mobile HelpExamples
    • Apps v. Mobile Helpfrom http://www.noupe.com/how-tos/mobile-web-design-tips-and-best-practices.html
    • EPUB v. Mobile HelpEPUBs can be read on Mobile devices, butMobile Help is:• Easier to navigate• Easier/more robust search• All-in-one pane design• A “UA”/web experience, not a “book” experience
    • Mobile Help
    • Motorola Razr Mobile Help Razr Manual
    • iPhone 4 Mobile HelpiPhone Manual
    • T ips and BestPractices
    • Generic Mobile PersonaStart here, make more specific with scenarios:• Often distracted• Using one hand• “Fat finger”• Using device in varying situations• Want fast load times
    • General Best Practices• Keep it simple and prioritize content• Use vertical navigation• Be concise• Simplify navigation• Be “thumb friendly”From http://socialmedia.biz/2012/05/31/10-best-practices-for-your-mobile-website/and http://googlemobileads.blogspot.com/2011/11/gomo-ten-mobile-site-best-practices.html
    • A Note About Navigation…http://developer.android.com/design/patterns/navigation.htmlhttp://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/userexperience/conceptual/mobilehig/UIElementGuidelines/UIElementGuidelines.html
    • Tables of Contents• For mobile, keep TOCs to no more than 2 levels (2 taps).• Keep TOC entries shortSingle source management:• Output-specific TOCs or restructure TOCs for all outputs• Use Conditional Text features
    • Tables• Avoid tables with dense text.• Large tables make scrolling necessary. In EPUBs, there can be display issues.Single source management:• Use Conditional text features• Use Collapsible Text features• Consider reimagining tables
    • TerminologyDesktop terminology – such as “Click” – doesnot apply.Single source management:• Manage with Variables• Avoid using device-specific terminology when possibleTouch Gesture Reference Guide
    • Keep It ConciseContent – Some Topics or text may not be necessary for mobile. – Consider a fresh edit of content.Single source management:• Review and revise content. (+1 for translation, usability)• Use conditions and/or variables to manage content as needed.
    • MinimalismAccording to “The Nurnberg Funnel” – Minimalizing the obstructiveness to the learner of the material itself. – Allow learners to start immediately on meaningfully realistic tasks. – Reducing the amount of reading and other passive activity.Goals of minimalism:• Helping to make errors and error recovery less traumatic and more pedagogically productive.• Easy-to-scan
    • Images• Graphics should be used only as needed.• Images need to work across platforms. Recommendations: PNG for screen captures, JPG for photos, GIF for simple graphics.Single source management:• Use Conditional text features.
    • VideoApproximately one billion YouTube videos arestreamed on cell phones every day.Different Oss/devices need different videoformats.Single source management:• Link to videos rather than embed.• Use Conditional text features.
    • Indexes• Not necessarily needed in Mobile – Users more likely to use Search – “Fat Fingers” make them harder to useSingle source management:• HAT should provide ability to hide the Index.
    • AccessibilityFeatures built into devices, plus 3rd party apps.• We still need to do our part…Accessibility requirements:• Add Alternative Text for graphics and video• Add table captions and summaries• Avoid creating links that open in new windows.Accessibility can also refer to bandwidth restrictions or availability of customerservice.http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/06/10-tips-to-create-a-more-usable-web/
    • Other Mobile T ips • Progressive information disclosure. Single source management: • Incorporate Collapsible text
    • Other Mobile T ips• Be creative with inline links.• Don’t place links too close together.Single source management:• Display some links as buttons in Mobile outputs.• Use conditions and/or variables.
    • Wrap-up
    • Remember• There are many options for the “Mobile Experience”• It is possible to single-source successfully to many devices — as well as desktops
    • References/Fur ther ReadingTen Best Practices for Your Mobile Website http://socialmedia.biz/2012/05/31/10-best-practices-for-your-mobile-website/Ten Mobile Site Best Practiceshttp://googlemobileads.blogspot.com/2011/11/gomo-ten-mobile-site-best-practices.htmlTouch Gesture Reference Guide by Craig Villamor, Dan Willis, and Luke Wroblewskihttp://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?1071Mobile Help Best Practices: http://our.componentone.com/2012/01/24/mobile-help-best-practices-part-1/“Mobilizing Your Content” by Nicky Bleiel tcworld magazine Feb 2013Slides — Best Practices for Mobile Outputs, tekom 2012http://conferences.tekom.de/fileadmin/tx_doccon/slides/170_Best_Practices_for_Mobile_Outputs.pdfProgressive Disclosure on Wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_disclosureHow Many Formats Do I Need for HTML5 Video?http://blog.zencoder.com/2010/10/06/how-many-formats-do-i-need-for-html5-video/
    • References/Fur ther ReadingImage Format Considerationshttp://windowsphone.interoperabilitybridges.com/articles/chapter-5-image-format-considerations-in-migration-of-iphone-applications-to-windows-phone-7User Interface Guidelines for Mobile and Tablet Deviceshttp://www.simonwhatley.co.uk/user-interface-guidelines-for-mobile-and-tablet-devicesCarroll, John M. The Nurnberg Funnel: Designing Minimalist Instruction forPractical Computer Skill, MIT Press, 1990Welinske, Joe. Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps, WritersUA, 2011STC Intercom Magazine, November 2011 issue Tech Comm on the Move:Mobile Communication Technologies and Strategieshttp://intercom.stc.org/magazine/november-2011/W3C Mobile Web Best Practices: http://www.w3.org/TR/mobile-bp/http://www.w3.org/TR/mobile-bp/#bpgroupplayoutHow Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices?http://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2013/02/how-do-users-really-hold-mobile-devices.php
    • Handy Stuf fList of emulators: – http://www.mobilexweb.com/emulatorsW3C mobileOK Checker: – http://validator.w3.org/mobile/Resize My Browser: – http://www.resizemybrowser.com/
    • Questions?Contact information:Nicky BleielComponentOnePittsburgh, PAnickyb@componentone.comwww.nickybleiel.comwww.doctohelp.com@nickybleiel