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CRL Company Brochure

  2. 2. www.C-R-L.comCONTENTS HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCE .01 Contents .02 Who, What, Why? .03 Fast, Flexible, Competitive .04 Project Types: Self Build, New Build, Mixed Use, Barn Conversions, Distressed (Insolvent) Properties and Partly or Fully Completed Projects .05 Our Clients: Architects, Builders & Developers, Fixed Charge Receivers, Insolvency Practitioners and Quantity Surveyors .06 Our Clients: Self Builders, Solicitors, Structural Engineers and Surveyors .07 Key Client Case Study - Aedis. .08 Recent projects .09 Mortgage Lenders .10 FAQs T:+44(0)20 7127 5198 F: +44(0)28 9068 7921 Construction Register & CRL are trading names of CRL Management Limited Registered in the United Kingdom under registration number 07563546 Registered Office 1-6 Lombard Street, London EC2V 9AA CRL Management Ltd is an appointed representative of Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Brochure_CRL_v.2.4.CA260313 01.
  3. 3. www.C-R-L.comWHO, WHAT, WHY? HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCEWHO WE ARE? WHY CHOOSE has supplied 1000s of structural Our clients tell us that our flexible approach todefects insurance policies throughout the UK & their needs coupled with our fast turnaroundIreland, delivering fast, flexible cover at competi- and competitive premiums make us a cut abovetive prices. With an insurer who is authorised WHAT WE DO? the rest.and regulated by the FSA, (Financial ServicesAuthority) and covered by the FSCS, (Financial We provide 10-year structural defects insurance Our technical team also provides a full on-siteServices Compensation Scheme), for new builds, complete or partially completed technical assessment, with regular inspectionsoffers affordable premium rates, priced on builds, timber frame constructions, mixed-use to current building regulation standards from thecontract value. projects, barn conversions and distressed commencement of the project until completion. (insolvent) properties.If you are engaged in a building project ormanage a portfolio of new-build properties that Our clients come from a diverse range ofrequire mortgages, then your lender will professions in the construction industry. Theytypically require a 10-year structural defects include: developers, builders, structuralinsurance policy on the property. is engineers, architects, insolvency practitioners,recognised by more than 30 mortgage lenders fixed charge receivers, solicitors, accountants HOME OFacross the UK and Ireland so here’s how we can help: and quantity surveyors. STRUCTURAL INSURANCE 02.
  4. 4. www.C-R-L.comFAST, FLEXIBLE, COMPETITIVE! HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCEWith our fast and flexible approach to structural defects insurancecoupled with competitive pricing, offers a quality solutionto all its clients.FAST! FLEXIBLE!Time is money and this has never been truerthan in today’s economic climate. Every minute The nature of the construction businessspent not focused on your core business is demands that you engage the services of COMPETITIVE!costing you money. people you trust. is one of the most respected names in the industry and has a repu- Of course, speed of execution and flexibilityFrom your initial enquiry to the issue of your tation that we have built by delivering compre- only count if the price is right too! At C-R-L.compolicy, our streamlined processes are designed hensive cover at fair prices. we work tirelessly to provide the best value andto take as little time as possible out of your busy some of the most competitive structural defectsschedule to ensure that you will have your You can have confidence in the fact that insurance policies on the market. Whether youinsurance organised quickly and smoothly with- will work closely with you to design a work for yourself on small to medium sizeout any fuss or delays. tailor-made package to suit your project projects or work for a larger corporation with a demands. We have the flexibility and experi- more extensive portfolio of developments, weOur experienced team will respond quickly to ence to assess every client on an individual can provide a package that will suit youryour enquiry and our surveyors will action site basis and respond to their needs accordingly. requirements AND your budget.inspections as soon as it is convenient for you. 03.
  5. 5. www.C-R-L.comPROPERTY TYPES HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCEAt we can provide structural defects insurance for a range ofdifferent property types at different stages of development or completion.SELF BUILD NEW BUILD MIXED USEWe provide cover for self build projects to specialises in structural defects Properties which house both residential andinsure them against future structural defects insurance for new build residential properties. commercial premises are classed as “mixedsuch as the destruction of, or physical damage These can cover single or multiple dwellings. use”. We provide professional and comprehen-to, a load bearing element of the residential Cover starts from the date of practical comple- sive cover for this type of project at any stage ofproperty caused by a defect in the design, work- tion. Our fast, efficient and cost effective service development or when they are completed.manship, material or components of the struc- helps builders to secure cover at short notice.ture. Cover against insolvency of the developer PARTLY OR FULLY COMPLETED PROJECTScover can also be arranged to protect against a DISTRESSED (INSOLVENT) PROPERTIESsituation such as the builder ceasing to trade We work closely with a number of professionalsbefore the date of completion. Property developments which do not make it involved in the build, management and sale of to the completion stage due to the developer properties that have gone into administrationBARN CONVERSIONS going into administration are commonly at the part complete or complete stage of known as distressed or insolvent properties. development. We provide structural defectsWe recommend comprehensive and cost effec- insurance cover to help speed up the time totive structural defects insurance cover to both At we can provide fast and afford- either complete or sell the project.architects and individuals who are embarking able structural defects cover for this type ofon barn conversion projects. We can also provide property to help secure a speedy resale.policies for any other type of building conversionfrom churches to office blocks and retail units. HOME OFSTRUCTURAL INSURANCE 04.
  6. 6. www.C-R-L.comOUR CLIENTS HOME OF STRUCTURAL works closely with a wide range of professionals in the constructionindustry to provide flexible cover that suits their specific needs.ARCHITECTS BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS FIXED CHARGE RECEIVERSWe work with architects to provide structural Builders and developers come to to Repossessed properties may require structuraldefects insurance for projects that they are secure comprehensive cover when they are due defects insurance to be in place in order forcreating plans for. Architects act as an interme- to sell a recently completed development or them to go to resale. Fixed charge receiversdiary for their clients to ensure they have the developments, or are looking to take on a part work with to get quick and competi-correct policy in place to cover their develop- complete project due to another builder going tive cover so that the properties they are man-ment from future structural defects. into administration. Our policies are typically aging can be sold on as soon as possible. based on contract value and do not include a two-year builder’s liability period.INSOLVENCY PRACTITIONERS QUANTITY SURVEYORSGiven the current economic climate, business At we have a history and working Next page >> SELF BUILDERSgenerated through insolvency is becoming an relationship with a number of leading quantity SOLICITORS STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS SURVEYORSincreasingly large part of our market. We work surveyors across the UK and Ireland. Ourwith insolvency practitioners who manage relationship involves supporting quantitydistressed residential properties, or are acting surveyors and their clients in the costing andas managing agent on behalf of receivers, to purchase of structural defects insurance, pricesspeed up the time it takes to get structural of work, labour, materials, plant machinery anddefects cover and sell the properties. the implications of design decisions. STRUC HOME OHOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCE TURA F L INSU RANC E 05.
  7. 7. www.C-R-L.comOUR CLIENTS HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCESELF BUILDERS SOLICITORS SURVEYORSWe work quickly and efficiently to ensure that The process of buying and selling houses can be We work with surveyors who discover proper-self builders have a competitive structural complicated, not to mention time consuming. ties which require structural defects insurance –defects insurance in place at any stage of their works quickly and efficiently to particularly barn conversions, completed orproject development. From initial enquiry to provide solicitors and their clients with compre- partially completed builds and mixed useissue of cover, our streamlined processes are hensive structural defects insurance, giving projects. can arrange 10-year struc-designed to keep time and costs to a minimum. them one less aspect of the buying and selling tural defects insurance for residential propertyOur surveyors will review the build at different process to worry about. can even and regularly engages with surveyors whosestages of development to ensure that it meets provide structural defects insurance after a clients may require this cover as a mortgagethe structural requirements and high standards build has been completed. requirement.demanded by our insurer throughout theproject. E E OF RANC HOM INSU AL E OF RANC ESTRUCTURAL ENGINEERS CTUR HOM INSU STRU AL CTUR STRUOur clients include structural engineers who discover new builds that do nothave structural defects insurance cover in place. They come to tosecure cover that will protect the building and its future residents from unfore-seen structural defects.HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCE 06.
  8. 8. www.C-R-L.comKEY CLIENT CASE STUDY HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCE One of the many firms that has recently started working with is Aedis, one of the leading providers of build- ing control services to both the public and private sectors in the UK. Aedis provides services to any project irrespective of size, type or location. Our partnership means Aedis can now offer a package of both building control services as well as a structural defects warranty to all its clients. is currency working with a number of insdustry professionals to offer similar packages to as wide a customer base as possible. 07.
  9. 9. www.C-R-L.comRECENT PROJECTS HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCEAs you can see from this list of projects we have worked on recently, can provide structuraldefects insurance for a wide range of professionals in the construction industry.From self builders to housing associations we can create the perfect structural defects insurance packageto suit their needs. Here are just a few of the larger construction companies and the projects we havehelped them with in the UK and Ireland:PROPERTY DEVELOPER SITE LOCATIONMulti Developments Victoria Square, BelfastAbbey Developments Custom House Square, BelfastRussell Simpson Developments Great Victoria Street, BelfastTurnus Ltd St Annes Square, BelfastCarvill Group Castlereagh, BelfastM Girvan & Sons The Rose Garden, DerriaghyTiffen Developments Killycomaine, PortadownNew Quay Developments Carrigart Crescent,CraigavonO&J Clarke Charles Baron Lodge, LurganFernheath Developments Throne View, BelfastBakerTilly Parsons Court, DublinTalcar Developments Windtown Park, WestmeathMCQ Developments Burnfoot, Co Donegal 08.
  10. 10. www.C-R-L.comMORTGAGE LENDERS HOME OF STRUCTURAL is approved by over 30 mortgage lenders in the UK and Ireland.These include:UK AND NORTHERN IRELAND LENDERS REPUBLIC OF IRELAND LENDERSAlliance & Leicester HSBC Allied Irish BankAccord Mortgages Intelligent Finance Bank of IrelandBank of Ireland Lloyds TSB Bank of ScotlandBank of Scotland Lloyds TSB Scotland ICS Building SocietyBirmingham Midshires National wide Building Society KBC Homeloans LtdBritannia Building Society Northern Bank National Irish BankNational Irish Bank Progressive Building Society Permanent TSBCo-operative Bank Plc. Santander UK Ulster BankCheltenham & Gloucester Scottish Widows BankChelsea Building Society The Mortgage BusinessFirst Direct Ulster BankFirst Trust Yorkshire Building SocietyHalifax BarclaysHalifax Loans Ltd Woolwich Building Society 09.
  11. 11. www.C-R-L.comFAQs HOME OF STRUCTURAL INSURANCE1. WHEN DOES MY 10-YEAR STRUCTURAL INSURANCE START?Your structural defects insurance starts from the day of practical completion. 6. HOW CAN I GUARANTEE’s CREDENTIALS?2. IS THERE A DEFECTS LIABILITY PERIOD? is approved by over 30 recognised mortgage lenders in the UKThere is no defects liability period with’s structural insurance and Ireland. We are also approved by the Law Society.policies. 7. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET A QUOTE FOR MY STRUCTURAL3. IS BUILD PERIOD COVER AVAILABLE? INSURANCE POLICY?Yes. In the event of the developer becoming insolvent or bankrupt the Our efficient team will aim to have your quote to you the same day as youinsurer will either refund the deposit paid by the policy holder or pay the make your enquiry.additional cost required to complete the residential property, this will bedecided on a case by case basis. 8. AFTER I HAVE ACCEPTED A QUOTE FROM, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET A SURVEYOR ONTO MY SITE?4. ARE’s POLICIES BASED ON THE CONTRACT VALUE? We will arrange a surveyor to be with you at your earliest possible convenience.Typically, yes, our rates are the most competitive you will find on themarket and are based on the value of each individual contract. 9. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BECOMING A MEMBER?5. WHEN IS MY INSURANCE CERTIFICATE ISSUED? The benefits of becoming a member include heavily discounted offers on insurance across multiple builds, accreditation from your suppli-Your insurance certificate will be issued upon satisfactory ers and clients in the submission of tenders for new business, and much,completion of the build. much more. 10.
  12. 12. HOME OF STRUCTURAL T: +44(0)20 7127 5198 F: +44(0)28 9068 7921 Construction Register & CRL are trading names of CRL Management Limited Registered in the United Kingdom under registration number 07563546 Registered Office 1-6 Lombard Street, London EC2V 9AA CRL Management Ltd is an appointed representative of Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Brochure_CRL_v.2.4.CA260313