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Cloud Computing TU/e March 26th 2009 N.S. Hekster


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Presentation I gave during the OOTI Symposium at the Univ. of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Presentation I gave during the OOTI Symposium at the Univ. of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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  • 1. Cloud Computing Architecturing a dynamic infrastructure Dr. Nicky Hekster IT Architect IBM Public Sector March 26th 2009 © 2009 IBM Corporation Introduction speaker My name: Nicky Hekster IT Architect focus on Healthcare & LifeSciences Active in ICT since 1987 background in Super -, Grid -, Autonomic Computing You can find me on LinkedIn March 26th 2009 2 © 2009 IBM Corporation 1
  • 2. Agenda The need for a new datacenter What is Cloud Computing? What does a cloud look like? Examples References March 26th 2009 3 © 2009 IBM Corporation The world is SMALLER The world is FLATTER The world is about to get a whole lot SMARTER March 26th 2009 4 © 2009 IBM Corporation 2
  • 3. The Internet of people is 1 billion strong. Almost one third of the world’s population will be on the Web by 2011. BECAUSE 1 trillion things connected to IT CAN. the Internet. By 2010, There will likely be 30 billion RFID tags, 4 billion mobile embedded into phone subscribers our world. this year. March 26th 2009 5 © 2009 IBM Corporation IT merging with the physical world March 26th 2009 6 © 2009 IBM Corporation 3
  • 4. Real-time information March 26th 2009 7 © 2009 IBM Corporation New business and consumer services March 26th 2009 8 © 2009 IBM Corporation 4
  • 5. In the meantime at the datacenter … Crisis of infrastructure complexity Information growth 54% per year Maintenance costs 70 cent per €1 Utilization 85% runs idle March 26th 2009 9 © 2009 IBM Corporation Today’s Enterprise Application Complexity Page 1 of 2 M a inframe apps - B lue Application Diagram V4 PC/NT apps - G reen Depository Unix apps - Y ellow Banks Vendor Setup 3rd party interface - Orange Lines: Colors have no special meaning. Vendor Process Servers I17 Customer Perceived They are to help make the diagram easier to Maintenance UAR - Universal Account Budget In-Stock NEW Sound scan read. (Imaging) Sterling VAN Reconcilliation NPD Group Analysis Tool Roadshow For More Information: See the database Mesa D ata Mailbox (Value) Printer AIG W arrant y Gu ard S20-Sales containing information about each Maintenance Polling I13- Auto application: I15 Hand Scan Application V4.mdb Replenishment I06 - Customer Apps Printer PO Order Insertions S01 - Sales AIS Reports Orders Corrections AIS Calendar I06 Warehouse Due Dates Print Costing Management General Invoice App E13 Broadcast Maintenance Stores & Mrkts Fringe PO E3 Interface Filter Smart Plus M03 - Millennuim 3.0 Smart Plus S04 - Sales Posting Launcher S07 - Cell I03 Return to Phones P16 - Tally Sheet D01 Post Load Vendor M02 - Millennium S06 - Credit App Billing Equifax Stock Options S09 - Digital I12 Entertainment P15 EES Employee Satellite Software Change Notice L02-Resource System A04 - Cust L01-Promo Scheduling Refund Chks E01-EDI 1 Analysis (Campbell) P14 On-line New Hire Entry AAS V02-Price Resumix P01- Marketing Washington, Employee Support RGIS, Masterfile Ntl Bus Systems P09 - P17 Cobra Frick S11 - ISP Cyborg CTO2.Bestbuy. Co Tracking I10 Cycle Physical CTS com I04 Home Inventory ACH Deliveries V04-Sign Prodigy System U18 - CTO I02 - Banks - ACH and Pos to POS X92-X96 Transfers Pay Host to AS400 Communication Plan Administrators Spec Source B01 - Stock (401K, PCS, Life, Status Unicare, Solomon SKU Tracking I11 Price Smith Barney) I09 Cycle Counts Testing Supplier S08 - Vertex Compliance NPD, S02 - Intercept Sales E02-Employee Layaways SoundScan Tax Purchase Spec I01 PO Source SKU Receiving Scorecard - HR Performance V03- Mkt Reactions L60 MDF P09 Coop S03-Polling I05 V01-Price Management SKU Selection Bonus/HR Inventory Info System Tool I35 - CEI K02 Customer Repair ASIS Arthur Planning I35 Early Warning Tracking System I18 Rebate SKU Rep Transfer I55 SKU I07 Purchase Store Information Order Ad Expense ELT Monitor G02 - General PowerSuite Ledger Store Scorecard Sign Texlon 3.5 System NARM I14 Count Corrections Store Budget Reporting Valley Media B02 Merchandise U16-Texlon CopyWriter's Analysis BMP - Bus Workspace performance Mngt EDI Coordinator Merch Mngr Approval Batch Forcasting Journal Entry Tool Kit AIMS A05 - AP Ad Measurement AIMS Admin INVENT ORY CON TROL APPS - PC INVENT ORY CON TROL APPS - PC Cellular ACCT S R EC A PPS - PC Code Alarm DPI/C PI 990C OR Rollover AIMS Debit R eceivin gs OTHER A PPS - PC IC Bat ching Bad D ebt Ad S05 - House Reporting Devo Sales AP - Collection s/Cr edit Inventor y Adj/Count Corr ect Ben efical F ees TM - Credit C ard D B Display Inventor y Inventor y Control Reports Ben eficial R econ cil Launcher Charges In Hom e Inventor y Lev els JEAXF Jun kout s Inventor y Roll JEBF A US Bank Recon Merch an dise W ithdrawl Merch an dise W ithdrawl Optika JEBK A PSP File Prom o Cr edits Open Receiving s JEDVA C02 - Capital RTV Accru al PI Co unt Result s JESOA Shrin k PI Tim e Results from Inv JEVSA Projects Connect 3 ICMS Credit AP R esear ch - Inv Cntrl Price Prot ectio n JEVSF AP R esear ch- Addl Rpts Sales Flash R eportin g SiteSeer NSF In-Home Book to Perp etual Inventor y Shrin k R epo rting TeleCr edit F ees Data Warehouse Close Out R ep orting SKU Gro ss M argin Repair Connect 3 Connect 3 Computer Intelligence D ata SKU Shrink Lev el D etail (Interfaces to and from the Cash Receipts/Credit Reports PDF Transfe Count Corr ections USM Data Warehouse are not F06 - Fixed Cross R ef for VCB Dn lds VCB Do wnload s Misc Accounting/Finance Apps - PC/NT displayed on this diagram) Assets Warranty Dam ag e W rite Off COBA (Corp office Budget Assistant) Debit R eceivin gs Billing Star Repair PCBS(Profit Center Budget System) Cash Over/ DFI Vend or D atab ase System Display Inventor y Recon cil Short Merchandising Budget Pr epared b y Mich elle Mills Display Inventor y Reporting March 26th 2009 10 © 2009 IBM Corporation 5
  • 6. It’s time to start thinking differently about infrastructure. March 26th 2009 11 © 2009 IBM Corporation A Dynamic Infrastructure An evolutionary new model for efficient IT delivery + + = Reduced SERVICE Cost VIRTUALIZATION AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT March 26th 2009 12 © 2009 IBM Corporation 6
  • 7. Evolution to Cloud Computing Late 80’s Late 90’s Early 2000 2007 March 26th 2009 13 © 2009 IBM Corporation What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is an emerging style of computing in which applications, data, and resources are provided as services to users over the Web Services provided may be available globally, always on, low in cost, “on demand”, massively scalable, “pay as you grow”, … Consumers of the services need only care about what the service does for them, not how it is implemented Service Consumers Datacenter Infrastructure Access Monitor and Manage Services Resources Cloud Administrator Component Vendors / Component Software Publishers IT Cloud Library Publish and Update Components March 26th 2009 14 © 2009 IBM Corporation 7
  • 8. The basics Simple management interface CONSUMER Customizable SLA’s Metered like a utility CLOUD SERVICES Simple management Automated provisioning PROVIDER Efficient monitoring and utilization March 26th 2009 15 © 2009 IBM Corporation Architectural model for Cloud Computing Service Creation & Service Request & IT Infrastructure & Application Provider Deployment Operations Service Management Virtual Image End User Management User Request Management/Self Service Portal Requests & Operators Service Lifecycle Management Image Performance Availability/Backup Provisioning Design Mgmt. / Restore Lifecycle Mgmt. & Build Security: Identity, Integrity, Usage License Accounting Mgmt. Isolation, Compliance Monitoring Scheduling SLA Capacity Planning Image Library Service Catalog (Store) Request UI Information Architecture Service Oriented Architecture Operational UI … Optimized Middleware (image deployment, integrated security, workload mgmt., high availability) Deployment Virtualized Infrastructure Operational Virtual Resources & Aggregations Lifecycle Server Virt. Storage Virt. Network Virt. of Images System Resources Network Storage Blades SMP Servers March 26th 2009 16 © 2009 IBM Corporation 8
  • 9. Technical foundation Flexible, Scalable, Adaptable Services Oriented Architectural Frameworks Autonomic Computing Virtualization Integration Provisioning Openness RAS SOI Power Efficiency Security Management Packaging Efficiency Monitoring Multi-core technology March 26th 2009 17 © 2009 IBM Corporation Linking business to IT Business processes as services Topologies of federated services must be mapped onto large numbers of diverse physical and virtual resources Soup of heterogeneous servers, storage, networks and their virtualization March 26th 2009 18 © 2009 IBM Corporation 9
  • 10. Ensemble approach Virtualized resource pools – “small clouds” Stratus Cirrus Cumulus Highly homogeneous inside the “ensemble” Incredibly low labor costs for admin staffs, labor does not scale up with nodes Designed around solving a specific workload very well Redefined the ‘product boundary’ to be the ensemble Nimbostratus An ensemble is a pool of like systems that are managed as a single system March 26th 2009 19 © 2009 IBM Corporation Ensembles – IBM Blue Cloud Program Software as a Service (SaaS) Hybrid service Mainframe service Database service Storage backup, archiving service Web application server service File system service x86 service Virtual Client service DMZ appliance service UNIX service Consolidation service March 26th 2009 20 © 2009 IBM Corporation 10
  • 11. Grid vs. Cloud Large number of allocation Few allocation requests to a requests to fewer resources larger number of resources Infrastructure on demand Parallelization Automated provisioning Grid middleware Pooling Coordination Scheduling Can provide a Grid infrastructure Grid software interfaces Accommodates also non-gridifiable workloads Virtual supercomputing Scientific workloads March 26th 2009 21 © 2009 IBM Corporation Examples of Cloud Computing workloads Web 2.0 applications Provide rich user experience including real-time global collaboration Enable rapid software development Software to scan voluminous Wikipedia edits to identify spam Organize global news articles by geographic location Data-intensive workloads based on scalable architectures, such as Google’s MapReduce framework Financial modeling, real-time speech translation, Web search Next generation rich media, such as virtual worlds, streaming videos, Web conferencing, etc. Creation and publishing of new services via a completely integrated Eclipse-based environment March 26th 2009 22 © 2009 IBM Corporation 11
  • 12. The use of Cloud Computing Software as a Service •Industry specific services (Partners) 27% •Cross industry services (SO) Open Standards Platform as a Service •SOA – componentized & flexible 18% •Cloud middleware Infrastructure as a Service •Green, dynamic, virtualized, scalable, & shared infrastructure 55% •Optimized for security, transactions, data integrity March 26th 2009 23 © 2009 IBM Corporation A cloud taxonomy Hey! You! Get off of my cloud (M. Jagger, K. Richards, 1965) Public Private Hybrid March 26th 2009 24 © 2009 IBM Corporation 12
  • 13. Infrastructure as a Service March 26th 2009 25 © 2009 IBM Corporation Cloud service/resource request March 26th 2009 26 © 2009 IBM Corporation 13
  • 14. Cloud projects monitoring March 26th 2009 27 © 2009 IBM Corporation Example Cloud Computing for Next Generation Computing Skills Development Web 2.0 Skills Data Development Intensive Processing Google/IBM Academic Initiative •Apache Hadoop • Promote open standards and Hadoop parallel computing model •Eclipse • Jointly provide compute platform of the future •GoogleFS Benefits • Trains students with next generation computing skills • Optimizes emerging Internet scale workloads such as search, video, audio, 3D Internet, machine learning, mobile computing Cloud Computing Management Services “We’re aiming to train tomorrow’s programmers to … support a tidal wave of global Web growth and trillions of secure transactions every day.“ Sam Palmisano, IBM CEO, October 8, 2007 quot;Google is excited to partner with IBM to … better equip Virtualized IBM and students and researchers to address today’s developing Google Servers computational challenges“ Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, October 8, 2007 March 26th 2009 28 © 2009 IBM Corporation 14
  • 15. Example of Cloud Computing for Innovation Enablement Innovation Enablement •IBM Idea Factory Sogeti Innovation Portal •Lotus Connections • 72 hour ideation event for 18,000 users •WebSphere Portal • Best ideas to be selected for trials Server • Runs on IBM Cloud Computing Centre at Dublin •DB2 Benefits • Promotes collaboration across “one company” • Jumpstarts a new innovation culture • Encourages the use of Web 2.0 technologies Cloud Computing Management Services quot;We want to use the IBM Cloud Computing Center at Dublin for the benefit of our customers. The environment will promote greater collaboration among Sogeti's consultants.quot; Virtualized Physical Michiel Boreel, CTO Sogeti, March 19, 2008 Servers March 26th 2009 29 © 2009 IBM Corporation Example of Cloud Computing for Government-led Initiatives Innovation Enablement Blogs Wikis Forums Profiles Social Tagging Vietnam Innovation Portal Information Discovery • Accelerates Vietnam’s evolution to a service-led economy • Innovation platform for the Ministry of Science & Technology Benefits • Fosters collaboration among education, research and industry Cloud Computing Management Services • Accelerates development of next generation skills “The delivery of VIP will help foster Virtualized Physical innovation in Vietnam,” Servers (Ensembles) Dr. Tran Quoc Thang, System z, System x, Vice Minister of MoST, November 14, 2007 System p, BladeCenter March 26th 2009 30 © 2009 IBM Corporation 15
  • 16. Software as a Service e-mail, collaboration and Web conferencing, video and voice March 26th 2009 31 © 2009 IBM Corporation Platform as a Service Cloud services development on Amazon’s EC2 March 26th 2009 32 © 2009 IBM Corporation 16
  • 17. IBM Whitepapers March 26th 2009 33 © 2009 IBM Corporation Thanks for your attention March 26th 2009 34 © 2009 IBM Corporation 17