Designing a Better Process for UX


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Whether you’re working in-house or in client services, there are a number of great processes and methodologies at your disposal. In this recent session at RE:DESIGN/UXD on April 29th,, Nick Whitmoyer discussed ways to customize a better process for UX teams with the audience.

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Designing a Better Process for UX

  1. 1. #redesignconf@whistle DESIGNING A BETTER PROCESS FOR UX by Nick Whitmoyer
  2. 2. #redesignconf@whistle Sr. Product Design Consultant THAT’S ME
  3. 3. #redesignconf@whistle FOLLOW ME @whistle
  4. 4. #redesignconf PLEASE NOTE: It’s not the Fitbit for Dogs @whistle
  5. 5. #redesignconf PLEASE NOTE: It’s not the Fitbit for Dogs @whistle
  6. 6. #redesignconf@whistle
  7. 7. #redesignconf@whistle
  8. 8. #redesignconf@whistle
  9. 9. #redesignconf@whistle
  10. 10. #redesignconf@whistle
  11. 11. #redesignconf@whistle WHAT ARE WE HERE TO TALK ABOUT?
  12. 12. #redesignconf@whistle THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING EXISTING PROCESSES and customizing one of your own.
  13. 13. #redesignconf@whistle WHO LIKES TO COOK? (I realize you just had lunch)
  14. 14. #redesignconf@whistle HOW DO WE BECOME BETTER CHEFS?
  15. 15. #redesignconf RATIO The Simple Codes 
 Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking
  16. 16. #redesignconf EGG A Culinary Exploration of the World's 
 Most Versatile Ingredient
  17. 17. #redesignconf@whistle UX PROCESSES Waterfall Agile Design Thinking Lean
  18. 18. #redesignconf WATERFALL Web Project Management by Ashley Friedlein
 Web ReDesign 2.0 by Kelly Goto
  19. 19. #redesignconf AGILE Agile Experience Design 
 by Lindsay Ratcliffe and Marc McNeill
  20. 20. #redesignconf DESIGN THINKING Design Thinking: process and methods manual
 by Robert A. Curedale
  21. 21. #redesignconf LEAN Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden
  22. 22. #redesignconf@whistle LESSON ONE:
  23. 23. #redesignconf@whistle COOKING Temperature Humidity Altitude Gas or Electric Ingredients
  24. 24. #redesignconf@whistle UX In-house vs. Agency Outsourced Contractors Remote vs. Colocation Schedules Seniority
  25. 25. #redesignconf@whistle LESSON TWO:
  26. 26. #redesignconf@whistle COOKING Ingredients Time Willpower
  27. 27. #redesignconf@whistle UX Budget Time Manpower
  28. 28. #redesignconf@whistle LESSON THREE:
  29. 29. #redesignconf@whistle CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES Ruth Graves Wakefield thought the chips would melt, turning the batter into a chocolate brown.
  30. 30. #redesignconf@whistle PLAY-DOH Originally designed as wallpaper cleaner. 
 Over 2 billion cans have been sold since the late 1950’s.
  31. 31. #redesignconf@whistle INSTAGRAM Online photo-sharing, video-sharing 
 and social networking service
  32. 32. #redesignconf@whistle CRESTRON TECHNOLOGY Used in luxury hotels for managing temperature.
 Later used in Mars Rovers to regulate & control temperature.
  33. 33. #redesignconf@whistle COLLABORATION Everything is better with help
  34. 34. #redesignconf@whistle PRODUCT DESIGN @NPR User Testing Product Focus Team Collaboration Iterative Output
  35. 35. #redesignconf@whistle USER TESTING Getting out of the kitchen
  36. 36. #redesignconf@whistle FINDING USERS Building Tours Starbucks Example Remote User Testing Usability Labs
  37. 37. #redesignconf@whistle FAILURE IS IMPORTANT You can’t make an omelette without cracking 
 some eggs.
  38. 38. #redesignconf@whistle FAIL FAST Think short order cooking vs. Beef Wellington
  39. 39. #redesignconf@whistle FAIL FAST Continuous Releases Bridging Design & Development Team Discussion Output vs. Outcomes
  40. 40. #redesignconf@whistle PREMADE VS CUSTOM It’s okay to use pre-made pie-crusts
  41. 41. #redesignconf@whistle PATTERN LIBRARY Re-use patterns Identify areas to refactor
  42. 42. #redesignconf@whistle NOW SERVING Taking lessons learned and serving other clients
  43. 43. #redesignconf@whistle THOMAS JEFFERSON Brought macaroni and cheese to America, but has been continuously refined (and thank goodness for that)
  44. 44. #redesignconf@whistle SMACK MENU Features 12 varieties of macaroni & cheese
 to choose from
  45. 45. #redesignconf@whistle KRAFT MAC & CHEESE Aimed at feeding the entire family (instead of just kids) after seeing growth with customers
  46. 46. #redesignconf@whistle STUDIO’S MENU Information Design Visual Design Front-end Design Back-end Development
  47. 47. #redesignconf@whistle STUDIO’S MENU Iterative processes Prototyping Qualitative testing Quantitative testing
  48. 48. #redesignconf@whistle CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS 3 simple questions to ask every time
  49. 49. #redesignconf@whistle WHAT WENT WELL?
  50. 50. #redesignconf@whistle WHAT COULD’VE BEEN BETTER?
  51. 51. #redesignconf@whistle WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?
  52. 52. #redesignconf@whistle THANKS.