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The Secret to Taking Your Social Media Marketing Program from Good to Great

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Social Media Monitoring & Measurement

  1. nick westergaard | | 2015 BRAND DRIVEN digital Social Media Monitoring and Measurement The Secret to Taking Your Social Media Marketing Program from Good to Great
  2. Conversation Reminder @NickWestergaard #UIMKTG
  3. Why M & M Together? Source: The State of Social Marketing (Awareness)
  4. Social Media Monitoring & Measurement ‣ M & M: Foundation ‣ Monitoring Basics ‣ Measurement & ROI Today ‣ Measurement & ROI: Future State
  5. 1 The Foundation
  6. Social Program Maturity ‣ Good – Basic presences on networks with light engagement; little connection ‣ Great – Monitoring/Engaging/Measuring/Iterating ‣ Future State — A holistic “social” business
  7. The Business Objective Photo via Flickr user m.gifford
  8. 6 Social Business Objectives ‣ Branding ‣ Community Building ‣ Public Relations ‣ Market Research ‣ Customer Service ‣ Leads & Sales
  9. 2 Social Media 
  10. MONITOR noun 1. something that serves to remind or give warning. 2. a device or arrangement for observing, detecting, or recording the operation of a machine or system, especially an automatic control system.
  11. Photo via Flickr user Alberto Listening vs. Monitoring
  12. LISTENING (ONLINE) Source: The Now Revolution Technology used to assemble a collection of keyword-based searches online that help you locate mentions and instances of those keywords on the Web.
  13. What Might You Listen For? ‣ Your Brand — company name, brands, products, campaigns, people, stakeholders (misspellings!), not just your social usernames ‣ Competition — might include different keywords ‣ Industry Discussion — terms and phrases used to describe your industry
  14. Set Alerts Photo via Flickr user topquark22
  15. Free Monitoring Baked In
  16. More Free Listening
  17. Advanced Monitoring Tools ‣ Pay $20 per month to $10,000 a month ‣ Which Tool Depends on Your Goals ‣ Advanced Features Including — more searches, speed, historical data, more metrics such as sentiment and influencer analysis, response tools (engage within the listening post), reporting, workflow (assignments)
  18. A Peek Under the Hood
  19. Listening
  20. Sharing
  21. Engaging
  22. Discovering
  23. Reporting
  24. Many Options
  25. Listening Impacts ... ‣ Sales — not common but listening can find in-market people searching ‣ Marketing — making sure brand mentions are on-message, etc.; means of monitoring buzz ‣ Customer Service — big need; sometimes support issues don’t even @ mention which is where good tools come in — especially ones tied to CRM ‣ Market Research — monitoring chatter around industry — trends; competitive monitoring as well ‣ HR — monitor employees and attract new talent
  26. 65% of socially mature brands are focusing 
 on monitoring Source: The State of Social Marketing (Awareness)
  27. Source: The State of Social Marketing (Awareness) Who Is Monitoring Today?
  28. Source: The State of Social Marketing (Awareness) What Are They Using?
  29. Final Thoughts on Monitoring ‣ Builds a More Social Business and Brand ‣ Reputation Management Is Key ‣ Varying Levels of Listening Happening at Orgs — none to basic to advanced ‣ Most Organizations Dedicate More Budget to ‘Talking’ vs. Listening — This is changing
  30. 3 Social Media 
  31. “– peter f. drucker You can’t manage 
 what you don’t MEASURE.”
  32. You Can’t Measure What You Don’t Manage Photo via Flickr user HeavyWeightGeek
  33. Let Traditional Off Easy Photo via Flickr user gothopotam
  34. Twitter + Nielsen = Hope? Photo via Flickr user chaztoo
  35. ROI Is a Challenge
  36. Few Are Effectively Doing So
  37. Source: CMO Survey Half Can’t Show Social Impact
  38. ‘Customer Insight’ Is Key
  39. Source: The State of Social Marketing (Awareness) How Are They Measuring?
  40. “– albert einstein Everything that can be counted 
 DOES NOT NECESSARILY COUNT. Everything that counts 
  41. Engagement Data ‣ Likes ‣ Followers ‣ Subscribers ‣ Comments ‣ Shares ‣ Favorites
  42. Tracking Engagement Data
  43. Website Metrics ‣ Pages Visited — Sales/Product Pages ‣ What Pages They Came From ‣ Time Spent on Site ‣ Page-to-Page Path Followed ‣ Search Terms That Brought Them to the Site ‣ Geography ‣ Time of Day
  44. Align Objectives with Metrics ‣ Branding — web analytics such as visitors; share of voice compared to competition; traffic from social ‣ Community Building — interactions, subscriptions ‣ Public Relations — brand mentions and sentiment ‣ Market Research — new ideas gleaned, competitive insights ‣ Customer Service — number of incidents, CRM data ‣ Leads & Sales — lead source on prospects and customers
  45. Social-Only Offers
  46. How Did You Hear About Us?
  47. 4 ROI & KPI
  48. ROI = revenue minus cost divided by cost — only works if you have a sales performance indicator or kpi
  49. Source: The State of Social Marketing (Awareness) Why Is ROI Hard?
  50. Top-Down Impact on Revenue
  51. Bottom-Up Impact on Revenue
  52. KPI Photo via Flickr user Sterlic
  53. Aligning KPIs with Objectives Source: The Now Revolution/
  54. Aligning KPIs with Objectives Source: The Now Revolution/
  55. Aligning KPIs with Objectives Source: The Now Revolution/
  56. We can lower the amount of traditional advertising we do and see massive cost savings. 
  57. 68% positive online mentions before launching their blog
  58. 99% positive online mentions AFTER blog LAUNCH
  59. 427% increase in check-ins — remember, to be mayor you have to come more than just sundays!
  60. 18% increase in sales — increased overall sales by increasing frequency
  61. Scrappy Measurement
  62. Do We Make This Too Hard?
  63. Source: CMO Survey Most Don’t Have the Right Talent
  64. 5 Future State:
 What’s Next?
  65. Social CRM the future state for socially mature brands
  66. Future State: Role of Influence +
  67. Klout as a Performance Metric — What It Actually Measures: ‣ Creating Social Conversations and Content ‣ Developing an Audience that Cares and Shares ‣ Establishing a Following Among “Influencers”
  68. Final Thoughts ‣ M & M = Social Good to Great ‣ Think Continuum — Monitoring > Engaging > Measuring ‣ Social Business Objective Must Come First — Informs Monitoring and Measuring ‣ FACT: Many Social KPIs Are Qualitative
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