Social Media at Work: Who, Where, & When?


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Answering the Critical Business Infrastructure Questions That Come with Leveraging Social Media

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Social Media at Work: Who, Where, & When?

  1. 1. nick westergaard | | 2015 BRAND DRIVEN digital Social Media at Work: Who, Where, & When? Answering the Critical Business Infrastructure Questions That Come with Leveraging Social Media
  2. 2. Conversation Reminder @NickWestergaard #UIMKTG
  3. 3. Social Media at Work: Who, Where, & When? ‣ Who Is Doing Social? ‣ Where Does Social Happen? ‣ When Does Social Happen? ‣ A Day in the Life ‣ The 3 Ts: Common Obstacles of Social Adoption
  4. 4. 1 Who Is 
 the Social Team?
  5. 5. What Encompasses the ‘Who’? ‣ Talent — Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, & Behaviors (KSAB) ‣ Organization ‣ Corporate Culture
  6. 6. Background of the Social Team
  7. 7. Skills of the Social Team
  8. 8. Prioritizing Skills
  9. 9. Size of the Social Team
  10. 10. Source: CMO Survey 2:1 Internal vs. External
  11. 11. Shape of the Social Team
  12. 12. Organization of the Social Team !
  13. 13. Embrace RACI Project Planning Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed
  14. 14. Where Does Social Report?
  15. 15. Who Shouldn’t Be ... Photo via Flickr user rishibando
  16. 16. “ – mitch joel, six pixels of separation & ctrl alt delete You don’t need to hire DIGITAL NATIVES. You need to adopt a 
  17. 17. Social Media Jobs ‣ Social Media Coordinator/Community Manager ‣ Social Customer Service Coordinator ‣ Digital Marketing Specialist ‣ Content Managers ‣ Social Media Analyst
  18. 18. 2 Where & When Does Social Media Happen?
  19. 19. Photo via Flickr user Dell’s Official Flickr Page Where? The Command Center Concept
  20. 20. Command Center Considerations ‣ Sizzle vs. Steak ‣ Big Promise That You’ll “Be There” (Will You Be?) ‣ Cost — Is It Worth It? ‣ Careful the Command Center Isn’t a One-Off — Ensure It’s Part of a Larger Strategy
  21. 21. Social Media Space ‣ Need a Purpose — Event vs. On-Going ‣ Type of Space Required ‣ Team Size Needs ‣ Equipment/Tech
  22. 22. Complex Tools Not Required
  23. 23. Photo via Flickr user DafneCholet When? RIP 9 to 5?
  24. 24. 3 A Day in the Life
  25. 25. WHO? We have an interesting set up where we have a few different community managers. One of our web development team members manages our Twitter account. Our Associate Brand Manager manages our Facebook account. I as the ADMM manages all of the emerging platforms and also oversees strategy for all of the networks. WHERE? Two Ben & Jerry’s digital team members in the United States. Plus our digital agency, Edelman. To help communicate and share information we have an internal social network we use to share best practices and information. WHEN? We sell Ben & Jerry’s from Japan to Australia to England to the United States, so there is always a Ben & Jerry’s that is open, or a store where you can buy our product. Because of this we do a lot of community management outside of our “normal” 9-5 hours. Our community managers tend to check their networks multiple times a day to respond to consumers. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST & WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE Talking with our fans is always the most fun. Because of our scale the biggest challenge is ensuring consistency across all of our platforms and establishing best practices we can share with one another. Mike Hayes, Assistant Digital Marketing Manager
  26. 26. WHO? Our team is constantly growing. Hooray! Currently, there are 7 of us reporting to the Communications Team at large. WHERE? Distributed, with the majority of us in New York City (our social center). Still working on a good name for it! WHEN? 24/7 — allowing a few hours for sleep. Just a few. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST & WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE Communicating directly with consumers, 24/7. The biggest obstacle would have to be applying the great amount of information our team sees on a minute-by- minute basis to other departments, where it can provide insight to influence their decision-making process. Emily Schildt, Director of Consumer Engagement
  27. 27. WHO? I am the lead for social media, but our corporate, local-store marketer does a lot to aggregate content and photos. I respond mostly to complaints/concerns/ serious customer interaction. He is responsible for the "fun" aspect of our social media in a lot of ways. All social media nonsense reports to marketing. WHERE? I work almost entirely out of the corporate office in Coralville, IA. JayJay (local-store marketer) travels all over the midwest and works remotely when he is on the road. WHEN? I listen outside of 9-5. Any content posting done after those hours is typically scheduled posts. Most interactions happen within work hours, as my focus is more on work. I typically only look for serious offenses or PR concerns online on "off-hours" that might need responding. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST & WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE I love the breaks between "corporate responsibilities" in which I get to interact with customers online. The biggest obstacle for me was leaving a position in the company in which I was solely devoted to online practices and strategies and move to being consumed with all marketing responsibilities. Reid Travis, Director of Marketing Communications
  28. 28. WHO? Within our Marketing team we have the eMarketing team, of which I am a member of, along with 8 other individuals. I single-handedly have responsibilities for managing our social media presence. WHERE? The entire Marketing team is in our HQ building, with the exception of our 4 showroom managers who are in other areas of the country. WHEN? I am actively looking for shareable content within the 7-5 work week, with the exception of Pinterest. I usually dedicate an hour here and an hour there to pinning new content on the weekends. I will immediately respond to comments or @ mentions, however. That I certainly don't confine to the typical work week hours. There simply isn't enough time to do all of this during the work week, especially if, like me, you are responsible for other Marketing initiatives outside of social media. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST & WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE Love most: sharing great comments/success stories that our fans post with the relevant/appropriate member of the HON team. Biggest obstacle: while social media has made tremendous strides in proving itself as a relevant business practice, I still have to work extra hard to prove that my role is a viable, ROI- driven Marketing form. "How does this increase sales?” is a common question that I get that is still difficult to answer concretely. Liz Schulte, eMarketing Specialist
  29. 29. 4 The 3 Ts
  30. 30. Not Going Anywhere Photo via Flickr user nate steiner
  31. 31. The Biggest Obstacles to Internal Social Media Adoption ‣ Time ‣ Talent ‣ Terror
  32. 32. The Time Objection: “I Don’t Want My People on Facebook All Day ...” Photo via Flickr user west.m
  33. 33. Another Time Objection: “Our Team Doesn’t Have Time for This ...” Photo via Flickr user klynslis
  34. 34. Alternate Time Objection: “We’re Waiting on the Corporate Initiative ...” Photo via Flickr user wwarby
  35. 35. The Talent Objection: “We Don’t Have the Right Kind of People ...” Photo via Flickr user joelogon
  36. 36. The Terror Objection: “People Will Say Bad Things About Our Brand!”
  37. 37. The Terror Objection: “We’ll Lose Control!” Photo via Flickr user Robert Couse-Baker
  38. 38. Answers to the 3 Ts ‣ Time — Organize Efficiently; Outsource As Needed ‣ Talent — Training & Hiring for Communications – Trust! ‣ Terror — Helping Leadership Understand the Shift
  39. 39. TRUST time, talent, & terror are opportunities to build
  40. 40. Employees’ Opportunities in a Social Organization ‣ Brand Ambassadors — Encourage a culture of engagement ‣ Internal Collaboration via social tools like Chatter and Yammer ‣ Fostered Through Sound Policy
  41. 41. Employee Communication
  42. 42. Employees Aid in a Crisis
  43. 43. 5 In Conclusion
  44. 44. Time: Flexibility Photo via Flickr user katerha
  45. 45. Photo via Flickr user NDomer73 Talent: Skunkworks
  46. 46. Terror: Humanity
  47. 47. Other Considerations ‣ HR Policy ‣ Legal Policy ‣ Technology — IT & Platform ‣ Bottom Line: Internal Collaboration Is Critical
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