Simple digital campaigning


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Simple digital campaigning

  1. 1. Digital campaigning: effective & simple Nick Watts PR, social media & Fundraising consultancy |
  2. 2. Digital CampaigningDigital campaigning is a great way of adding that something extra to anycampaign you run. It is not intended as a replacement to what we have beendoing since day one, but more of a way to build on your existing campaignsand creating a larger, more focused audience. • It doesn’t need to be complicated • It doesn’t need to take up all your time • It can add that extra dimension to your campaign • It can increase your engagement and reach more people So here are my top tips to create a small digital campaign…
  3. 3. Creating your digital campaignTHE IDEA THE PLAN EXECUTION COLLATION EVALUTION• What? • The Strategy • Launch • Collect all • Did it• How? • Platforms • Talk the content work?• Where? • The Media • Share • Collate in a • How did it • Design • Build your fun way work? • Research community • Create your • What we • Bloggers campaign did well? ‘storybook’ • What we could do better?
  4. 4. Top tips• Keep it simple – Content wins over flashy ways to engage people.• Choose a few platforms – Don’t try to be everywhere, concentrate on making a select few brilliant.• Research - make a small list of your supporters and bloggers interested in your topic and get in touch with them before the launch, get them involved in the launch and campaign.• Strategy – It doesn’t need to be 100 pages long! Just a simple plan• Be social – Talk and build your community around the topic of your campaign, ask people’s opinions, encourage participation.• Collect – use collation tools to bring your campaign to life, to tell your story and to create a place people can go back to.• Evaluate – Use simple metrics, how many people did we talk too? Were the conversations positive?
  5. 5. Keeping it simpleYou can have the flashiest campaign in the world but without goodcontent you will not get your message across.Spend time working on the copy of what you are trying to say. In thesocial space keep it concise and fun, one of the most important things toremember, it is still called ‘social media’, so keep it social and fun!Create conversations around the campaign you are working on as usingsocial media spaces as a stream of links does not utilise the spaces totheir full potential.You don’t need to be on 100 different networks to make it work, choose afew and master them, build the audiences in those spaces and create atight community people will use to talk and share.
  6. 6. Engaging your communityBefore you launch your campaign engaging your existing ambassadorsand bloggers interested in your sector can be a powerful way to achievethat ‘buzz’ around your digital campaign.Be open and transparent, tell them what you are doing and put in a callto action, for instance;• Would you like to be one of our bloggers?• Would you share this status?• Will you share this content?This works the same with traditional campaigns, we may send them aletter with posters and a call for action, why not include something aboutdigital in your traditional communications too?
  7. 7. StrategyThis could be just a couple of pages long but it is really useful to have aplan of how you will execute the campaign. Think about the kind ofthings we need to consider;• Where will be be? (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)• How will it work? ( We email our ambassadors, Ambassadors post their videos to YouTube, we then ask our community on Facebook and Twitter about them, create a conversation around the topic and encourage people to share the content)• How will we collect it? (Monitor tags on Youtube, share on our networks, collate the conversations around it on an application such as storify)• Who will do it?• How do we measure it? (How do we judge the success of our campaign, ie. we use video views as an indicator of reach and then count the number of people talking about the topic, were the conversations positive? What views did we have on the website or blog? Did they go up?)
  8. 8. Keep it socialSimple & social are my two main points in any campaign. It could besomething as simple as a photo engagement, encourage people to snapphotos and share them.Use things that are engaging and conversational, ask the opinions ofyour network, don’t talk at your supporters and ambassadors, makeeach and every one of them feel like a contributor, because they are!
  9. 9. Telling your storyA good campaign is one thing, but telling the story and bringing it to lifecan add a whole new dimension to it!Not only can you use all the conversations around your campaign towrite user generated stories, but it also provides a collection of materialto use in the future, as well as a record of how that campaign went.Use tools such as Storify to collect the conversations around yourcampaign and tell the story through the voice of your ambassadors andsupporters.Blog about it, invite your ambassadors onto your blog to write for youabout their experiences.
  10. 10. How did we do?We all need to evaluate the success of our campaigns.Social media reporting is still ‘one of those things’. I personally am not abig fan of numbers, I believe that you can have 10 followers that shareand interact with everything you do, and they will be more valuable than1,000 empty followers.Look at the quality of conversation around your campaign, was itpositive? How much was content shared? How many different peoplewere talking about your campaign?Did we share links? If so, how do the analytics look?It does not need to be full of complicated graphs, we can look at it muchmore realistically and build a picture of what we did well and what couldbe improved.
  11. 11. So there you go!These are just a few ways you can make digitalcampaigns simple and effective, with some bestpractice thrown in!Why not give some ideas a try next time you plan adigital campaign! I would love to here from you if youhave any questions, comments or would like a little bitof advice on your campaign…Nick WattsPR, social media & Fundraising consultancy+44 (0)1865 589