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  • How to win new customers
    How to maintain existing customers.
  • What is Social media ?
    Getting closer to customers though interactive “Web 2.0” sites.
    Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – Forums – Blogs – Social Bookmarking
  • Note the Twitter & Facebook links
    Big and small companies
    Nestle 90K friends
  • Facebook, wall, likes, discussions, comments, info, friends.
    Campaigns – like getting fit, eating right etc
    Nestle and Palm Oil....
    Technicals: Ask your website designer.
    Other examples – myspace, beebo.
    Book: The Cluetrain Manifesto – Markets are conversations...

  • Explain how to use twitter.
    frequency of tweets.
    Keywords, DM, mentions using # and @.
    People search for interesting tweets using keywords. If you come up, they will follow you. Keep on topic or you are unfollowed.
    Aim to keep topical subject matter, so that you come up in the right searches.
    Explain re-tweets & follows.
    Explain about feeding tweets into Google Buzz and LinkedIn (using #in).
    Describe Tweeting productivity tools such as tweetbeep and twefficiency and tweetdeck.
    Also tweeting platforms – mobile and desktop.
    Link to your twitter account from your website.
    Can delete tweets
    Usability Lab. Tow tank example.
  • Describe overall purpose of LinkedIn. Max 6 degrees of separation from anyone on the planet.
    Professional networking site.
    Main components. Profile, contacts, groups, updates, searches.
    Explain how to use status updates for promotion, including feeding in tweets.
    Discuss creating groups and activities in groups, example Embedded Electronics.
    Describe the “Who viewed your profile / search results” features.
    Consider the $25 pm business membership.
    LinkedIn is the “water cooler” of the new age.
    Private contacts
    Groups, Questions.
  • Explain the purpose of a blog. To write about what you are doing that will be interesting to others.
    Discuss ways to set one up. or your own domain. Or part of your website.
    Golden rule is to keep it current. Takes effort to maintain.
    Quick indexing into Google.
    Audience can add comments.
    Need to moderate and use e.g. Akismet spam filter.
    Many analytics tools to track web traffic origination and volume.
  • Example of an online community is Mumsnet.
    Also specialist sites like pomsinoz where many migration consultants offer free andvice in order to obtain work. is another good example.
    Explain how you can use Ning to create your own Social media network
  • Explain purpose of
    How to upload your slides and the benefits of doing so.
    Some of the many video sharing websites, e.g. Youtube.
    Also specialist sites like Instructables.
    Give examples. How to fix your broken computer.
    How to install plasterboard.
  • Explain the basics of how these bookmarking tabs allow the audience to rate and promote what they see as interesting.
  • These forms of promotion are very interactive.
    All about engaging with the customers.
    Finding out what they are thinking. Providing familiarity and service.
    We have now moved from interruptive advertising to interactive advertising.
  • Key phrases are very important in the initial stages of your social media campaign. Then responsiveness maintains the reach.
    Examples of key phrases. E.g. Mention “Yacht testing” in tweet that feeds into LinkedIn.
    Then searches for “Yacht testing” will return your profile.
  • Taking advertising and marketing from just the TV or the desktop to many more platforms.
    iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, Google Tablet, Apple Tablet
  • See slide
  • See slide
    Forums only...
    The Cluetrain Manifesto

  • Wrap up
  • Contact details
  • Questions
  • Nick thorne social_media

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing A practitioner's guide
    2. 2. What is it ?
    3. 3. Facebook & the like
    4. 4. Twitter
    5. 5. LinkedIn
    6. 6. Blogs
    7. 7. Communities & Forums
    8. 8. Content Sharing
    9. 9. Social Bookmarking
    10. 10. “Interactive” “Interruptive” not
    11. 11. “Key phrases” “Responsiveness” and
    12. 12. “Desktop” “Palm-table-lap-top” and
    13. 13. Social media marketing does take effort. It takes time. Tweets, forums posts and mediating, facebook discussions, blog posts. You could contract it out. But ...... consider the benefits.
    14. 14. How many new website visitors did you get today ? How many requests for more info ? How many new customers ? Are your support costs going down ? How much market research are we getting for free ? How is our customer loyalty improving (repeat business) ?
    15. 15. “Dance like the photo’s not being tagged. Love like you’ve never been unfriended. Tweet like nobody’s following.”
    16. 16. Jerry Figueroa-Lee Mobile apps Database driven websites Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy & Carbon Management Search engine optimisation Website development
    17. 17. Questions